Be My Special Guest in this Year Fire Retreat

Be My Special Guest in this Year Fire Retreat

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Christianity was never ordained to be ordinary. It’s the winning, extraordinary life of Christ. The life in Jesus, {He is the greatest Champion of all times}, is rooted in His Calvary’s covenant but boosted by the blazing essence of the Holy Spirit. After being born again, you need being renewed by the Word and anointed by the Holy Ghost. Becoming a reigning champion thus demands being robbed and insured by the Spirit fire. His flame essence produces all the glittering effects we need to champion God’s life and power. We need the champion ablaze:

  1. To bring down revival fire and make the saintly heart aflame for God’s.
  2. To ignite carnal & casual believers & turn them to active, radical burning lamps.
  3. To make the Gospel a liberating power in the hands of blazing saints.
  4. To make the Christianity ‘The Way’ of super-ordinary life, power and miraculous.
  5. To stop the way of formalism, routine tricks & ritual worship in the Christendom.
  6. To conquer the world’s dark horizons & accomplish the mandate of global evangelization.
  7. To challenge and overrun the present destructive world systems.
  8. To illuminate the church & get her out of oceans of gross compromise.
  9. To clear away all facades from our lives till we shine for Jesus
  10. To triumph over the assault of night & shine brightly in its darkness.
  11. To lead the world through the brilliant highways of holiness and power.

The Big Question: Where are the Championing Blazers to ignite the dying humanity with heaven’s sent fire?




Beauty varies. There are various breeds or kinds of beauty. In this book, we shall be examining just three major kinds – the Winsome, the Gifted and the Dangerous beauties. Let’s begin with the first, the winsome beauty:

The Winsome Beauty

The winsome beauty is majorly physical in nature. It is outward, often inheritable and highly appealing. It is a kind of beauty that does not often relate to the lovely virtue of the inward being.

Real winsome beauty is excessive in nature, as it dispatches distinct brilliance that captures the heart of its beholder. It is captivating when its loveliness aggravates the alluring magic of brilliance, and very smart in pulling the attraction and prestige of its admirers.

Song of Solomon makes it clear how winsome beauty captures the heart: “You have ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse; you have ravished my heart with one look of your eyes, with one link of your necklace.”{4:9}. Put in better word, the winsome beauty is love at first sight. With it is the power that sparks the magnetic glamour and incites splendors of dynamism, creativity and pleasure in the heart of its admirers.

It might be true that winsome beauty wins the day first! Thus, ladies blessed with it mostly draw the best of attention, attraction, favour, goodness and fortunes!  As a result, the winsome beauty oddly triggers pride in the heart of many who bear it. It must be true that e xcessive beauty naturally arouses feelings of self-importance.

On the other hand, the less-beautiful ones often stand at loss, especially in the marital choices! Notwithstanding all these, only she who is richly blessed with the inward virtues ever remain the best of choices.

And this leads us to the second kind of beauty – the gifted beauty.

The Gifted Beauty

This is beauty complete, in that it comprises both the inner and outer beauty. This is total beauty because it is more than cute appearance, and eye-catching, good-looking faces. It has to do, first and foremost, with the flawlessness of the inner man, the flawlessness that draws attention to the spotlessness of the outer-man. To be counted among ‘the gifted beautiful ones’ you must “be all fair… with no spot in you”. {Songs of Sol. 4:7]

The gifted beauty is more refined and greater than any other. It is a superior comprehensive gemstone.

Being a person of gifted beauty implies being a woman of total beauty. Only such persons can be said to be possessing outstanding royal prettiness. It takes the inner beauty to carry enduring outer beauty, and be named ‘a royalty’ in the contest of true beauty.

Beauty without beatitudes always ends in confusions and pains. Physical beauty without inner loveliness is a mere flowering glory, for it must soon fade with aging. Oh, Jewel, you’ve got to wake up to the reality of possessing true beauty before your dying, aging nature rob you of the present natural beauty. The beauty that never fades is “the meek and quiet spirit, which in the sight of God is a great price”.

Physical, outer beauty is vanishing, unwholesome and harmful. A beauty that lacks inward loveliness is disadvantageous, distasteful and disastrous. There is nothing uglier than a natural, physical beauty flawed by inward barrenness.

