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                       BY B. BELOVED-JOHN JOSEPH


The anointing isan absolute necessity for the believer in Christ. Life and Ministry cannot be victorious without it. Next to yourbeing born again is getting the Spirit’spower and walk in His fullness. We enter God’s power house through the Holy Ghostbaptism experience.  Lk.24:46-49;Zech 12:10, Joel: 2: 28-29;Eph 5:18.

  1. A.    Now, what a Necessity is the anointing?
  2. 1.      It’s God’s Power given to us to successfully carry out the gospel works.

Lk. 4:18-19; 24:49; Acts 1:8; Mk. 16:15-18

  1.  It’s the Power of the highest given to us to overcome the struggles of the carnal nature. Rom. 8:4-9; Gal. 5:16-18, Luke 1:35.
  2. 3.       It’s the Supernatural flow of the Holy Ghost given to help us live a spiritual refreshing life, a life of continuous spiritual revival or renewal.Jhn. 7:37-32; Acts. 3:19
  3. 4.       It’s the God’s Power given to us to sharpen our spiritual authority and dominion.

Lk. 10:19; I Jhn. 4:4; Isa. 54:17; Jer. 51:20-24.

  1. 5.       It’s the Spirit fullness given to enable us pray in the Spirit and with the Spirit. Rom. 8:26-27; 1Cort. 14:2, 15.
  2.  It’s the divine ability that helps us to bear the fruit of the Spirit.

Gen. 5:22-26; Eph.5:9; Col. 3:12- 17

  1.  It’s the divine enablement we need sharpens and helps the manifestations of the Spirit’s Gifts in us.ICort. 12:7- 10; MK. 3:10-11, 16:17-18.
  1. Receive the Holy Spirit?
  • If you are truly born again, you have the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit already in you. (Rom 8:16).
  • But this indwelling presence is different from the yokes breaking power we called TheAnointing, and should not be mistaking for it. Luke 4: 18-19.
  • The yoke breaking, miracle working anointing is the power, the very fullness of the Holy Spirit.  Acts 10:38; 1 Cort.12:7-10
  • We receive it through the Holy Ghost baptism experience and grow in it by subsequent daily communion/fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Acts 1:7-8, 2: 1-4


  1. C.    But how can a believer receive this baptism?
    1. Believe it’s for today and for you. Faith comes first. Acts2:38-39, 19:1-6.
    2. Clear the way for the Spirit‘s effusion/outpouring in your heart. This means removing those stones of doubts, unbelief, wrong notions and negative doctrines. Believe the Biblical baptism in the Holy Ghost, with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues.   II Cor.9:3, 27:6; Matt. 18:23-35; Mk 11: 25-26; Lk 3:4. Acts 2; 1-4.
    3.  Passionately develop strong thirst and desire for it.  Jhn.7:37-39, Matt. 5:6.
    4. Pray earnestly for it. In earnest prayer of faith, ask, seek and knock for it. He gives all who thirst and ask for it. Pray andnever entertain any fear of God giving you something else but His Spirit and Power. He doesn’t give serpent for fish. .  Lk. 11:9-13, Act 2:1, 38-39, 8:14-19.
    5. Receive with open heart and open hand. He is giving you that, which you asked for, with faith, prayerfully enter into the realm of worship, praise and thanksgiving; and you will surely receive the baptism with the Holy Ghost and Fire. Jesus Christ is the only Baptizer in the Holy Ghost.Acts 2:1-4, 10:44-46, 19:1-7


Psalm 133:1-8

When the Spirit power comes what will happen to you? When the anointing of the Spirit, the fullness of God comes upon you, what would be the great and wonderful effects on you? Let me list some of these for you:

  1. You will be thoroughly invaded and permeated by the living Water. You will be totally drenched from head to toe by the golden Oil.  Psm 133:2; Acts 2:7-4; Isa 44:3; Jhn. 7:33-39.
  2. You will be heavily loaded with the Spirit supernatural weight. The anointing is likening to the dew of Harmon that was known both for its might and weight. Psm 133:3; Lk 24:49; Acts 1:8.
  3. You will be ushered into the realms of supernatural dominion. With the true Anointing on you; the divine will shall be enforced, the divine power shall be demonstrated, and the divine authority/dominion shall be proclaim through you. Matt 16:17-19; Mark 16:15-20;  Lk 10:19.
  4. You will be liberated from chains and yokes, freed from spiritual darkness, wilderness and prisons to liberate others who are devil’s captives and preys.  Isa 10:27, 49:24-26, 54:17, 61:1-3; Acts 10:38, 12:5-7; Acts 16:25-26; Judg. 16:11-12.
  5.  You will begin to experience unhindered opening. Open doors of opportunities and new access will be set before you.

Matt 16:19; Isa 11:1-3, 22:22; Acts 12:8-10, 16:26-27



  • Evaluate instances of direct Holy Ghost baptism and indirect baptism in the Bible. Read Acts 2:1-4, 10:44-46, Acts 8:17, 9:6
  • Illustrate four basic effects of the anointing upon Peter’s and Elisha’s life.


Joel 2:28;Luke 11:13, &Isa 10:27

Prayer Points

v Give me a revelation understanding of your divine power, LORD.

v O God, send your mighty winds & pure flame upon me.

v Ask for the anointing that will set you ablaze and make you a world changer.


