Do you run with a dream?  Have you a vision of becoming God’s triumphant warrior of faith? Do you dream to conquer the globe? As good as these dreams are, you may be day dreaming if you are not well connected to Christ.

Jesus is the fountain of life. He is the spring of glory. To be victorious in destiny, men who run with vision must be fixed with Him. You really need Jesus to make satanic strategies inoperative.

Also, the visionary believer must not be ignorant of the devises of Satan. Ignorance is an evil darkness. It is gravely dangerous.

Were Eve and Adam ignorant of how the old serpent fights?  He intruded their abode of comfort and conquered them by subtlety. He spoiled their peace, soils their pleasures, and enslaved their posterity. He is still the same old serpent with whom we have to war. He still roars like lion, though he is none. He will roar against people and destinies to attack and destroy.

Satan roars against men of dazzling glory. He hates men and women divinely robed with glory and would always fight to naked them of it. The reason Satan restlessly fight against you is the glory. The present battles in your life are therefore battles for your destiny. Don’t ever forget that glory is the reason.

Glory is the reason those household foes have being up against you. It is the reason for your chaotic life journey. Evil men saw your bright star and are hunting to capture it. Will you let them? You must boldly rise to defend your glory in the name of the Lord. It might need uncommon spiritual violence to triumph absolutely.

You are meant to shine. You are a reigning star. Take nothing less than shinning glory for a destiny. Refuse to yield the ground. Stand firm in faith.

Your shinning is connected to your God and to your rising up in faith. Not to the wishes of your enemies. You must arise in order to shine.  That is the faith step your God demands of you. Arise! In-activity does evil. Indifference does not pay in destiny the war front.

In Christ kingdom, every citizen is a soldier. He who is a civilian must either be a stranger or bastard. It is your time to glory! Arise and shine! The Lord’s glory is already right upon you.

You just must believe that the ongoing crisis in your life is permitted by God to make and not to mar you. Determine you will come out of the inferno to be the most precious gold the world has ever seen. You are a glory divinely ordained to be globally sought for. You can still make it! Yes you can!

Beloved, get yourself armed with the faith of God. You will come out of the storms to become a crowning glory.  Your era of sure tranquility and prosperity is near, located just after this darkest of your night. You will soon testify to the goodness of God.

Refuse to be moved. Up! Fight and conquer. Christ made you a winner two thousand years ago. Lay hold on His won victory. The triumph of your glorious destiny should not be negotiable. Never trade it on any altar.


In this section, I will instruct you a little on the how of satanic invasion. You need to know how the defeated coward fights.

1.     He fights by subtlety.

As it was in Eden, so it is today. Enemies invade people’s destiny by subtlety.

The old subtle serpent is still the master schemer in the art of dark wars. The enemy we are dealing with is so crafty. Likewise, all his emissaries operate by subtlety. Think of the crafts of witches, wizards, familiar spirits, Satanists, fraternity members and others in the service of Satan. They capture and cage glorious future by the means of serpentine wisdom.

Your foes will hunt for your precious life by the kiss of a friend. Judas sold his Master by it. The old prophet set up the young by it. Zerubbabel and Joshua the priest detected and rejected it when offered one by the enemies. Adversaries knows he can not destroy you but by debauching you. Watch it! He will lure you to sin by the manipulative cleverness of the serpentine. You will have to live your life with God’s wisdom to stop him.

Satan weapon of subtlety is often employing with the building of his strongholds in the mind. He would sell ideas to you, luring you hard to buy them. He would plant evil, unclean thoughts in your mind and turn your heart to beautiful but destructive images or scenes.

Victory begins with the grace to detect his finger.

Demonic inspirations are too dangerous to play with. Watch his words and the kind of knowledge he sells. They may be look so real, so sweet to the ears, and yet plunge your life into windy waves. Satan being himself an epitome of beauty knows the seductive power of beauty and glamour.

The power of beauty is indeed massive. Satan knows this and conquers the world by the bait of worldly glories. He offers beautiful women, wealth, titles, cars, mansions and positions to men, which in the end destroy.

Devil speaks to turn men’s hearts against God and his words of command and promises.  He counsels to darken men’s destiny and to make a mess of their tomorrow. He has used the weapon of subtlety to bury many lives and destinies. By it several radiant stars have been tragically baptized into an ocean of darkness.

 Watch! It isn’t all that glitters that are gold.

Now, how do we conquer satanic craftiness? It is by operating in the Spirit and power of God. When we, as believers in Christ Jesus, are filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit, Satan is thrown into confusion.

Like the prophet Elisa, we are to operate in Spirit gifts to detect satanic plans and movements. Spiritual gifts should be prayerfully hunger for and used as weapon of warfare.

