God Had Problems – Pastor John B. Joseph

God Had Problems  {Solving The Problems of Life}

By John B. Joseph


The Life In Chaos

God had problems. That was in the beginning. My dear reader, it worths telling you that God once had great and terrible problems. Yes, the Almighty God once had heart-choking troubles – a three-fold heartrending problem with this beautiful earth we now dwell.

In the beginning, yes, the chaotic situations of the earth poised serious challenges to the Almighty God. That were the Lord’s serious problems, battles, and troubles. Here is how the Bible put the three problems: “The earth was without form, and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep…”.


God’s problems, in the beginning, was with the formlessness, voidness, and darkness of the earth. It was indeed a total abysmal situation, complete chaos.


How the Trouble Started

The first verse of the Bible says: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Could God have created such an ugly earth? Could the All-Wise, Most Excellent God have created a chaotic Universe? Would the God of glory make such earth where everything was dark, empty, and disorderly? No, He didn’t. The Father of wisdom, who is the Most Excellent didn’t create chaotic earth. No, He didn’t.


God made all things beautiful when He “created the heavens and the earth.” Yes, God created an excellent, lovely Universe when He “created the heavens and the earth” in the first verse of the Scripture. The was a touch of divine excellency on everything He made.


How Came the Chaos?


God created all things good and beautiful. But thereafter a great tragedy struck that brought the earth into chaos. Yeah, the real tragedy brought the earth into the chaotic conditions. And what really is it? Many theologians believed it was the tragedy connected to the Luciferian insurrection, in the pre-adamic age.


The Luciferian rebellion is recorded in Ezekiel 28:  and Isaiah 14:. It began with lust, a pride-driven lust. Lucifer eyed God’s majesty. He ventured to grab God’s throne via coup d’eta. For he mustered a good number of angels to topple His Creator. What an angelic coup d’eta against God their Maker!


But in a swift counter-coup, Michael the archangel rose to the occasion. The warrior crushed Satan and his rebel armies. Thereafter, God cast all the rebels out of heaven to the earth. Real tragedy struck the earth. When God cast the devil and his rebel army to the earth He had created good and beautiful,  “The earth was without form, and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep…”.  Yeah, the earth became a scene of chaos.


Thereafter, God looked upon the earth and saw that His beautifully created Universe shapeless, empty, and in total darkness. It was a great trio-problems, but God did overcome His challenges.


How God Overcame The Challenges


One, the Creator God would not murmur or complain about the unpleasant situation. Mind you, neither murmuring nor complaint has ever procured a solution to the problems of life. God knew it and so He refused to murmur or complain. No, He didn’t. Rather, He went into His drawing board and came out with a new master blueprint.


So, you’ve got to kill that spirit of murmur and complaining in you. Stop murmuring. Quit complaining. Stop trading blame. It’s best you stop all these if you must address the problem of life God’s way. Like God, throughout history, all great achievers shun the business of blame trading. No problem solvers in the class of God ever engage in blame-trading, murmuring and complaining.  


Solving your life’s problem in the very order of God demands that you know how to retreat to draw inspirational plan sheet. You’ve to retreat into your closet and to come out with the blueprints for creative actions. This is the first key to turning troubles to trophies, set-backs to stepping stones, and gloom to glory. It’s the primary step toward effecting a glorious turn around in life.  Stop murmuring! Quit complaining!


Two, God refused to see the chaotic scene as trouble, battle, or plague. To Him, all were but thrilling challenges, filled with opportunities. It was good to know that God, on the instant, saw them as glorious steppingstones to more lovely creations.


Friend, how you see your present troublesome situations matter most. Do you see them as challenges, and stepping stones, and opportunities? Do you see in them the possibility for positive transformation and attainment of a higher level? Your present cross could become your crown; it all depends on your attitude towards it. Yes, your ongoing battles bring a thousand trophies to your life. With God in you, you can positively transform that bad situation to a pleasant one. Yes, you can. But what do you see with your inner eye?


Three, it was indeed a scene of hyperchaos but God accepted and took up the responsibility of bringing radical and glorious change to it. This is the third key – accepting and taking the responsibility. It’s the acceptance that enabled God to rise up to the task of finding the right solutions to each of the horrible, abysmal problems. Having understood the three-fold, heartrending problems, God accepted it was His duty to proffer needed solutions, and He acted.


My dear reader, when the storms of life arose, did you indeed accept the responsibility?  Battle of life came knocking at your door, and you cry out saying ‘This Is War’ but you must keep your peace and brace up for the action. For, it is a war you must fight and win. Taking responsibility for whatever happened in your life is vital to having success and victory. No one will fight the battle of your life for you, except God. So, rise up from the floor and partner with your Maker to act decisively towards bringing positive results. With God, you can always cause the creative potency to answer for you, and make the turnaround.


You probably have a sad long story to tell.


A household enemy has been messing up your life since you were born! Your family life has persistently been in the eye of the storms! Your children have gone worldly and vagabond! Your marriage is completely gone! Your business is down damned! Your finances finally crumbled to the lowest poverty level! Your health has always being a problem! Your ministry refuse to move forward! Your dream experiences are colored with terrible nightmares! Yeah, it’s true and very true that diverse problems are facing your life. Things have gone so wrong, and so worse that your world is fastly collapsing, languishing in a total mess.


But wait! There is yet hope for you. Your victory begins with the acceptance of the responsibility. Yeah, you must accept the task of changing the ugly situation to beautiful one as yours. It is your duty to change your life, transform your situation, and seek happiness in life. Wake up to the task. Brace up and take the charge. That horrible situation can be positively transformed. Dare to take the bull by the horn.


Four, God formed the divine partnership with the Holy Spirit, for a creative miracle. How do I mean? When God saw “The Spirit of God hovering over the face of waters” He simply formed the partnership with Him. This partnership of God and the Spirit of God is vital to what the latter took place.


The Creator has His Spirit as His power. Thus, He saw real hope when He saw ‘the Spirit of God’ hovering over the dark, empty and formless earth. If the Person of the Holy Spirit – “The Spirit of God” is still active in your life, there is hope for you. With your partnership with Him, that hopeless situation of your life is about to become glory. As God saw hope while “… the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters”, friend, no matter how tough your battles, no matter how messy and chaotic your life is if the Holy Spirit is still active over your life, there is hope for you. With Him brooding over the messy waters of your life, there is hope for you; the hope of victory, joy, restoration, possession, abundance, and fulfillment. Out of your ‘valley of dry bones’, you can still arise as ‘a great mighty army’.


He that is in you is greater than He that is in the world. Jesus lives on your inside if truly you are a new creature in Him. Are you born again? If truly you are, Jesus lives in you by His Holy Spirit. And where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.


Five, God brought in the Word into the partnership. Jesus is the Word of God. So God came on the scene, fully armed with His Word. As “the Spirit of God hovers over the water,” God stepped into actions by releasing the word.  If the Holy Ghost is active in you, you only need to bring in the word as the third Partner. This implies releasing the Word for the Holy Spirit to act upon. With the Spirit employing your spoken word as His ‘Sword’, the miraculous follows.


This teaches us how we can positively change the ugly situations of life by the instrumentalities of the Spirit and the word of faith. The Word is still the Spirit’s sword – i.e. His tool, His weapon. All you need to do is to speak the word of faith, the word positive, and the Holy Ghost shall take it up to bring your desire miracle. With this creative step and your living faith in God, impossibility becomes nothing. The partnership of Your Faith, The Word, and The Spirit work creative wonders.


Like God, speak positive, Spirit-anointed word to your life and situations. It’s the fifth key to create miracles. God acted this way to set right things that were already made wrong. He put to right the chaotic situations of the earth by “the word of His power”. Like God, we also can employ the instrumentality of “The Spirit of God” and the “Spoken Word” to solve our diverse problems.


Dear reader, where the Holy Spirit is active, you only need to speak a word of faith to see the miraculous effects. God spoke the Word, and the results are the beautiful earth we have today; yeah, the beautiful earth and all its wonderful fullness, including you and me.


These 5-key steps are a revelation we all need to experience our needed miracles; one great revelation to positively transform the cumbersome situations of life. Will you dare to take these 5-steps and experience creative wonders? This revelation is vital to securing the right solutions to those problems of life.


Categories of Life’s Problems

All the wars, woes, and worries of man and nations have been rightly summarized in Genesis 1:2:  “The earth was without form, and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep…”. All the problems of this life; all the troubles man on earth may be going through fall under three categories. All the evils, battles, or problems ravaging humanity come under one or more of the three.


Can you really tell your troubles, your battles, and your travails? What really are your problems? I think we all need to identify our problems with kinds and types. Surely, all your life’s wars and woes, troubles and travails, your marital plight, monetary meltdowns, spiritual oppression, sorrows and sighs, pains and plagues fall under “… without form, and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep…”.


Now, let us take a closer look at the verse: “The earth was without form, and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep…” From the verse, we have the major categories of life’s problems as formlessness, emptiness, and darkness. Below is a closer examination:



  • Formlessness


It means shapelessness, lack-of-order, and ugliness, among others. The problem of formlessness concerns the shapeless, disorder, ugly, untidy, unpleasant situation. Satan is still in the business of turning beauty and order out of people’s life and destiny. He must batter lives until a pleasant situation turns unpleasant, and the glory is turned to shame. Or why do you think Satan makes great destinies shapeless? Is it not that the victims might become a mere shadow of their original selves? It is to make your life and destiny untidy, ugly, unattractive, and a shamble.


The prime target of the enemy has always been the glory. Thus, family witches and wizards hunt after people of bright glory, and wicked ones wage war to dent and pervert the beauty and loveliness of destiny.


The first way the enemy empties life of its forms and beauty is battering. This is done by the hammer of oppression and ax of war. Battering is a witchcraft operation, carried out through seven means:

  • #1: By witchcraft rioting
  • #2: By the suddenness of fierce storms
  • #3: By the noisiness of invisible brothel and spiritual market
  • #4: By emotional turbulence
  • #5: By the violence of demonic assaults
  • #6. By deadly illness and terminal illness
  • #7. By total elimination – death.


It is thus made clear from the above, that the purpose of battering is to deform, defame, dismember, and destroy the glory.  It is to shatter and scatter you so as to hinder your fulfillment your God-given mission on earth. The battering leads to shattering and then to scattering, thereby breaking you to pieces.


The example of a wholesome destiny broken into pieces was Isreal while in captivity. We came to see how the Israelis nation was battered until her bones became dried, and scattered, and disjointed in the valley of the dry bones. Israel became pieces by the oppression of her captors. The wicked still do the same to lives and destinies today. Why? Because of the enemy, knowing well that the task of regathering a life in pieces is tedious, hard, and time-consuming, break men of glory to pieces so as to cause them great setbacks.


Another way is to turn the victims to wanderers and vagabond – on earth. That was what Israelites became as a nation. That is what it means to be disjointed “in the valley of dry bones”.


The third way enemies turn lives formless is through spiritual sifting. The enemy ‘sift like wheat’, to blow you off into the storming wind of afflictions. The sifting, which aggravates through diverse tempest, makes you a drag that lags behind equals. Yeah, a failure, beggars, slave, and a proverb of the street.


Listen very well. The life of a person who is “without form” is that which has been emptied of all packages of divine beauty, orderliness, and glory. The enemy would employ all diabolical means to achieve this. And when the divine beauty is smuggled out of a life or destiny, the victim is rendered picies until, gradually, he becomes a public song of shame. Yes, pains must be atop of such shame to drag life in the mud of confusion and align destiny with grieving. In the end, the agony of depression becomes the radio of the soul and tears its drinks. This is the pathway of many whose soul languished in pains and whose beds are constantly soaked with their own streaming tears.



  • Voidness


It depicts emptiness, poverty, desolation. The Problem of voidness is the tragedy of lack, impoverishing, and famine. It is voidness when your ‘earth’ or ‘dry land’ could no longer produce in abundance when your sea could not bring forth in abundance, and on your firmament hangs no Sun, moon or stars.