Personal Notes





Main Text: Isa 28: 11-12, Acts 2:1-4; 1 Cort. 14

Many contend that speaking in tongues is not for today. Some even condemned it ought rightly,on the ground that certain people do fake it. And a few others insistthat a man can be baptized in the Holy Ghost without speaking in tongues. Go by the Bible record, they all are wrong, they are all together wrong.

If you must flow in the God’s power on earth, you, a believer, must first get your theology straight on the topic of the Holy Ghost baptism.

  1. A.    What does the Bible holds?
  2. The Bible makes it clear that baptism of the Holy Ghost is for all believers, in any age, males and females. And surely for today’s believers. Acts1:4-5, 2:39, 2:4, 19:6-7.
  3. 2.      The scriptures hold that speaking in tongues is the initial evidence of Holy Ghost baptism. Read Acts2:1-4, 8:14-17, 10:44-46, 19:6. You can’t be baptized and do not speak in tongues. You have no Biblical precedence to assert experience. Search the scriptures. Acts 1:4-5.
  4. Proofs of fakes and false are not enough reasons to reject God’s true and genuine baptism in the Holy Ghost. Fakes are copied from the original. Lk. 11:9-13.
  5. 4.      What we have at the point of salvation is the Spirit’s indwelling presence, not baptism into His fullness. Rom 8:9-17.
  6. 5.      Water baptism is different and distinct from the Holy Ghost baptism. It’s therefore very dangerous to be mistaken for it. Acts 8:13, 18.24, 8:35-39, 10:47-48


  1. B.     Benefits of Speaking in Tonguesjoel 2:28-29; acts 2:4

Speaking in tongues is Biblical. Its benefits are great and marvellous. You need to know some of them:

  1. It offers personal spiritual edification to your spirit man. Edification is always needed for sound spiritual foundation, durable growth and victorious living. Once baptized, you will need to always speak it as to edify yourself spiritually

I Cor. 14:4; Eph 6:17-18

  1. It stir up the flaming fire of God in you, such that provides an hedge of fire for your spiritual defence.   Zech 2:5; Job 1:I0; II kings 6:15-17; Isa. 59:19
  2. It gives you supernatural grace and helps in prayer and intercessory ministry. Matt 26:41; Rom 8:26-27; I cor. 2:9-12
  3. It offers graces needed to put on the whole armour of God and stand strong and able. .Eph 6:10-17; 2 Cor. 10:3-6
  4.  It leads to deeper spiritual understanding of the Word and mysteries of God. You begin to flow in the revelation dimension of the Word. I Cor. 2: 10-12
  5. It lifts you to a higher realm of the Anointing,   where you safely escape Satan’s detective radar. I cor. 2:13-16; 14:2
  6. It launches us into realm of supernatural manifestations; where we begin to manifest the Spirit’s gifts for miracles, signs and wonders. Lk10:18-19; Mk 16: 17-18; Acts 5:12-16, 1 Cort. 12:4-10.

CLASS DISCUSSION: Differentiate fake speaking in tongue from the genuine?



Mk 16:17-18;Isa 28:11

Prayer Points

v  Lord Jesus, baptise me into the river of your mighty power

v  Lord, lift me up unto a higher spiritual realm


Personal Notes





Main Text: Rom 8:9-17;Isa 32:15-20, 61:1-3

Let’s study the wondrous ministries of the Spirit and power in and through you, a believer when you flow in true communion with Him:

  1. 1.      He bears witness of your adoption into son ship through Christ. Rom 8:15-17.
  2. 2.       He leads you in the way of obedience. Rom 8:12-14; Jhn 1.13.
  3. 3.       He shows you the things of Christ. Jhn. 16:14-15; Act 10:9-23.
  4. 4.       He opens your eyes of revelation to see into spiritual realities. Jhn 14:15-20; 1cor. 2:9-10.
  5. 5.       He shows you the way of right choices in life. Act 13:2; Rom 8:29.
  6. 6.       He communicates the mysteries of God to your understanding. I Cor. 2:9-13; Rev 3.6.
  7. 7.       He gives you the grace and power for victorious Christian living.  Judg. 6:12-14; I Sam 16.12-13, 17:32-54; Eph 6:10.
  8. 8.       He gives you the power to become a witness of Christ. Act 1:8; Lk. 4:18, Mk 16:15-16, Matt 28:19-20.
  9. He empowers you with the anointing to work miracles, signs and wonders.Acts 3:1-8, 5:15; Mk 16:17-18; Isa 35:5-8.
  10. 10.  He provides divine security and protection to you. Isa 54:17.

11. He gives you warning from the Lord. Act 21.4.

12. He sets open doors before you. Acts 14:27; Rev 3:8.

13. He transforms your wilderness. Isa. 32:15-20


v  How do you hear and distinguish the voice of the Holy Spirit from any other?

v  How can we flow in the greater supernatural dimensions as recorded in Acts 5:12-16?


Rom 8:9&John 16:13

Prayer Points

v  Holy Ghost, effect total transformation of my life in Jesus Name.

v  Holy Spirit, cause your power to flow explosively through me.






Main Text: Heb. 11:1-30

Faith connects us to God’s power-house. We must walk and work by faith if the supernatural must flow through us. So, let’s examine what I call the faith facts.

What are the fundamental facts of faith for all who desire to walk in the supernatural?