The gifted beauty is highly beneficial. It is one glory that provokes Jewels to greater moral heights and exhorts them to strive for virtuous excellence. Gifted beauty teaches the beautiful ones to offer stiff resistance to sexual temptations and work hard for success in life.  Be a queen of Gifted Beauty and you will always laugh last in life.

The Dangerous Beauty

Dangerous beauty is a seducing metaphysical beauty. It is often powered by demons and other supernatural forces in. metaphysical beauty is dangerous because of its magical nature in manifestations.

Possessed, beautiful women could be so dangerously empowered to execute harm. One of the most dangerous things about such women appears when seducing powers are craftily displayed to show forth their attractiveness. Actually the beauty of a witch, familiar spirit, and water agent is mixes with feminine wiles.

Nothing could be more dangerous than the clever wits of beautiful women. Dangerous beauties walk with seductive passion to entice men to their disastrous end. Many seduce men to take imprudent risk and to throw caution to the wind.  You remember Cleopatra, that Egyptian beauty who lured the great Julius Caesar and Mark Antony to dangerous affairs.

Dangerous beauties spur sexual abuse, enslave lives, endanger destinies and cause real men of glory to crash. Dangerous beauties are they who make stupid of guys; reducing them to weak, myopic creatures. By their wits they could shatter glorious destiny to pieces of bread and cause royal crowns to act impulsively.

Listen: the story of Samson and Delilah has been re-written many times and is still being re-written in many lives.


Dearly beloved, the project called life demands more than the prettiness of your nice-looking face. You must be well furnished with the wonders of inner beauty to accomplish the project of life. Therefore, strive toward becoming a gifted beauty queen.

Life is a project meant to be furnished with a total and better beauty. It seriously demands the total kind of beauty for successful actualization. The inferior external beauty is must be matched with inner loveliness of true exquisite beauty. Only she who has both is safer and better.

Though, we live in a world that places much attention on the outward adornment, God’s focuses on the beauty of the heart. And to arrive at utopia of the project of life, we all must be fixed with the amazing prowess of the invisible beauty.

Beautiful heart is loftier to beautiful face. The prime glory God looks for in any man is the prettiness of the heart. Can you boldly tell how beautiful your heart is? A woman or man, who is gorgeously furnished with external wonders but deficient of inner excellence, is really ugly.

Total beauty is the compelling gold that ought to provoke radical beauty balance. All believers should strike for this balance. Possessing both the inward and outward beauty should be the pursuit of every Christian woman. In Christ we are divinely blessed with complete beauty. Only she who possesses the inner beauty is exceptionally beautiful. Such ones are a people of true royalty, and should be held in high honor in any gathering and generation.

A people of total beauty are true princes and princess of morality and quality.  This world will be a happy place when populated by such blessed species. They actually constitute the foremost brilliance on the Earth.

Oh, friend, you’ve got to acquire the gold of beauty in you. It is the power we need as Christians to make the clear difference on earth.

Strike for a Good Balance

What a pity that the world is densely populated with beautiful but unproductive ‘classy’ folks! What a tragedy that our contemporary generation holds the ephemerals as values.  We need to strike for a good balance by being persons of true, total beauty. Now, every woman can be a complete beauty by:

  • Putting more effort, time and resources on the development of her inner man, and less on the outer man.
  • Nurturing her inner virtues through friendship and partnership with the Holy Ghost.
  • Dealing with her inner ugliness through the cleansing word of God. On daily basis, we need the Word’s washing and illumination effects to purge us of all inner rots and cure, and the outside man got rapt to shine with grandeur beauty.

Stop the Madness Now!

That beauty is cursed which makes you to throw caution to the wind. And, mind you, when caution embraces the wind, drum of madness dictates the order of life.

You begin to dance to the drum of madness when you started parading your nakedness to public eyes. Drum of madness triggers you to offer your beauty for sale, as it pushes you to self-deranging shows. You’ve got to stop that madness of advertize your breasts, belly and thighs to onlookers. It is madness celebrating physical beauty, while moral and spiritual beauties go bankrupt.