Poverty is of seven kinds: Spiritual, Physical, Material, Mental, Emotional, Moral, and Social emptiness.


Spiritual emptiness is a lack of basic spiritual fortunes which include:

  • The salvation of your soul, through faith in Christ Jesus.
  • The anointing of the Holy Spirit, through the Holy Ghost Baptism experience, and evidenced by the Spirit’s fullness and manifestations of spiritual gifts.
  • The holiness of life, evidenced by the continuous bearing of the fruit of the Spirit and fruit of righteousness
  • Good knowledge of God, and of His will.
  • Above all, a lack of divine presence is the greatest lack anyone can suffer on earth.


Physical emptiness has to do with a lack of good health. The enjoyment of sound health is vital to fulfilling life’s visions and your God’s given destiny. Lack of it is next to death. So, pray for good health always, and take good care of your body.


Material poverty borders on lack of monetary values and other material possessions, such as good wears, presentable shelter {house}, good auto, landed property, and other good things of life.


Mental poverty is the lack of mental soundness, intellectual prowess, and right thinking. Thus, madness, malady, craziness, retardation, dollar dress, poverty of speech, and other forms of the mental or psychological disorder are signs of mental poverty. Also, any lack of foresight, understanding, and wisdom is mental poverty.


Emotional voidness includes despair, depression, loneliness, alienation, and other kinds of chronic feelings of emptiness.


Moral emptiness has to do with any kinds of behavioral deformity, and inability to make right decisions, among others.


Social poverty borders on dysfunctional social lifestyles, relational problems, and marital emptiness. Marital emptiness includes childlessness, a lack of a marriage partner, and lack of a happy home.



  • Darkness


Darkness is rooted in the spiritual gloom and often hovers as invisible clouds over life, family, office, community, and nation. There are things that bring darkness upon a soul, family, and land. These include:

  • Satan –  Spiritual darkness has to do with the deadly operations being carried out in lives and families by the prince of darkness, through the instrumentality of his demons, occult, and cults. It is dark on your inside when you enter into covenant with Satan or idols. Spiritual darkness operates to cause trouble and to torment, irritate, and cloudy the soul and destiny. Witches and wizards operate by darkness, and likewise cults and occult do the same. both spiritual thieves and physical robbers must operate by the weapons of darkness to successfully “steal, to kill and to destroy”.
  • Sin – of idol worship, ungodliness, sexual perversions, and bloodletting, among others. Spiritual blackout begins in a soul when a man is disconnected from His Creator, when he roams in sins, in the wickedness and unrighteousness.
  • Ignorance – Ignorance of Christ, of the way of God, and of the will of God darken the soul and the spirit of men.


Beware of sinning, for sinning is a sleep of darkness, and most battles we fought in life actually came into our lives “when men slept”.  Sinning is a sleep of darkness. “Awake out of your slumber,” says the Scripture. He who must succeed in life must awake out of sleep. Yes, you must awake to jealously guard the wheat of your destiny against the activities of “tares planters”. Awake! You’ve got to be active in the night.


Mind you, not all men sleep when the night falls. The wise among men are always on guard against the enemy who “plant tares in the midst of wheat”, and protect their radiant from being soiled by the cloudy darkness.


The Creative Miracles

Life troubles can be positively transformed. You can turn your doom to boom, your cross to crown, your failure to success, your pains to gains, and your troubles to trophies. With God in you, you can do all things.


This basic experiential truth will take us back to the beginning. How did God solve His trio-troubles in the beginning? How did He turn around that ugly situation to beauty? Why did God first address the problem of darkness? How did He solve the problem of formlessness and voidness? It is by following the creative principles of God providing that we come to turn our battles to trophies.


What then are God’s creative principles?


Let There Be Light

This is the first principle of the creative miracle. He commanded light to be, and it was. Don’t forget that before God spoke these words, the whole earth was in total chaos. Yes, God saw how grave its chaotic conditions were but yet resolved to bring a turn around by the means of creative miracles. And the first of His creative order was “Let There Be Light. And There Was Light.” Have you seen how God began His situation-transforming project? He commanded the light to come into existence and, by the operation of His Spirit, it was so. Even your inspired spoken word is a sword of the Holy Spirit. All you need to do is to release it for Him by faith, and there will be the miraculous result. Here is the simple equation: Holy Spirit + Spoken Word of Faith = Miracle.


“Let there be light” comes first in the order of divine creative miracles. We need to know what the light is.


Who and What is the Light?

  • God the Father is the Light: “This then is the message…, that God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.” {1st John 1: 5}. And being the father of lights, all good and perfect gifts come from Him. {James 1: 17}
  • Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God is the Light: Jesus is the true Light who “lightens every man that comes into the world”, for “in His light shall we see light”. {John 1: 7; Psm. 36: 9}. He Himself said “…I am the Light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” { John 8: 12} And we are also told that He is the light of the heavenly City, Jerusalem, “… the Lamb is the light thereof.” {Rev. 21: 23}. And don’t forget that the countenance of Jesus still beams with so great a radiant light – “…and His eyes were as a flame of fire”. {Rev. 1: 14; Psalm 4: 6}
  • The Word of God is light: “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” {Psalm 119: 105}. Every commandment of the Lord is a lamp. Every one of His laws is light. More so, the gospel of Christ is light


You will always need the light first. Yeah, you need Jesus Christ and His gospel of salvation first. You’ll need Him first if you must restore your dying relationship, rebuild collapsed hope, restart a failed project, and run a successful program. No one achieves anything great in life with no light in him. Yeah, the light is always the first necessity to transforming the chaotic situation, resuscitate buried glory, and still the storms of life.  


“Let there be light” ought to be our cry of faith. Is the Lamb the light of your soul, family, and community? ‘Let there be light’ should be the cry when your precious life and destiny waste away. ‘Let there be light’ should be the command where your family or marriage walks on the precipice. ‘Let there be light’ ought to be your order when your profession, business, ministry, education or finances roams in ‘the furnace of affliction’.


The light must first come into existence in your life if that ugly situation must positively transform. You’ve got to be faith-driven to call Jesus into your soul, home, and situations. Be courageous to call the light into existence when your heart is sorrowing and the flood of confusion overwhelms your being. Call forth the light into creation when your lots languish in captivity or slavery. Boldly command “Let there be light” to be when your life becomes bitter with hard oppression of the wicked.


The regeneration of the soul is the real beginning of living. You aren’t alive until you are born anew. Are you truly born again or just playing religion? To bring God into your situation, wisdom demands that you first surrender your life to Him. I think you need to fall on your knees now and surrender your whole life to Jesus. Yes, you also can do it. I counsel you to take this step right NOW. God bless you as you did.  


Accept my hearty congratulation, if you have just done.


Now, I want you to know that becoming a new creature in Christ is sweet – it’s a glorious thing on earth. And more glorious is being filled with His Holy Spirit. Hear me loud and clear: ‘The life of Christ in us makes us “the light of men.” For the eternal Life that Jesus bring true light into the soul. Thus, ours is “the light of life.” {John 1: 4}. By His life, we become “… the light of the world, and a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden”. {Matthew 5: 14} Why are we lights? Because God is still in the business of setting the believers in Christ to be lights of the Gentiles, and for the salvation unto the ends of the earth. Our mission as light in the midst of a crooked and perverse world is to ‘shine as lights of the world’. {Philp 1:15}. We as “light in the Lord”, as covenant and righteous ones, are a people ordained to shine and “walk as children of light” {Eph. 5: 8} And with such a walk, “the path of the just is a shining light”. {Prov. 4: 18}


We dare not forget that the Spirit-filled believers shine brighter as great lights to do exploits for the Lord. Yes, only such anointed ones can be courageous and successful exploit makers in this grossly dark Universe. Therefore, be filled with the Spirit, and always be out there to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ. It takes the gospel of salvation to lighten this dark world. Preach the gospel.   


The Gospel is light! Yes, the light that is a foundational requirement for actualizing your new desire, a new dream, and a new project. The gospel light must shine first if the men and women must experience new things in life. It is the light at the root of every new morning, a new day, a new beginning.


It takes the light of God shining brightly on your horizon, to shine in life: “In thy light shall we see light.”. Once God’s light shines in your life, family, and situations, all needed miracles begin must fall in places.



Next, God moved to transform the ugliness of the earth to the lovely beauty we see today. How?

  • By the creation of firmament – it takes a firmament to divide waters from waters and fix your great lights appropriately.
  • By the creation of dry land – It takes the dry land to grow your grass, herbs trees, fruit trees, and manufacture your beasts {All these are types of abundance & blessings}
  • By the separation of water under your heavens {Seas} from the dry land. – From the seas of life can still come the abundance of moving creature and fowls of the air. Yes, your life’s seas of troubles can still become an ocean of abundance.


  1. How to fill the Empty Places of your life. 


Transforming Battles To Trophies

Acting like the Creator God: Problem Solving Prayers


Prayers Points

  1. Devil, the Lord of host rebuke you; remove your filthy hand from my glory and beauty in Jesus name.

Ii. Holy Ghost, descend by your power now and break in pieces the Satanic ax operating against my life and destiny.

Iii. Holy Ghost, descend by your fire and consume enemy’s battering ram/arms being used against my life and glory.

Iv. All your forces and foes tampering with the elegance and glamour of my life/destiny, lose your power, fall down and die.

  1.  In the name of Jesus, I rebuke you demons of formlessness, disorder, and unpleasantness in my life. Get out of my life now in Jesus name.

Vi. I scatter every invisible trader parading my life. Let all demonic markets be roasted by the fire of God now in Jesus name.

Vii. I scatter all demonic brothels/hotels operating on my spiritual zone/territory in Jesus name.

Viii. The power behind emotional battles in me, die in Jesus name.

Ix. I silent all demons/witches rioting against the glory/beauty of my life in Jesus name.

  1. Arrows of a deadly illness and terminal disease, I command you to fire back to your senders in Jesus name.

Xi. I overthrow all demonic assaults against the beauty and glory of my life and destiny, in Jesus name.

Xii. Lord Jesus, discharge your Holy angels for the regathering of the pieces of my life.

Xiii. Holy Ghost, arise for the remaking of my glory and destiny.

Xiv. Let the glory and beauty of my life break forth with great glamour and dazzling light in Jesus name.


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The Living Dead – Pastor John B. Joseph

THE LIVING DEAD – John B. Joseph, Pastor

Main Text: Ezekiel 37: 1 – 14

A man can be alive and yet be dead. Lots of living deads arrogantly roam the earth.  Though, no life experience is more a tragedy than to be dead while yet alive.


Adam and Eve were the first become dead while yet living. They ate of the forbidden fruit and lost the God-essence in them. They lost His given-glory as their garment and became naked, to their own shame. The first man and his darling wife fell from life to death and became carriers of the divine curse. From their story, we came to know what it actually means to be a living dead.


Living dead is that man who has lost His God-given package of glory. He has been cut off from his God-given portion in life; robbed of life and the essence of life, made naked of his robe of glory by Satan, the Old Serpent. That man is a living dead who’s a carrier of a curse.


Curse Carriers

You remember Cain, the first son of Adam, who became the first murderer on earth. He was a curse carrier because of his murderous act. He lost his comfort place on earth when he became “a vagabond and a fugitive on earth”. That was what he was divinely cursed to become. Cain’s destiny was negatively turned by the curse he carried. That is what curses do – to imprecate men’s destiny by limitation, stagnation, and demotion. If you are in such a case, you are surely a living dead. He who is a vagabond is a living dead because he wanders from place to place, without a home and a job. And all who are fugitives are living deads because they are runaways. Those were the plights of Cain. His wickedness was the cause of his curse.


Reuben bored his father’s curse for defiling his bed. Forty-two kids had a curse from prophet Elisha for their disrespect attitude. The same Elisha served Gehaz with a curse for his disobedience and greed.


Jabez and Ichabod carried murses ignorantly pronounced upon them by their own mothers.


Sexual Perversion and Worldly Pleasure

The pre-flood generation came under the judgment of God because of their evils of wickedness and sexual perversions. God got fed up with their lewdness and wiped out the entire people on the earth by the flood of waters, saving only eight people – the righteous Noah and his family.  


