The ‘Kingdom Keys’ is the Power and authority of the heavenly kingdom. We need them to take the kingdom by violence. They are given by the Lord unto the church to unlock spiritual doors and deliver the gospel to the perishing. With these Keys, we bind and loose, shut and open, break and build; with the due backing and administration of the Lord. Peter was the first to receive and use the keys.

The kingdom keys are the keys to the mysteries of the knowledge and power of God. By these keys the believer

  • Unlocks the mysteries of God’s word and revelation
  • violently invade the unreached lands for evangelization and discipleship

 Boldly exercise his God given spiritual power, authority and dominion over forces of darkness.  Spiritual Power is vested in the Holy Spirit through Christ. This is the power that comes through the Holy Ghost baptism, with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. And the spiritual authority is embedded in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. The authority in Christ’s Name relates to His person and Lordship. There is no other Name given among men for salvation and deliverance. There is no other name so highly dignified and glorified like the Name JESUS. The Name of Christ secures God’s approval when we pray and declare. Faith, courage and obedience help the believer in the successful operation of the kingdom keys. Now, I want you to know that the Holy Spirit manifests His power basically upon the works of Christ atonement. He works through the Cross, our redemption ground. The blood of Jesus, therefore, is the Life of the Gospel. But we secure the harmonious ministries of the Word, the Spirit and the Blood through the authority of the Name JESUS CHRIST.

Dearly beloved, the kingdom keys is the most effective force for revival. Not activities. Not mechanism. Not religion gymnastics. Not traditions. Not formalism. Not materialism. Not consultation conferences. Not strives. Not argument. Not religion philosophies. Not human or religion principles. Not religion edicts. Not doctrinal know-how. Not formation and administration of religion union or association. No! Not all such. Until we prevail with the use of the kingdom keys, the dawn of revival waves flames remains delayed. Therefore, let every believer be up, using the kingdom keys, by power of the Holy Spirit, by the authority the Name of Jesus, by the living force of the Word of God. Let’s be well armed for violence. Let’s take dominion and have conquest. .

You must have realized that revival is truly and urgently needed. And I am glad to tell you that the greatest of all revivals is about to spark. Then, boldly I enjoin you to stop delaying your enlistment in God’s victorious vanguards. We must wake up from our spiritual slumber. We all must arise to bring down the pure flame that is to lead the church again in the pathway of life, love and power.

But the groaning world is under terrible demonic oppressions. In their captivity and affliction, men and women still ask this probing question: When will the true revival come?

 Oh, revival will come when the church has truly repented of her sins of uncleanness, compromise, indifferences, and rebellion.

True revival will come when the dark power that now besieges the church and church leaders have been crushed and conquered.

Yea, revival will come when the present spiritual captivity of the church is brought to a permanent end.

There will be joy of true revival in the land when the kingdom keys have been successfully used to bind and destroy all the powers that have been hindering the illuminating radiant of God’s glory in the church.

Yes, it will come when the heavenly doors are opened for fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

The keys have been given to us by the Lord of harvest, and we can do all the above by the kingdom keys of powers and authority.

Without Christ’s living life alive again in us and among us, the fresh outpouring of the Holy Ghost may never run His fullness in this world. Christ’s new divine life must be aflame in you and me to gloriously impact the people.  When His life is running its full course in us, as children of God, we will begin to walk tall in God’s highway of holiness. We are in messy mud today because we are under satanic siege and bombardment.

But His supernatural power will flow through us again, and empower these eleventh hour labourers for great soul-harvest and extra-ordinary manifestations.



Mighty Demonstration

We are called for holy invasion and conquest. Jesus is in the business of final harvest. And we must be people of holy fire to be truly successful. For it takes holy fire to rise for holy violence.

With the pure flame of the Spirit in our heart and bones, there will be strange demonstrations of God’s Spirit and Power. How? Our usual spiritual atmosphere will be extra-ordinary. I am talking of the atmosphere supernatural, overwhelming and transforming.

Without any doubt, the essence of the Gospel is POWER. God wants His flame for our ‘coats of many colours”. He would, by these glory coats, do mighty works through us. With His fire power shall mighty demonstration be in this end time.