My dear beautiful ones, it is time you stop living in your own fool paradise! Stop that madness now! It is time you quit celebrating your fading vanity of outward beauty, at the expense of the inner. Oh, stop the drummer and he will let go of all madness. Stop the madness now!



The Dancing Beauty – By BBJohn

Salome, as Flavius Josephus called her, must have been a Jewel of excessive beauty, a beauty more dangerous than Herodias, her pretty Mother. Like her mother, Salome was queen of beauty.

On his birthday, in the presence of his prodigious guests, Herod Antipas flew on top of the world.

The king’s guestswere in high joyous mood, even as the delightful mood of the king became a general covering aroma in the royal dome.

It was a celebration galore, with surpluses of eating and sipping, as ecstasies of singing and boogying rented the air. Then Antipas called in her step-daughter for a singular dance.

Andhow greatly did Salome invaded the ring and singularly stole the show. Indeed, the exceptional beautiful Salome was too appealing to ignore.  Added to her beauty was her extraordinary dancing skill. She came in and demonstrated herself a real dancer.

Herodias’ daughter was a dancing magic; a dance thriller. Salome’s dance turned Herod’s birthday to a dancing pageant, dangerously arousing the sensual passion of his royal guests.

The king and his royal guests were all spell-bound. In just no time; the teenage beauty queen conquered all with her seductive enthusiasm. They watch with mouth-agape the Salome’s flying body, being moved by her talking breasts, shivering waist, blowy feet, sparkling thighs, and beaming face.

On Herod Antipas’ birthday it was Salome’s weird dance that won the day. In the end, Antipas, the royal celebrant got hooked and, being pleased, arose and made that famed, unpopular rash vow:

“The king said to the girl, ask me whatever you want and I will give it to you… up to the half my kingdom.”

Antipas asked his dancing damsel to ask anything, even to the half of his kingdom. Oh, what a rash royal oath!

But the king was ignorant of the fact that Salome was an instrument of vengeance in her mother’s hand. Antipas was a conquered giant, who wouldn’t understand that Herodias and her daughter were prototypes of ‘beautiful women more terrible than death’

The beautiful Herodias, on a revenge mission, wanted the Baptist dead but Antipas only imprisoned him. But Herodias wasn’t satisfied with John’s imprisonment. With John behind the bar, Herodias only waited for a day of opportunity to wrest her vengeance.  Herodias wasn’t the type that forgives offenders. You don’t expect such darkness as she to forgive.

She was a wicked beauty with a heart so darkly ugly that couldn’t withstand the presence of John, “a burningandshininglight”.

The sensual dance of Herodias’ daughter needs our profound re-evaluation. Her strange dance should earn her the nick-name of a ‘Dancing Demon’. Indeed, Herodias’ evil influences on Phillip’s daughter were too scandalous.

But Herod Antipas had himself to blame. He has spoken words of vow that would forever plague his soul. When the damsel retuned from her mother with a platter for the head of John the Baptist, Antipas really felt miserable, but the deed was already done. In the end, Salome’s erotic dance brought about the detachment of the Baptist’s head.

Herod Antipas learned this lesson too late in life: that ‘he who surrounds himself with wrong company of people shall live to lick the wounds.

Destiny liberation dependssolely on knowing liberating truth: “Then Jesus said… And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” [John 8:31-32]

Beware of evil company, and evil influences. He, who encloseshimself with evil men or seductive women, would haunt his own soul to destruction.

Words are powerful and oath ought to be binding. Think deep before you vow.Wrong words dictate wrong decision-making, lead to unpleasant lifecourse and castnoble destinies onto shores of disaster.

External beauty is inferior to inward loveliness. Possessing the inner is safer and better, for the inner is the true exquisite beauty. Beautiful heart is loftier to beautiful face. The prime beauty God looks for in any human is the prettiness of the heart. And how beautiful is your heart?



Holy Ghost School





Text: Matt.20: 1-16

Knowing stewardship is vital to successful Christian living and service. It implies the followings:

  1. God Made All Things: The saying “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” declared God as the Creator of all things.
  2. God Owns All Things: It also implies that He who created has absolute rights of ownership over all that He created.
  3. Man as God’s Manager: The doctrine of stewardship is best explained by two Greek words epitropos and oikonomos.
  4. Epitropos means manager, foreman, steward, governor’ or ‘procurator’.
  5. Oikonomos (often use in N.T) means steward, manager, administrator, stewardship, management, arrangement, administration, & order.