  1. Faith is the invisible spiritual force that would lay hold on realities. Heb.11:1.
  2. 2.      Faith is the spiritual fuse that connects us to God and His Spirit power. Heb. 11:5-6.
  3. 3.      Faith is the creative force that brought this universe and all in it to existence. Gen 1:1, Heb. l: 3; John 1:3; 2 Pet 3:5-7.
  4. 4.       True faith originates in Christ and operates on the basics of His word. Living faith is not that in self, man or Satan. John 14:13-14, 15:16, 4:12; Phil. 4:19; Exd. 23:25.
  5. 5.      We need faith to walk with God and please Him. Mk 11:24; Heb. 11:6.
  6. 6.       We need faith to change impossibility to possibility. Heb 11:19; Rom 4J6-22; Matt 19:26, Mk 9:23.
  7. 7.      We are to use faith to bring salvation, healing and deliverance to people. So you don’t just use it to secure worldly riches and glories. Isa 58:4-14, 61:1-3


CLASS DISCUSSION: Mention five dangers ofnot walking by faith.



Heb 11:6

Prayer Points

  • Lord, increase my faith and use me to make great exploit.
  • Help me Lord to exercise my faith in you boldly on earth.








Main Texts: Mat 10:7-18; Mk 16:15-18; James 5:13-16


Miracle and healing ministry is a part of our missions to the world. The anointing is given to set the gospel in action, to evangelize the world with sign and wonders following. We need this kind of evangelismto bring multitude to Christ.

Mk 8:24; Luke 17:14; John 4:45-48; Act4:29-30, 5:15-16.



After your Holy Ghost baptism experience, you will have to get yourself prepare for the supernatural ministry, if you really desire to have one. How?

  1. Fellowship daily with the Holy Spirit: you will need establishing a strong spiritual closet to go out strong each day for the Lord.
  2. Be Word Soaked: it will take you a life completely buried in God’s word to operate healing and miracle ministry. II Tim 2:15; Jhn 17:7-8.
  3. 3.      Be consistent in prevailing prayer life.-Inconsistency will bear negative effects on the quality and strength of your spiritual fire. Lk 18:1, 6:12, 21:36, Acts 61-4 Eph 6:18, Matt 17:21, James 5:15
  4. 4.      Ask for the Gifts: you can ask the Lord for the spiritual gifts of healings, faith and working of miracles, or any other that you desire. 1 Cort.14:1
  5. 5.      Fire up the gifts and the anointing. Stir it up by faith.This you must constantly do for new refreshing experience through fasting, prayer retreat, and meditation in the Word. But always know that beyond these spiritual exercises, you must go out there ministering to the sick and the afflicted to stir up the healing gifts in the power of the Holy Spirit.Engage in gospel outreach to hospitals and visit/pray for the sick. I Cor. 12:7-10; Rom 15:18-19.
  6. Develop strong faith:learn to move and act by faith, courage and boldness in the name of the Lord. It is a ministry that demands all these. Healing the sick, liberating the afflicted and cast out devils should be by the Finger of God, not by human wisdom. Believe the Lord is with you and act accordingly. Signs and wonders will follow.       Act. 4:13, 6:8, 11-22-24; Eph 3:11-12; Phil. 1:14.
  7. Put on the amour of righteousness. Never get your amour soiled with sins and fleshly pollutions. Avoid walking the tragic path of the fallen giants. Righteousness is our royal sceptre. Be ever armed with it.



But you asked: how do I minister to the sick? Let me explore my own personal experience to answer the question.

  1. Through the gifts of revelation: often, I have been led to call out certain sick people through the spiritual gifts of the word of knowledge, word ofwisdom and discerning of the spirits. I strongly believe that when any case is mentioned in this way, the Holy Spirit want to heal the fellow. So all I do is to lay hand or just declare a prayer of faith and ask the fellow to exercise his/her faith by doing what he can not do before. Miracle is always the result. 
  2. Through pre-ministering counsel: at times, to get them heal it will take you teaching the sick ones the Biblical truths on divine healing first, before ministering to them. Teach them the right thing about divine healing. Begin with teaching session and having stirred up the faith; proceed to laying of hand on them or offering prayer of faith or anointing with oil- as the Spirit leads.
  3. 3.      Compassionate heart: You need to cultivate a genuine heart-melt love and compassion for the oppressed. Let this virtue flow from you to them.  Learn to minister with passion and compassion. Matt 9:36, 14:14; Mk 6:5; Lk 1:24-26; Jhn.14:5; I Cor. 13:1.
  4. Spiritual Authority: Use your authority in Christ name to command the disease and whatever spirits of infirmity to vacate the body of the afflicted and they would obey you. Then, go a step further commanding/declaring healing and deliverance. If you do these by faith, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, testimony of miracles will be result. Acts 3:6, 4:10.
  5. Laying of Hands: in the footsteps of Christ and the apostles one can be led to simply lay hand on the sick, and pray the prayer of faith to get him free from the affliction. We are instructed by the great physician Himself to lay your hands on the sick and thus release the healing virtue to the sick body. The prayer of faith will heal the sick. Mk 3: 10; Acts 5:15, 4: 10; James 5:13-16.
  6. Anointed material: You can consecrate, use and send anointed materials such as olive oil, handkerchiefs, and cloth/aprons. Learn to follow the promptings of the Spirit in your healing and deliverance ministry. Acts 19:11-12; II King 4:29.

CLASS DISCUSSION: Evaluate three more ways Jesus ministered healing to the sick.

Prayer Points

  • Lord, bend and straighten me, brake and mould and use me.
  • Lord, enrich me with the gifts and virtues of healing and miracles.


