VICTORY OVER TENSION  Text: Matt 6:25-34

Definition: tension is the sense of prolong stress, the dismal feeling of inadequacy that set in up-tightness, high blood pressures and illness.

CAUSES OF TENSION: These include fear, worry, guilt, hate, frustration, spiritual forces and prolong ceaseless life battles.

EFFECTS OF TENSIONS: Tension is indeed painful. Its effects include the following, among others:

  • Trauma or unrest. Why? Tension hurts the mind.
  • Illness, blood pressure. How? It cripples the body.
  • Loss of vision: How? It limits the people and their vision.
  • You become vengeful; transferring aggression to innocent people.

VICTORY OVER TENSION: Practice physical relaxation: rest is needed for prayer to be effectual.

  1. Practice mind relaxation: see with your inner eyes the enveloping presence of God and His beauty.
  2. Undergo medical check-up, if need be. See your doctor for medical check-up.
  • Practice spiritual refreshing: spend much time to read and meditate on relevant Bible passage. [ 23, 90; John 14:1-6, Isa,60, 61, 32 &26]
  1. Pray in the Spirit (tongues): you will burst into over flowing praise, if you do.
  2. Remove your eyes from your trouble and fix on Jesus Christ (Heb.12:2)


Text: MATT. 18:21 35

Definition: It is the opportunity giving to someone to try again, to do better and to be freed from the shackles of past mistakes.


  1. That Satan takes no advantage of us.(II Cor. 2:10-11)
  2. That we may be free from the emotional trauma and bitterness (i.e. for our own sake) 33:1- 15 and Col. 3:13
  3. To proof that we are true, obedient children of God (He commands, we obey) Ephesians 4:31 -31; Mk. 11:25 26.
  4. That our sacrifices and prayers may be acceptable before God. 5:21- 24
  5. Forgiveness is an antidote for poisons that corrupt the mind and harm the body.
  6. Because you needed protection for yourself. Unforgiving spirit deprives us of moral virtues, spiritual power and divine blessings
  7. Because it’s the most important lesson we can learn in life as Christians.


As believers we must do all we could to get rid of all barriers to forgiveness out of our way and freely forgive. These barriers will make it difficult for us to forgive.

  • A mind set to Avenge: If you’ve made up your mind to revenge, you can’t forgive.
  • Inability to think out reconciliation possibility: You must think deep to think out possibility of forgiving that fellow.
  • Thinking God will have to help you to forgive: Forgiveness is a decision of your own will. So make your decision and choose to forgive. It’s in your power to do it.
  • Waiting until the other person come to beg/ apologize: He or she may never come. Always be the first to take a step towards reconciliation.
  • Waiting until you feel like for giving: It is not a matter of feeling. Simply obey the truth and get your freedom.
  • Holding on to anger, hatred and resentment: these are diseases of the mind. Youneed the spirit of forgiveness as a balm to heal them
  • Prayerlessness: Most prayer-less people lack needed grace and power to forgive others. Learn to be prayerful.
  • Ignorance: when you are ignorant of God’s demands of forgiveness and of its paramount   importance, you may live long in unforgiving attitude.


You can forgive. Yes, we all can, if truly we are born again and have the Spirit of God in us. To forgive whoever offends us we are to take the following steps:

  • Cease to be judgmental. (Matt 7:1)
  • Learn to be loving, understanding and compassionate (Cor. 3:12 13)
  • Go for Prayer of deliverance, if demons are involved.(Mark. 16:17
  • Strive to think deeply enough as to think out reconciliation possibilities.
  • Learn to give over vengeance to God. (Romans 12:19)
  • Choose, by a determined will and principle, to forgive people ever before they do offend us. 50:15 21
  • Kill ignorance by studying the Word of God, know God’s will and commands.
  • Deal with the battles of mind e.g. anger, hatred, malice, bitterness and resentment. [Matt.25]


We are in the midnight watches, with many deeply asleep, and many lamps are burnt out already. Reigns of darkness are being felt. The folly of the foolish virgins is greatly manifesting. The Christianity of our days seems to have lost its savour. What are the signs of the night?