It was the same with Sodom and Gomorrah – twin cities grossly given to sexual perversions and worldly pleasures. God wiped them out by brimstone and fire. Only Lot and his two daughters finally got saved.


The same sexual pleasures have been roasting the world we now live in. Think of lesbianism, homosexuality, gay marriage, adultery, fornication, sexual rituals, masturbation, and spread of pron films and pornographic materials. Our social media and other internets have become a global world of sexual perversions. Indeed, the world is on the precipice of doom.

Yet, all who live for sexual and worldly pleasures are dead. All who live as Sodom and Gomorrah lived are living dead. To all who care to hear, the Scripture says it all: “But she who lives for pleasures is dead even while she lives.”.


Greed and Carefree Attitude

You remember Esau! He was the carefree fool who sold his birthright for a plate of portage. And before you mock at him, you need to frankly answer if you have not sold your own birthright too:

  1. When you submitted your body to that guy who deflowered for a token of fortune
  2. When you compromised your faith to partake in that ill-gotten money at your workplace.
  3. You kept your lips sealed in front of your wealthy benefactor rather than speak the truth to correct or rebuke him for his wrong, waywardness, or criminal activity.
  4. When you defiled your marriage bed to meet your monetary or material obligation
  5. When you submit to slavery or servitude just acquire a fortune
  6. When you sold out your friend, group, or community for personal benefits.

Indeed, once upon a time, you were the Esau who sold his birthright for a plate of portage

Gehaz was a man like Esau. He sold his ministry and health for monetary and material gifts. He never knew he had sold out his portions in life when was collecting those gifts from Namaan. Joseph’s brethren sold theirs never knew they were selling off their birthright when they indulged in little, little dishonesty. They finally sold their brother, Joseph thinking to have gained some riches, but later realized that their birthright was gone. What about Reuben? His lost his birthright the very minute he slept with his father’s wife. What about Achan, who disobediently grabbed some prized ‘spoils of war’ and kept them underneath earth? He lost not only his own soul but also those of members of his family. When King Saul disobeyed the divine instruction and saved King of Amalek and a few chief possessions, it was a sale of his throne. It was the same with Judas Iscariot, who placed a price on Jesus. While collecting that 30 silvers, he thought he had sold His Master only to later realized that he had actually sold his own soul.


Stages – Vs. 11 – 13

  • Being cut off from your parts {i.e. portion}
  • Becoming a captive, or slave
  • Arriving at the hopelessness


Biblical Examples: Causes

  • Adam & Eve were the first to become living dead:  The fall, the curse – Genesis 3
  • Next was their son, Cain: Wickedness – 4
  • Then the generation of Noah: Sexual Immorality,  evils of wickedness – 6
  • Sodomites & Gomorraites: Sexual perversion, worldly pleasures – 19
  • Esau almost made himself a living dead, but he later got himself quicken to life: Greed, Carefree attitude – 25: 27 – 34; 27: 1 – 46
  • Joseph was sold to slavery that he might become a living dead but he refused to be one: Jealous household foes, Slavery 37, 39 -41
  • Gehazi also became a living dead: Lust for monetary & material things – 2 Ki. 5
  • Jabez was a living dead but later experienced resurrection: Maternal curse – 1 Chr. 4: 9 – 10
  • King Saul became a living dead: Disobedience
  • Israel became a living dead: Sin, captivity – Ezk. 37


Others include:

  • Samson: Sexual Lust
  • Ichabod: Maternal lock
  • Absalom: Pride, Ego, Rebellion
  • Ahab: Idolatry
  • The Richman: Tightfistedness
  • Judas: Greed


Signs & Agony

  1. *Shame of Nakedness *Fear of His presence *Hard labor outside your Eden {Adam}
  2. *Pain of wandering *Travails of a vagabond {Cain}
  3. *Unusual destruction {Noah Generation & Sodom}
  4. *Tears of loss {Esau}
  5. *Grief of being hated, of slavery, and unjust incarceration {Joseph}
  6. *Shame of Leprosy {Gehazi}
  7. *Agony of limitation/ averageness *Yoke of dishonor {Jabez}
  8. *Pains of rejection *Agony of demented Royalty {Saul}
  9. *Agony of captivity *Lamentation of hopelessness
  10. *Tears of departed power *Sorrow of lost of eyes *Pain of imprisonment *Shame of open mockery {Samson}
  11. A tragedy of untimely death {Samson}


Back to Life: Keys – Ezk 37

  1. The dimension of Situation Evaluation – 1st Resurrection Dimension Vs. 1 – 3
  2. The dimension of Spoken Word of Faith – 2nd resurrection dimension Vs. 4 -8
  3. The dimension of His Miracle Winds – 3rd Resurrection Dimension Vs. 9 – 10


The Notes

  • Dry bones are people – Vs. 1 – 2, 11
  • The open valley is a spiritual grave {Vs. 1 – 2, 12 – 13
  • Four miraculous experiences come with the 2nd dimension: Noise, shaking, and the coming together of bones to their bones, and the covering of bone with sinews & skin Vs. 7 – 8
  • The wind dimension speaks about the operation of the Holy Spirit in the resurrection. Vs. 9 – 10, 14.


Your Four Steps To The Miraculous – Pastor John B. Joseph

Your Four Steps To The Miraculous – Pastor John B. Joseph

The Christian needs miracles. He needs to be experiencing the miraculous on daily basis. If he must exemplify God’s radiant glory on earth, he must constantly encounter the glory. This was the point in Jesus question to Martha in John 11: 40: “… Said I not unto thee, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?”  Martha’s brother, Lazarus had died and buried four days before the Lord’s arrival at the scene. On his arrival, Jesus, having done with weeping, commanded the people to “Take ye away the stone” In response to His command, Martha warned of the danger of exhuming an already stinking four days corpse. But Jesus charged her to faith. Faith is the principal step to the miraculous, and with it comes four vital steps.


#1: Righteousness by Faith

Miracle begins with being washed and redeemed by the blood of Jesus. Salvation remains the greatest miracle. If you aren’t saved, you aren’t safe. To partake of the Children’s bread, you must become a child of God. Jesus paid the price of your salvation by His atoning death and resurrection. You can now freely and willingly join Christ’s family through spiritual adoption into His family. It is an offer of grace which becomes yours by faith. Once you got born again, you become justified by faith, being clothed in Jesus righteousness. This is the righteousness that comes by faith. This saving faith is your miracle denominator. Get it, lest you keep struggling for the breadcrumbs that fall from the children’s table. The dogs can only eat of the crumbs. {Read Matt. 15: 21 – 28}


#2: Prayer of Faith

Let me talk about the top four vital ingredients of effective praying. It is wickedness to come with malice, grudges, and unforgiving spirit to the place of prayer. This is a very serious matter that Jesus instructed: ‘if you are on your way to the church to offer sacrifices {worship}, and you remember that a brother has something against you, drop your sacrifices and go and settle with your brother first. And after you settled Jesus seriously warned against it: “And when ye stand to pray, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your heavenly Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.” {Mark 11: 25 – 26}  


The first vital ingredient of prayer is forgiveness. It comes first in the ministry of prayer.

faith. Prayer without faith is an exercise in futility. Every prayer word must be mixed with faith in the heart. It must be void of unbelief, doubt, and fear. Jesus emphatically said this in Mark 11: 22 – 24.


The second vital ingredient of effective praying is fervency. The apostle James says “… The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” {Jms. 5: 16} For prayer to prevail, it must first avail. And this can never be if it is not mixed with the Spirit blaze. How do we mix our prayers with the Spirit fire? It is by letting Him takes the lead, while we follow. The spiritual prayer is the which is inspired and directed by the Holy Spirit.


We must learn how to pray by the leading of the Spirit, under the force of His fire-power, and flow along with Him all through prayer. Being spiritually sensitive and responsive to the voice of the Spirit are a great necessity in prayer. It’s the only route to abdicating carnality and breaking demonic manipulation. Praying becomes an easy task when we let the Holy Spirit takes the lead and freely work in us and through us. This is the key to fervent praying.


The third is communication. Mind you, prayer is speaking to and hearing from God. It is dialogue, not one-way traffic. Several Christians rush in and out of the presence of God to table their pressing needs. Such cannot be an effective prayer. When next you are going into the presence of God, be patient enough to wait a little longer. God wants to speak to you than you are ready to hear Him speak. Many don’t even know how God speaks – they’ve never heard His voice, though they pray always and aggressively. There is much more to victorious Christian living all that. The effective praying takes more than being a combatant Christian, or fierce prayer warrior, or rugged praying machine.


It takes being able to distinctively tell God’s voice from that of Satan and man. You must be able to differentiate the voice of the Spirit from that of your own carnal voice and any others. Jesus spoke of the victorious Christian in John 10: 2 – 5: “But He that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To Him, the porter openeth, AND THE SHEEP HEAR HIS VOICE: and He calleth His own sheep by name, and leadeth them out… and the sheep follow Him: FOR THEY KNOW HIS VOICE. And a stranger will they not follow but will flee from him: FOR THEY KNOW NOT THE VOICE OF STRANGERS.


Have you ascended to this level of hearing, knowing, and differentiating the voice of God from that of strangers? The voice of God, yes, when last did you hear the Spirit speak to you? Do you have an active spiritual ear? “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the Churches.” {Rev. 2: 7} The Spirit still speaks but only those with active spiritual ears to hear Him. The ability to hear and know God’s voice from any others is developed by effective training of your spiritual ears and hearing:


One major key to experiencing a miracle is hearing from God. When we carry our troubles before Him, we need to patiently wait to hear His response to our supplications. For it is in having words from Him, and believing those words and acting on them that miracle comes. The miraculous is connected to His word. So, waiting before God demands to be still in His presence. After saying what you have to say, quit talking to hear what He has to say. Don’t rush out on the assumption that He has heard you. He also wants to speak to you – so, wait patiently and quietly until He’s done with speaking to you. And whatever He says, you must believe to experience the miraculous.


At Confession Level

At Acting Level

Champion’s Footprints 1

Champion’s Footprints 1: Values for Virtues

By Pastor John B. Joseph

Flaminglamps Ministries, Lagos, Nigeria


Values for Virtues

Dare to stage long triumphing walk in the champion’s footprints. We can walk in the footsteps of such Biblical champions as Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Elijah, etc. Jesus, the greatest of all champions, called us to walk in His won victory.

Vital Questions You Must Answer

*What do you intend to do with those champions harassing and tormenting you?

*Do you possess the covenant relationship and knowledge, and drive your faith by it?

*Can you dare to walk in the Champion’s footprints and earn the trophy?

Three Requisites

One, the revelation knowledge of God’s covenant mystery. God made a covenant with Israel. David got to know that, by the virtue of this covenant, he was God’s own special people. This was the revelation that drove David’s faith and actions. Ignorance of believer’s covenant identity makes many to live in fear and defeat. Don’t be a victim.

Two, the anointing of the Spirit on him. As Samuel was pouring the oil upon David, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him. That was the anointing that helped him to do great exploits. The Christian with no anointing is a worst destitute on earth.

Three, faith in God. David’s faith stood upon his knowledge of Israel as a nation of God. In the same trend, you need this kind of faith to walk in the Champion’s footprints. No life is as miserable as the one that has no faith in God. Have faith in God. Mark 11: 22.


2018: Our Year of Amazing Greatness

You Are Welcome to 2018. The Lord said it is “Our Year of Amazing Greatness”

On The Wings of Faith

May I challenge you to fly by faith? Yes, if dare to, you will surely arrive at fulfillment in this year 2018. It’s the key to apprehending all the divine promises for you. Come on, let’s be on the wings of faith.

Open your Bible with me to John 4: 46 – 54

2018 is a divine gift to all who shall be onboard of ‘the Faith’s Wings’. For the believers who will dare to ride on the wings of faith, 2018 is God’s designed season for unusual victories, golden opportunities, and amazing greatness.

Now, how do you ride on the wings of faith? It is by riding on the WORD…

  • Now, let’s go straight into our text.


