SIGNS OF THE NIGHT/ by Pastor B. Beloved-john Joseph


Christ is Coming Soon Series





We are in the midnight watches. It has been so dark in this hour perilous. We are in night time, truly. Even the Church of Jesus play games with the light in her. We must be saved from this weird moment.  The Lord Jesus is set for His glorious return. Yes, the imminent dawning day will be so glorious. Believers in Christ are His prospective royal bride. Every believer ought to prepare for the great union with our Bridegroom.

We’ve been betraying the Lord the King. We seem to have forgotten that He must soon come to have us in wedlock. Will He meet us nicely robed in the wedding attire? Will He meet us with our lamps still burning?

It’s night! Many a saints are deeply asleep. Many believers’ lamps have burnt out already, and many lights are speedily going out. Oh, how gloomy the situation. Oh, how real the reigns of darkness in the Church? Yeah, the darkness reigns and we felt it. Truly the folly of the foolish virgins is greatly manifesting.

Dearly beloved in Christ Jesus, will your acclaimed wisdom wins the wars of these days? Are you indeed sure your avowed astuteness will stand the test of time? Has the world’s famed wisdom not becoming excessive folly? When the Wisdom divine arrives, what a shame will become of the wisdom of this world? All these questions eagerly beg for honest answers from your heart.



The Christianity of our days seems to have lost its savour. Are the lights in us turning into darkness? Oh, how great will the darkness be, should that be. We all need to wonder why the dying unsaved world mocks. Or, let me ask of you, can’t you see the scorns, the derision, and the contempt being poured on the contemporary church. The golden saying of Jesus is indeed true, that when salt loses its savour it worth but nothing.

          Salt is good; but if the salt have lost his savour, where

 with  Shall it be seasoned? It is neither fit for the land,

nor yet for the dunghill; but men cast it out… (Lk 1434-35)

We’re the light of the world. All born-again are set on earth to salt it. But many who claim to be born of God and filled with His Spirit are shamelessly losing their values. When the virtue is gone, the value cannot but be lost. Where is the value of your life as the light of the world? Where?

Isn’t it true that Christianity now bear almost zero impact on the sinning world? Pre-occupied with the earthly; we now seek for earthly treasures, pleasures and values. You can see the mad rush in the Christendom for the earthly, even at the expense of the heavenly. Many seem to have completely lost the taste for the heavenly. We love earthly glories, pursue its wealth, and run the physical life at the expense of the spiritual. We need to reaffirm the truth of our heavenly citizenship to the watching eyes of the world.


My dear reader, if you are presently locked in the web of materialism you may be losing your spiritual might to the less-importance. But why must you prostitute your life, talents, calling and values on the altar of world lusts? What will it profit you if you should gain all the wealth of this world and lose your own soul in hell? The present materialism tendency is spiritual harlotry. We’ve got to quit the dangerous game.

Should the bride of Christ lose out, simply because sinners are losing out? Must men of faith get out-of-hand because things are getting out-of-hand? This game of spiritual prostitution is idolatry. You must stop competing with the world. We all must take heed to what we love and how we love. What the love of your heart is will go a long way to determine your destiny and final destination? Take heed to yourself!

          And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be

          Over changed with surfeiting and drunkenness and cares of this life,

          And so that day come upon you unawares. (Ll 21:34).


It is dark. And so believers are missing their purpose for living. Many now live for self-glory in the gullet of worldly ovation. But I sometimes wonder what the rhythms are all about! Have we now become celebrities in the World’s theater hall? To what drums do we carelessly dance? The fact remains that none of us will be considered fulfilled without accomplishing His divine purpose for our lives.

And what is the prime purpose for our living, as His beloved children? It is to bring forth His praises on Earth. Yes, glorifying God is our principal reason for existence. We are to glorify God by a life of total Commitment to the Christ. Whatever we do or say; wherever we stand, walk or go that doesn’t bring Him praise and glory is in vain. How have you been living your life? Whom do you spend your days to serve and worship? This is one great question you dare not answer rightly each passing day.

We live for greed and avarice because we desire self-glory. Self is at the bottom of every evil drive. Self-glory is that aged evil drive. It is powered by lusts.  Get rid of lusts and you will successfully deactivate self-glory. But you must further on to total brokenness to get it crucified.

