1. Beloved John©2012



N At 12.35am, Inside Mr. & Mrs. Frank’s bed room.

The couple is already in bed, when the sound of approaching vehicle wakes madam. She steals out of bed and begins to watch as the car stop in front of their bungalow, she sees her daughter, Rose in half naked pink top, smiling in the embrace of an old, big-belle man. Immediately, Rose mother gently wake her sleeping hub and they both watch as the strange lovers chat and hug in romance. Rose, a University under-graduate, finally opens the car door and goes down, waving her Ariston as he drives off. Rose walks towards the door and begin to call on her Dad to open for her. She is hard banging the door. When her father, Mr. Adetola answers and makes move to go and open, his wife protests against..

Mrs. Adetola: [walks out of bed-room to the entrance door]: would you tell where you are you are coming from, and who that big old fool is.

Mercy : Mum, you are at it again. You stop my Dad from-

Mrs. Adetola: [cuts in sharply]. Will you vagabond answer my questions right-away.

Mercy: No answer, Mum. Not until you let me in.

Mrs. Adetola: You better go back or sleep there. Good night. [Walking away to her bedroom]

Mercy: Mum, you lie. If you don’t open this door, I bet it, I will break it.

Mrs. Adetola: [waits to respond] Carry out your treat, fool. Break in? Do exactly just that. [Walks in, but meets the father coming out]. Going to open door for your way-ward pet? Oh, Honey, you’re destroying our lone glory. You make me weep!

Mr. Adetola: Let’s show her love, darling. [Rests his right hand on her back] Let love prevail, woman.

Mrs. Adetola: Is this love? Rod would be a better proof of true love to a daughter of belia.? Your kind of Love is poisonous. It stings, oh; it is fire that roasts even the most radiant future.

Mr. Adetola: You always see from the wrong angle. Why, woman?

Mrs. Adetola: man, you are blind to yourself. Let’s join hands to train this soul but you would not. Now she grows wings already. The world waits to see how we clip them off before the night visits her wild world.

Mr. Adetola: the storms of life are strong enough to clip wildest of wings, woman. But this night we must let in this bird. Yes,let’s me give her my long arm love, lest the underworld win our erring jewel.

Mrs. Adetola: Go ahead, carry out your wish. After all, you are the head whose path no one dare cross. But, you both will soon know that;”in life we sleep in bed just as we lay it”. Goodluck and goodnight! [She walks in and shut the door].

  • [Music:[ Yoruba: Won ni won fe pa jaguda ni kulende…]

Mr. Adetola:[ opens the door and Rose enters]: stop there! When will you stop coming home at midnight?

Mercy: Dad, I’m sorry.

Mr. Adetola: Sorry again? Where have you been? And who is that man?

Mercy: oh, so you see him. Well, he is just a friend.[ she was walks away while replying]

Mr. Adetola: what? A male friend! He must be older than your father, I believe.

Mercy: Hun nun[ winks face] not really. Just your age mate, Dad.

Mr. Adetola: And you are so fooled to date your father’s age mate.

Mercy: oh, Dad, I am just being smart. People do it, you know.[draws closer] see Dad, he carries what I need- sweet and wealthy. .But I promise, I won’t marry him

Mr. Adetola: [opens his mouth in shock]: Hun, so you finally become such a wild dog! Watch how you handle your life, daughter. Watch. You‘ve got to have a second thought. Life is too tender and delicate.

Mercy: [walks away, furious] you call me dog? I ‘m disappointed, Dad.

Mr. Adetola: And I am disappointed that you are in to Aristo business.

Mercy: [in anger, leaves the room, murmuring} I know, yes I sense it. Mum has poisoned your mind against me. She is my problem. I hate her. Mum I hate you. I am no longer wanted in this house and I will leave for you people.

Mr. Adetola: no, you are wrong, my dear daughter. Don’t think that way, [follows her to her room, trying to pet her. Suddenly Rose’ Mother stands at the door, watching}.

Mrs. Adetola: Mr., what a father indeed! It is you who need prayer most in this house. How would you define your roles in your daughter’s life? How? Tell the world to hear.

Mr. Adetola: I’m just being a loving father.

Mrs. Adetola: indeed! A loving father too weak to train up her only child in the way of the Lord! A loving father turned a secret lover!