  • The Faith Jump


  1. Vs. 46 – 47: Faith sparked up in him when he heard about Jesus: “When he heard…”  Faith comes by hearing the word of God. {Rom. 10: 17} Let the truth you’ve heard ignites faith in your heart.
  2. Vs. 47b: His faith set his legs in action: “He went unto Him…” Real faith is active, not dormant.
  3. Vs. 47c: His faith got hold of his knees: “And he besought him…”. Note that he went straight to the point of what he wanted. He was specific in his prayer.


  1. The Faith Problem

In Vs. 48 – 49: There was a problem with his faith… the same problem that has always afflict our kind of faith. What is it? His faith had certain constraints – certain limitations – which include location and time. Thus, Jesus had to rebuke him: “Except you see signs and wonders you will not believe”. Thank God the man got over his problem; he removed the constraints and believed. Also, we must remove our own constraints to possess God’s promises in 2018.

How do you?

  1. Look for the Word; not signs and wonders – Matt. 8: 5 – 10; 2 Ki. 5: 8 – 14
  2. Don’t let what you Touch dictates your actions and progress level – Gen. 27: 18 – 29 /26 -27
  3. Don’t let what you Taste dictates your life and destiny – Gen. 3: 6 – 7
  4. Don’t let what you See dictates your pace and progress – Vs. 21 – 23; No. 13: 31 – 33, Jn. 20: 24 – 29, Mk. 11: 12 – 14
  5. Don’t let what you Smell dictates how you think and act – Jh. 11:
  6. Don’t let what you Hear dictates your actions and progress level – 1 Ki. 19: 1 – 4
  7. Let the word, and the word only dictate your life and your all – Isa. 36: ; 37: 6 – 7, 36 – 38.

When the man caught the revelation that ‘being on the wings of faith is all about standing on God’s word and promises’, he got his desired miracle.

2 Cort. 1: 20

  • God’s promises to you are ‘yea and amen’

Num 23: 19

  • He cannot lie or break His word
  • What God says, He will do
  • Whatever He promises, He will bring to pass

2 Tim 1: 13 – 18

  • Get hold of His word and stand firm upon it

1st Cort. 16: 13

  • Stand firmly upon God’s promises that are in His written word {Bible} and stand tall on it – get it for your deliverance, healing, victory, financial breakthrough, etc.

2 Cort. 4: 13 &  Mk. 16: 17 – 18

  • Operate by the spoken word, loudly and authoritatively.

Eph. 1: 21, 2: 6 & Lk. 10: 19 & Rom. 5: 17

  • Occupy your rightful place and reign in life.

Once again, welcome to your year of Amazing Greatness.

Life & Love & Power

John B. Joseph


Stop The Run – By Pastor John B. Joseph


Stop All The Run

By Pastor John B. Joseph


Faith is it all… It’s the most vital force.

Yes, getting along with God is always about faith. And getting God to favor you with His divine attention and provision rests solely on FAITH.

Faith is the most vital.

Faith was Hannah’s key to getting her miracle son from the Lord. Thereafter the birth of Samuel, she also had other seven sons. Her faith in the God who can neither lie nor fail worked out for her wonder. Living, active faith always works.

Where faith is missing, the link is off. Where faith is wanting, the fuse is dead. Faith is the fuse that connects us to the supernatural power-house. You can always light-up the dark areas of your life when it is tightly connected.

Until a man discovers the mystery of faith, he may be seeking, praying, and fasting in vain. All spiritual exercise without faith amount to futility. Often, we don’t need all the desperation and ‘spiritual workings’ we venture ourselves into. Often, we run from crusade to crusade, from mountain to mountain,  from prophet to prophet without any tangible result.

I used to pity these ‘runners’. I mean those running from place to place, seeking for ‘Prophets’ who will catch God for their attention. Has God becomes so cheap to bribe with soothing words and prophetic rituals? Has God tied up Himself down in places where men can only find Him? I think the end-time spirits are seriously at work here, and many already caught in their prisons. And most of these ‘prisoners of the mighty’ actually begin to stray when faith got missed in them. In their wanderings, many of them became spiritually blind, and arrogantly keep moving from fry-pan to fire. It’s really a pity case.

You endanger your future when you seek ‘prophetic help’ from self-made prophets. You endanger your very destiny, when you seek for spiritual helps from a man or woman whose calling does not originate in God. In fact, you end up in deeper confusion, when you run to a man of God who is not truly born again and filled with the Holy Ghost. The Bible says it all: “in the multitude of counselors there are confusions”.

Yet, one thing I recently came to know is how difficult is it to get these types of people on track. They’ve come to enjoy those ‘prophetic rituals’ being offered to them by who have hooked them up in lies. They prefer the old wine and are possibly afraid of the new. Thus, they put up strong resistance against whatever differ from what they are used to. And since they don’t know the Scriptures, their liberation becomes a war for anyone who has the passion to get free.

Let me tell you how to be on the right and safe track in solving your life’s problems and get what you want out of life. Go with me below:


  • Know Who You Are: Who are you? This is the first question you must answer for yourself. You ought to know who you are. Are you just a Christian by name? Are you a mere miracle seeker – panting to eat more of Christ’s miracle bread and fishes? Are you just a religious bigot; a denominational fanatic who knows not the whole Bible but the ‘doctrines’ of men being preached as Bible in your church? Are you a churchy type, who is activity-driven? Are you a man who does all the gospel works but has no personal relationship with Him? Are you a true child of God, born again but finds it difficult to walk in the Spirit? Are you filled with the Holy Spirit, and consistently walk in Him? Are you a friend – an intimate friend of God? I think Jesus’ desire is that we all belong to the last group. He wants you and me to be His friends. To be anything less than a friend worths no salt.
  • 2. Know Who Your God Is: Do you really know God as you ought to know Him? If you don’t know that your God is greater than your problem, you may outrun your life with undue desperation. If you don’t live your life by the ‘I am that I am’ concept, you may in the fear bow to that ‘Pharaoh’ of your life. The Bible says: “He that would come to God must know that He is and that He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him”. You must always come to God with faith that He is able to handle your trouble. You must know Him as the Almighty, the Sovereign One, and the Omnipotent Lord, who can do all things. God can do all things, even for you. He is greater than all your needs, troubles and challenges. You must know Him as your Healer, Provider, Defender, Mighty Warrior, Rock, and Strength, among others.  This you must know and live your life by it. And you must also come to know the power and authority vested in the name of Christ Jesus. He who gave His Son, Jesus, for your redemption from sin will surely give you whatever you asked of Him in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • 3. Nourish Intimate Relationship With God: Nothing pays off in life as walking with God. A man without a cordial relationship with His Creator is both barren and dead. Getting what you want in life demands that we nourish and cherish the intimate relationship with God.
  • 4. Feed Passionately On the Word
  • 5. Develop Great Faith In His Word
  • 6. Cultivate Me and My God Attitude
  • 7. Consult prophets Only By the Leading of the Spirit.
  • 8. If You Believe it, Speak it



How To Get What You Want Out of Life – By Pastor John B. Joseph

By John B. Joseph

How To Get What You Want Out of Life




Jacob and Esau were destined twins. Their days in the womb were smeared with strives and wars. At a stage, their mother, Rebecca, got so worried that she went to inquire the reason for war. The voice of prophecy said “two nations are in thy womb… and the younger shall be greater than the elder…’. Jacob the younger was divinely purposed to be a greater nation than Esau, his elder. This was the reason for the constant strife between the yet-to-be-born twins. They began their journey to fulfillment from the womb.


We all begin the journey of life from the cradle. It is a mission to fulfilling the divine purpose. The purpose is the destiny, and its fulfillment is the destination. The divine purpose is the God-set throne for the individual, and the enthronement comes only at fulfillment. It is disastrous to come short of enthronement. For those who fail to arrive at fulfillment, vanity is the sum of their journey in life.


How do we go about life journey to arrive at the fulfillment of our individual purpose on earth?  Let me take you through the five major steps below:


#1: Be A Dreamer

There are dreamers, and there are dreamers. There are four major types of dreamers. One, there are dreamers who are creators of their own dreams. Two, there are dreamers whose dreams were made for them by parents, relative, or friends. Three, there are copy cart dreamers who copy other people’s dreams. Four, the finest of all dreamers are those who dreams are given by the Lord. Which of the groups do you fall into?


Many great Biblical heroes and heroines belonged to the fourth group. Think of them – Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Deborah, Esther,  David, Elijah, Daniel, Mary, and the early apostles of Jesus.

Joseph was a unique dreamer, whose life vision, a God-given vision,  was a product of his God-given dream. So Joseph had a dream, and he was just seventeen, yet wise enough to see those twin-dreams as God-given. Certainly, you are not too young to have a concrete vision for your life. Yeah, you’ve got to have a dream. You’ve got to be a Joseph-like dreamer.


You need sure divine dream to give the divine direction for your life. Today. one reason many people don’t get what they want is their ignorance of what they desire. They just don’t know the kind of success or victory and blessing they want. Several are in the dark as to what they are to be, while others only know in shadows.  You must know what you want, where you are going, and what you are to become. This is called vision. Without it, you are lost, even to yourself.


Has God spoken to you concerning your future? Have you caught the vision of your place in destiny? What is your dream? Where exactly is your life heading to? Have you discovered God’s purpose in your life? You need to discover the reason for your existence. It is the prime issue you must resolve if you must get what you want out of life.


There is a pressing want or need in your life – something you seriously and urgently wanted out of life.  We all have our pressing needs in life per time, though often diverse and sometimes unique. For one person, it is money. For another, a house. And yet to another, a wife, husband or child. The needs of some people are material. While those of others are immaterial such as victory, peace, happiness, Spirit’s power, direction, guidance, and green light.


  • Sarah, Rachael, Hannah, and Elizabeth wanted children.
  • Jacob wanted a blessing, while he wrestled with the angel.
  • Solomon wanted wisdom. Absalom wanted the throne.
  • Ahab wanted the vineyard of Naboth.
  • Shunammite widow wanted to be free from financial debt.
  • Gehazi wanted material/monetary rewards.
  • Jabez wanted deliverance from his diverse sorrows.
  • Elisha wanted a double portion of the Anointing


What exactly do you want out of life?


#2: Follow Your Dream

After narrating the dreams he had to his father and brethren, it became the catalyst for events in the family of Jacob. The two dreams soon ignited the heart of Joseph’s brethren with fires of jealousy, conspiracy, and murder-plot against the dreamer. They wanted to kill him so as to stop the fulfillment of his dream.


So dreams often get their dreamers into real trouble. Jealous foes will rise to oppose your dream and to harm you. Friend, if yours is a great dream, prepare to face great troubles. Yet in spite whatever troubles or battles, you must follow your dream. How do we follow our dreams? Let me take you back to Joseph.


Divine presence is the first key to following your dream. God was with Joseph and he knew it. You’ve got to: know that the Lord is with you. Truly, He is with you, but you need to believe it and consciously live by it. Faith activates His divine presence. When God is with you, you’ve got to know it, activate it, and live it to experience the wonders of His presence.


From the moment God revealed his future to him in that twin-dream, Joseph began to listen to the inner voice of that vision. This is the second key to following your dream: listen to the original inner voice of your dream. How do you do this? Keep seeing the vision before you, no matter how dark the way. As Abraham did, learn how to fix your inner eye on the ‘stars’, and you will soon become a star. This was the second keys to following your dream.


And here is the third key: Joseph kept his relationship with God intact and unstained. Though he was moved from one trouble to another, he refused to compromise his faith in, and his relationship with God – the ultimate dream Giver. So you must jealously keep your relationship with God all times, in holiness and righteousness.


Fourth, Joseph disowned ego and learned total submission to the divine purpose for his life. Thus, in all his travails, he refused to venture into making self-serving plans or ego-driven decisions. Joseph murdered pride and ego. He submitted himself to be guided by the mighty Hand of his dream Giver – God.


It was by the use of these four keys that Joseph followed his dream to the shore of fulfillment. And if you also will operate by these keys in following your God-given dream, you will surely be on your pathway to fulfillment.


