True wisdom is that which is divine in origin. God is the source of true wisdom, and you have no connection with wisdom untill you are connected to God.

Broadly, there are three types of wisdom: the wisdom of God, the wisdom of satan and the wisdom of the world. of these three, only that which is of God is pure, true and rewarding. the wisdom of Satan is demonic, dark and destructive, while that of this world if full of vexation, sorrow and envy. We all need to get in touch with God that we may be truly wise. Now, what teaches the wisdom of God?

First, it teaches the fear of God.  Wisdom begins with Godly fear. That is why the Scriptures repeatedly affirm that the fear of God is the begining of wisdom. What is this fear of God? It has to do with doing away with evils and wikedness. He who fears God will depart from sins and iniquities. He who fears Him will walk in trhe way of love, obedience and righteousness.

This further tells us that righteousness is the root of wisdom. and wickedness the root of folly. That is why those whose ancestry were roots of righteousness easily reap the fruit of glory. But all whose ancestry were roots of wickedness must reap the fruit of their fathers’ folly.