Matt 10:1, 7-8






Main Texts: 1 Cor. 14:1-5

The prophetic restores back to the believer the direct communion with God,which Adam lost in Eden. The prophetic is of two types, namely:

    1. i.                    Gift of Prophecy: the one who manifest this isn’t occupying the office of the prophet. The Spirit only manifests the gift through him/her, sometimes.  For him/her, it isn’t a calling but manifestation of gift.Acts 21:4, 8-9,
    2. ii.                 Ministry of the Prophet: He/she occupies the office of the prophet. For him; it’s a calling. Acts 2.1:10-11


  1. PROPHETIC VARIATIONS. We also have two variations of prophecy.
    1. i.                    Revelation Prophecy: This is a higher form of prophecy. It is majorly pre-occupied with unveiling the future. Being somehow complex in nature, it demands a greater yielding to the Holy Spirit to be effectively operated by you.
    2. ii.                 Inspiration Prophecy: Here the Holy Spirit takes over your subconscious mind and anoints it with certain truths for the blessings of the hearer.

1 Cor.14:3, 26-33.

 Now let us study these one after one:

  1. 1.      Revelation Prophecy [1 cort 12:7-10]

Let’s examine certain truths you need to know about REVELETION PROPHECY. First, often God speaks through dreams, visions and His Word to His Servants. When such visions or dreams have to do with future events, it is called revelation prophecy.

  1. a.      Two kinds of revelation Prophecy:
  • Conditional Prophecy: These have nothing to do with God’s eternal programs on earth. They are personal prophecies and therefore depend on Man’s active response, repentance or obedience for fulfilment. Biblical examples are included in II King. 20:1-6; James 3:3 -10; Act 20:22-24; 21:4, 10-13.
  • Unconditional Prophecy: These are revelations that have to do with God’s eternal programs on earth. By this I mean such that have to do with Christ’s birth, death, resurrection, ascension and Second coming. I mean that which has to do with God’s redemptive and end time-plans. All such do not depend on Man’s response for fulfilment. E.g. none of the three hundred and thirty three [333] O.T. prophecies about Christ can be affected by man’s responsive conditions for fulfilment.Neither our fasting nor prayer can stop them from being fulfilled. Isaiah 46:9-10, 42:9, etc


  1. b.      Benefits of revelation Prophecy
  • Didactic: It is educative and instructive. Revelation prophecy is didactic in values.
  • Enlightenment: It also gives lights, counsel and direction to men.
  • Forewarning: It sounds warning for those who care to hear. Acts 20:22-23


  1. 2.      Inspiration Prophecy

As earlier said, inspiration prophecy is a form whereby the Holy Ghost takes over one’s subconscious mind and anoints it with certain divine truths for the blessing of the hearers.We should note the following truths about this type of prophecy:

  •  It is the most used in our regular gospel meetings/services. I Cor. 14: 3, 26-33.
  •  It is often delivers in form of the spiritual gifts of the word of Wisdom, word of knowledge, discerning of spirits, speaking in tongues and interpretation of tongues.
  •  It can also manifest in inspirational poetry, musical psalms and theatrical dimensions.
  •  It sometimes flows through preaching and teaching Ministry.



  • In the Old Testament, the prophetic emphasis /characteristic wasFORETELLING
  • While in the New Testament, the prophetic emphasis is FORETELLING


  1. 1.      It’s is dangerous to ignore genuine prophecy.Believe in Prophecy.I John 4:5
  2. 2.      Test Every Prophecy. Any failure to test the spirit behind a prophecy may spell doom. I John 4:1-2.
  3. 3.      Learn to judge prophecy. Always employ the following yardsticks to rightly judge prophecies: I Cor, 14:29; I John. 4:1-3; Rev. 19: 10; Jer. 28:9.
    1. a.      The word of God
    2. b.      Validity of its confirmation of Christ incarnation
    3. c.      Its infallible fulfilment.
    4. Be careful of false prophecy, fortune telling, clairvoyance, divination (or divining), psychics, extra – sensory perception, etc. They are all around you. You are warned! Watch!


  1. How should we handle personal revelation prophesies when they come to us?
  2. Enumerate four Biblical differences between fore-telling and forth-telling.
  3. Enumerate the advantages of Holy Ghost baptism & Speaking in tongues.
  4. Evaluate the three Biblical ways of healing the Sick
  5.  Provide accurate explanation on your understanding of prophecy.


Memory Verse

I Cor. 14:1-3,Matt 10:1

Prayer Points

  • Ask God to effect fulfilment of every good, positive.
  • O God set your gifts ablaze in me.
  • Lord, fill me with the Spirit and power of prophecy.








LK. 13:10-17


 The goodness of God to all believers is that Calvary CHRIST LIBERATED us from captivity and yokes. How?

                                   i.      He came and was anointed for the prime purpose of setting captives free. Lk. 4:18, IJohn 3:8.

                                ii.      His earthly ministry was a practical demonstration of His 1iberat mission. Acts. 10:38; John 14:10-I1.

                              iii.        He died and resurrected for the purpose of releasing His life of lib to us. Col. 2:10-15.

                              iv.      He sent the Holy Spirit as divine agency to carry on His ministry setting the captives free. Jhn 16:7-14; 1412-14; ink. 16:15-20

  •  NOTE: man’s liberation was a settled case. All you need to do is to appropriate or declare it by faith.

                                   i.      Liberty can be defined as deliverance from all forms of oppression, captivity, yokes, infirmity, etc. Rom. 8:20-21

                                ii.      It is freedom from sins, evils and any type of afflictions. Jhn. 8:32-36.

