Moses, after he was born, his parents hid him for three months and could no longer do so. And so he was put in a basket and cast into rivers, watching what would become of him. But a princess of Pharaoh came to his rescue and gave him to his mother to nursed for a time.

There after Moses was brought into the Egyptian palace, living in the royal palace, as adopted royalty.

But we all know that Pharaoh was a type of Satan. For Moses to be living in that palace is more horrible than the three Hebrews living in the heart of the King’s fiery furnace; more than Daniel living in the lions’ den. Nothing could be more horrible like living in devil’s royal home. Why?

It is a place where evils are hatched against God’s own people and Moses was one of His people.

It is the darkest spiritual abode you can ever find. Light is an abomination where Satan dwells.

It is a paradise of destruction. And oh, how Pharaoh set to destroy the Israelite out of the Earth!

But why did God made Moses to dwell in devil’s den? The is only one answer for that: to make him His divine battle axe for the destruction of all the powers of Egypt. Moses was thus made a god to Pharaoh.

The lesson for us believers is this:We are in this world but not of this world. We are brought here to fulfill a divine mission on earth; to demonstrate the power of Jesus against the works of Satan, set devil’s prisoners free and show forth praises to our God.