#3: Take Responsibility for Your Life

Having being severed from the bosom of his loving father, by the cruelty of his brothers, Joseph took responsibility for his own life. He was away from home into slavery in a strange land, yet he looked for no one to bring hope, joy, happiness, and excitement to his life. Neither did he thought it was someone responsible for him to be dutiful, diligence, faithful, thoughtful, and accountable. He took responsibility for his own actions and inactions in all his relationships, duties and spiritual devotions.


Joseph also understood that it was his responsibility to exercise mastery over his emotion, transform his trouble to a trophy, and maintain his covenant identity. Thus, he devotedly aligned himself to walk in the covenant, and pay obedience to the divine ideal, thoughts and principles.  


To arrive at your destined harbor of greatness, we all must take responsibility for our lives.


#4: Discover and Explore Your Given Potential

We all have our God-given potentials, gifts, and talents. You may or may not have discovered yours. We all divinely blessed with different talents and unique gifts. You may need to discover and/or recover.


Joseph discovered he was a gifted man of value. He came to know that he was gifted in dream interpretation and word of wisdom. Also, you need to discover your given talents and gifts. It is disastrous to hide or bury them. You must discover the hidden, recover the lost and uncover the buried talents/gifts. Have you discovered yours?


Once Joseph discovered his gifts, he became so bold to make use of them. He did not only have faith in God, he also believes in the authenticity of the gifts God had invested in him. Thus, he demonstrated this supernatural ability with faith, courage, and confidence. In the end, it was his gift of dream interpretation and word of wisdom that made a room for him. He made his unique gifts available to the world, and by so doing became a blessing to his generation. His gift made ‘a palace’ for him, as he assumed the throne of fulfillment in Egypt, ruling as her Prime Minister.  


The world is also waiting for your manifestation. The entire nations eagerly expecting the manifestation of those divinely invested gifts in you. Those potentials in you make you are a person of real value.


#5: Be A Profitable Actor

Profitability is the essence of servanthood. You must act, profitably. God gave you those talents and gifts to bring profit to Him thereby.


Be a profitable servant of your God-given talent or gift. Take decisive actions that will bring results and profit to God and His kingdom. He who fails to ‘trade’ with his talent is cruel. So be up. Act!


Act now! You ought to be a profitable action man or woman. God has invested much in you that He cannot afford to see you a waster. You must act to occupy your place and bring joy to your God.


Momentum comes through actions. Failure to take action is the greatest failure anyone can achieve in life. More so, it is wickedness to bury our talents/gifts. ‘Act’ is a significant force that moves men from fear to courage, from failure to success, from grass to grace. Get up! Get doing! It is time to move your life forward.


Get up! Act out your plan. It is the central key to fulfilling your life purpose.


Joseph was a man of profitable action. He acted, meeting the needs of his time and generation by the manifestations of His gift. He acted in all his life journey, from his father house as a teenager to the strange land, as a slave, prisoner, and prime minister. This was how he brought profit and glory to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In Potiphar’s house, Joseph was commended for his diligence, faithfulness, and profitability. Inside the prison, he was a respected God-fearing youth, and a humble gifted ‘prophet’. And as prime minister of Egypt, Joseph was a rare prophetic-political leader, an astute administrator, a diligent servant of the nation, and a wise, accountable royal officer. He was effective, efficient, forthright, faithful, and tenderhearted.


Higher Heights – By Pastor John B. Joseph


Elisha was a man caught in the ‘holy greed’. I had rather describe his unusual ambitious desire for the “double portion” of the spirit that was upon Elijah. ‘Double portion anointing’ is what he wanted out of life.


I believe Elisha’s steps to obtaining what he wanted worth considering. He had burning desire in him for the supernatural enduement and manifestation. He had seen, envied and coveted the operations of the Holy Spirit in the life and ministry of his master, Elijah. Thus, at opportune time, he boldly asked for ‘the double portion of the Spirit of the Lord’. It seemed that was all he wanted out of life – to be clothed with unusual Spirit power. Yeah, he wanted to walk in the heavier Anointing of God than his master did, to demonstrate God’s power in a greater way. Elisha knew what he wanted out of life, and he passionately went for it. It was to our admonition that he got what he wanted. We also could get all that we wanted in life.


Though Elisha was indeed a greedy ‘son of prophet’, I seem to be a more greedy fellow after his order. Are you also a ‘holy greed’? Now the question is: if this is what you want out of life, how do you get it?  I think the Elijah-Elisha episode provide the needed answer here.


#1: Know What You Want

Do you also belong to the generation of ‘holy greed’ – I mean men of God who covet the ‘double portion’ of the Spirit of the Lord with greedy passion? Do you indeed know what the ‘Spirit anointing’ is?  If you don’t know it, you can’t desire it. To know it, you should be able to go beyond definition and description of the anointing. You would need to see it at work, feel the impacts of its operational blaze, and encounter its miraculous outworkings. Elisha was inspired by the practical display of the power and Spirit of God in Elijah, not by its theoretical jargons. He saw a supernatural mystery at work in and through his master. What he saw was what ignited his heart with fire, and made him to have the passion for its possession, and more of it.


#2: Have A Bigger Picture


Small picture mentality must give way to the bigger picture. Elisha was a man with a hot drive for the bigger picture. The anointing that was upon Elijah was so big, that it takes a man of the bigger dream to ask for its  ‘double portion’. And that was what Elisha passionately hunted for.


We serve a very big God.  You’ve got to know this and refuse to get stuck on the small picture. Learn to go for the bigger vital things in life. Be a man of bigger vision. And this call your right understanding of your covenant rights, promises, and provisions.


Men of bigger picture are faith-driven, big thinkers and big planners. They are highly organized, effective administrators, discipline goal-setters, and prudent managers of people and resources. Thus, they are nor only being driven by the bigger vision, they also a people of value, taste, and quality, who know what they want and how to get it.


Mediocre has no place in the hall of archives. Men of small mind live at the bottom place of life. To get to your destined place at the top, you will first need to change your belief and your thinking. What belief {philosophy.theology} has much to say on how you live your life? 


#3: Embrace the Opportunity


The Opportunity often comes once in a lifetime. If you fail to make use of when it comes, it may go forever. More so, opportunity comes in a simple way and often unannounced. So, you must be ‘opportunity sensitive’ if you must recognize it when it comes.


Elisha had waited for the opportunity to come. Then came the day opportunity quietly appeared, and he was so sensitive to recognize it. The opportunity came, hidden beneath Elijah’s departure. Other sons of the prophets didn’t identify it, but he did. On the day Elijah was to be taken up to heaven, Elisha saw an opportunity wrapped in it. For others, it could be a day of sorrowing, but for Elisha, it was a golden opportunity to get what he had all along coveted.


Beloved, to get what you want, there will always be an opportunity to grip. You only need to be on watch and be one of the wise, smart people who know how to grab available opportunities.


To cease the opportunity, Elisha clung to his master. It was a joy for Elisha that he was with his master, Elijah on the day the Lord would take him into heaven:  “And it came to pass, when the Lord would take up Elijah into heaven by a whirlwind, that Elijah went with Elisha from Gilgal”.


#4: Have Importunate Faith

Importunate faith holds on, and won’t let go. It neither give up nor gives in, even in the face of greatest challenge or deadliest foe. Challenges and battles of life only make us stronger in faith. And we must exercise our faith with strong determination and importunity.


Importunity teaches us to be resolute in faith and empower us with the consistency needed to apprehend that which we pursue.  To get what you needed in life, you must not give up. Keep trying, keep moving, keep praying. Yes, you must keep going, in spite of those fierce oppositions, humiliating denials, and odd challenges.


Learn to firmly ignore negative persuasion, silent voices of dissent, and conquer the spirit of discouragement, that you may turn obstacle to a miracle, and trouble to a trophy.


We saw the young Elisha demonstrating this virtue of importunate faith as he followed Elijah. Thrice, Elijah persuaded him to “tarry here…”, but faith and determination wouldn’t let him. Twice, the sons of prophet mocked him, but he would not be stopped. Once, fifty men of the sons of prophet gathered to see what would become of him, as he wanted to cross Jordan with his master, but he kept going. Though river Jordan stood on the way, he refused to see it as the end of the road. He kept following Elijah, even though the parted river. And when Elijah finally asked him what he wanted, he told him, he would not be discouraged by the answer he got: “Thou hast asked a hard thing”.


Elijah was a man of importunate faith. He refused to give up or give in.


But passion, real hot passion drives importunate faith. Successful people develop such passion to succeed, they develop the passion to harness their emotion and channel it toward the most important.


#5: Make Supplication


Elijah asked Elisha a very cogent question: “Ask what I shall do for thee before I am taken away from thee”. My dear friend, do you know God is still asking you to forward your request. He wants us to “make your request known through supplication”.


Jesus said: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth, and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” {Matt 7: 7 – 8}


He also told the disciples: “… Verily, verily, I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, He will give it you. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.” {John 16: 23 – 24}


When the prophet Elijah asked that his servant Elijah to table what he needed, here is what Elisha asked for: “…I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me”. That was his burning desire, his number one need. But what would you have asked, if you were to be Elisha?


I guess you would have asked for victory over your enemies, or financial prosperity, or uncommon promotion, or unusual greatness, or electoral victory. I know you would have requested for a mansion, so massive and beautiful that your enemy will see and weep. You might have asked for a child, or marriage partner, job, lucrative business, all-round success, or admission into University. But none of these seemed to matter to Elisha.


The panting for the double portion of the anointing could only be born out of a righteous passion for God and His Kingdom, not of sensual desire.

“The Kingdom of God and His righteousness” remains the primary pursuit of true spiritual men. No wonder we are enjoined “…to seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God”.  


#6: Practice Focus, with Sensitivity

It takes focus to maintain vision:”If your eye is single, your whole body shall be full of light.”. It takes singleness of vision, and fixed the gaze on the vision, to attain greatness in life. Men of the double eye often lose the attention. Beware!


Now, it takes vigilance not to lose focus, for diversion will always come. The word ‘fixed’ is the magic word for men who desire to get what they want in life. To be a man of ‘fixed’ gaze, you must assume a sort of radical posture – defiant but upright. This is what being ‘still’ in God’s presence means. Stillness is a heart focus, a spiritual upright posture, and not physical. Learn to be ‘still’ and you will always see God working on your behalf.


This was the posture Elisha must maintain to get what he wanted:  “… nevertheless, if thou shall see me when I am taken from thee, it shall be done so unto thee; but if not, it shall not be so.”. We need to know that, first, Elijah was taken away while “they were on, and still talked”. Second, he was taken away in an atmosphere of spiritual commotion – “…behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder…” These two factors should have made Elisha lost his focus, but he didn’t. For we were told that the young “Elisha still saw it”. Yes, he saw the chariot and horses that came from heaven to fetch up his master. He saw the scene, and he saw Elijah being driven up in the angelic chariot, and cried “My father, my father, the chariot of Israel and the horsemen thereof.” He saw it and also saw the mantle that fell from Elijah. And because he saw it, he got what he wanted.


#7: Take Possession of the Mantle

So the Elijah – that prophet of fire did not go to heaven with his mantle? Yea, what a great news for you and I. That Elijah’s mantle fell from him should give us hope that God intended to continue Elijah’s fire-ministry through us. That Elijah’s mantle is still here, foretells that the end-time ministries shall be the ministry of fire demonstration. Elisha saw it when the mantle fell from him. He saw it and picked it up: “He took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him…”


It’s time to pick up the mantle of Elijah for the end time revival missions. It was the same mantle that Elisha took that John Baptist was clothed with. And we have it in prophecy that this same mantle shall function in the End-Time prophets of God. You can have the same mantle on you if you would take it up.


