She was a woman of exceptional beauty. And she invades our gathering with such a pleasing value of excellence. Oh, how greatly I adore her beauty! Hers was a delightful charm of a fascinating glory and of positive captivating wonder.
I walked towards her and ask, what is your name? She smiled and answered ‘my parents named me Princess Reula’. And suddenly her winsome beauty dispatches aura of distinct brilliance, as she ravished my heart with one look of her eyes, with one link of her necklace.”
Not long after I started an affair with her, I got to know that she also shares of the ordeal of love that has enslaved her royal lineage. She came from a royal house that is locked in a den of ignominy, where princess and queens shamelessly offer themselves as disrepute flowers, casting their pearl of nobility carelessly before dogs.
In her royal citadel, infidelity is the norms. Her mother, Queen Benita conceived her of an incestuous relationship with Davila, an uncle to the King.‘So, royal heads also worship at the foot of whores’, I yelled!
Like Princess Reula, many so-called reputable beauties today are nothing but Smashes of defeat; their privacy being a portrait of amoral lifestyle.
My affair with Reula opened my eyes to the odd predicaments of eroticism in many royal palaces and presidential quarters. I came to understand how Kings, queens, princes and princesses, political giants and Lilliputian share of the same fires, storms and floods of life that common people go through.
I came to know we all need God’s special grace to resist evil and evil companions, to repel the pull of beautiful immoral women. The trouble with beauty is bitterer than death!
Then I remembered the biblical story of Herodias and her daughter.She was as beautiful as the mother of my fiancee, Queen Benita. Oh, what a great beauty was Herodias who got married first to Phillip, to whom it was believed she borne her only daughter, Salome. But she later went into immoral relationship with Phillip’s uncle -Herod Antipas. I began to see the royal curse flowing through Reula’s vein. As demons of incest came in to stain the dignity of Herodias dynasty, so have they made conquest of Reula’s royal house.
There are still many beauty merchants in our streets seeking for buyers or sellers of royal descent. Beauty merchants hire by devil to pollute royal blood with evils of prostitution, and darken royal lights. Oh, incest is still an on-going art in many of today’s royal families. Many great politicians still sleep with their sons’ wives, just as the wealthy and famed do sleep with their own offspring and step daughters.
It was against this incestuous union that John-the-Baptist publicly cried out, saying: “It is not right for you to have her”. Yes, John cried against it because it was wrong and evil. But what followed was his arrest and imprisonment by Herod Antipas. John was imprisoned for having the nerve to condemn his incestuous union and was made to pay dearly for it with his very life.
My dear ‘big’ one, are you also into incestuous relationship with your brother, aunt, niece, uncle, nephew or cousin? Eh, friend; “It is not right for you to have her”; “It is not right for you to have him”.
Jesus calls.Repent of that incestuous act. It’s satanic.Stop it! Incest is an evil forbidden by God, and also by many human cultures. All God’s prophets in the Bible cried against it. Stop that evil incestuous relationship now before God’s wrath descends on you!
Woman, you are so much a beauty to behold. But why are you offering your beauty for sale? Any beauty worth selling is a beauty of a whore. All such beauties are no beauty at all. It’s time to repent, keep your self-worth and regain your royalty.
Nobility should be connected to moral chastity. Preserve your beauty and you will preserve your honor. A flirt is evil. An immoral is terrible. It is time to stop offering your beauty for sale. It takes chastity to maintain royalty.

The Dancing Beauty – BBJOHN
Salome, as Flavius Josephus called her, must have been a Jewel of excessive beauty, a beauty more dangerous than Herodias, her pretty Mother. Like her mother, Salome was queen of beauty.
On his birthday, in the presence of his prodigious guests, Herod Antipas flew on top of the world.
The king’s guests were in high joyous mood, even as the delightful mood of the king became a general covering aroma in the royal dome.
It was a celebration galore, with surpluses of eating and sipping, as ecstasies of singing and boogieing rented the air. Then Antipas called in her step-daughter for a singular dance.
And how greatly did Salome invaded the ring and singularly stole the show. Indeed, the exceptional beautiful Salome was too appealing to ignore. Added to her beauty was her extraordinary dancing skill. She came in and demonstrated herself a real dancer.
Herodias’ daughter was a dancing magic; a dance thriller. Salome’s dance turned Herod’s birthday to a dancing pageant, dangerously arousing the sensual passion of his royal guests.
The king and his royal guests were all spell-bound. In just no time; the teenage beauty queen conquered all with her seductive enthusiasm. They watch with mouth-agape the Salome’s flying body, being moved by her talking breasts, shivering waist, blowy feet, sparkling thighs, and beaming face.
On Herod Antipas’ birthday it was Salome’s weird dance that won the day. In the end, Antipas, the royal celebrant got hooked and, being pleased, arose and made that famed, unpopular rash vow:
“The king said to the girl, ask me whatever you want and I will give it to you… up to the half my kingdom.”
Antipas asked his dancing damsel to ask anything, even to the half of his kingdom. Oh, what a rash royal oath!