Mr. Adetola: What! Are you accusing me of incest, with my own daughter?

Mrs. Adetola: Your conscience must be doing that.

Mr. Adetola: Woman, your head is gone crazy.

Mrs. Adetola: Honey, you are too weak a father and you know it. I pray you stop digging grave for the future of our only child. Train her up now or lose her for ever.

Mr. Adetola : Committing incest with my own daughter! Me? Oh-[furious, pushes her out of the door and walks off]

[Music: won ni won fe pa jaguda ni kulende….]

Mrs. Adetola:[ moves closer to her daughter, looks straight into her face and motions with head]: I pray God will not let my prodigal perish in the dark ocean of this World. Lord, chase back home this prodigal of mine. In Jesus Name I pray. [turns, to leave}

Mercy: Mum, I am angry with you.

Mrs. Adetola: I thought you would say amen.

Mercy: I mean it, am angered. I hate you!

Mrs. Adetola: Why?

Mercy: Can’t you be an understanding mother just for a day?

Mrs. Adetola: Daughter, you know you are loose and wild. Stop going that dark way.

Mercy: Oh… [Flares up] oh…Enough! Let’s forget it all.

Mrs. Adetola: I am praying for you.

GLORIA: Eee…Mum, …food.

Mrs. Adetola : He fed you to satisfaction. Didn’t he?

GLORIA: Who, Mum?

Mrs. Adetola : He, your old ‘Aristo’ fool.

GLORIA: no. I am serous Mum.

Mrs. Adetola : What? He who is fooled must be a fool.

GLORIA: My Food… Mum.

Mrs. Adetola: Rose, you are a woman. Go to the kitchen and prepare for your self.

GLORIA: So you now cook only for your self and your husband. This is evil in this house, and you call your self born again.

Mrs. Adetola: Daughter, count me out of mothers that pamper their wayward dogs. The new rule here is you must cook to eat [she walks out and close the door]

GLORIA: [upsets, she begin to mummer] Mum, you call me a dog. No, no, no, Mum… Well, all women are dogs… One will be cooking at the13hours. What kind of a family is this…?

  • Scene closes



{16 Months Later, it is summer evening, @ the17hour, in front of female hostel in the campus. Rose and chief Matt is passing farewell chat, one to another when Rose sees her childhood friend, Ruth walking along the road and call her to wait}.

ROSE: Sweetheart, thanks for the big cash. I will be in your office tomorrow. I promise.

CHIEF MATT: Make sure you do. [Enters his car]

ROSE:  You know I don’t fail you

CHIEF MATT: I know. [Starts the engine]

ROSE: [Sees a friend] Eh, Ruth? Am I right?

RUTH: Yes. Roseline? [Embraces her] So long.

ROSE: Where have you been all these days?

CHIEF MATT: [Calling] Lovebird, why? I am moving.

RUTH: please just a minute.[ turns back to Matt] Oh, sorry. She is my childhood friend. We’ve seen for long.

CHIEF MATT: Give me your ….mhn[ gesture] and let me go.

ROSE: I am sorry. Here it is. Get it big [exchange forehead kisses] See you Morrow, Bye.

CHIEF MATT: My lovebird, bye [drives off],

[Music on as both walks up the lane, holding hands. Now they sit down in front of a school hall, having heart to heart talk]

Rose: You mean Jesus can forgive me all those sins, Ruth?

Ruth: Yes, He can and He will if you truly repent

Rose: Six times, I have aborted and He can forgive this sin of murder?

Ruth: All He wants is your true repentance and sincerity

Rose: Nine other men I to sleep with before I started dating Chief

Ruth: Jesus will forgive you all and destroy their yokes in tour life.

Rose: No, tell me it’s not true

Ruth: It is true, Rose, believe it, it is very true.

Rose: I never reveal the true that chief hired me to lead three female students to him few weeks to the last general election. He slept with them and carried them to a herbalist who killed them for rituals.

Ruth: No, you didn’t tell me that.

Rose: But will Jesus forgive?

Ruth: Ah, but how could you do that?

Rose: I don’t know, but it is true. Will Jesus pardon and accept me.

Ruth: He surely will. Are you a cultist? Tell me the truth.

Rose: My parents are godly people, but chief led me into Satanism

Ruth: So you are Satanist?

