God wants His covenant children to be successful and prosperous in life.  {III Jhn. 2} But what indeed is prosperity?


Prosperity is a state of comfort, opulence and affluence. With true prosperity are life, peace, health and wealth. Sure prosperity is that which start with the prosperity of your spirit-man, progresses to the soul and climax with the body. Only he who is blessed with these is truly prosperous. Where one of these is lacking, prosperity is incomplete and dangerous.


There are three major sources of prosperity: God, Satan, Man. out of these three givers of prosperity, only that which is obtained from the Lord is sorrow-free. “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and addeth no sorrow to it. (Prov. 10:22)


The Holy Bible is full of a few prosperous characters whose covenant walk with God illuminated their hearts to see the secret to true prosperity. The Spirit of God opened their eyes to see the way of the prosperous, that they might be better-off in life than a people without God.


Among these great and prosperous ones are the patriarchs Job, Abraham and Isaac. Covenant walk of faith, tithing and covenant sowing were the major keys to their continual blessing and prosperity.


The Patriarch Job was a man who walked with God long before the dispensation of law. His personal walk with God must have been a personal resolution like Abel, Seth and Enoch. It was a covenant walk by which he came to discover the secret to divine blessings. Job chose to walk in God’s revealed way of the prosperous and he came to know true prosperity. The way he walked we ought to first inquire and therein walk ourselves, as a covenant people of God. If indeed we seek to know a life of sorrow-free abundance, we must have the knowledge of Job’s discovery and employ the key.


Now what exactly were the secret the man Job came to discover? Let’s briefly engage together as we study Job’s seven keys to prosperity for the purpose of discovering the way of the prosperous.

  • Secret#.1: Sexual Purity And Moral Virtue – Job 31:1, 9-12
  • Secret#.2: Truth, Integrity And Pureness Of The Heart – 31:5-7; Jos 1:8, Psm 1: 1-3.
  • Secret#.3: Compassion And Charity – 31:13-20, 29: 11-20; Prov. 21:3; Psm 72:12-14. {a, tithes & offerings-Mal. 3:8-12;/ b. minsters – I Cor. 9:9-11; / c. saints – II cor. 9:1, 6-12;/d. needy& others- Job 31:16, Lk. 6.38}
  • Secret#.4: Justice And Equity – 31: 21 –
  • Secret#.5: Divine Worship And Affection ( Hate Mammon & Idolatry) – 31:24-28
  • Secret#.6:  Loving The Unloving – 31:29-32
  • Secret#.7: Righteous Living  – 31:33-40 { It takes righteousness to flourish by God}


Note: to enhance God’s kind of prosperity, repentance is compulsory where sin, worldliness have been the norms. Job 36: 7-14.



  1. Divine presence – Job 29 2, 5
  2. Divine wisdom – Job 3-4
  3. Divine favour  – Vs. 6
  4. Divine fame, blessing and honour Vs.7-10.