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Even in today’s civilized world, the fear of curse is only next to the fear of death, especially among the Africans and Indians.Cursing is a practice in many black races. No wonder, you victims of curses in the nations of Ham boiling in the wickedness of curses. So the fears seem to be everywhere.

In this book however, ourconcise discourse is focus on how the Christian can overcomethe spirit, power and fears ofcurse.Really, for the believer in Christ there is goodnews: “it is finished!

Yes, the victory over curses has been won for us by the Christ Jesus when He was hanged on the Cross. There at Calvary Jesus became a curse for us, “for it written curse be he who is hanged on the cross”. It thus stands that by invoking His Calvary victory through faithwe got redemption from all curses.

Beloved, this is the one sure key to your deliverance fromwhatever curses and theirimplications. You were delievered!


Now let’s start our discourse on definitions of the curse: what is a curse?

  1. The O.T. Hebrews words for curse include ararand qulal.

WhileArarmeans ‘to bitterly curse; to abhor, detest or execrate, and to protest vehemently against a person, generation or place’; qulal means ‘to bring a curse upon oneself, to be of little significance, or be diminished.’

  1. The curse therefore can be defined as “an offensive word or inimical phrase spoken against someone, persons, thing or place; a pronouncement of demon-empowered words meant to imprecate, cause harm or mischief”.

Going through the Scriptures, we will discover three main origins of curses:God, Satan and Man.Let’s consider a few examples of curses that come from each of these origins:

  1. 1.     The Curse from God:

It was God who cursed:

  1. The Serpent(Satan): he was the first to be placed under a divine curse and bearer of ultimate curse. Gen. 3:14-15.
  2. The Woman: she was brought under the sorrows of conception and childbearing; and her independence drive was broken, and attached to her husband. Gen. 3:16.
  3. The earth (for man’s sake): limitations and hardship was placed upon the productivity power of the ground. It was the field of man’s labour and producer of his blessing. When God cursed the earth, He placed limitations upon man’s blessing and happiness. Gen. 3:17-19.
  4. Cain: he was the first murderer on Earth and God cursed him to be “a fugitive and vagabond” i.e. a homeless wanderer on earth. Gen. 4:9-15.
  5. In the New Testament, Jesus cursed a fig tree. Matt. 11:21
  6. Certain unrepentant cities were openly cursed by Jesus
  7. Simon Peter cursed himself – Matt. 26:74.
  8. Judas Iscariot brought himself under a curse
  9. Unbelievers are under a curse. – Rom. 3:14, 12: 14
  10. All who depend on the work of the law are under a curse – Gal. 3:10
  11. He who bears thorns instead of good fruit is to be cursed. – Heb.6:8.

It’s your choice

But of what lesson are all the above? Here is the lesson I am taught of the Holy Spirit: ‘curse or blessing is a matter of choice’. How?

  • God our Maker is a loving Father and a kind Lord who has no delight in cursing His children.
  • It is your choice to make yourself either a magnet for divine blessings orfordivine curses. While obedience would make you and any man a magnet for God’s blessings, disobedience would make you a magnet for His curses.
  • It is your lifestyles that dictate what you attract to your life – blessing or cursing, life or death. Detr. 31:13-20.
  • When you obey God’s law/Word and the Voice of His Spirit, God’s blessings flow to you. Detr. 27:9-10; 28:1-14.
  • When you walk against His words and Voice, you pull curses to your life. Deutr. 28:15-68.
  • When you rob God in your material and financial obligation you come under a curse. E.g. offering and tithe defaulters are already placed under a curse. Mal. 3:8-10.
  • When you steal and swear falsely, curse will fly to your house for destruction.
  • When you curse a covenant/ anointed person, you actually curse yourself. Gen. 12;3, 27:29, Numb. 23: 21-24, 24: 9

Are you cursed by God?

May I enjoin you to think deep of what your life of self-will and disobedience have cost you in life and destiny? Think! You just need to think know if your lifestyle of obedience or disobedience has indeed paid-off. Take time to count your losses and gains. Are you living under divine curse? What a magnet have you made of yourself- a magnet for blessings or cursing?