‘Take it up’ is a role we all must play to get what we need in life. You can’t be passive and get it. You must put forth your hand, and pick it up. When Jesus spoke to the sick, “Take up your bed and go home”, he did so, and people saw him walking in his newly gotten miracle. And to the man whose hands are withered, Jesus commanded: “Strength forth thine hand”. His hands were healed the moment he obeyed the Lord. That was his own way of picking it up. As soon as Eli gave a prophetic blessing on Hannah’s need, she took it up and went home with joy. The following year she came back to Shiloh with Samuel. Come on, take a step of faith like Hannah, take up it up, and you will come for testimony with your miracle child. You also can have sobs of bareness on your cheeks turn to tears of joys.


#8: Manifest the New Found Gift

Manifestation is the last key I will be speaking on here. It comes out of a demonstration. For Elisha, demonstrating ‘the power and Spirit’ becomes a must, if he must crossover to the place of his assignment. Without demonstrating the power of Elijah’s mantle, Elisha would be stranded beyond the Jordan, locked up on the other side of the river.


If you are a man on divine missions, the devil will always want you to get locked up, stranded, lost, frustrated, broken and broke. You just have to say no and put the anointing to test.


Elisha had seen the Spirit anointing ‘tested and trusted’ in its outworking in Elijah, his master. However, he wanted to be sure it is the same original that he has gotten. Thus, Elisha  put his own faith to test when he “smote the waters, and said, Where is the Lord God of Elijah?” The river of Jordan gave way and Elisha advanced to the amazement of sons of prophets, who immediately bowed to him when he crossed over. He demonstrated it again and healed the naughty land of Jericho city. He demonstrated it the third time, and two she-bears came out of the wood and tare 42 irreverent kids.


It is the same Spirit of God that worked on Old Testament and New Testament that is in us and upon us. We have been baptized with the same baptism of fire and anointed for exploits. But we need faith, boldness, and courage to demonstrate. You and I also need to demonstrate our faith as soon as we get the double anointing of the Spirit. We must demonstrate it to crossover that Jordan that stands in our way to our destined place on earth. Smite the river, and it shall give way for your advancement in life.   


Also, we must demonstrate the Spirit and power of Christ to bring healing to the nations.


We must demonstrate ‘the Spirit and power’ to bring judgement to the kingdom of darkness and Satanic irreverent children: “To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishment upon the people; To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; To execute upon them the judgement written: this honor have all his saints…” {Psm 149: 7 -9}


Keys To Better Living – By John B. Joseph

KEYS TO BETTER LIFE – Joseph as Case Study

By John B. Joseph

Life is like a staircase, yea, like those steps on your wood or iron ladder. You are either climbing or stooping. You will not stoop in Jesus name. Amen. For every normal person, experiencing ‘upward movement’ is normal. Backwardness is evil and stagnation is curse. Thus, all men aspire to move ‘from glory to glory’, and from ‘grace to grace’. We are creatures of progression. It is only normal when we are on progressive dynamics, experiencing continuous and consistent positive change, and growth.

We all desire that today’s light  be brighter than that of yesterday. We hope for a better life, higher level, finer place, a brighter horizon, a richer life. And indeed this aspiration, this desire, this hope does indicate man as a ‘growth’ creaturem – ‘onward moving’ being. God created us for positive advancement. The Creator is honored whenever we move out of the ‘shadows of the valley’ into the sunshine of the mountain. God actually created us to soar like eagle to the bright firmament of His promises.

Let me discuss with you the eight keys to discovery of better life recovery of better living. These keys are the eight steps on the ladder of success.

  1. The Covenant: It takes having a deep root in the Rock of the higher life to lead a better life. Like Joseph, you must come to discover and embrace the mystery of God’s higher life, a life built on the divine covenant. All great men of the Bible stood on the Rock of the divine covenant to lead the better life. Such men include  Abel, Enoch, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and David.

  2. The Distinction: It takes being distinct to en-route your life to distinction. To be a distinction, you must be distinct; to make all the difference, you must be different; to get out of the crowd, you must be separated from the crowd. Even stars shine not their best when in the crowd of clouds. If the distinction is your goal in life, make covenant-walk your utmost pursuit. Take a righteous, godly stance in life. Establish a true and sweet relationship with God in the Spirit. Walk blameless before the Lord of glory. If you do, He will position you in the soil of better life. {Gen. 17: 1 – 2; 37: 2 – 3}  

  3. The Vision: Dare to be a true dreamer, a passionate visionary. It’s the third key to the better life. It takes being a real dreamer to climb up the ladder of better life and arrive at the galaxy of stars. Where are you going in life? Have yodiscovereder God’s purpose for your life? What exactly do you intend to become? As for Joseph, he caught the revelation of God’s purpose very early in his life. He discovered he was a destined royalty – throne-man. Three basic features made Joseph’s dreams very unique: 1. Its source – God. 2. Its content – royalty. 3. Its timing: Future. {Gen. 37: 5 – 11}

  4. The Faith-fight: Every dream of greatness attracts its own destiny foes.  Joseph’s dreams brought him into war. Men destined to be great must see this world as battlefield. For evil men will rise against your star, to darken its light. Joseph’s dreams for better life brought him hatred, jealousy, nakedness, shadow of death, slavery, servitude, imprisonment.  Are you also ready to pay this high price so as to arrive at fulfillment? You can’t afford to be a victorious faith-fighter, a valiant fighter. {Gen. 3 – 4, 12 -35}

  5. Activated Divine Presence: A consistent walk in the activated presence of the Lord led Joseph to uncommon favour, extraordinary success and unhindered prosperity. If you also can carry about the presence of God, whatever you do, and whereever you are will experience such extrordinary dimension. It is the greatest route to happy, successful, and prosperous life. {Gen. 39: 2 – 6, 21 – 23}

  6. The Service: So you’ve got to discover and put to use your gifts/talents.  Share a skill with friends, join a Godly club, learn to sing, to act, to play instrument, or play a new sport, and so much more. There’s a whole big world down deep in you; that will lead your life to some kind of expansion, elevate your expression and take you to that next level. Gen. 39:  22 – 23, 40: 4, 7 – 13, 15 – 23.

  7. Added Value: To serve acceptably in the Kingdom of Christ, you must add uo value to your life. We serve by putting to use our potential, gift, and talent – the charisma. But the Kingdom value rest on the fruit of the Spirit – the Character. Love, holiness, humility, faithfulness, availability,  and diligence are the core values.

  8. Bigger Picture: Be part of bigger picture. Joseph was said to be ‘a fruitful tree whose branches run over the wall’. You’ve got to get ready to serve people outside your wall – family, community, tribe, culture, nation, and continent. You need be a part of global, bigger picture. When Joseph was brought into the palace, he did not only manifested his God given gift, but also accepted the invitation to serve in the strange land. Same way, you must be a leading part of the bigger vision.

Sundry Counsels

    • Let go of the past. Freedom light begin to show up when we let go of the past. You ought to free yourself from that hunting shadows, remove the clutter from your life, of the stuff that’s holding you back. Get rid of the vampires, the unnecessary possessions, and the mess. You’re better off without these weights.

    • Clean up your mindset. To get into the highway of better living, we must clean up ourselves of the mindset of fear, unforgiving, hate, apathy, envy, discouragement, & indifference.


  • Leap up and bounce back. All is never lost, even when all is dark. When life cast you down, find ways to leap up and bounce back. When life cast you into the deep, dry pit, look up to the Highest on His throne. We can always find the way out of our dark corridors.


  • Stay close to God and keep asking Him for direction. This we must do to keep going, in spite of it all.

  • Never let your dream slip out of your fingers. Your dream of greatness must be intanct. Never let go of the original vision. Keep fixing your inner eyes on it, daily. Vision need be keep refreshing it with challenging goal-setting, and empower with exciting, achievable plan.

  • You’ll need faith to face the realities of your present life. You must dare the realities with unwavering faith, fortitude, courage, and self-encouragement.

  • Uncover and explore your hidden talents. What is lost nneds be recovered, and that which is hidden uncovered. In his dark trying days, Joseph discovered his gift of dream-interpretation, even as inmate. He suddenly began to manisfest it, and by so doing entered the door that led his life to the next level.

  • Never stop learning. Keep learning, and let what you learn positively affect your well-being. Good, continuous learning has its benefits: it exposes us to new ideas, helps us to stay curious and engaged, gives us a sense of accomplishment, and boosts our self-confidence and resilience.

  • Take a positive approach on life. In all his travails, Joseph was positive about life. In prison, his request that Buttler should mention his case before Pharoah was a positive approach {Gen. 40: 14 – 15}. Also, he was so positive about life when the famine ravished the land for seven years. We all need to  build such positive emotions as joy, gratitude, contentment, inspiration and faith. Doing this will help us to perform better, broaden our perception, increase our resilience, and improve our physical health. In spite all his travail, Joseph chose to be happy. It is our responsibility to be happy with (and within) ourselves. We need hapiness to find meaning and purpose to life,  and to make all the difference. It’s one unique force that will help give meaning to our life, brighten our hope, and get us out of the dark prison of fears, grief, downcast, and discouragement, among others.

  • Enter the Door of the New Realities. God promises new things, therefore, dare to do new things, and you will experience new realities.


LIGHT FOR THE THRONES – By John Babalola Joseph


Dark thrones doom the nation

In her streets flow tears of the oppressed

Injustice and wickedness consume the nation

Cause to bleed therein the few righteous

Then voices of pain amidst the creation

Then cries of the impoverished

Alas the murdering gloom in my nation

Alas the violence of the ruling thrust

Why do thrones protect robbers of our fortune?

Though the thrones, in robbery flourish


Bring here the Light that kills this darkness

That justice and equity may shine on us.

But My Light is the Light that bears the sword

That shall slay the wicked in the land.

@John Joseph’s Kingdom Poetry.


A New Rising Army

Lagos Fire Summits: A New Rising Army

General Introduction
John B. Joseph

In Deeper Thought: Abraham’s 318-man domestic army, Moses supernatural rod, Joshua triumphant army, Gideon’s 300-man army, David’s mighty men, Elijah’s consuming fire, & Jesus 12-man New Covenant Army pointed us to that fact that God prepares a new army for every intended revolution. {Gen.14:13-16/Exd. 4: 2 – 5.

A New Covenant Army: The blood redeemed, Spirit-driven people shall be fully armed with Moses’ rod of authority and Elijah’s fire-power to replace the old, failed armies of a self-driven, greed-laden, murderous
‘saints’. It shall be bold, aggressive, and triumphant. {Ezk. 34: 1 – 10}

It Is The EndTime Liberation Army: With the power to heal the sick, bind up the broken, liberate the captives, cast out demons, raise the dead, and get ready the Bride of Christ. {Isa. 61: 1 – 4; Ezk. 34: 4}

The New Rising Army: It shall terminate the era of leadership of cruelty & greed; end spiritual starvation, scattering, & wandering, and dismantle racism, tribalism, & denominationalism. {Ezk. 34: 3 – 4}

A Mighty Revolution Army: As Jesus Radicals, we shall crush devil’s armies and set up the banner of apostolic Christianity, that shall bring down the Latter House Glory, with the glorious springing of pastures, great harvest, & restoration. We shall be feared, and marked ‘dangerously violent’. {Joel 2: 21 – 32}

Come and Join: You are here to enlist in A New Rising Army. Not born again? Here comes the opportunity to be saved. Already born again? Brace up to be Jesus’ Firebrand. Come, join His new army of a blood-washed, Spirit-driven people.

This is the reason for 2017 Lagos Fire Summits. Welcome into His presence.