Note: We must fully accept & live by this truth. If we miss it here nothing else will ever be of true relevance in our relationship/service to the Lord.

Transformation Discourse:  

What are the differences and similarities between Epitropos & Oikonomos?


Memory VerseI Cort. 4:2

Prayer Points:

  1. Lord, prepare me for a glorious use in you vineyard.
  2. Father, teach me the way of true gospel service



Text: Luke 16: 1-13

  1. Christian Stewardship isn’t God taking something from us. It is giving His richest gifts upon His people, making us custodian or guardian of His possessions {Gal. 4:1-2}
  1. It isn’t a result of our own power or abilities. It is a product of that which comes from the Holy Spirit in us – otherwise, our labor is in vain. {Phil. 4: 13. I Cort. 15:10}
  1. It isn’t bragging of our human success. It is obedient witness to Christ’s sovereignty.
  1. It isn’t being the lord of our own life or over others. It is serving others while expressing total submission to the Lordship of Christ.
  1. It isn’t getting saved without fulfilling the great commission. It is being totally committed to the duty of gospel proclamation.

(I Cort. 9:17; Eph. 3: 2)

Transformation Discourse

Briefly define and describe the Christian stewardship

Memory Verse: Gal. 4:1-2

Prayer Points

  1. Lord, empty me of pride and bless me with humility.
  2. Anoint me with Holy Ghost and power for effective service.



Text: Luke 14: 25 -33

What does being stewards of Christ demands of us? What does the Lord expects from His Stewards?

  1. We must acknowledge that we are not our own but belong to Christ. He gave Himself for us to own us. We are His possession.
  • We must identify God as Owner and man as manager.
  • We must live and serve as God’s co-worker. {I Cort. 3: 9}
  1. We must define our purpose in this world in the light of God’s global redemptive mission. (Matt. 28: 19-20)
  2. We must submit to Lord the management of all in our care.{1 Pet. 4:9; 1 Cor. 4:1-2} Why?
  • We’ve no right of control over ourselves & properties. God has.
  • We are only managers of that which belongs to God.
  • He requires godly administration of our finances & properties.
  • He demands accurate payment of our tithes & offerings
  • We should wisely manage time, health, family,& environment.
  • We must propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ. His gospel should dominate our thought, words and actions. {Lk. 9: 1-2; Mk. 16:15-18}
  1. We must portray ourselves as a people constantly under God’s authority in the way we live and administer our lives. {Lk 16: 1-13}

Transformation Discourse: How do we acknowledge ourselves as Christ’s purchased possession and define life purpose by His redemptive mission?

Memory Verse: I Cort. 3: 9


Prayer Points:

  1. Lord, help me to be a faithful steward of your grace.
  2. Father, break me down and mould me again.



Text: Acts 6: 1-6

  1. You Must Be Saved – Acts 2:38

Salvation is the first requirement to serving God. You must be born again. {Jhn. 3: 3-7, 12-17; Acts 4:12}

  1. Keep Yourself Pure – Acts 6:3

A genuine encounter with Christ brings positive changes to your life. {2 Cor. 5; 17; 2 Tim. 2:19-21; Titus 2:14; Eph 4:22- 32}

  1. Be Baptized in Spirit – Acts 6:3, 5

Holy Ghost baptism is the Biblical experience you need to have, with the evidence of speaking in tongues. {Acts. 1: 4-5, 8; 2:1-4; 8:15-19; 10: 44-46; 19:1-6}

  1. Be Drunk In the Word! – Acts 6:4

You must passionately desire, read, study & meditate in the word to be well nourished. {1 Pet 2:2; Psm 42:1}

  1. Be a Praying Person – Acts 6:4

Pray & fast constantly to become a prevailing Christian servant.

  1. Work By Faith – Acts 6:5

Your success in Christ’s kingdom is largely dependent on the quality of your faith. {Hebr. 11:2, 6}

Transformation Discourse:

Use Apostle Paul as case study to explain how the Christian can experience the six steps above.

