As said before, God’s covenant with Israel established them as a covenant community. As illustrated in the marriage metaphor, God was married to Israel by the virtue of the covenant. It thus became God’s responsibility to supply the structural life-lines for His covenant Kingdom. And God went ahead to do just this. The followings are the basic life structure provided by God for His covenant bride and kingdom:

  1. The Wed Lock: As the chosen people, covenant bound us to God in solemn relationship obedience and services. Like Israel, each believer is bound to Christ in a realm of will, worship and service. You and I must know this to live victoriously as Christian. We must understand the truth that when we give our lives to Christ we submit our wills to Him, and all that matter now is nothing but His will. What follows this is also the truth that we are called to true spiritual worship and gospel service. We should be those who worship in spirit and truth, and take the gospel to the ends of the earth.


  1. The Hall Mark: even in the O.T., the hall mark of covenant is the spiritual union and     communion; and not the law. This hall mark the believer must actualize today through the communion of the Holy Spirit. God wants a covenant communion and fellowship with you and me, and not any of those lifeless religion activities. We must learn the prevailing art of spiritual fellowship.


  1. The Law: one thing you must know that the laws were not conceived as penal burden to be borne but rather as God’s constitutional gifts to the old covenant people of Israel. And what God expected of them was to graciously receive the law as basis for acceptable lifestyle in the covenant Kingdom. By the giving of those laws God provided the norms of right and wrongs, well rooted in a legal compact to His covenant people. And this should be the place of the WORD in our lives as a new covenant people.


  1. Meaningful Life: it was by the virtue of the covenant that every Israelite was to find meaning to Life, without loosing his/her individuality to the society. In this same way, it is by the virtue of the new covenant that we found our identity. It is by obedient covenant walk that we arrive at our God given destiny life and find true meaning to life.


  1. The Government: The covenant kingdom was based on a political system of “God’s Kingship only”.  God promised Israel to be their only Lord and king, whose duty was to provide salvation, justice, provisions, and security as His covenant people. His words and laws were given as divinely made constitution, given to bring Life, peace, prosperity, power and glory. God governed His old covenant people through His appointed covenant messenger. God’s covenant messenger was to know and proclaim God’s will to His covenant people as Kingdom citizens.


Under the new covenant, all Spirit filled believers are His oracles, sent and empowered to reach the lost with the gospel.  God however still call some into unique ministries to deliver His message to the Nations of the world.


Believers in Christ should understand that the government of his/her life rests on Christ and should be administering by the Holy Ghost on the basis of the Word.


The dissolution of covenant means the break-up of the covenant Kingdom. Thus, a violation of the covenant/ covenant life was dangerous to the existence of the covenant Kingdom. You can’t live in sin and remain under the cover of grace.


As said before, the covenant Laws (Kingdom constitution) were God’s gift given to His covenant people to provide justice, freedom provision and security to the individual Thus, the Laws were given to stipulate the Kingdom lifestyles for its citizens. In Israel, the Law and prophecy held together the individual and social ethics within the frame work of covenant theology. How?

The laws, being God’s own invention, automatically lifted totalitarianism from the human sphere to that of the divine.  The law stood as a solicitor of the poor and the weak and regulated people’s attitude to earthly possession. While on one side, the law forbade greed, avarice, lusts, oppression and other forms of wickedness, on the other hand it instructed contentment, love, care, holiness and faith.

God did this to protect citizens from every form of socio-political and economic oppression and slavery. You can read Exod. 22:21-24; 23:6; Lev. 25:13-17, 23.

Though, we, as a New covenant people, are no longer under the law (Paul said the law was a school master), we must know that the Word forbade us from sinning, transgressing and living disobedience lifestyles. Every sin condemned under dispensation of the law   remained sin. You must therefore flee from sins of carnal indulgence, immoral lust, greed, oppression, idolatry, witchcraft and all kinds of wickedness and worldliness. Living such life actually contradicts the grace and contravenes the way of the Spirit. Grace does not accommodate sin.

Being under grace does not in any way means we can live, dress, speak, and do as we like; it means living and walking in the Spirit. This we must know and do.