Rose: Yes, I am. I am being tutored how to champion the cause of dark evangelism in the black world by the Satanist. But can Jesus deliver a Satanist?

Ruth: oh, my Lord. How come you gone so deep?

Rose: its father’s fault.

Ruth: Do you mean your father?

Rose: Yes, I am the only child of the family and he greatly pampers me.

Ruth: Rose, are you serious you really want Jesus in your life?

Rose: I need peace in my heart. I want to be free. Help me, please, if you can.

Ruth: Be on your kneels and ask Jesus into your heart, there-after, I will lead you to my pastor for deliverance ministry.[stands up to lead her in prayer, as a penitent]

Rose: [On her knees, weeping, saying prayer after her friend] Lord Jesus…

Scene closes



[Two weeks later, by mid-day after Sunday worship service, Rose, her parents and her friend, Ruth, were retuning home in the company of other worshippers.]

Rose: [Heart to heart talk] Sister Ruth, I am not O.K.

Ruth: What exactly is wrong?

Rose: I’ve been feeling pains all over my joints since Friday night. I feel like vomiting,

Ruth: Just be calm. All will be well. The same Jesus that saves you will also heal you.

Mr. Adetola: What are you two jolly friends discussing there [Rose’ Dad jokingly intrudes]

Ruth: All is well sir. [Ruth replies, diplomatically]

Rose: Hoo [her left hand on her stomach] Hoooo… hoo… hoo… [She suddenly makes a shout and runs to the road bush side, vomiting}

[Few brethren show their sympathy, as they gather to pray with hands join in a circle.]

Mrs. Adetola: [draws closer and murmurs to her husband]. am afraid for your little daughter. Hay, your daughter is heavy.

Mr. Adetola: Heavy? How do you mean?

Mrs. Adetola : [Gestures dramatically with both hands] Your grand child on the way!

Mr. Adetola: Oh, woman, stop it! Ah…ah. God forgive your evil thought.

Mrs. Adetola: Amen. Aren’t you happy that she finally comes to the end of this stop? She follows the chart you drew. You can now reap the fruit of your weakness, darling!

Rose: [Suddenly, she makes to vomit again, head bows, as her friend holds by her close] oh, God. Please, let me live. Forgive, Lord, don’t let me die.

Ruth: In the Name of Jesus, you will not die but shall live to declare the glory of God.

Mrs. Adetola: [moves closer, gently lays hand on Rose]: Yes, Jesus will not let my daughter die. You will live to deliver. Let’s go home. I know what is wrong with you

Rose: Mum, you know it? Are you sure you really know? No, you don’t.

Mrs. Adetola: You probably know it too. Don’t you? Stop pretending. Just follow me.

[As they walk on, the scene closes]


[It was in the dawn of the day, at about 05hour, Rose wakes out of sleep and bring out a paper sheet containing her pregnancy test result. She reads through again and sobs with grief. She picks her phone and dials Chief Matt.]

Rose: [Calling] Rose on line, chief.

Chief Matt: [on the other end] oh, my little angel.

Rose: Stop calling me your angel, I am no longer the wild lady you flatter. I –

Chief Matt: [cuts in] oh, come on, you will be back to me, you know, sweet heart-

Rose: Your sweet hearts are in your mansions. Stop dreaming, Matt or what do you call your self!

Chief Matt: [shocks] what do you just say? I bet it; you will come back to me

Rose: Oh, the bird is escaped out of your dark cage and that for ever. one day, you will awake out of your day-dreaming and know this.

Chief Matt: well, the Master wants you back.

Rose: Sorry, he once mastered me I now master in Christ. Matt, if you diligently ask your master, he will tell you he now lives under my feet. Halleluiah. [She burst in to laughter]

Chief Matt: How do you me? Stop fooling yourself.

Rose: isn’t it good news that your master, Satan, who you lured me to serve now groan under my foot! Oh, what a great news on earth!

Chief Matt: [angry] Will you stop blasphemy! Shot up your mouth or-

Rose: [cuts in] Oh, what do you just call it.? Blasphemy? Oh, you who live in his dark paradise are too blind a fool to see. As for me, I’ve seen the light and all that is dark I rule over by His life in me.