Memory Verse: Acts 6:4

Prayer Points:

  1. Ask to be filled with the Spirit of purity and power.
  2. Holy Spirit, fill me and fire me up for Jesus Christ.
  3. Lord Jesus, fill my heart with faith to serve you better




Text: Rom 12: 1-8; 1 Pet. 4: 10 -11

It is really essential to serve the Lord heartily. But what is important in serving Him?

  1. Graceline Importance – Rom 12: 3-8

The only way to do this is to first change our priorities to accomplish God’s will on earth. We do this by employing His give gifts and graces to:

  1. Serve Him heartily and effectively.
  2. Serve the brethren in the spirit of love and meekness.
  1. God-ward  Glory Importance – 1 Pet 4:10-11; 1 Cor. 1:29-31

Bringing praise and glory to God on earth is to be the most important. Serving isn’t about us getting glory but Him receiving the glory. How do we send due glory back to God?

  1. Through selflessness display of Christ’s power in our lives. We must trade selfishness for selflessness in every manifestation.
  2. By refusing to accept hero worship from man. We must overcome the love of fame and refuse human worship.
  3. By speaking & serving others on behalf of God; impacting them with the life-changing virtues of Christ. Rm 12:1-2

Transformation Discourse:  Give examples of how people serve God and brethren in the New Testament.

Memory Verse:  Rom 12:6

Prayer Point: Father, teach me the way of true and humble service



Text: Phil.  2:1 – 19

Meekness is the grand path to true service, and those who travel on it should prepare for tears and trials.  Let’s briefly examine God’s service pathway in the following lights:

  1. Lowliness – Phil. 2: 3-8

Serving the Lord must be with LOWLINESS. It is a prerequisite. Why?

  • It takes lowliness to empty ourselves and take on the form a servant.
  • It takes humbleness to surrender life & rights to Christ and relate to Him as clay in the Potter’s hands.
  • It takes lowliness to treat people with Christ-like graciousness.


  1. Tears – 2 Cor. 11: 22- 33

Serving the Lord often brings TEARS as we:

  • Get involve in people’s struggles for faith, holiness & hope.
  • suffer from physical pain, loss, frustrations, etc. {vs. 31}
  1. Trials – 2 Cor. 11: 22- 33

Serving the Lord could also be with TRIALS because:

  • Constant spiritual warfare with Satan & his hosts. {Acts 20: 29; 1 Cort. 15:32; Matt. 10:16}. But we are to “Count it all joy”.

Transformation Discuss: How happy is it to serve the Lord with tears and trails?

Memory Vs: Phil 2:16

Prayer Points: Lord, increase my faith to stand in the evil day.



I Thess. 5:14

There are three Kinds of people to serve in the church, namely:

The Unruly People – vs. 14a

  • This group includes idlers, dwarfs, and busybodies, gossips stubborn, rebellious, wild, disobedient and disorderly ones.
  • We serve them by warning, admonishing and correction. By so doing we break their ranks and put them in order.

The Feeble Ones – vs. 14b

  • This group includes the unintelligent, fainthearted, easily discouraged, and hopeless ones.
  • We serve by giving them consolation, comfort, encouragement, and persuasion to faith.

The Weak – vs 14c

  • “The weak” are a people without strength, being exhausted, run out, burned out, wrung out and worn out.
  • We serve these morally, spiritually and physically sickly ones when we give helps and supports.


Transformation Discourse: Give a Biblical example for each of the above group

Mem. Vs: I Thess 5:14

 Prayer Point: Lord, make me a noble instrument in your hand to minister to the needs of others



I Thess 5:14

Serving people demands patience. He who doesn’t have this great virtue can’t really know the joy of serving God and man. Why?

  1. The Christian life is a race that can only be when ran with patience. He who lacks patience loses the crown. {Heb. 12: 1, Jms 1:3}
  1. The call to Christian service is a call to being ‘long-tempered’. We must be tough and durable under pressures. {Rom 2:7, Rom. 5:3}
  1. We need patience to bring forth fruit of righteousness– {Lk. 8:15; 1 Tim. 6:11}
  1. We serve God better when we learn to be patient with brethren and everyone. It takes spirit of patience not to lose our patience as we help others. {2 Tim. 2:24-26}
  1. With spirit of patience in us we will be slow to anger and slow to speak.