Life & Love & Power
John B. Joseph


B. B. John
Text: Luke 10: 1- 37

Christ New Rising Army consists of Eleventh-Hour Labourers. We are a people sent forth into the King’s great harvest for the final harvest missions. As an army of “ lambs among wolves”, we must be fully armed with the peace and presence of God. {Lk. 10: 4 – 12}. We are to be compassionate troops that boldly walk in authority and power. {Luke 10: 29 – 37, 17 – 19}.
1. Not Doctrine Mongers – But a people in apostolic order who preach eternal Life and demonstrate the Spirit power. {Mark 7: 6 – 7; 1st Cort. 2: 4; Luke 4 -5: 18 -19; Acts 4: 8}
2. Not Conventional People – But a crew of unconventional believers who flow by the dictate of the Holy Spirit. {Jhn 5: 19 – 20; Mk 2: 11 – 12, Matt 9: 33}
3. Not Churchy, Religious, denominational fanatics – But a crew of Jesus radicals, deeply rooted and absolutely loyal to the Christ. They see local assembly as the preparatory regiment, believers in all churches as one united body of Christ, and the world as the mission field. {Matt 23: 1 – 31; Mark 16: 15}
4. Not A Mammon Mindset Organization – But an army of Kingdom seekers and vigorous pursuers of righteousness. {Matt 6: 31 – 34, 16: 19; Mk 8: 36, Luke 12: 15; Prov. 15: 16, 23: 4; Josh 1: 8}
5. Not A Fear Choking Battalion – But an army of bold, courageous saints. We are fierce,
indefatigable, offensive, and decisive in actions. {2nd Tim. 1: 7; Judges 7: 3; Josh 1: 6 – 8}
6. Not Endtime Fools – But wise virgins, who prayerfully and soberly await the arrival of the Bridegroom, even in these evil midnight hours. {2 Tim. 3: 1 – 9; Eph. 5: 15 – 17; Matt 25: 1 – 13}
7. Not Earth-bound Pilgrims – But an army of heaven-bound pilgrims, who consciously prepare to be a chaste bride for Christ, the soon coming King. {1st Pet. 2: 11 – 12; Hebr. 13: 14 – 15; Philp 3: 20 -21}

B. B. John

I was laying my back on the long upholstery, afternoon on Wednesday 2nd of August 2017, when the Lord spoke to me “Raise My Great Generals”. This great mandate points to the fact that there are vacuums in the hall of faith. Refilling the places of expired and fired Generals have created the vacuum. The need for the last days’ upgrade of the army must have. There is a shortage of firebrand Generals on the harvest field.
– Wanted: Great General of Agape, in the order of Jesus, who is affectionate and compassionate to care for the Lord’s lambs and sheep. {Jhn. 21: 15 – 18; Acts 20: 28}
– Wanted: Great General of Fire, in the order of Elijah, dangerously hot & violent for Satan to handle. {I Ki. 17: 1, 18: 30 – 40; II Ki. 1; Jms. 5: 17 – 18}
– Wanted: Great General of Faith, in the order of Christ, boldly walking in great power and authority, bringing joy, healing, and mighty miracles to the people. {Acts 10: 38; Lk. 4: 18 – 19; Hebr. 11: 33 -34}
– Wanted: Great General of Freedom, in the order of Moses, liberating souls & nations from prisons.
– Wanted: Great General of Righteousness, in the order of Noah, gloriously radiating God’s nature.
– Wanted: Great General of The Gospel, in the order of the apostles, fiery preachers of the word of salvation, ablaze in passion, and aggressively unashamed in the global evangelistic project. {Mark 16: 1-18; Lk. 4: 18 – 19}
– Wanted: Great General of Building, in the order of David, successful disciple maker and builder of mighty men; “rebuilding the old ruins…raising former desolations”. {Isa. 61: 4; Matt. 28: 19 – 20; I Chr. 11: 10 – 47}
There is still vacuum in the hall of great Generals. You are being called forth to occupy it. Will you answer His call today? Don’t reject the great offer. Your destiny is only fulfil in it.


Best E. David

The Recruits
Enlistment begins with the recruitment. How do you become a recruit in the New Rising Army?
1. Genuine Repentance From Sin: It beings with true repentance. Have you turned away from your sins? Or you are just padding up with religion and churchy push? Repent of your evil way, and Jesus will give you total forgiveness.
2. Simple Faith Toward God: Place your trust in Jesus Christ, and make Him your personal Lord and Savior. Have you asked Him into your life? It’s a step you must take to become a new creature and thus be recruited into Christ New Rising Army. At the point of salvation, Jesus will wash and mark you by His Blood, enter your name in the book of life, and give you the Holy Spirit.

The Enlisted

This is the most vital organ of the new Rising Army. It is not enough to be recruited, born again, redeemed; you also need to be enlisted i.e. become a firebrand disciple.
1. What is Enlistment? In the military, “enlistment is the process of taking the oath of enlistment, and becoming a soldier.” In the Christ Kingdom, it is a process of “total surrendered, of unreserved abandonment, and of absolute commitment to the Lord, and His gospel mandate.
2. The Missions of Enlisted Soldier: Your missions here are {i}To Promptly Execute Jesus Given order. His order is “Go ye into all the world…”. It is for every enlisted soldier to obey. To ‘sit’ or ‘stand’ or ‘sleep’ is fragrant disobedience; {ii} To Continue His works of- “Preach the gospel…Teach the nations… Heal the sick…Raise the dead…and Cast out demons.” If we act by faith as the Apostles did, we will do greater works than Jesus did.

The Qualities Search – 1 Tim. 3, 5:22; Tit. 2

Now, being born again, you ask: “Am I really qualified to enlist?” Well, let’s do a little quality search on ourselves to answer the question. For a born-again person to become a firebrand disciple, he must possess the qualities, reflected in the under-listed self-examining ‘qualities search’:
1. Visit Your Own Social Media Page: Carefully look on your FaceBook/Twitter/Linkedin pages. Are there any red flags on your wall/Timeline as you dig down your post history? Those red flags are pointers to character flaws in your life.
2. Inquire From Your Former Pastor: What do your former pastor/leader say about your life, service, strengths and weaknesses? How did you treat and relate with brethren? Why and how did you leave?
3. Make a Reality Check on Loyalty: Are you a loyal, faithful, obedient type? Do you manifest ‘just a little’ arrogance, ego, pride, self-will? Loyalty is the hallmark. If you don’t have it, you are unqualified.
4. Make a Reality Check on the Heart: Do you bear a type of King Saul’s ‘heart’ or David’s? God looks for people with the mind of Christ. Gal. 5:22-23; Matt 7:16-20; Eph 4:31; 1 Pet 2:17
5. Make a Reality Check on the Gift: God gives spiritual gifts/talents to profits to His kingdom. Do you manifest or bury them? Spiritual gifts are powerful weapons on the battlegrounds. 1 John 4:1-3.
6. Do a Reality Check on Your Life’s Balance: The health of the church is in direct proportion to the health of the leaders and their families. Is any aspect of your life is out of balance? Sooner or later it will show up in the church/ministry. Better resolve that matrimonial crisis, health issue, & scandal now.
7. Make a Reality Check on the Passion: It takes passion to build a delivery system that can win souls, build brethren, and handle people God sends your way? Acts 4:36; Acts 9:27
8. Make a Reality Check on Consistency: You must lead a walk that is consistent with your Calling to be seeing qualified. 1 John 1:6-7; 2 Cort 5:16
9. Evaluate Your Concept of TeamWork: You need a team-working skill, not Messiah Complex? You can’t bear everyone’s burdens; you will burn out if you tried. Divest yourself of the Messiah Complex.


Godwin Chike

Christian Army Officers are true spiritual leaders, effective managers, good planners of the Army. They are Jesus’ Generals to whom the lives of the brethren are entrusted. How can a firebrand disciple become a General – a worthy spiritual leader? Like in the Military, it takes just two things: ‘a college degree’ and outstanding leadership skills.

Becoming An Officer#1: College Degree

In the Army of Christ, the firebrands assume the leadership positions through outstanding leadership skills and a college degree in University of Holy Ghost {UHG}. The following courses are compulsory for all disciples.
1. Bigger Picture: Like Apostle Peter, you must pass this compulsory course – Big Picture of Christ ministry. It’s global in context, beyond the walls of your church, ministry, and denomination; across tribal, cultural and national boundaries, with focus on the community and the world.
2. Solidified Vision: This revelation course focuses on your God-given original vision, and unique mission. You need be taught to victoriously fight for the vision against all foes, barriers, and distractions, and get it solidified in the hearts of the people. {3 Jn 9; Phil 7; 1 Thess 1:4-5}
3. Holy Fire: You must learn how to relate with Holy Spirit, hear and follow His voice, flow in His power, and maintain the freshness of the Anointing. It takes all these to be committed to God’s set agenda, work as He works, and walking as He walks,
4. Wild-Inferno: This experiential course is designed to intimate you with the furnace of trial, a flood of affliction, and desert of lack. To pass it is to inculcate virtues of faith, fortitude, firmness, fierceness, patience and perseverance. And lead your life and ministry with courage, ruggedness, and offensiveness, as a good soldier of Christ.
5. Offensiveness: This course focuses on the technics of offensive spiritual warfare, strategic discipleship, and aggressive evangelism. It is designed to enable you to employ spiritual giftings, alertness, and detectives in fighting the enemy.
6. Selflessness: Here, you will be taught of the dangers of greed, the loveliness of contentment, and pathway of selfless love. It is designed to impart you with a spirit of sacrifice, selflessness, contentment, generosity, compassion, passion, commitment, and personal development.

Becoming An Officer#2: Outstanding Leadership Skills

To join an army of able leadership, you must demonstrate sound leadership abilities and skills needed to continually break new ground. Officers are high capacity and influential leaders; a team of believers with sound leadership abilities, and faithful followers. You must have proven leadership skills in the following areas:
1. Diligence: You must be a hardworking and diligent disciple in life and ministry? Have you developed a track record of good performing skill in that which is committed into your hand? If you can’t build someone else’s ministry, you won’t build your own.
2. Leading Leadership: Becoming a commanding officer demands that you become a ‘leading’ leader; and not ‘managing’ leader. While leading leaders always have the future in mind, managing leaders focus on the present. Do you have this leadership skill?
3. Water the Roots: You must possess the ability to water the root. The roots of any church are the leaders. Do you have what it takes to water them through coaching, mentorship, teaching, encouragement, and leadership cares? The roots are the key to the health of the whole tree.
4. The Focus: You need to continually cast the vision for what church/ministry is—over and over again. You’ll need consistency of vision and singularity of focus.
5. The Care: The affection is a skill of the ‘love that cares’. How caring and loving are you toward the needy, widow, and orphans? This was the strong reminder given by James when the Jerusalem Church sent forth Paul and Barnabas on a missionary trip. (Gal. 2:10).
6. The ‘Keep On Multiplying’: You must learn how to keep what you do reproducible – physical life, spiritual life, ministry, & church. It takes reproducibility to empower ordinary people to do the extraordinary, expand the kingdom, and leave a legacy that makes ministry to outlast the minister.
7. Creativity: It takes the Spirit’s ingenuity to excel in the Spirit of wisdom, and thrives on creativity and innovation. It is a skill you must possess.


John B.  Joseph {B.B.John}

The Christ Kingdom belongs to all who are saved, through faith in His blood of atonement. However, there are kingdom values to exemplify and promote here on earth. Major among these are the under-listed:
a. Love: This is the proof of Kingdom citizenship. You must possess and live-out the LIFE of the Spirit; bearing Spirit’s fruit, living out the “Life and Resurrection”. Gal. 5: 22-26.
b. Affection: This is about caring for others, rendering them like the good shepherd, nurturing them with a large, good heart. You must bear a heart of mercy and compassion for the less privileged and afflicted.
c. Holiness and Righteousness: This is “His-nature” value. You must live it out to demonstrate and promote proven integrity, such that is driven by honest intentions. I Pet. 1: 15 – 16; Prov. 11:3.
d. Transparent Leadership: Kingdom government operates transparency in Governing, and promotes confidence in leadership sharing. Exd 18:21-23; 1 Thes 2:3.
e. Faith: This is the invisible force that makes all things work in the Kingdom. It is the value of every enlisted soldier to exercise and promote it. Hebr. 11: 1 – 6
f. Security: The Kingdom of Christ rests on faith, and by faith, we deal with all forms of insecurity. You need a sense of security in all your dealings and relationships in the Kingdom. Col. 1:28
g. Justice and Equity: We are to reject favoritism, injustice, and oppression. We must promote fairness, equity, and justice. Phil 2:3; Jam 2:9
h. Gracefulness: To become a Christ-like leadership personality, you must be graceful in manner, humble in heart, and salty in expression. Col. 4:6
i. Meekness & Humility: You need to serve the Lord with a true heart, accept correction without pride, ego or bloated head, and engage in continuous learning with a teachable spirit.
j. The exigency of Zero Hour: Gospel must be spread with the exigency of the zero hours we live. Do it with hot passion and aggression. End-time missions demand the urgency of Christ’s imminent return.
k. Excellence: The Kingdom is driven by quality, not quantity. Excellence must be our trademark, both in life and ministry. This should be promoted by every soldier of Christ.
l. Commitment to Growth and Dynamism: Your commitment to Kingdom growth and Kingdom dynamism must be total.