                              iii.      It is emancipation from spiritual prisons, chains, darkness, etc. Gen. 39:20, 41: 14; Acts 12:3-11.


  1. C.      WHY MEN NEED LIBERTYExd. 3:l-10

You surely know why you need freedom from yokes of sins and forces of wickedness. There are four principal reasons everyman [believer and non-believer] should appropriate Christ given liberty. Let’s list some here:

                                   i.      God is a Lover of Freedom. He is the freedom Giver and the foremost freedom Fighter. He sent His Son for this purpose. You can be free from sin and Satan. Gen .1:3, Exd.3:7-10;.isa.6:1-3, Ezk.37:11-12; Jhn. 8:32-36; Jhn 19:30

                                ii.      Without liberty we can not exercise our God given dominion – A prisoner is under dominion and cannot exercise one until he is freed. If you the star in you must be enthrone to reign in life, you must know true and total liberty.Gen .1:28; Lk.10:19; Rom.8:2-15, 11 Cor. 3:17.

                              iii.       Without liberty we can not fully manifest our destiny/ purpose. Rom 8: 19-2 l; Act.5: 19-20.

                               iv.       Without liberty it is difficult to walk at liberty, live by the Word and glorify God on the earth – psm 119.45, Jhn 8:32-36


  1. D.    TYPES OF CAPTIVITYDeut. 28:15-68

Let’s now evaluate the major kinds of bondage/ captivities from which we need to free ourselves and others.

                                   i.      Physical Bondage: (vs. 16-22; 36-48; 58-61).Sickness, disease, poverty, bareness and any form of disability insecurity, family chaos, and physical imprisonment are evidences of this captivity.

                                ii.      Emotional Bondage: (vs. 65-87). This includes lack of peace, fear, inner depression, suicide tendency, bed feelings, mental or psychological disorder.

                              iii.      Spiritual Bondage:  (Gen. 49:2-7; 27:37-40:Nightmare attacks, witchcraft afflictions, demonic oppressions, spiritual marriage, demonic covenants, spiritual blindness and nakedness are all evidences of spiritual captivities. Many physical wars, financial battles and emotional upset actually have their sources in the realm of the spirit. (Lk. 13:16; Ezk37:l-14)

Check your life well. Which of the above is your own case? You must need to take your stand firm now, and loose yourself from the chains that are binding you. 1t is time for your freedom. There can be a change.


  1. E.     WHO NEEDS LIBERTY Deut. 28:15-end

We all need liberation from one thing or the other. And Jesus fully gave it. The problem is: many worst prisoners actually believe they are free. What are signs that tell you that you or someone is in need of liberty?Let’s consider a few of them:

  1. 1.      Repeated failure: He who is suffering from constant failure needs deliverance. Deutr. 28:16-19
  2. 2.      Stagnation and retrogression: Any life that refuses to move forward needs divine intervention. Deutr. 28:42-46
  3. 3.      Un-usual affliction: If you experience troubles that are uncommon, you need to be delivered. Deutr. 28:28/34
  4. 4.      Sickness/diseases:Suffering from seasonal infirmity or strange one depicts the need for deliverance. Deutr. 28:21-22,60
  5. 5.      Prevalence of negativity: all who experience negative thought or opposite of what God promisedthem need liberation supernatural.Deutr.28:24,29, Ruth 1 :19-21
  6. 6.       Lack of blessing and favour: If the heavens above you are closed, you will need to go for serious deliverance.Deutr. 28:23-24
  7. 7.       Imprisonment/chain: those who dream seeing themselves tied or locked by the enemies need serious deliverance ministration. Psm 105:17-21
  8. 8.      Shame and Reproach: If nakedness and stigma follow you, go for deliverance. Deutr. 28:23,37
  9. 9.      Curses: Men that live under a curse, be it a curse of God, Satan or Man, need to be liberated to fulfil their destiny. .Mal. 3:8-12, Gen. 8:8-15, 49:34

10. Strange Covenant: all who have been covenanted by evil forces, spiritual kingdom or strange men need to be liberated by the Finger of God. Deut.28:36: Isa.49:  24-25.

11. Marital chaos– when your marital destiny is unsettled or it just goes the way unusual, you need deliverance. Deutr. 28:18,30,41,56-57

12. Fruitless labour–when the labour of a man always ends in vanity, he needs the liberty that Jesus gives. Deutr.28:38-40

13. Constant nightmare-all who experience constant nightmares need liberty.

Ezk. 37:1-2. others include those who suffer from:

14. constant disappointment28: 65-68

15. servitude and warsvs.4852

16. Impoverishmentvs 53-55

17. Bitterness and SorrowI cor.4:9-10; exd.1:14

18. Barrenness of any Kind28:18


  1. F.     STEPS TO LIBERTYJhn. 8:21-38

Getting total deliverance from any form of captivity or afflictions would demandtaking the following steps:

                                   i.      Embrace Jesus, the Light. Jhn. 1:4-5,9-14

Jesus is the light. Primarily, the captive must be taught to accept Him into his/her heart as personal Lord and Saviour.It takes Him as the Light of your life to challenge and rout the reigns of darkness over your life.

                                ii.      Live in obedience to God’s WORD in all things. Josh. 1:8, Isa. 1:19.