  1. The CursefromSatan

Satan curses men. He doesso by luring them to sins against GOD through disobedience, and alsothroughthe sheer wickedness of agency of his fallen angels, demon hosts and demonic humanagents. Satanic agents do curse men with little or no offence at all.

Let’s see a few Biblical examples of how Satan brought men under divine curses or place curses on them by any of his agencies:

  1. He lured Eve to sin and disobedience in Eden garden so as bring man under the curse of the Creator. Gen. 3:1-24.
  2. He moved Cain to kill his brother Abel, and thus dragged him under divine curse. Gen. 4:1-15.
  3. In the days of Noah, Satan lured a whole generation to awful wickedness, which led to the overthrown of the then world by flood.
  4. What about the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah?
  5. Evil kings ho were used of Satan eventually earned divine curses and judgments.

What about those directed cursed by Satan through his agents such as Herbalists, witches, diviners, fortuneteller, false prophets, and evil charismatic leaders?

  1. Pharaoh cursed Moses. – Exd, 10: 28.
  2. Goliath cursed David by his gods. – I Sam. 17:43
  3. Balaak attempted cursing Israel through the instrumentality of Balaam.- Numb. 22-24
  1. The CursefromMan:

It was human curse, man cursing fallow man;

  1. When Lamech, the second recorded murderer, cursed himself in front of his wives and personally placed himself under the curse of Cain. Gen.4:23-24.
  2. When Job and Jeremiah cursed their own days of conception and birth – Job3:1-10; Jer. 20:14-18.
  3. When Noah placed the future generations of his youngest son, Ham, under a curse. Gen.9: 20-27.
  4. When Jacob innocently placed the stealer of Laban god/idol under a curse.Gen. 31: 30-35
  5. When Jacob placed his first born, Reuben under a curse for sleeping with his wife, and defiled his matrimonial bed.Gen. 49:3-4.
  6. When the same Jacob cursed Simeon and Levi for their anger and cruelty in the massacre of the men of Shechem. Gen. 49:5-7.
  7. When Shimei cursed King David on his escape route from Absalom uprising.IISam.16:5-13
  8. When Elisha cursed the 42 irreverent youths. II Ki. 2: 23-24.
    1. Target of Curse: The target of curse has to do with who or what it is directed against. Curses can be sent or placed on a person, generation, and city, group of people, income, general success, marriage, children, possessions, properties, works, business, destiny or health.{ Deut.28:16-20; Matt.23:13-39
  1. Purpose of Curse:The principal purpose or reason for cursing is to place limitations or destruction upon a life, a destiny or place.{Gen. 49:4}


  1. The Nature of Curse: Curse is spiritual in nature. Curses are Biblically likened to an errand scroll that flies into the house of a thief to destroy his fortunes. These flying-scrolls are demons that go to designated places, families, personsor any other destinations, to accomplish definite evil undertakings. {Zech. 5: 1-4}.


  1. Companions of Curses:A study of Deuteronomy 28 reveal that with curses come the following evil companions: confusions (vs,21 & 28) destructions ( , plagues, diseases (22), wars, closed-doors, drought, defeatdeath, madness and blindness, poverty and failurefamily/maritalchaos, social and economicslavery, politicalsubjugation,
  1. Type of Curses
  • Adamic/general curse- Gen. 2:16-17, 3:1-12; Rom. 5
  • Ancestral/ generational curse -Deutr. 23:2, 27:22
  • Personal/individual curse- Gen. 4:9-14
  • Community/Corporate/Group curse –  Matt.23:13-39


These curses can also begrouped as per where or who placethem:

  • Divine curse
  • Satanic curse
  • Charismatics/prophetic curse –this could be by the Holy Spirit or demons.
  • Parental curse –
  • Self-inflicted curse –
  1. Kinds of Curses
  • Curse of idolatry- this extends to the 4th generation. It is the major curse troubling African and Indians today. Exd.20:1-5;Detr. 5: 8-9, 29:19; Ezk18:1, Jer. 44:8
  • Curse of disobedience–Gen. 3: 14-24; Detr11: 28, 28:15- end; Dan.9:11; Jer.11:3-5.
  • Curse of bastard/incest – this extends to the 10th generation. Deutr. 23:2, 27:22
  • Curse of parental dishonor/contempt – this cuts short the life span on earth.Exd. 20:12, 21:15; Detr. 27:16;
  • Curse of cheat/fraud- Detro. 27:17
  • Curse of deception- Jos.9:23, Jer.48:10, Mal. 1:14, Gen. 27:12
  • Curse of injustice and oppression – Detr. 24: 14-17, 27:19
  • Curse of bestiality, homosexuality, lesbianism, and sodomy – Exd.22:19; Deutr. 27:21; levt. 20:13
  • Curse of bribery and slander – Detr.27:25
  • Curse of rebellion- Jer. 26:4-6; against spiritual leader (Detr. 17:12); against parents (Detr.21:18-21)
  • Curse of murder/assassination – Exd.21:12-14;Detr.27:24
  • Curse of witchcraft, sorcery, divination, necromancer, horoscope, familiar spirit, ritualism, Satanism, occult, etc.- Exd.22: 18- 20; Levt.20;2 Detro.17:2-5-6, 27.
  • Curse of hatred– I Jhn 3:15
  • Curse of broken vows – Eccl. 5:4; Numb.30:2; Detr. 23:21-22
  • Curse of blasphemy – Levt.24:15-16; Exd.20:7
  • Curse of cowardice- Jer. 48:10
  • Curse of laziness in God’s works – Jer. 48:10
  • Curse of pride–Psalm 119:21, Detr. 27:22
  • Curse of robbery, stealing and false swearing – Zech.5:4
  • Curse of wickedness – Prov. 3:33
  • Curse of trust misplacement –Jer. 17:5
  • Curse of harbouring cursed objects/ materials – Detr 7:25, Josh. 6:18
  • Curse of neglecting the poor and needy–Prov. 28; 27, 11:26.
  • Curse of robbing God- Mal. 3:9, Hag1:6-9
  • Curse of fornication and adultery – Job. 24:15-18; Numb. 5:27; Detr.22:22-27
  • Curse of cursing God’s instituted royalty and leadership- Eccl.10: 20; I Ki.2: 8-9.



In fears of the sweeping might of the Nation Israel, Balak the King of Moab connivedwith elders of Midian and sent for the Prophet Balaam, saying; “come now therefore I pray thee, curse me this people; for they are too mighty for me…”Here is one example of modern day charismatic cursing.


It was pity that Balaam, despite God’s initial objection to his going was eventually baited by “rewardsofdivination”.  You should be reminded that:

  1. God wasn’t pleased with Balaam for seeking His permission to go after the initial objection. It always displeases Him when we display our carnality in choosing His permissive will at the expense of His perfect will for our lives
  2. Greed is a veiling spirit able to blind any spiritual eye, even the prophetic. Isn’t it a tragedy that it blinded Balaam’s eye and darken his mind!And what a type was Balaam to the greedy prophets of our days, whose love money is legalizing many evils in the church.
  3. Balaam’s love for materialism actually locked him in a realm so dark to see angelic messenger of his doom, though his donkey’s eyes clearly saw the angel and trembled. Has greed and avarice not doing the same to you, O, man of God? It is the reason for the loss of spiritual gifts in many Christians’ life.
  4. Greed and avarice also harden the heart against God’s word. It is the odd evil that hardens your heart against the truth. Don’t you think of Balaam’s great obsession that he couldn’t function in the Spirit to decipher why the donkey ran for his dear life? We learned in Balaam that obsession for materialism kills spiritual sensitivity, corrupts sense of justice, and misguides righteous feet. How are you watching your ways, man of God?  Have you not join the company of those end time prophets who offer God’s gifts for money and material gains? Divine judgment stands at your door!

Greed is the spirit at work in many disobedient ‘prayer and prophetic contractors’ being hired everywhere to release charismatic curses on God’s people.





Actually, there is the presence of both the concepts of curse and of bless in the Old Testament and New Testament.  However, the New Testament is the glorious redemptive turning point from curse to bless. Christ accomplished redemption feat made it so.

What am I saying to you?

  • Thatcurse is predominantlyan Old Testament concept. Statistically, in the O.T., contains 338of the word ‘curse’ and its various forms , while containing 410 of the word ‘bless’ and its other forms.
  • That bless is the exclusive concept of theNew Testament.In New Testament, the word ‘curse’ (and its other forms) were used only 23 times as against the word ‘bless’(and its other forms) which appeared 112 times.