Oluwole M. Abejide

A regiment is a military unit in the army – e.g. Infantry Regiment, Marine Regiment, Artillery Regiment, and Armoured Regiment. The Jesus Army is also grouped into regiments, on the basis of members’ gifts, talents, and callings. We need to know our individual calling/gift/talent, so as to know the regiment we belong. Just like in the army, every group {regiment} should be built to effectively function and fulfill its unique purpose. We all must arise to function in our calling and fulfill our ministry. 1st Cort.12: 4; Rom. 11: 29

Regiments & Their Objectives
1. Church Planting Team: To accomplish a predetermined church plant mission for the advancement of the gospel Kingdom. This regiment also contributes to church growth when it operates as a healthy strategic team-work. This is an army job for the apostles, in partnership with pastors and teachers.
2. Evangelism Squad: To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, thereby winning the lost souls. The message is salvation, through faith in Christ finished work. All believers are called to be witnesses but called evangelists should go extra-mile by carrying out crusade campaign, village outreach, etc
3. Discipleship Team: To mentor, teach, and show care to the new babes in Christ, so as to disciple them. This army job is for the teachers and those with counseling gift.
4. Prayer/Intercession Battalion: To stand in the gap for souls and saints. This spiritual powerhouse of the church, ministry and gospel activity is for prophets and those with the prophetic gift.
5. The Worship Crew: To lead the congregation into the presence of God through spiritual worship & praise singing. This army job is for Psalmists and the gifted.
6. Young Leaders Team: To lead a battalion of young people {future leaders} in the church/ministry. This is uniquely for the Pastors and teachers of the Word.
7. Hospitality Team: To offer hospitality to newcomers, provide the best practices for assimilation, and connect newcomers with existing members. This office is for those with the gift of help.
8. Child Care Team: Get at least two Spirit-filled brethren trained in Child evangelism and delegate to care for and mentor kids.
9. Commissioned Deacons: To handle the pastoral care, widow welfare, Orphan’s concerns, and general welfare. This army job is for those with the gift of administration.
10. Counseling/Education Team: To run the Christian education, counseling, teaching, and seminars, in line with apostolic doctrines and ministry values. This is an army job for the apostles and teachers.
11. Advisory Leaders/ Ruling Elders: To lead the church, in cooperation with the pastor, Should the pastor have difficulty with this group, he should refer to his mentors/ specialized helpers, if possible.
12. Finance Team: To develop a budget, handle church offerings, make deposit slips available, lodge money in the bank, communicate how the funds come in and go out.
13. Community Projects Team: To demonstrate Christian love to the community.
Note: Every regiment should be organized with the objective of soul-winning. And likewise, all activities.

Segun V. Adeniyi

Small evangelism battalions are critical to building a healthy church. These are needed to encourage teaching, fellowship, prayer, and evangelism outreaches. Major Small evangelistic groups {battalions} are:
1. Mentors Fellowship: Leaders such as pastors, teachers, and counselors should have a monthly fellowship where it is required for each of them to give pieces of evidence of their evangelistic DNA.
2. New Believers Crew: The newly saved should not only be classed for discipleship purpose, they should be constantly led to share their newly found faith to members of their families, friends, and neighbors. They should also be taught to be praying for unbelievers.
3. Singles Club: This club should constantly reach out to hospital, schools, prisons, and villages. And after each outreach, a member should account for their field experiences, before the congregation.
4. Married Forum: This forum should meet to pray fervently for nonbelievers, and thereafter reach out to families with the gospel of Christ. At a specially organized event, members recount their evangelism experiences {in their witnessing exploit to colleagues & neigbours}.
5. Bible Class: This group should also be drilled to get involved in evangelism outreaches.
6. Students Fellowship: High school students should be grouped to reach out to fellow students in their various school/campuses. The church should throw a Luke 15 party bi-monthly where born-again
students/youths are specially invited and present special gifts to their Christian walk.
7. Strategic Discipleship Squad: This group formulates effective plans to disciple new converts, set them on fire for Christ, and lead them to reach out to unbelievers in their recent connections. {Acts 18:11}

Others include The Gospel Team, Good Women Fellowship, Pastors’ Wives Forum, and Professional Groups.
Note that these small evangelistic battalions can turn inwardly, if not constantly refreshed and strengthen to drive the outward focus of your church/ministry.


Isaac O. Aina

In this seminar, we shall be considering three vital areas of marriages: i). Conflict Resolution in Marriages. ii). Honoring Your Wife. iii). The Thriving Marriage.

8 Principles for Conflict Resolution in Marriage
1. Know that grudges create bitter roots, and do work against the fruit of the Spirit. Matt 6:34; Eph. 4:31-32; Gal. 5: 21-23.
2. Deal with hunger and anger. Proper rest is often essential to eliminate anger. Jms 1: 2 -5
3. Stay on current crisis/issue. To fall back on past resentments is to impair the affected person’s ability to see the reality of the current situation.
4. Use the ‘I’ Pronoun, and not ‘You’, which is accusatory. This allows your spouse to hear more vulnerable and honest, and to engage in dialogue for eventual resolution.
5. Attack the Problem and not Person. Remember that God has called us to love and unity.
6. Give active and attentive listening. Don’t interrupt; let the speaker finish his/her statement before trying to reply. Prov. 18:13; Jms l:19.
7. Always be the first to say ‘I am sorry’. This will prove that you are more concerned about your mate’s welfare, and de-escalate the conflict. Jms 5:16.
8. Offer true forgiveness: This is a final step in terms of conflict resolution. Eph 4:32; Matt 6:14-15

8 Ways to Cherish and Honor Your Wife
1. In spite all trials and conflicts, be faithful and loyal, living up to her trust. Unfaithfulness is the ultimate dishonor in marriage. Hebr. 13: 4
2. Accept her just as she is, without comparing her to any others. Let her be all she can.
3. Pay attention to all she has to say, whenever she needs your audience.
4. Be considerate in your use of words to her. Use gentle words, not harsh words.
5. Let your actions and words reflect your respect for her.
6. Be sensitive to her needs.
7. Accept her feelings. You may not understand them, but you must respect them as real and true.
8. Always lift her up in the presence of God in your prayer.

10 Keys To Thriving Marriage
1. Love Affirmation – Affirm your love one for another. Affirm, do not criticize.
2. Friendship – Be good friends; best friends. Be his friend, not his mother; be her friend, not her father.
3. Appreciation – Appreciate one another. Appreciate, don’t nag.
4. Communication: Give time and space for effective and productive dialogue.
5. Responsibility and Accountability – Be responsible and accountable to one another. Be responsible for your duties, be accountable to your partner.
6. Cheerfulness: Give to one another, cheerfully. Give, do not withhold.
7. Purity: Avoid infidelity and stay pure and faithful. Extra-marital affairs are dangerous to the survival
of any marriage. Be faithful, loyal and true.
8. Trust: Always speak the truth in love, one to another. The practice of speaking God’s truth is
imperative to receiving God’s blessing as a home.
9. Joint-War: Learn to fight together with the challenges that come your way. Satan will try to undermine your peace, prosperity, and togetherness. You must jointly face him in spiritual warfare unto the victory, understanding that the warring time is family transformation time, to usher in the glory.
10.Renewal: A renewed, revitalized marriage is one of the greatest weapons God has given us to war against the kingdom of darkness. The deepest marriages are those that come out of a war, in which spouses have fought, bled, suffered, and sometimes died together.

B. Beloved John

#1: Principle of Sure Redemption – Salvation remains the most important. You must honestly answer the question: “Are you born again?” Never play religion with this fundamental question of life. {Jn. 3: 3-7}
#2: Principle of House Cleaning – After deliverance experience, get the house clean up; neatly kept. This includes purging yourself of little dishonesty, fleshly lusts, the pride of heart, sinful thoughts, evil imagination, and unholy conscience. {Lk. 11: 24 – 26; Jn. 15: 3 – 4; II Cort. 5:17}
#3: Principle of Vacuum Refilling – It’s not enough to clean up the house, the vacuum created by departed demons must be filled by the Holy Spirit: When evil spirits are cast out, Holy Spirit ought to come in, else worse thing take place. {Matt. 12: 43 – 45}
#4: Principle of Solid Relationship – Foremost, God wants relationship – consistent, solid and flourishing. He loves those who place the higher value on the personal relationship with Him. Do you value it above Christian services, ministry, and church activities? This relationship is through communion with the Holy Ghost, which is richer & deeper than fast, pray, study the Bible, mountain climb, & church meetings. It’s being with God, dwelling in & relating with Him. It is hearing God’s voice and doing His will. {Jhn. 15: 1 – 13}
#5: Principle of Singleness – Deal with divided attention, double walk, double masters, & double services. It takes spiritual focus to walk in the light, offers pure devotion & gives absolute commitment. {Matt. 6: 22 – 24}
#6: Principle of Divine Service – Serve the Lord with a pure heart, complete obedience, burning passion. Serve Him with your month, gift/talent, strength, and resources. {Matt. 25: 14 – 30; Eph. 2: 10; Jms 1: 17; Prv. 22: 9; I Cort. 12: 5 – 6; I Pet. 4: 10 – 11; Matt. 5: 14 – 16; Rom 12: 4 – 8; I Cort. 12: 1 – 11}
#7: Principle of Complete Armour – Put on the whole armor of God. Get yourself fully armed with all the six parts and lubricating the armor with oil of all prayer. {Eph. 6: 10 – 18}
#8: Principle of Violent Sack – “Get thee behind me Satan” isn’t a gentleman’s plea. It is a firm, violent resistance that ward off the stubborn foes. Resist the devil violently, and he will flee from you. {Matt 4:10; Jms. 4: 7}

How to Get the Devil Off Your Back:
i. Fire-Fenced Your Spiritual Realm – Dream realm is spiritual in nature. Get it insured by the blood and fenced off by the Spirit fire on a daily basis. Doing this demands serious spiritual worship and fervent praying before going to bed, every night. {Zech. 2: 5; Job 1: 10; Psm 91: 1, 9}
ii. Constant Midnight Offensive – Take the war to the gates of your enemies, on midnight basis, using the missiles of the blood, the word, the fire, & the thunder. {Lk 6: 12; Acts 16: 25; Psm 119: 148; Gen. 32: 24}
iii. Showoff Crazy Love for The Word – Eat the word like a hungry baby. It’s your only guarantee for good success in life. Not dreams. Not vision. Not prophecies. Not those man-made doctrines. {Acts 17: 11; Matt. 7: 24 -27; Josh 1: 8, Psm 1: 2- 3}
iv. Effective Release of The Believer’s Authority – If you are born again, you have the authority of the king. Speak authoritatively to invisible forces. You will see the result. {Matt 10: 1; Lk. 9: 1, 10: 17 – 19; I Jhn 2: 13; Rom 16:20}
v. Swim Daily in The Holy Ghost – Don’t just be baptized – swim and swim until your whole being is drunk of the river of the Living Water {Holy Ghost}. It’s the power you need to constantly launch into the deep. Mind you, that river is in your belly, if you are Holy Ghost baptized. We swim by spiritual worship, constant praying in other tongues, and active spiritual sensitivity. {Jhn 7: 37 – 39; Ezk 47: 5}
vi. Be On The Faith Wings – Nothing works without living and active faith. To fly high, be on the wings of faith through the constant hearing of God’s word and firm standing on His promises for your life. {Mark. 11: 22 – 24; Hebr. 11}