Jesus is the living Word of God and the breath behind His written Word. To become an over-comer, one must learn to be doer of the WORD. So learn to diligently hear and do the word, diligently seek toguide your steps by the Word, and be practical in your obedience to God’s command.Deut. 28:1-2;

Lk. 6:38, II Cor. 6:14, Eph. 5:22-23, Matt. 3:8-11, Matt. 28:19-20, I Pet. 1:15. More so to free your financial destiny from demonic oppression, you must practice the art of covenant sowing. Job 29:12-24, Isa. 58:6-12,Lk. 6:38; Malachi 3:8-12.

                              iii.      Employ the forces of liberty for your liberation.

Christ’s liberty forces are given to us to use in victorious fight against the devils.Stand on Christ redemption work and, by the weapon of faith raise each and all of these against the power that is holding you captive and get your freedom.

  • the BLOOD of Jesus, the Lambof God(Rev. 12:11)
  • the WORD of faith- the Spirit’s offensive Sword(Rom. 10:8-10)
  •  THE HOLY GHOST ANOINTING- His fire/power(Zech. 4:6)
  • the NAME of Jesus  Eph. 2:1011, Mk. 16:15-18)
  • the HIGH PRAISES of God(Psm. 149:3-9)

                               iv.      Serve the LORD in Spirit and in truth.

When you make covenant with the Lord to serve Him whole heartedly, and truly live up to it, God will greatly bless and preserve you. Psm. 91:14-16, Dent. 10:12-20, Josh. 24:15, Malt. 6:24, Jhn.4:23-24



How do we employ and engage these five forces of liberty in warfare for our total liberation from Satan, his captivities and bondage?

  1. 1.      THE BLOOD OF JESUSExd. 12:3-13.The Blood of Jesus is still a powerful liberation force.
  • Employ it by applying it on our lives an pleading it upon our household
  • With it, we are to mark ourselves internally and externally
  • Sprinkle it against enemies, their powers and weapons.(Rev. 12:11
  • Keep drinking it and abiding in its covenant power (Matt. 26:27-29)
  1. 2.      THE WORD OF GOD: Jhn. 1:1.Rev. 19:15

God’s Word is the Spirit’sSword. It is mighty in offensive warfare. Jesus is the ever Living Word. How do we use it?

  • We are to eat it daily. This is done through arts of reading, memorizing, studying and meditation.(Jh. 6:48-51; Matt. 4:4)
  • We are to hear and believe it. Get your heart agrees with the word, then boldly confess and act on it, by faith.Hebr. 4:12-13. Rev. 19:15
  • Put it on as spiritual armour.(Eph. 6:13, 17)
  • Import its flaming effect into you very being. 2 Cort. 3: 17-18.
  • Shoot it as spiritual arrow against devil’s wiles, temptations and evil arrows. Eph. 6:11-13; Matt 4: 4-11.
  1. 3.      THE ANOINTING:Isa. 61:1-3

The anointing is one great thing the Christian should seek for, and jealously keep.  We all need to be truly anointed. Now, how do we war with the Spirit anointing?

  • We must first be endued with the Spirit and power of God. Lk. 24:49 Act 1:8.
  • Grow in real fellowship with Him. II Cort. 13:14
  • Exercise daily walk in His presence. Philip 2:1
  • Learn to wage war by the Spirit. Zech. 4:6
  1. 4.      THE NAME OF JESUS: Eph. 2:10-11

The Name of Jesus is our right of attorney.It is our legally delegated authority with which we are war by using it topray,declare and command.

  1. 5.      THE HIGH PRAISES OF GOD: PSALM 149:5-14; Acts 16:25-26

Spiritual praise is yet another prevailing weapon. It works when other fail. How do we employ it in warfare?

  • Sing spiritual hymns/psalms/melody/songs. Eph. 5:19; Col. 3: 16; Matt 26:30.
    • Give thanks in whatever circumstances. Eph. 5:20; Col. 3:17.
    • Singing and praying in Spirit [tongues]- Acts 2:4-12


Isa. 49:25; 58:9; Lk 13:16


Questions for Discussion

  • How did Job, in the Bible, got liberated from satanic captivity?
  • Can marital problems and family wars be linked to the spiritual realm? Explain.
  • How can one be freed from physical affliction controlled in the spirit realm?
  • Why do many still groan under satanic powers despite much deliverance done?
  • Evaluate three instances in the Bible that describe the LORD as freedom Fighter.

Prayer Points

                                                              i.      Give me the spirit of obedience to do your will, O LORD.

                                                           ii.      Holy Ghost, empower me to be victorious always.

                                                         iii.      Household enemy, be consumed by your own fires.

                                                         iv.      Chains of foundational battles are broken in my life in Jesus Name.

                                                            v.      You chains of affliction binding my life, cut asunder in Jesus Name.

                                                         vi.      I dethrone every slave master troubling my life by the fire of God.

                                                       vii.      O Lord, heal my broken heart by your healing Word now.

                                                    viii.      O God, turn my sorrows to Joy, in Jesus name.

                                                         ix.      Redeem my destiny from all captivities and corruption, O Lord.

                                                            x.      Forces captivating my destiny,be over thrown by fire in Jesus name.

                                                         xi.      Internal and external strongholds, I pull you down in Jesus name.

                                                       xii.      O you strongholds of the mind, roast by fire in me in Jesus name.