So you can see that New Testament is far more a covenant of blessing than of cursing.When it comes to the subjects of curse and blessing, we must note that the New Testament made a radical U-turn from the Old Covenant curse-concept to the New Covenant bless-concept. The New Testament therefore fixes you up into a God’s covenant of blessing.

  2. 1.     The Covenant:  Gen. 17:1-27.

God freely chose to make covenant with Abraham. He was the initiator of the covenant and Abraham the benefactor. All that Abraham had to do is to:

  1. Walk before God – “…walk before Me…”
  • This implies walking with God: Gen.5:22,  6:9
  • Taking heed to our ways to heartily and fully follow the Lord
  1. And be righteous-  “…andbeblameless
  • To be faultless, chaste, pure, holy and righteous
  • To have a right standing before the Lord.

Note that blamelessness cut across what wethink, say and do. We are even warned to take heed to how we hear and what we hear. Matt. 5:2-12


  1. 2.     The Covenant Walk

Now, what does “walkbeforeMEandbeblameless” infers?

  • Obedience to God’s words, commands and instructions
  • Faith-walk
  • Love-walk


  1. 3.     The Blessing Defined

The Hebrew words hereby translated ‘bless’ include the followings:

  1. Barakas in Gen.12:3, Prov. 26:2, where:
  • it depicts a Carmel loaded with blessings that are meant for distributions-(as parts of needs)
  • It denotes ‘kneels’ which speaks of receiving God’s blessings in a humble and worship kneeling position.
  • It also impliesblessing yourself with God’s blessings for His covenant people- {through prophetic confession of the word and promises into your life. Ps. 1:2}
  1. Berakah – meaning a blessing, gift or present. It denotes giving something of worth to another.
  2. Ashre or Ashreha-ish- meaningGoing forward, advancing in life, making a headway, going along a straightway”. [Psalms 1:1-3; Prov. 31: 28.]. It thus has to do progress, success, always moving ahead.
  1. 4.     The Kinds of Blessings:
  2. Spiritual:
  3. Physical/material:
  4. Emotional:
  5. Eternal:
  1. 5.     Covenant Promises Explained: Gen. 12:1-3; 15:18, 17:1-27.

With God’s covenant with Abraham came 60 specific promises among which the following stand out asprimary and golden:

  • I will make you a great Nation. Gen.17:6
  • I will bless you. 17:6
  • I will make your name great
  • You shall be a blessing
  • I will bless those who bless you
  • I will curse those who curse you
  • In you shall all the families of the earth be blessed
  • I will give you and your descendants all the land of Canaan. Gen. 12:7, 15:18, 17:8; Deutr. 26:8-9.



The Abrahamic covenant, blessings and promises were transferable incoming generations/ seed could inherit them.

  1. i.                   First to Isaac: From Abraham it was transfer to Isaac  –Gen.21:12, 22:15-18
  2. ii.                 Then to Jacob: Jacob inherited the covenant, the promise and blessing–Gen. 26:2-5, 28:12-22.
  3. iii.              And onward to the seed of Jacob, the children of Israel. Gen. 49: 1- 28
  4. iv.               Now, all who are born of the Spirit are the spiritual Israel. In Christ, we are connected to the covenant, promises and blessings of Abraham, through faith.  Gal. 3:7-9, 13-14; Acts 3:25-26.



You probably ask: Why the change, why the transformation, why the radical revolution?

  1. A.   The Revolution

The Jesus revolution began over 2000 years ago, and it’s still going on. It comes because Jesus paid the price you and I ought to pay, becoming a curse for us when He was hanged on the Cross. He turned our curses to blessings when hanged on that bloody wood at Calvary. So the change is here because:

  1. Jesus Christtriumphantly purchased our freedom when He died for us at Calvary, became a curse for us andredeemed us from the curse of the law. {Gal. 3:15}.
  2. His resurrection from the gravetruly brought us out of the dark grave of cursing onto high place of His covenant blessing and glory.
  3. iii.  All that now remains for the individual is to repent of sin and believe the Gospel. When you turn to Him in true repentance and faith, you become a Christian. Have you become one? Are you truly born again?
  4. iv.  After becoming a Christian, all that necessity demands of youis going a step furtherthrough appropriate of yourspiritual cleansing and deliverance from past andinherited curses and yokes. You do this by faith through the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The anointing destroys the yokes.
  5. v.     Once the cleansing is thoroughly done, and as long as you carefully walk the blameless covenant life, you remain an un-curseable one. 