Chief Matt: Rose, you….calling me a blind fool? My third daughter is older than you and you open your dirty mouth to-

Rose: Please, Mr. stop it. Just stop that foolish defense. Your daughters will call you worst of names should you sleep with them.

Chief Matt: How would they? No, they dare not.

Rose: You must’ve been sleeping with them!

Chief Matt: Oh, oh. Keep shut! Blasphemy

Rose: Well, listen now, I am pregnant for you.

Chief Matt: That isn’t news. Go, treat it as usual.

Rose: What do you just said?

Chief Matt: Get it flush out! Period!

Rose: But I just told you I am no longer such a fool.

Chief Matt: And what are you? Will you please remind me.

Rose: A covenant Child, a light of the world.

Chief Matt: Sorry, a mistaken identity. She who flirts with her father’s age mate isn’t a fool? A lady so deeply lured into occult and cannibalism can not be a light.

Rose: All you’re ranting belonged to my past. She who you made darkness, Jesus turned to light and you’re angered.

Chief Matt: Angered? You sacrificed chastity for materialism, and offered all that you are for vanity. Stop deceiving your self, sweat heart; you are the biggest of fools.

Rose: You talk like devil, and indeed you are one. Matt, note it well, you own the baby in my womb. I will never abort again.

Chief Matt: Listen, you for sure know me. If you don’t abort it, I deny it.

[Mrs. Adetola appears; stands by door post}

Rose: You, denying it? Go ahead.DNA will soon nail you.

Chief Matt: You wouldn’t want to lose you life. Don’t dare me.

Rose: My life is in the hand of Christ Jesus, and it is secured. You dare not touch fire.

Chief Matt: Baby, don’t play with your life, I warn you.

Rose: Mr. you play with your destiny. Your political career is about to heat the rock. Perhaps you don’t know; I have all our dealings and conversations recorded. And…

Chief Matt: [ [cuts in]No, you can’t be serious. You lied. Are you serious? Tell me you are not.

Rose: I even made open confessions in my Church yesterday. All our dealings on my memory card are presently being dumped into a VCD. If you threaten me, hun…

Chief Matt: [ [Cuts in]do you know what you just did carries death penalty in our-

Rose: [Cuts in] in your what? I no longer belong to that your dark world, Mister. My life is secured in the hands of Jesus. Go to hell. This discussion is over [cut the phone, sobbing]

Mrs. Adetola: [Enters, gets closer and sits on bed, gently comforting her]: he denies.

Rose: He insists I should abort. And I insist I won’t.

Mrs. Adetola : And so he threaten to deny it.

Rose: He went further threatening to eliminate me.

Mrs. Adetola : He can’t, my daughter. God is greater and stronger. We will fast and pray and God will make him roast in his own fire.

Rose: I believe, Mum. He who set fire shall be consumed by it. But, oh, I am done. What a seed of regret!

Mrs. Adetola : seed of regret or what do you just say? No, no my baby. Never give an unborn such accursed name. [Holds her to the bosom] See, we love you. We shall win this battle. It is time; join us in for the Family devotion.

Rose: you love me mum? With all the evils I have done to you? Oh, thank you mum. Thanks. I love you too. I will follow you straight away.

Scene closes



[It is 15hour, in Chief Matt house. He sits in his secret room, holding brief with leaders of his killer squad, Simony and jelling. He instructs them to bring Rose to him within 48hours, dead or alive]

Chief Matt: [signals with hands] get it well done. Bring her for me dead or alive. She has vital information at hand that is very dangerous to my political survival. Get it for me too.

Jelling: But Sir, if we eliminate her how do we retrieve the info? She might have kept it somehow.

Chief Matt: boys, stop questioning me. If you fail in this operation, your will go life for it. Period!

Simony: Yes, sir.[offers him military salute]

Jelling: Chief, just consider that little witch dead already

Chief Matt: Hear me right; eliminate only if she resist. Do you both hear that clear?

Jelling: Yes sir. Your command stands firm.

Chief Matt: [He rises to go in] Wait, I come. [He comes back with cash]

Simony: [high in spirit] Great father, great… great…great. You are a father. You are our Jelling: father lord, na you go rule for ever. [Shouts louder, hailing the chief]

Chief Matt: [He throws the money bag to them] make sure you do not fail in this great mission. It’s total success or your life.

Simony & Jelling: Count it perfectly done! [They made obeisance, and rush out].