  1. A.     WHY SATAN BUILDS STRONGHOLDS. {11 Cor. 10:3-6}

There are several reasons the devil may choose to build strongholds against people and territories. The following reasons seem to be major:

  1. To afflict a radiant destiny

We saw this example in Joseph’s and David’s life. Satan built strongholds of the mind against the twos, in the hearts of Joseph’s brethren, and King Saul respectively. Thus they spent 13years each in the desert land, with their destinies/ glory terribly afflicted. (Gen. 49:22-24, 37.-4, 24-28)

  1.  To imprison and darken a glorious destiny

Samson was disarmed, chained, blinded and imprisoned for the purpose of hindering the fulfilment of his glorious destiny. (Judge 17:18-25 Gets. 1:2, Psa. 107:10, 143:3)

  1. To demote a rising glory

In Egypt, the Nation Israel was persecuted for the purpose of relegating her. (Exd. 1:7-14)

  1. To corrupt or pollute a good destiny

Jabez’ destiny was injected with bitterness so much that it became difficult him to attain, until he got divine intervention.I Chro. 4:9, Exod. 15:22-24

  1. To divert a blessed destiny

We saw this example in Jacob versus Esau; and also in Ephraim versus Manasseh. One man destiny could be demonically transferred to another by agents of wickedness.(Gen. 27:1-40; 48:9-20, 49:5-7)

  1. To empty a wealthy destiny Gen. 1:2

Any destiny operating under a curse like Cain’s, Reuben’s and Gehaziis being emptying of its wealth of glory by the enemies (Gen. 4:9-15, 23-24; 49:3-4; 2Ki 5:20-27)

  1. 7.      To kill and bury a destiny

Abel was killed to stop the manifestation of his greatness and glory. Joseph brethren also schemed to eliminate Joseph to abort his dream of greatness. Moses and Jesus were hunted for death for this same reason. (Gen. 4:2-8, Exd. 1:15-22; 2:1-4; Matt 2:16)



Be it in our lives or that of another, how can we, as believers, deal victoriously with the evil scheming of Satan, his demon host, or his wicked humanagents?

  1. First deal  with your own sin

God’s face is always against the sinner(Isa. 59:1-2). Repent of your sins and turn away from them. This is the sure foundation that must be in place to be victorious in war. Jms 5:16; Neh. 1:5-6

  1.  Pull down strongholds

We have two kinds of strongholds, namely: internal and external. Internal strongholds include sins, evil thought, Godless idea, corrupt imaginations and Christ-less knowledge. Whatever intrudes your mind that is up against Christ, His words and His Kingdom is built by Satan to make you unfulfilled. All such must be pulled down and destroyed in Jesus Name. 2Cort: 10:3 -6

  1. Be strong, bold and courageous

To be strong you need the might of the Holy Sprit in you .Deal with fear, unbelief, doubt and discouragement. Exercise your spiritual dominion with faith, boldness, authority and power. Josh 1:6-7; Eph: 6:10-12; 1sa.41:l0-14.

  1. Be well informed

Gather necessary information about your enemy. Be well informed about his war plan, strategies, and warfare art. Then seek the Lord’s face for the right Spirit standard that will destroy his power and crush him.  2ki 6:8-23; Job 4:12-17, 33:14-18.

  1. 5.       Deal with his defences and strike him

Devil’s hosts must first be disarmed, and then struck down with all his weapons destroyed. So learn to bind him and uproot his build up structures. You must be well trained on how to declare the judgement written against the foes of your life..Lk 11:21-22, Numb. 14:9, Psm. 149:5-9, 11


  1. C.     DEALING WITH ANCESTRAL STRONGHOLDSPsm. 11:3, Job 4:19-28

Many people groan in hard bitterness under the yokes of ancestral demons. Even several believers lack basic understanding of the influences of ancestral spirits over their life and destiny.

  1. 1.      What are Ancestral strongholds?
  • These are foundational structures rooted in demonic activities, cultural evils and captivities.
  • These are evils and captivities perpetrated by demons of lineage idolatry, ritual sacrifices, fetishism, charms, witchcrafts, inter-tribal war, polygamy, slave trading, murder and other forms of wickedness. E.g. Israel Nation and King Ahab.If your ancestors were involved in any of these wicked practices; you need serious deliverance ministration and warfare prayers.


  1. 2.      Effects and implications?
    1. Un-usual sickness and diseases Deut. 28:60-61
    2. Uncommon marital problems e.g. delay, divorce, etc.
    3. Diverse yokes, curses and spiritual covenant.
    4. Spiritual blindness and lack of interest in spiritual matter.
    5. Abnormal sex life, nightmares, seeing strange faces, hearing strange voices and bearing strange marks.
    6. Unusual temperament, anger, outburst, etc.
    7. Unfruitfulness, barrenness, unprofitability,
    8. h.      Premature death, II Kings 10:1-11
    9. Poverty, failure, stagnation and depression
    10. j.        Suicide tendency, hooliganism and vagabond drive II Sam. 21:17
    11. Others include bedwetting, ill-luck, vanity and constant disappointment
  1. 3.      Victory over ancestral Strongholds.Matt, 7:24-27

How can we destroy and get victory over ancestral/foundational bondages?

  1. Genuine Repentance: Lk. 13:2-5, Acts 3:19; 26:20

Repent from personal and corporate sins and disobedience. You must personally identify yourself with your fathers’ sins and renounce the evils committed by your fore-fathers.

  1. Lighten your Lamp (life): Psm. 35:9, 43:3-4. 112:4

You must bring God’s search light into your life to discover your dark areas and to know where you have been negatively affected. Think and meditate deeply, through the revelation impact of the Spirit.

Check your dream life. Matt. 27:19, Gen. 20:3.