  1. We’re the light of the world, set on earth to salting it. But many born-again Christians are fast losing their worth as the light, being re-occupied with the earthly. (Lk14: 34-35; 21:34).
  2. It is dark; so believers are missing their purpose for living. A greater percentage of Christians now glorify the pleasures and treasure of the world. (Matt. 6:22).
  3. Spirit of complacency now thrives unhindered. We have mastered how to live and conform to the world without incurring her wrath. Thus, our loyalty to Christ is divided, our allegiance halfhearted, and our service hypocritical. (Rev.3:15-16)
  4. Triumphalism, the description New Testament Christianity, I being now undermines. As intimacy with God drops each day, we present Christianity as merely militancy. Jhn.19:30.
  5. Intercession for soul-winning missions is no longer part of our prayer life. One-on-one, hospital, prison and house to house evangelism are dead today. Just because, like the trembling army of King Saul, believers are becoming a fearful Army. (LK 9:24; 14:28-35; 2Tim. 42; Rev. 2:10).
  6. Christianity today is becoming the pride of the sensual. Lusts for fame, wealth, position and diabolical powers now thrive unhindered. Everyone wants to be executive; at all cost. No wonder sons of Belial are loosed with greed, violence and sexual sin by the altar of the Lord. (I Sam 3&4).
  7. At the expense of love for Christ; we prioritize our love for our loved ones. And so the discipline of Biblical discipleship ceases to be the Christian virtue. Discipleship tenet given by the Lord Jesus in Luke 14:26-27 is no longer taught as should.
  8. Many seekers for the anointing now got it through shortcut route. Because they could not wait, they make covenant with the dark lords to operate satanic power to boost the kingdom of God.
  9. Today’s altar call is for those with casual, impulsive decision. No genuine repentance; no proofs of new resurrected life, yet they claim to be born again.
  10. Itching ears congregations are cross carpeting churchesevery day, seeking for teachers who teach what they love to hear. (2 Tim. 4:3-4). Hun; like pastors, like congregation! When the message of the Cross and resurrection irritates your heart; you are certainly in a sad case.
  11. It is good to give and givers never lack. Yet, let givers not forget that only a seed sow into fertile soil will win him lasting, bountiful harvests. To sow your seeds to fund projects that were answers to certain human ego, satisfy your leader’s greed, or financevision that bears no positive impacts on God’s mission brings no rewards.
  12. Mammon is the new god of this age Christianity. How sad and tragic it has captured both the laity and the pulpit. How horrible that materialism is now the message, and no longer Christ and His cross.


It takes the wisdom displayed by the five Biblical wise virgins to win in these perilous times. But what does it cost to be a wise a virgin?

  1. Like the ten virgins, true believers are virgins betrothed to Christ the king. We are His royal bride-to-be. We must preserve our virginity, live as chaste virgins and keep our wedding garments white and pure.[II cor. 11:2; . (Matt. 22 11-13; 16:15).
  2. Guard yourself well in these last days. Perils of this perilous time roar dangerously. Many believers are turning away from the faith. Foolish virgins are flirting around, playing gimmicks. But guard yourself.
  3. Be wise to prepare early. It is folly to prepare lately. It takes supernatural wisdom to save you from last minute preparation. (Matt. 2510).
  4. We need the Spirit fullness more than any ages in history. Our spiritual compositions ought to be as “burning coals of fire”… being aflame in the Spirit.(II Cort. 318; 2720 ; Rev. 3:15)
  5. In view of winning the price, we must run the race according to the rules of the game.(2 Tim. 2:5; I Cort. 9:24).
  6. Run the race with patience and lots of endurance. (Hebr. 12:1; Matt. 2413)
  7. Lay aside every weight that could hinder smooth, successful racing and brace for a good night watch.(Matt. 25:13; 24:44).
  8. To victoriously outlive this midnight watches, you will need to seek for the extra portions of His graces of love, kindness mercies, meekness, and so on. (Col. 3:12-14, 4:6; Matt. 5:41, 25:4).
  9. Watching unto prayer, examine your relationship with God and with His word, daily and be sober (II Cort. 13:5; me Thess. 5:6; me Pet. 4:7).
  10. In this midnight watches, satanic machinations are up against the fruitfulness of God’s seed (the word). Even pastors and teachers are under heavy satanic bombardments. (2 Thess 3:1).
  11. “Occupy till I come” was Christ’s standing order for the disciples. Be occupied for the Lord. This universe needs the onward sweep of the gospel. Global harvest demands everything in you. Brace up! It is a debt you must pay. (Rom. 1:14-15;Prov. 11:30)
  12. Be prepared for the most glorious morning that will soon be, when Jesus Christ, our bridegroom will appear in the air. (I Thess. 4:16).