Chief Matt: before the dark lords act, I will act. No one step on my toe and go scot-free. Mercy is a taboo and forgiveness an abomination. No sinners go unpunished. Ah…. A….h… a….h…. a….h.a….h …… [Laughing, hysterically]

Scene closes



[It is past midnight. Ruth, deep in sleep, dreams]

CHIEF MATT: [telling his squad of two]: take hold of that lady; drag her here to my feet.

Rose: [running for her life. As the two men run after her., she was shouting and crying for help] please, help, people, and help… help… help… Chief Matt assassins are after my life. Help, they want to kill me. Jesus, arise for me, please help me, help …

Jelling: [catch up with her]: You are finished. [Together with Simony, he begins to tie and beat her. After which she is dragged to where Chief Matt is standing, still crying for help]

Chief Matt: Where is that info? Hand it over to me now or I kill you.

Rose: It is with the studio man. He is mass dumping it . Please, don’t kill me I will get it all for you.

Chief Matt: Where is the studio man? What is his name?

Rose: uncle Sholly, of the Holy-way studio, 65a, Bob Stone road.

Chief Matt: Good [commands his men by gesture]: send her to the mother earth. In pieces. [They lift up their clubs and machetes, dealing ruthlessly with her. Chief Matt rests her back on her car, laughing] eh, wait. Jelling, go give me the knife. I want to remove that baby in her womb. It will be of great use. Run, fast.

Jelling: [Runs with speed to the car booth, opens the boot and runs back with knife]: Chief, here is it.

Chief Matt: [Receives it and walks up to Rose. Now he dangles the knife to her face]: Since you are too holy to abort, let me speed up your advance delivery.

Rose: [makes a loud shout] JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! Save me now!/D.C

Chief Matt: Stop it! Action! Bring me a basin now.[Now, he lifts up the knife to cut through her womb]: My sweet heart, rest in perfect pea-

Ruth: [Cuts in] No, No, No. I rebuke you in Jesus name. Stop it now and scatter. [She suddenly sees herself flying bodily toward the killers, and with a flaming sword in her right hand she begins to slaughter them one by one, chief Matt included. Then she loose Rose and suddenly she awake, sweating]

Ruth: [dials Rose’ number, right away] Hi, friend

Rose: On the other end]: oh, dear sister, good morning.

Ruth: Wake up now and start praying. God just revealed how Chief Matt hatches evil plan for you. He has hire two assassins to kill you. Wake up now your Mum and Dad for a night of warfare – hot warfare till morning break.

Rose: Yes, I heard you. Can I call pastor and prayer band leader to join?

Ruth: I will do that for you. Just get up and wake your people for victorious war.

Rose: all right. We will do.

Ruth: [Dialing pastor’s line] good morning, pastor…

Scene closes





It is 21hour.Chief Matt’s killer squad is seeing hunting around Rose family house but couldn’t see her. Simony finally breaks through the house, searching every room for VCD/DVD without success. He comes out and then they decided to stay afar off, waiting for her or anyone who could be of help to getting her. And It isn’t long when Rose father, Mr. Adetola returns home from a trip, and they follow him as soon as he enters.

Simony: Good evening, sir

Mr. Adetola; Oh, young ones, good evening. Can I help you?

Jelling: Yes you can, if only you will

Mr. Adetola; How can I?

Simony: it is your daughter, Rose? We need her dead or alive.

Mr. Adetola: My daughter dead or alive! Young Men, it’s high time you told me what evil she did

Simony: [Gives Mr. Adetola a slap on the face]: bring out your daughter now or else I kill you.

Mr. Adetola I am just returning from a journey. I met no body at home.

Jelling: To save your own life, go in there and bring out that recorded document containing information on Chief Matt.

Mr. Adetola I wouldn’t understand what you talk-

Both: [More deadly beaten] Go in and bring those secret documents or you are dead.

Mr. Adetola: I should go in to search! The truth is I seriously doubt if there is anything of such. [He walks in, searching from one room to another, as those men follow him. When he couldn’t find it, they mercilessly beat her until he goes into coma. They carry him, lock him inside car booth and depart]

A neighbor: [meanwhile, a neighbor who has been secretly watching the event has been calling police and alert local security outfit.] “It’s white Toyota corolla. Stop the car and Check the booth. The Man is killed and locked in the booth. They are assassins.