Transformation Talk:  What then are the benefits of patience?

Mem. Vs:  2 Tim 2:5

Prayer Points: Holy Spirit, purge me by your fire of spirits of intolerance, anger and pride in Jesus name.



Text: Josh. 24: 14-24

Serving the Lord must involve all that we are and have. it include:

  1. Your Family – Josh 24:15

Your family should the first thing your offer in your spiritual service to God. You are to serve God with your family by:

  • Leading each family member into a living relationship with Christ
  • Serving all family members with hearty love.
  • Supporting and helping each member of the family.
  • Prioritizing your time, interest and funds to uplift the family.
  1. Your Possessions – Matt 25:34-36

God commands us to serve Him with our resources. Contributing financially to God’s works is a great service to God. How to do it:

  • Begin with obedience to paying tithes and giving offerings.
  • Be a generous giver towards the furtherance of the gospel.
  • Be involved in charity offers to widows, orphans and poor.
  • Give welfare to ministers, missionaries, and volunteers.


  1. Your Talents & Gifts – Lk. 19: 12-27

Each of us has been given talents and gifts from the Lord. Don’t bury yours. Trade with it and you will be rewarded by the Lord at His coming.

  • Discover, develop and use your talents to serve God and others better.
  • Help others with your skills, talents and spiritual gifts.
  • Passionately serve God, and compassionately serve the brethren.

Transformation Discourse: What are obstacles to each of the three points above?

Mem. Vs:  Josh. 24:15

Prayer Points: God, take my life and all and use it for your glory.



Texts: Matt 28: 19-20; Mk. 16: 15 – 18

We are called to serve God by serving in the church’s calling and ministries. What exactly are these?

  • It is the global evangelization. We saved to be witnesses of Christ. Every Christian is a witness. Are you? { Acts 1:8}
  • It’s Christian discipleship. When are to live as disciples who communicate their faith daily to others, living and sharing the principles of the gospel to others. Matt. 28:19-20
  • It’s telling the love of Christ. We are saved to tell others that Jesus loves them and He is ever mindful of their needs. {Mk. 16:15-18
  • It’s Christian stewardship. We must be faithful stewards of our talents, gifts and graces. Every potential or gift is given to us to bring profit to the Kingdom of God. 19: 12-27; 1 Cort. 4: 1-2, 12: 4-31
  • It’s catching them young for Christ. We also have the mandate to reach out to kids, students and youths. ‘Catch them young for Christ’ is still a great ministerial philosophy. How do we reach out to young ones?
  • Launch out aggressive kids or students or youth ministry.
  • Organize programs that will keep on attracting the young’s. E.g. Fellowship, Summer Camp or Retreat, Love-Feast, Breakfast/dinner Meeting, Holiday Missions, Seminars & Workshops, Village Outreach, Bible Clubs, Coaching classes, & Vacation Bible School.

Reflection: What are your potentials? How you have been using them.

Mem. Vs: Rom 12:18

Prayer Points: Holy Spirit, help me to discover my given graces.



Text: Lk. 10: 1-9

Your Home

  • Serving God with spouse and kids begins with lighting-up your home with divine presence. Disciple each of them for Christ and trained them to seek first the Kingdom of God.

Among Friends & Peers

  • Serve God with your friends by forming Bible class, prayer meeting and evangelism group with them among others. Offer friendly support to others. This in turn will build a network of support for your life.



  1. You can serve God in your community by carrying out regular evangelism, intercession, and Bible class, donation of blood and of unused items, community developmental projects, and charity.



  1. You are to serve God with your job and in the place of work. Your labor is holy only when you serve the Lord Christ in it. { 3:23-24}


The Local Church

  1. Serve God by being active and faithful in a group or unit in your local Church. {Lk. 18:16}. Be a loving member who gives a smile, hug, prayer, and phone call to members.


Reflection:  Many Christians selfishly live a life the bears no positive influence to those around them.

Mem.  Verse: Lk. 10:3

Prayer Point: Holy Spirit, come; cure me of all spiritual lameness and dumbness, and make me hot for Christ.



TEXT: Rom. 8: 31 – 39

We all can become radicals for Jesus. It is the big step toward changing the world. But what does being a radical for Christ actually mean?