He who lacks any has been counseled to ask in prayer.

2.     He Wars by the Art of False Friendship

When Satan came to Eve in Eden, he spoke with the kind affection of a friend. In the colour of light, the tempter presented himself as lover-friend and was mistaken to be.

False friendship is an art invented by the devil to avert man’s immediate resistance. Had Satan come in his true colour as enemy, Adam and Eve would have given him the strongest resistance ever. But he came as a good, caring fellow.

Cain employed this same weapon to murder Abel. He rose up and slew his brother “while they talked in the field”.[Gen.4:8]

Jacob also dispossessed Esau, his twin brother of his birthright by the generosity of a friend. He gave him portage and robbed him of the birthright. Gift and food can destroy a destiny. Beware!

Delilah destroyed the mighty Samson by the romance of affection.

And Judas sold his Master by the kiss of a lover.

We all must come to the revelation of devil uses the Davids of this world to set up the Uriahs; the Absaloms of this World as rebels that threaten the thrones of their fathers.

Are you the Joseph of your family? Then, you need to closely watch those siblings of yours. They may not be happy with your dream of reigning in life. They may be used by Satan to abort your vision or totally get rid of you.

Are you the Moses of your generation? You surely have enemies to watch. Pharaohs of the age will seek to kill you. Renowned men in your ministry, and in your world will plot against your throne. Even your blood companions, the Aarons and Marians will speak evil of you.

Brethren, jealously guard your life and destiny, lest Satan tears you apart. He can do you evil by employing the services of those around you. It is the way he fights.

3.     He Fights Before Men Lay Hold on the Glory. 

God gave Adam the freedom to eat of the fruit of the tree of life. But before he could think of doing so, the tempter invaded his Eden and lured him to eat of the forbidden fruit.

 Had they eaten of the tree of life, they would have embraced the life and immortality of God.

Had they eaten of the tree of life, they would have reigned in dominion unto glory. And then would Satan mission have been folly.

But Adam’s delay to lay hold on that fruit of life was the tragedy that gave Satan a prideful boast of his temporal victory.

Friend, don’t delay discovering your place in destiny. Those who delay only do so at the expense of their destiny of glory. If you sail through the way of the tree of life, and feed daily on Him who is the Bread of life, He will give you the key to your place in destiny. And help you further to be truly fulfilled. 

God created us for dominion. But dominion can’t be fully expressed without the spirit of life and immortality. It takes deep spiritual fellowship with Jesus to becoming a partaker of His quickening Spirit and be empowered for destiny fulfillment.

Satan invades men’s palace before God’s promises come to fulfillment in their lives. He intruded Abraham’s world and introduced Ishmael before the arrival of Isaac, the promise glory son.

Joseph also he attacked so that his dreams wouldn’t come to pass. He afflicted Joseph with hatred, nakedness, dark loneliness, grave-world experiences, slavery, prison and chains.

It was this same strategy he used to batter Jabez while yet in the womb.

He descended on Gehazi while on training, and Judas, when in the school of the Master.

Devil’s arrows may come as sword of Mara, greed or sexual sins. It may be come as demons of sickness, sorrows, poverty or death. Whatever type it may be, the ultimate reason is your star of glory. He wants it captured, caged and destroyed. The target is your captivity and destruction. But as long as you stand by faith on the redemption power of Christ, your victory is always assured.

Now I want you to note that your destiny glory is connected to your God given potentials. Enemy will attack you therefore to captivate, distort, darken and bury your talents. And, when that is successfully done, you go on wandering in the desert of life.

Man’s destiny could be bound, imprisoned, perverted, transferred, locked, darken, buried or tied by witchcraft means. Have you ever seen yourself in the dream being tied or bound with rope or chains? It is not your physical self but rather your spiritual entity that you see. And everything you are meant to be is in that spiritual you.

 Could you rightly think? Then think of that most important task you will do that will birth your glory? It is one great discovery that revolutionizes people’s world views. And, what is thing that has been veiling your mind from discovering it?  Is it spiritual lukewarmness, ignorance or procrastination? Is it laziness, disobedience or demonic blindfolding? Whatever it may be, you must radically deal with it before possible satanic invasion.

Take God at His word. Act now toward driving your life to the destined throne. There are vast opportunities before you. People miss opportunity to the detriment of their future. And loss of opportunity is one evil that cripples destiny.

How do men miss God sent opportunity? Anyone under the affliction of the spirits of procrastination, indifference, fear and ignorance would often miss times and opportunity. But procrastination breeds tragedy, Indifference murders victory, fear magnifies terrors and ignorance kills. Where they live Satan freely works. Where they strive, demons do reign. To overcome, every believer must understand the mystery of faith and live by it.