Noises of siren and then gun shots rent the air. Eventually, security forces round them up. Simony is shot dead in cross fire and Jelling is fatally wounded and arrested. Mr. Adetola is rescued and taking to hospital]                       Scene closes











[Its 23hour, inside the church, Pastor Gabriel leading his wife, Devein, Ruth and Mrs. Adetola, and Rose in prayer when a boy runs inside, sweating.]

Neighbor 2: Pastor, pastor, they don kill am o. oh, evil people kill and carry am away

Yohanna: Who? Who? Where do they carry him?

Neighbor 2: they don kill papa Rose; wicked people don kill papa Rose.

Rose/ Mother: Oh, Lord! Why? Why? Lord? [Rose weeps profusely, and finally faints. Pastor’s wife and Ruth are trying to revive her, pouring water on her]

Pastor Gabriel: [calls] Hear the Word of God; wipe away your tears. I have raised him back to you from the grave, Adetola is yet alive. Halleluiah! I want everyone here to shout it. Shout Halleluiah!

Team: [Shallow and lifeless]: halleluiah [Rose is revived, and to that they now shout louder halleluiah] Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah!

[They all come near Rose and lift her up, comforting her with just given prophecy].

Rose: Pastor, you assure we shall win this war!

Pastor: Jesus has won it already

Rose: with my father dead, He has won it already?

Pastor: Believe the Spirit of God. Your father still lives.

Rose: Mother… [Looks at her Mum]

Mrs. Adetola: Daughter… I believe… you also can.

Rose: I should believe… my father lives…I believe…. Yes, I believe [sobbing again]

Pastor: Praise yes the Lord!

All: Halleluiah… glory… glory… glory … glory

Pastor: glory shall be the end!                                                               Scene closes




[10.30hour. Chief Matt, fully dressed in white for the day’s outings, stands before his god, in his “power house”, worshipping and incarnating. Finally done with worship, he proceeds to lap some diabolical means for his security for the day. Then, he goes out high with pride and suddenly, someone bangs at the door.]

Chief Matt:[calls] Driver, Driver , who is there? What is up? Who intend to break my door?

Driver: Sir, I am already on my way to the down floor, [ opens the door only to be met by two security men in the accompany of Jelling.] They politely ask for chief matt.] He is up-stair, officer.[returns upward]

Chief Matt: [stoops] who is he?

Driver: Two Police officers and one of your boys

Chief Matt: What? [The men climb up behind the driver] Oh, you are very welcome, officers. Come up! Tell me your side of bargain.

Police 1: Chief, do you say bargaining? There is nothing to negotiate. You are needed in the command. You are under arrest. [Show him the warrant and order him out].

Chief Matt: You need money. Officers, let me spoil you little.

Police II: Thanks for that mister spoiler. The game is over. Give your self over.

Chief Matt: In that case, go, I will follow you in my own car. But you can still have a re-think and get rich.

Police 1: Move and stop your rash speaking, lest you nail yourself by in law court by your own words. Move! [As he tries to push on a reluctant Chief matt, he notices he is trying to bring out a pistol gun from his lions and he quickly outsmarts him by giving him a shot at his ankle. Chief Matt cries loud and falls while the other police officer rush at him to cease the gun. He is carried out into police van and they drive off.]

Scene closes



Six days later, 12hour of the day, Mr. Adetola sits on bed in Police Specialist Hospital, and round about him are Rose, her Mum, Ruth and Pastor Gabriel and his wife. He is eating and sharing his testimony; they are rejoicing and praising the Lord. The Dr. enters and breaks the news that Adetola will be discharge in sixteen hours time. A resounding praise and dance follow.




Eight Months Later. Rose stroll round the compound, walks through and sit under an orange tree in the family garden.

ROSE: [sobbing] Lord, why this shame? Oh, how this seed of regret proclaims my past folly! Ah! What a shame! [Cups her head in hands, weeping] And, the gloomiest shame is that it is to be born to a life time inmate. [Loud cry] a seed to a prisoner…? Oh, Lord, I am finished…. [Weeping]

MRS. ADETOLA: [appears from backside]: no, my Baby, this seed shall be a flower of great glory; curse it not; it shall bloom into redemption and greatness.