  1. It means following Jesus wherever He directs. Acts 4: 19-20
  2. It means multiplying the talents He has entrusted to us rather than burying them. 19: 12-27
  3. It means living, walking and operating by faith. (Hebr. 12: 2)
  4. It means rebelling against the idolatry kingdoms/background {1 KI. 17:1-2, 18: 17-18
  5. It is telling the testimony of His wonders in your life to others. 9: 13 – 34
  6. It means shining forth in righteousness and holiness on earth. 1 Pet. 1;13-19
  7. It means giving total obedience to the call of God upon our lives, like Elisha and Peter.
  8. It means standing up boldly for Christ even where others deny Him. We all can stand tall for Him like Elijah and Moses
  9. It means preaching Jesus boldly even when it is not convenient. Example of Paul.
  10. It means living as pilgrims on earth, preserving the eternal hope. {Rom. 13: 11 – 14}

Think-Out: Evaluate the life and ministry of one Jesus radical in the Bible.

Mem. Verse : Rom. 8: 37

Prayer Point: Holy Ghost, fill me and set me ablaze for Jesus.



TEXT: Rom. 8: 31 – 39

  1. Jesus radicals serve God by serving the gospel with unreserved commitment, even when misunderstood, maligned and ignored.
  2. Jesus radicals serve God in the Spirit. This they do by allowing the Holy Spirit to direct their moments and movements, even when His plans negate theirs.
  3. They serve Jesus by following“…the LORD my God wholeheartedly”, and keep following in spite of hardship, wars, sufferings and seemingly unfulfilled promises. (Jos. 14: 8; Rom. 8: 28; Acts 16: 25-34)
  4. They serve God with burning passion. They are passionate about winning lost souls for the Christ, and about growing His gospel kingdom, about living holily; even when they have to invest their all. (Lk. 15:7; 14:7-8)
  5. Jesus radicals aren’t afraid of answering the call of God upon their lives, even a call into full-time service.
  6. They are fully devoted to whatever is committed into their hands because they see God’s service is the most important task on earth.
  7. Jesus radicals are not ashamed of identifying with Christ anywhere, anytime.  {Mk. 8: 34 – 38

Transformation Discourse: What could be the secret to spiritual radicalism?

Mem Verse: 2 Tim. 1:8

Prayer Point:  Give me this world to win for you, Lord Jesus





TEXT: Rom. 8: 31 – 39

As a servant leader, the lifestyle of a Jesus radical can best understood in the following lights:

  1. He is lowly, submissive, compliance and obedience.
  2. He lives for what profits the gospel and the church; not for self-esteem, riches, or comfort.
  3. He readily and willingly gives His all to “The Lord” of all authority, power, dominion and majesty.
  4. He devotes his life to the declaration of God’s counsel, with a perseverance, faith and obedience. {Acts 20:27; Gal. 2:12; Hebr. 10:38}.
  5. He teaches not by what is popular or easily accepted but divine revelation. 1 Tim 3: 2; 2 Tim 1:13
  6. He boldly proclaims Jesus. II Tim 4: 2
  7. He shamelessly organizes open air campaign, village outreach, hospital &prison outing, hall meeting, house fellowship & school mission. (Acts 5:18, 16:37; 19:9) .


Transformation Talk – Examine how to cultivate this kind of a lifestyle, in brief.


Mem.  Verse: 1 Tim. 6: 12


Prayer Point – Lord, kindle your pure flame in me, make me aggressive vessel of the gospel.



Text: HEBR 11: 1-40

We all have burning passion for success in life. Many of us passionately pray for good success in works, careers, business, education, etc. But how many truly desire to succeed in serving the Lord? Success in divine service is a possibility. We can succeed if we really love God and seek His face for the needed grace and unction. How do we go about our desire for successes in God’s works?

1.      We must be right with God. The Christian service will be successful if we dare to live for God, in obedience, purity and righteousness.

2.      We must be fully consecrated. Consecration is a secret we all must discover.  Why? God provided blessings are only available to those who can pay the price of consecration, commitment and sacrifice.