  1. B.   But who really is a Christian?
    1. TheChristian is “a blood washed, blood redeemed individual; one in a covenant walks with God, one truly born again, who lives his/her covenant lifestyle by the principle of the word and Spirit of Christ.”
    2. The Christian, as God’s special treasure, is a magnet for blessing, not for curse. Gen.12; 3, 27:29, Num. 23: 21-24, 24: 9.
    3. The Christian is an heir of God, a joint heir with Christ, being a possessor of God’s promises and blessing to Abraham. In Christ we become spiritualIsraelis.
    4. The Christian, being the seed of Abraham is not to be cursed. To curse him is to be cursed, and to bless him is to be blessed. This implies that the cause and effects of blessing and cursing a Christian is equal and the same.
    5. C.   The Spiritual Cleansing

Now the necessity demands that we be cleansed from the evil consequences of our progenitors and generations past. Why?

  • We need to deal with evil hunting shadows.For the reasons of our dark roots, idolatry foundations and other kinds of wickedness perpetuated by our forefathers, we need personal and corporate deliverance from generational and other types of curses.
  • It therefore stands thatto enjoy unhindered new covenant freedom and blessing, the believer in Christ should immediately go for spiritual cleansing after being born again.  Your salvation or regeneration needs be follow up by the spiritual cleansing/deliverance.

Keys to SpiritualCleansing

  • Self-identification with fore fathers’ iniquity
  • Repentance and confessions of sins
  • Forgive all involved – your ancestors, etc.
  • Break the covenants, the curses and the soul ties.
  • Clean the house of all demonic objects/ properties. Burn them in fire
  • Anoint the house and yourself,
  • Go for deliverance. Cast out demons out of the house, yourself and people in the Name of JESUS.
  • Dedication, self- deliverance, and a lifestyle of prayer and fasting.





The un-curse-able Christian ‘is that blood redeemed, Spirit filled fellow, whose prime principle of living is Obedience.’ He is an obedient covenant walker, who abides in God and bears His presence always.


  1. If we Christians are truly a seed of Abraham, we are for blessing and not for cursing.Numb. 23:18-20
  2. If we Christians are truly a seed of Abraham, if any one blesses us he/she shall be blessed.{Gen. 27:29 Numb.  23:21-24
  3. If we Christians are truly a seed of Abraham, if any one curses us he/she shall be blessed. Gen. 12:3; Exd. 23:22; Numb.24:9
  4. If we are truly anointed of the Holy Spirit, if anyone touches us he/she be damned. {I Sam.  24:6}
  5. If we Christians are truly a seed of Abraham, the only one who has the right to curse us is God. If God hasn’t cursed us, no one can. Numb.23:7-8.
  6. Only God can curse you. And if He does not curse you, no one can. We have divine immunity against cursing. Numb. 23: 7-8.
  7. God doesn’t curse His righteous and obedient covenant children. Numb.23:21-23.
  8. Christians who maintain a right standing before the Lord and abide ‘beside the rivers’, cannot be cursed or diminished by cursing. Numb. 24:5-7.
  9. If Christ, ‘the Star’ is really living on our inside, we shall reign in His Name, valiantly root out the forces of our enemies and do great exploits for Him. Numb. 24: 17-24
  10. God has blessed you, and no one can reverse His blessing. His blessings on His obedient children are irreversible. Numb. 23:18-20.
  11. If our abiding place is “by the rivers of God”, our breakthroughs and exaltation can’t be aborted by man or Satan. 24: 5-7.
  12. As long as we bear God’s presence in our lives, He would keep   supplying us needed supernatural strengths, victory and dominion.  Numb. 23:24; 24: 8-9.
  13. God’s covenant, obedient children we cannot be cursed. These kinds of Christians are above curses and spell; he who dares to curse them only gets him or herself into trouble. The covenant-walker Christians are the un-curseable ones. They live in a realm higher than both human and demonic spell and curse.