Broken heartedness causes tears of love to flow. When the inner-man is hurt victims of love cannot but groan with feelings of dejection, disappointment, failures and frustrations. King David said:

          “I am troubled, I am bowed down greatly; I go mourning

 all the day long… I groaned because of the turmoil of my

heart.” {Psm.38:6, 8.}


When relationship suddenly hit the rock of adversity, the affected becomes wailer in darkness. Today, many people, including Spirit filled Christians spend half of their life to search for love, and when it is found only  to end up spending the remaining half to keep it. Why? Trust is now a derided virtue worldwide.


Battles of love are battles with tears. If not why should a love diligently sought for and joyfully found, becomes a thing of war to preserve? It should be very strange that we heavily heave to keep the joys of our love.  Battling so hard to preserve a gracefully procured love is a paradox of love; it is such a horse irony that it pains to mention. Battling to keep the joys and success of love is indeed an odd war.


Now let me ask you two pertinent questions: how does it feel to feel you are a jilted, a failure in a relationship you greatly cherished!  What does it cost to be a cast down by a friend you truly adorned?


It takes strong mind to fight the fight of love. One must be well trained and fully equipped in the art of emotional, mental and spiritual warfare. Lover-victims must be trained and armed to prevail. To be ill-trained or half-equipped in kind of war is to be soiled and spoiled. The untrained will crash while the unarmed will crack.


Also to be victorious in the war of love be well armed with weapons of selfless heart, purest of feelings and holy emotions!  These trio weapons would help you to discover light when love turns cruel, and the heart get broken. 


How do you handle the goings of your life when furnace of love is hot up and trust of love is tragically breached?  When tears befriend your eyes and your heart of love melts in the heat of pains how do you gather the pieces and make a glory of them?  When your soul is shamed in disappointment, being fatally wounded by the sword of merciless-love, what next must you do to start anew on the right track?  It is by being armed with the above trio powers that you get right answers to your questions.