We must use the power of faith to develop our God given potentials. By faith let us explore our gifts and graces for global benefits.

4.     Adversary Invades When You Are Lonely

Enemy shoots his arrows when men are experiencing depression and loneliness.

He came into the garden when the woman was alone. In Eden, the Serpent came to lure her against the will of God when she suffered loneliness. Also, he visited Lot and his two daughters in the red hour of mind depression. He sent lot on drunken expedition and filled the hearts of his daughters with lust for sexual immorality. Incest was the result.

You remember how came on Elimelech’s family and shot with arrows of death. He did so after they were separated from the covenant people. King David was cast down in adultery when he was alone in the palace.

Expect him when social, economic or any other factor has pulled you apart from your spouse or brethren in faith. Expect his arrow when you are alone on your bed, in your room or office. He will invade when your heart roam in depressive mood. Satan will launch attack when you are lost the midst of storming darkness. And when all friends have deserted you, watch against his incursion.

Are bearing the cross of life alone? Guard your life against clever moves of the prince of darkness. Be armed to war violently against his forces of temptation. Are you emotionally breakdown because of sudden disappointment? Are you wearied because of the pains and afflictions of life? Don’t lose your guard. Satan waits to tempt you!

5.     He Fights in the Hour of the Night.

The devil is a coward who fights in the night. He wars against men of bright stars when they are deep in the sleeping mood. It may be physically or spiritually sleep.

So, in the night when the oil is drying in your lamp and the flame is going out, you‘ve got to watch out. The night is the strange hour when the foe of destiny sows his evil tares into men’s life. Surely, he will rise to attack. You only need to be on guard when spiritual coldness sets in.

He destroys destiny with his tares when men wander in the dark spiritual wilderness. Devils always hide in every beclouded light to strike. Take heed!

Night is also the dark, strange hour of psychological alienation. It often leads to physical separation and makes a social outcast of victim. It is the dark hour when serpents, scorpions and fowlers freely hunt for precious life. It takes ceaseless prayer and watchfulness to escape the “terror by night”.

We must be well armed with the Anointing and constantly put on the whole armour of God to deal with the devil. Let’s live in the power of God’s presence and triumph in the lonely hour of the night

6.      He Fights Aftermath Every Great Victory

When you have just experience great divine visitation, be on your watch. Enemy strategizes to strike after every victory in life.

Therefore, when men are drunk with the wine of joy, let them learn to prepare for great destiny war. When you celebrate your trophy of triumphs, learn to be on guard against his invasion.

He came upon Elijah while he was celebrating his great historic feat.[1 ki.19:1-3]

 He attacked Israel in Egypt when their joy of fruitfulness and flourishing was explosive.[Exd. 1:7-14.]

What about Ananias and Saphira? Satan got hold of their hearts when the flame of revival in the early Church was brighter.  The tempter strategist is a coward that fights when men least expected.

Just before or after every touch of God in your life, get yourself strong in the Lord to deal with his coward arrows. Be very wise to always move in power of His presence.

We are fighting a restless foe, a wild destiny hunter to watch. He lost at Calvary and now madly on a revenge mission. He knew how short a time he has and, must wreak havoc against God’s covenant children before his final doom in the lake of fire.

Dear brethren, we must boldly engage the enemies in the battle for destiny. All we need doing is to stand in the Calvary victory and employ the Spirit given strategies to rout his every strategy.

The war strategies of the Holy Ghost are the most effective victory weapons. Satan, with his entire calculating warfare wizardry is not a match. He becomes troubled and confused when the Spirit’s weapon is employed. He can’t just withstand it! His crude, serpentine craftiness isn’t a match for the Spirit’s standard. Let’s lift the standard of the Spirit against him.

But, like David before Goliath, do you have in your shepherd bag the Spirit firestones? If for sure you do, pull them out and smite the head of your Goliaths. Jesus had already destroyed “he that has the power of death that is the devil”. He spoiled “principalities and powers; and made an open show of them”. We are to walk in this victory He won for us.

Refuse to waver in faith. Determine not to shift the ground. Take up offensive warfare and go on possessing the gates of your enemies. Offensiveness should be our war-slogan, especially in the battle for destiny.

Offensiveness as a war policy teaches us to spoil the spoilt long before he prepares for war. Strike the iron while it is yet hot is a wrong war philosophy in spiritual warfare. It is dangerous to war with such objective in mind.

We must rather strike the iron before it is put in the furnace. Strike it before it is refined by your enemy. It is being refined to strike you. Take offensive stride and strike the iron. Then lead its owner into captivity and capture his refining furnace.

This is the principle of offensiveness in warfare. It is the best war philosophy. Launch out offensively against Satan and his wicked hosts and you will always display the glorious flag of Christ victory.