Christ is supposed to be our love – our greatest love. He is the lone object of our worship. But a greater percentage of Christians world glorify Mammon, self and fellow man. We’re meant to be true spiritual worshippers, but we’ve dangerously lost our place at His altar.

          “The light of the today is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single,

          Thy whole body shall be full of light. (Matt. 6:22).

Spirit of complacency now thrives unhindered. It is another sign of the night! It is a spirit that has taught us how to master living with the world without incurring her wrath. We now chose to be conformed with the ways of the unsaved. We thus compromise of the message, the prayer, the lifestyle, dreaming style, evangelistic approach, etc. We are afraid to be called fanatics, and are become friendly (and comfortably) with air evil surroundings. Thus, our loyalty to Christ is divided, our allegiance half hearted, and our service hypocritical. But compromise is sin, Christ will never accommodate the present lukewarness and self-indulgence being glorified in the Christendom.

          I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot….

          because thou art lukewarm… I will spend thee out of

          My mouth. (Rev.3:15-16)

Triumphalism is the description New Testament Christianity. But today’s Christianity practically undermines this. As intimacy with God dress each day, we present Christianity as merely militancy. Intercession for soulwinning missions is no longer part of our prayer life. We now make violent destruction of foes (and demons) the principal objective of prayer ministry. And devil rejoices when we forget the major and major in minor.

The militancy of the Cross is triumphant. It preaches triumphalism. At Calvary Jesus did won the battle for us. By His Calvary conquest He makes us God’s triumphant Army. We’re to celebrate this jubilee thought acts of faith. But we now, sadly, celebrate ‘jubilee’ below the realm of triumphalism.

Now listen, friend, I am not against violent warfare prayer. I believe and pray it, oughtrightly. But, the way is being presently practices magnify more of Satan than Christ’s. We now kill demons rather than bind and calf them Calvary. Often, the trembling imbalances of emotions show nothing but faithless desperation. This betrays Calvary conquest. Must we handle enemy’s powers as all that matters, at the expense of lost, dying souls? We’ve got to refocus in this area timely and rightly.

“….. Jesus therefore…. Said, ‘It is finished…’ Jhn.19:30.


House to house evangelism is dead today. Soul winning outreaches no longer matter. Just because, like the trembling army of King Saul, we’re becoming a fearful Army losing it Jesus said it:

                   For whosoever will save his Life shall lose it: but whosoever

                   Will lose his life for my sake… shall save it. (LK 9:24).


Friend, may I ask you this solemn question? Do you really count the cost before starting this Christian race? Christ expects you to do (Read Lk. 14:28-35). May be you never did. The fact I must tell you is this: Once you commit your life to Christ, whether you live or die no longer matters. Your life is no longer yours. You’ve been bought by His blood. It is criminal for you to hold on to your life as if it still belongs to you.

Hear this: it is more honourable to die for the cause of Christ, than for any other. So, why the fear? Its time to abandon  the totality our-lives to darken souls  Even in the Spirit and devotion of the martyr.

                   Fear none of those things

                   Which thou shalt suffer:

                   Behold, the devil shall cost

                   Some of you into prison

                   That ye may be tried,…

                   And I will give thee a crown

                   Of life. (Rev. 2:10).

Christianity today is fastly becoming the pride of the sensual. Lusts for fame, position and diabological powers now thrive unhinderedly. Everyone wants to be executive; at all cost. Clamour for titleship and celebration of wild programme; rent the air everyday. Soulwinning commission especially house to house evangelism is becoming outdated. As the lamp goes darker, we move from competition to confusion; from strife and division. We’ve got to wake up and trim the lamp. Lest we be skin by the harms this night.

We’re in the night, yes, in the midnight watches. In the days of Eli the priest, horror of darkness invaded the temple and the lamp on the alter went dinning. Then the revelational word of God was rare for the eyes of the priest “began to wax dim that he could not see”. Sons of Belial went loosed with greed robbed with violence and committed sexual sin, even by the altar of the Lord. They shamelessly kicked at the Lord’s sacrifices and ruined their father’s ministry. God had to wipe them out in one day, for clear His name. (Read I Sam 3&4). So, we’ve got to awake and watch it.

We need many revivalist ‘Samuels’ to turn in the glory light. This is the urgent need of the hair. Wise virgins must trim their lamps now  the last day’s revival mission demands it. We must bear positive gospel impact on humanity. Seekers for fame, power and wealth must give way to seekers for soil and service divine.