But the king was ignorant of the fact that Salome was an instrument of vengeance in her mother’s hand. Antipas was a conquered giant, who wouldn’t understand that Herodias and her daughter were prototypes of ‘beautiful women more terrible than death’
The beautiful Herodias, on a revenge mission, wanted the Baptist dead but Antipas only imprisoned him. But Herodias wasn’t satisfied with John’s imprisonment. With John behind the bar, Herodias only waited for a day of opportunity to wrest her vengeance. Herodias wasn’t the type that forgives offenders. You don’t expect such darkness as she to forgive.
She was a wicked beauty with a heart so darkly ugly that couldn’t withstand the presence of John, “a burning and shining light”.
The sensual dance of Herodias’ daughter needs our profound re-evaluation. Her strange dance should earn her the nick-name of a ‘Dancing Demon’. Indeed, Herodias’ evil influences on Phillip’s daughter were too scandalous.
But Herod Antipas had himself to blame. He has spoken words of vow that would forever plague his soul. When the damsel returned from her mother with a platter for the head of John the Baptist, Antipas really felt miserable, but the deed was already done. In the end, Salome’s erotic dance brought about the detachment of the Baptist’s head.
Herod Antipas learned this lesson too late in life: that ‘he who surrounds himself with wrong company of people shall live to lick the wounds.
Destiny liberation depends solely on knowing liberating truth: “Then Jesus said… And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” [John 8:31-32]
Beware of evil company, and evil influences. He, who encloses himself with evil men or seductive women, would haunt his own soul to destruction.
Words are powerful and oath ought to be binding. Think deep before you vow.Wrong words dictate wrong decision-making, lead to unpleasant life course and cast noble destinies onto shores of disaster.
External beauty is inferior to inward loveliness. Possessing the inner is safer and better, for the inner is the true exquisite beauty. Beautiful heart is loftier to beautiful face. The prime beauty God looks for in any human is the prettiness of the heart. And how beautiful is your heart?

”Earning an immoral tag name is one great tragedy that shouldn’t befall a good name. Dignity without integrity makes mockery of royalty”
I will like to take on a beauty seller called Drusilla, a lady of royal descent, the youngest and prettiest daughter of Herod Agrippa [I]’s three daughters.
Drusilla was indeed a woman of great beauty, who probably became too cognizant of her excessive beauty that she became such an arrogant, unrepentant flirt.
Her first marriage was at the age of 15 to king Aziz, a Judaist convert. But driven by lust, Drusilla marriage to Aziz was short-lived as she suddenly lusted after Governor Felix, who latter abducted and married her. The problem with this second marriage was its illegality, in that neither she nor Felix was a divorcee or widow. It was thus a marriage that branded her an immoral woman, in accordance to the Law of Moses.
In Felix life, Drusilla became a powerful but unpleasant influence. Being a woman of great sway, many believe she must have been used of the devil to halt Felix desire to believe in Christ when Apostle Paul preached to him in the royal court. She was believed to be seating side by side Governor Felix when Paul was standing before him in that historic self-defense.
Thus, many reasoned that Felix would have given his life to Christ when he trembled and reasoned as Paul preached Jesus had it been this immoral woman wasn’t in his life. Drusilla would have moved the motion for adjournment of the meeting, being uncomfortable hearing the fiery gospel teacher.
She was supposed to have died twenty years later while trying to escape an eruption.
Bernice was another Beauty of royal blood.Her story teaches us that “to a sexual dog, insomnia is an intimate friend; to an incestuous beauty, hyper-insomnia a companion”
Bernice, a royal Jewel borne with silver spoon in her mouth, was the half-Jewish daughter of Herod Agrippa (I). She was also a beauty hailed from the Herodias royal lineage.
But I am writing this piece to teach you some good lessons from the dark side of Bernice’s life.
Bernice was a beautiful princess, yet a flirt. She was a flirt who got herself locked again and again in numerous bizarre affairs. She was said to have been married three times, thoughremained a woman who took pleasure in constant sale of her beauty to good bidders. She would sell it off to one and then revoke it at will.
First, she was married toMarcus, whom she later left to be remarried to her own uncle. But her incestuous marriage to her uncle didn’t last long, for she abandoned him to marry Ptolemy, King of Cilicia.
With Bernice marriage to King Ptolemy, her social status was liftedto that of a queen.Yet her story did not end there, for her amoral lifestyles continued even as queen of Cilicia. You wouldn’t believe it that Queen Bernice kept on offering her beauty for sale, this time first in a secret affair with Julius, and then in incestuous relationship with Julius Agrippa {II}.
Similarly, as queen, she was said to have employed the power of gifts and presents to seduce Vespasian, the Roman Emperor and also his son, Titus into illicit relationships.
To Titus, Bernice was a sugar mother for she was ten years older than he. Theirs was such a serious relationship that Titus divorced his wife to openly live with Bernice. And they would have legally got married had it not been for the popular oppositions from the Romans people.
In the end, Titus sent Bernice away in A.D. 79 and was left to dress her sores in shame and infamy till death.
Many modern day first ladies aristocrat women and mothers in Israel still roam in Bernice world of immoral lusts.Aren’t you also another Bernice, royal but immoral, wealthy but amoral, illustrious but lusty. Isn’t it shameful that with your high social status you could still be involved in illicit, extramarital affairs?
Hi, my dear reader, it is high time you turned to God in true repentance. Accept Jesus Christ today. His blood makes wither than snow.