ROSE: I regret my life, Mum. [Crying] Oh, see how my past paints black my glory, I am unfit for my Lord.

MRS. ADETOLA: oh, Child, regret the sin, and not the seed. To move your life forward you must first remove your eyes from the past and look forward

ROSE: how can I when my yesterday folly bind me with so strong a chains!

MRS. ADETOLA: but Jesus has loosed you from the chains. Forgive yourself and you will see how free you are.

ROSE: An epitome of shame become; how can I?[ bursts to louder cry]. No, Mum, I regret letting this seed plant in my vineyard.

MRS. ADETOLA: Can’t you be a gardener so generous enough to show this plant of treasure a good compassion? That seed in you needs your kindness. Show it.

ROSE: And whose name shall it bear?

MRS. ADETOLA: His father’s of course!

ROSE: A prisoner, we will never see again?

MRS. ADETOLA: [Draw her into embrace]Stop this mess. Learn the lesson and forgive yourself. Can’t you?

ROSE: [Sobbing] God must help me…He must, Mum, He…Eh [feeling child labour], my tummy, eh, help,

MRS. ADETOLA: It is time, [calling] Daddy, please come, Daddy….

PASTOR & RUTH: [enter through main gates] Good noon in this house…. [Meet Mr. Adetola at the door, running out of the house

  1. ADETOLA: What is it? [Pastor and Ruth haste after him to the garden] What? Oh… my little angel

[She is labour, and is carried to Pastor’s car… straight to the hospital.



  1. Beloved John






Why do you weep? Can you tell the reason for your constant tears? You certainly weep for a reason. There is a fountain known to you- the fountain of your tears. Yet, God promise to wipe away all your tears.

Why are you weeping? And how long have you been carrying these cheeks of tears? Oh, how longer will you still bear the burden? Friend, I plead with you to reach unto the Fountain of peace and all comfort for the balm that heals the broken heart.

Why do men weep? What could be reasons for their streams of tears? Let me take you through the scriptures for seven broad reason men do weep.

The Jews groaned and wept bitterly in Egypt for the reason of their bondage and afflictions. “Now it happened in the process of time that the king of Egypt died. So the Children of Israel groaned because of the bondage, and they cried out, and their cry came up to God because of the bondage” (Exd.2:23)

Beloved, under what bondage are you presently groaning? In what way are you being afflicted by your enemies? The patriarch Job, under the heavy yoke of satanic attack groaned and grievously lamented. Devil descended on him, destroying all his wealth, Sons and health. Job did weep in his afflictions. And you weep also.

Affliction makes men to weep. Tears do flow from the font of chains, slavery and oppressions.

Isn’t it true that those tears in your eyes are caused by years of ceaseless physical and spiritual assaults on your destiny? You have been caged down by strange hands! You have been cast down from the pinnacle of success and prosperity! You have shot with deadly arrows of infirmity! And these and others are the reasons for your tears.

Affliction is principal reason many shed tears.

Second, regret of lost glory makes men weep. It was the reason for Esau’s tears. “When Esau heard the words of his father, he cried with an exceedingly great and bitter cry, and said to his father, bless me- me also, O my father.” (Gen. 27:34)

Esau’s struggles for first class glory began in the womb and continued thereafter. But he tragically sealed his own doom when he sold his birthright to his brother Jacob. It was a case of apathy but he lived the rest of his life to regret it.

The reality was finally dawned on Esau on the day he was to receive the father’s blessing. It was a blessing that belonged to him as first born but he lost it. What he finally ca

me to know is the fact that you can’t eat your cake and have it. He who sold his birthright should also forget the accrue blessing. The two go together. Even though Esau wept on that day, the blessing was gone for ever. “For ye know that afterward, when he would have inherited the blessing, he was rejected: for he found no place of repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears.” (Heb. 12: 17)

Are also weeping for the opportunity carelessly lost in the past? Are you been tormented by yesteryears’ shadows? Each time you look back you sob. Yes, you cry because you now understand how you sold out your entire future on the breast of a woman. Yes, you weep because it pains when you remember how you offer your manhood to get wealth and fame. You never know these streams of tears will never dry when you sacrificed your loved one to the occult to get power or money and now you live to regret in tears.

Loss of glory and opportunity may be reason for your tears.