Your dream life experiences can go a far way to help you know the problem areas you need deal with.

  1. Take a violent standMatt. 11:12.

Satan can only be dealt with from the standing point of Christ redemption and Calvary triumph. Stand here to fetch down the Spirit fire of violence and the Power of the Blood against Satan, his hosts, and all forms of ancestral captivities. Bind operating demons and cast them to desert places.

  1. Go for deliveranceIsa. 49:24-26, Lk. 4:18.

Seek for personal deliverance ministration from true deliverance minster or group, if need be. Never give up until you are completely freed. Be sure you are totally set free by the Finger of God.

  1. Declare your liberty. Col. 1:12-12, Rom. 10:9-10.

Open your mouth wide, confess and declare your liberty by the reason of Christ redemption. Confession of faith leads to salvation.          

  1. Live as consecrated vessel. 1 Tim, 5:12, Act 17:28.

Don’t live a double life. Be fully consecrated to the Lord and His cause. Seek God with all your life and live an honest, loyal and faithful life before Him.


II Cor. 10:5;Col. 2:14



  • How can one know when his life or destiny is under devil’s attacks?
  • How can we stand still, letting God fight for you? Isa. 37:14-38, Ezk 14:13-14.
  • Mention four things that can bring back a delivered man to second affliction.
  • In a more practical way, tell the class about your family spiritual foundations and its implications on you so far.

Prayer Points

  1. Every witchcraft manipulation and attacks on my destiny, be over thrown by fire.
  2. Forces attacking my destiny; destroy yourself in Jesus name.
  3. By the Spirit of God, let mu total liberty he established.
  4. Holy Ghost fire, visit my family foundations and purge it of all evils.
  5. O God, redeem my life from ancestral captivity.




I believe you are blessed by the messages of these teachings. But I need to ask you: Are you truly born again or you are just being religious?

Don’t you think it is high time you turned away from your sins and make a decision for Christ, in true repentance? Will you not turn now from your way and make Him your Saviour and Lord?

This is your day; now is your hour. The King waits to accept you with burning affection into son-ship and fellowship. Give Him your heart now!

Are you ready to experience a change?

All you need doing is “repent and believe the gospel”, and you will be saved. Now be on your knees and pray to God; confess all your sins. And ask for God’s mercy and forgiveness. Then invite Jesus into your life and make Him your “LORD and SAVIOUR”. If you are sincere He will cleanse and mark you by His blood – internally and externally, and also give you His Holy Spirit, of adoption.

You are now born again, a new creature Christ Jesus.

Rise now and join a sound Bible believing church where you can worship in spirit and in truth. You need to learn the way of Spiritual fellowship and serve the Lord faithfully.

Accept my congratulations.

I long to hearing from you

Life & Love & Power                                                                                             

Babalola, Beloved John-Joseph

                 A SONG IN THE NIGHT

In the king’s high furnace

Three Hebrew friends roam

 Preserve by heaven’s glory flame

They walk in the womb of His blaze

And fellowship with the Son

A song of triumph in the Night

Dumped into the lion’s den

Daniel smiles and dances

Lions gaze with fears

Kings of forest mimic with closed mouths

 Daniel listens, claps and dances

 Angelic melody in the dark den

A song of deliverance in the Night

You can another Dave be

Dancing with Goliath’s head at hand

Jubilant women songs rent the air

A thousand giants die for a redeemed

Throne crowns at your feet fall

A song of kingship in the Night

Wake now and rise

Look your stormy waves in the eyes

By faith light threaten your darkness

By faith force break chains of yokes

Fly through the dark firmament of life

To the embrace of your sunning throne

A song of joy in the Night

Yea, the will, the way

Yea, the woe, the war

The winning way in the night

The victory song in the light

Trophies for winners’ crown         


  1. ACKNOWLEDGE the truth that you are a sinner. You are lost, condemned sinner in dire need of the Savior came to set you free from sin and eternal death.(Acts 2:38; Rom 3:23-25;5:10-15;6:23)
  2. APPROACH the Lamb of God. With a humble, repentant heart approach Christ Jesus and confess your sins to Him, asking for forgiveness and mercy. His blood cleanses and redeems from all sins.(Heb. 9:12-14;Eph 1:7;Rom 5;9-10)
  3. ACCEPT Jesus Christ as your personal LORD and savior. Turn to Him through a saving faith and personal accept Him as Lord. Then begin to live your life as pure, chaste Virgin.
  4. ACCESS the life and power of His Holy Spirit. Surrender to the power of the Holy Spirit. Bear the spirit fruit and get baptized with the Holy Ghost. Develop daily fellowship and communion with God in prayer, fast constantly and study of the WORD (Acts 1:8; 2:1-4)
  5. AFFIX your life, eyes and world to Jesus. He is the Lord of Glory. Fix your eyes on Him both for continuous abiding and transformation experiences. (2Cort. 3:17-18)
  6. AFFECT the world around you positively for Christ. Touch your generation with His flaming power; impacting lives positively for glory. (Hag. 2:79; Acts 8:7; 2Cort.6:16)
  7. ATTAIN unto reputable spiritual state. Separate yourself daily from end time moral vices and spiritual viruses that are killing the world today. Always maintain a high spiritual voltage and be at alert for the rapture and Christ second coming.

I believe you have been greatly touched and blessed by this message. We look forward to hearing your testimony. Are you in need of prayer or counsels? Contact me today:   



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Life & Love & Power

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