                   “Preach the word; be instant

                   In season, out of season…” (2Tim. 42)

                   But watch thou in all things,

                   Endure afflictions, No the work of an evangelist,

 make full proof of thy ministry. (2 Tim. 45 ).

True passion for souls is gone. At the expense of love for Christ; we prioritized our love for our loved ones. And so the discipline of Biblical discipleship ceases to be the Christian virtue. Discipleship tenet given by the Lord Jesus in  Luke 14:26-27 is no longer taught as should.

Many seekers for the anointing have got it through shortcut route. Because they could not wait, they made covenant with the dark lords, who gave them satan miracle working power to boost the kingdom of God’. No wonders, people hold in suspicion even God truly anointed ones, when they see them performing signs and wonders. We must hold those who false and fake it responsible for such suspicious and mockery. Not the people.

But true anointing is still available for those who sincerely seek for it. God still anoint His own with His power and Spirit to do His works.  Only people of God’s anointing can set the captives free, heal the sick, break evil yokes and turn sinners to saints. All who partner with satan to work miracle and run churches do so to get riches and popularity. Such ‘anointed men’ have no vision for heavenly home. So, if you are one of the wise ones, you must arise. The Dying captives have been long waiting for your manifestations.

                   For the earnest expectation

                   Of the creature waiteth for the manifestations of the sons

                   Of God (Rom. 8:19).

Why is it that many who come to Christ today do so h impulsive decision? No genuine repentance; no proofs of new resurrected life, yet they claim to be born again. Casual response to altar calls isn’t what the Lord requires. But when messages lack Calvary potent truth, and the crowns that preach them have no oil; the altar can only be as effective as loosed passing winds. Yet, we blame not only such preachers for this in adequacy. Their itching ears congregations also share the blame.

                   For the time will come when they

                   Will not endure sound doctrine; but

                   After their own lusts shall they

                   Heap to themselves teachers, having

Itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. (2 Tim. 4:3-4).

Hun; like pastors, like congregation! Those who hate the truth always end up falling into error. In this midnight watches, you can keep cross-carpecting from one church to another, until you find the tale bearer you’re looking for.  Truth o out for a search Jesus is the message, but if you’re dull of hearing false prophets, fake teachers, motivational speakers turned ‘pastors’ and so on are everywhere. You are at liberty to heap teachers to yourselves, who will tell you just what you like. When the marriage of the cross and resurrection irritates the heart; you are just in a sad case.

Watch your relationship with Christ and His word. In this midnight era to recover air values, we must rediscover the lost revelation torches of the WORD. Deal with your itching ears now, before they dump you into eternal blackness. Recover your spiritual values now!

It is good to give and givers never lack. Yet, let givers not forget that only a seed sow into fertile soil will win him lasting, bountiful harvests. To sow your seeds into fertile land, send your money to that which touches God’s heart most. These fertile lands are soulwinning outreaches, foreign missions and missionaries, discipleship ventures, welfare to the poor, widows, orphans, and anointed men of God. many of the fund raised today goes the wrong way. We fund projects that were answers to certain human ego. We give to vision that bears no positive impacts on God’s mission. Must we give to satisfy leader’s greed, till their over ever enlarging bellies and cash stock their lustry pockets? Without lota of the doubt such giving are unlucky seed that fall amongst the thorns”. No wonders. You may need to prayerfully watch how and where you give. Greedy and worldly leading ‘Saints’ multiply daily. Give but be sure you give rightly.

Mammon is the new god of this age Christianity. How sad and tragic it should. Having conquered the sinning world, Spirits of Mammon triumphantly invaded the pulpit and we all hailed (and eventually the laity) it. At the end it conquered and was enthroned. Greed on the throne? Yes, Greed for money, materialism and worldly glories has eaten deep into the heart of the church. Materialism, the now message Christ and His cross is no longer the control message. Have you not notice that, today pre and post-message altar calls are no longer for salvation, but money? Infact fund-raiser ministers are on high demand in the land. Oh, what a doom! Even, sincere church leaders, often embarrassed, are taken to be business-men today. Few men still trust and honor men of God, as we have it in  those good old days. We are mocked because men of God now “swoop down on the spoils” camp on souls the horrors and shame of the night we are. We need God’s deliverance now!

Have you give your life to Jesus? Please do before it becomes too late. I await to receive the goodnews of your new found life in Christ. Call or write me today: ++2348030444780;