Our trials, temptation, troubles and tribulations are storms of life. Wars and woes are thunderstorm.  Storms come to rob us of our joys and blessings, to cloth us with sighs and sorrows, and to make us to bleed and weep.


When storms of life blow hot and upset our fortunes, pains and agony flood our world. The heart becomes even bitterer.     Oh, my dear friend, he who feels it, knows it! He who is being fed with Mara knows better how bitter the cake of sorrow taste.  And only he whose life is parched with furnace-heat can better tell how the fires burn.  


Yet there are lessons to learn from every furnace of life we passed through. Storms of life are not without their own great benefits.



Now, of what advantages are the storms of life? What lessons are we to learn therein?  Let me tell you just a few of them:

  1. The strength Advantage: Storms of life help the believer to develop stronger spiritual stamina in life. In the end you become stronger in the Lord and in the power of His might. It was so for David, the servant of the LORD. King David’s thirteen years of wilderness wanderings only made him a mighty man of valor in the end. It could be the same with us, if we nurture the wisdom and courage to turn problems to possibilities.
  2. Discovering His Will: Storms of life are to lead us out of our own ways into God’s way and will for our lives. Most times, we detest His way and harden our hearts as we go on obstinately our own way. God thus often permits the storms to come our ways, both to sift and get us back in the track.
  3. Divine Wisdom: Storms of life are permitted to make us wiser in the mystery of God, as were Joseph and Daniel. These twos became shining wisdom in days of afflictions and captivity. They allowed God to work through them and the best in them came out.
  4. Discovering the Hidden Treasures of Darkness: Storms of life could drive the believer into the minefields and dark stores of hidden treasures. There are treasures hidden in the deep heart of darkness to be discovered while the storms work.
  5. Benefit of Brokenness: Storms o life would try our hearts, break our stony, harden nature and rebuild us to fit into God’s nature and purpose for our lives. It is when we are broken and rebuilt by Him that we are easily drawn closer to God, infused with a heart of true meekness and humility, and become vessel unto honor in His hand. Furnace of life will refine and make us vessels unto honor and share of God’s divine nature.
  6. Sunshine Advantage: Storms of life are to lift us through the dark realm to the high horizon of sunshine. It is in the sunshine that we are better positioned to fully embrace our destined glory. The horizon of sunshine ushers us into a palace of unhindered fruitfulness. But he who will shine must first arise: “Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.” { Isa. 60:1}


It is always at the darkest point of the night that the glorious dawn comes.

It is thus made clear that there are great lessons to learn from your present life crisis, and you will be wise to patiently learn them. The fact is: your present troubles aren’t permitted to crush you. Storms may move the covenant child of God, Satan may sift him like wheat, but none can conquer or destroy him. Listen, what crushes a man is his negative reaction to the crisis of life and not the crisis itself.  How we handle the storms will determine whether we come out as victors or victims.  


Therefore, stand firm in the Lord. Be resolute in faith.  You will inherit the great wealth and benefits awaiting you at the very end of your present night. Lean on Christ Jesus. He is the fountain divine.  And He will make your bitter water sweet again.



Now, how do we handle the storms of this life? Or hoe should, as believer in Christ, handle the storms of life? Let me give you a simple list here.

  1. Hang on in the Faith

When your life is “tempest tossed”, refuse to waver. Rather, let your faith in God grows fatter. Never give up! Trust in God’s power to deliver you. He honors faith.

  1. 2.     Fix your eyes on Jesus

Those who fix their eyes on the stormy seas will drown. So move your eyes away from your troubles and look unto Christ. Those who sail the vast seas of life through storms should fix their eyes only on God. And as Peter walked on the seas as long as his gaze was on Jesus, they will triumph over. Set your gaze on Christ and you will walk on your own seas.

  1. 3.     Stand on His promises

Get into the Word. Claim His promises for your victory and deliverance. He stands by His words to fulfill them. The amazing Christian is Word-based and faith-filled.

  1. 4.     Wait upon the Lord in prayer and fasting

Waiting on God demands real patience and even forbearance and fortitude. It takes persevering faith to wait on God in prayer and fasting. It begins the moment you handover your life’s battles to the God of war, you must learn to be still while He fights for you. Once you give up you woes and wars to Lord of hosts, it is essential you come to the understanding that they are no more your battles but His. And when your battles become His, be patiently waited for the Victory green light from Him. Refuse to be in haste but rather “stand still and do not fight and know that I am the Lord”. Wait and see the salvation of the Lord.  With God, he who toils the shore in pain toils the shore to gain.

  1. 5.     Rejoice Always

Don’t murmur. Never complain. Refuse to accuse or curse God no matter what. Rather, learn to give thanks to the Lord, constantly, singing always with a rejoicing heart.  Daily offering of sacrifices of praise to God joyfully is the way of amazing Christians. They always feel like singing all the time, for the joy of the Lord is their strength, even in the midst of dark and stormy seas.  So keep sailing on and soaring higher with a joyful heart. A song writer writes this piece just for the amazing Christian:

‘There’s balm in every sparkling drop

In every wave there’s pleasure,

In diamond spray it leaps away

A lovely boon and treasures’