3.      We must be anointed with the Holy Ghost.   Succeeding in God’s service is much connected to the anointing of the Spirit. Word, Graces and Gifts are usually set on fire by the Anointing.  {Acts 1:8; 1 Cort. 2:4, 5; Rom. 1:16 -17}

4.      We must be well grounded in the word of truth. Get clear understanding of the word. Don’t just pick knowledge from media ministers. Study the Bible and understand its doctrines. The WORD  is the ministry. {Matt 13:3-9, 18-23; 1 Pet 1:22, 23; Acts 2:38; 22:16; 17:30; Mark 16:16; Rom. 10:9, 10}

Transformation Discourse: How does a false teaching bear negative effects on our success?

Mem Verse: Josh 1:8

Prayer Point: Father, empower me for success in your vineyard.



Text: HEBR 11: 1-40

5.      We must be victorious over every trial and temptation: God is able and faithful to give us victory if we dare to trust Him. But we must put on the whole armour of God.  [Eph 6:10-18;  1 Jn 1:8,10; Jms 4:7; 2 Cor. 10:4,5; Jude 24; Rom 8:31-39; Heb. 11:34; I Cort 10:13]

6.     We must come to the place of believing in His divine promises and supplies: God is able to supply all our needs. He promised He would and our faith must be alive, resting on His promises. We must come to the faith that:

  • We can abound in good work. Yes, we can be good, kind, loving, holy and consecrated.
  • We can triumph over barren, unfruitful spirit to live a prosperous life. [2 Cort 9:8-10.]
  • We can accomplish much good for God. All we need doing is to we make use of His power and grace. {Rm. 15:14; 2 Thess. 1:11,12; 1 Pet 4:11; 2 Tim. 1:7,8; 2 Cor. 1:4}
  • We can obtain God’s diverse blessings. He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think. Eph 3:20, 21; Phil 4:13; 1 Pet 1:3-5; 2 Pet 1:3

Transformation Discourse:  Mention two other keys to success

Mem Verse: Hebr. 11: 1-2

Prayer Point:  Holy Spirit of power & prosperity, come upon me.



Why do some people failed in serving God? Why are so many casualties in the battle field of God’s royal service? Let’s examine a few major reasons here:

  1. Many failed because they are not well trained to fight the enemy. To become able soldiers of the Cross, we need be well trained for the war. Sons of Eli & Absalom
  2. Some other failed because they are not fully armed with God’s provided armour.  Only God’s whole armour guarantees devil’s defeat. Solomon & Samson, Nadab & Abihu
  3. Several failed because they wouldn’t use the whole armor of God properly. To win the victory, we must follow the instruction in the Bible. King David & Elijah
  4. Countless people failed because they wouldn’t fight with God’s most powerful new covenant weaponry. We need greater anointing and stronger weapons to win the enemy who fights with sophisticated weapons. Ananias & Sapphira
  5. Numerous failed in the defense of faith because they aren’t focused and diligent soldiers in the wartime. Samson & King Saul
  6. Failure comes when we fight with little spiritual power. You can’t go to war with strength so little and return with trophy. Korah, Dathan & Abiram
  7. A lot of people failed because all they fought with yesterday’s anointing. Garnering fresher anointing is vital to growing in God’s power. King Saul versus Goliath
  8. Lots still fail because their hearts are clad with pride, and greed and avarice. Balaam, Gehazi & Judas


Prayer Points

Memory Verse



When we speak about New Covenant weapons, we need to know how they come to us and how we can draw the voltage into our individual life to serve and war as Christ’s soldiers. We need be armed with each of the followings:

  1. Son-ship power – this ‘power to become sons of God’ comes to us when we got born again through faith in Christ –  {Jhn. 1: 12}
  2. The gospel– The gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God unto salvation. We need to know and declare it to see it working as power. {Rom. 1: 16; 1 Cor. 1: 18}
  3. The Word: To rout devil’s forces, we must be well armed with this offensive weapon. {Jos 1:7, 8 ; Rom. 1:16; 1 Cor. 1:18 ; Jam 1:21-25; Acts 18:27,28; 20:32; Rom. 15:4, 14; 2 Tim. 3:15-17.}
  4. The Blood of Jesus: This is a living and mighty new covenant force. {1 Cort 1:18, 23, 24; Hebr 7:25; 9:14; Acts 8:22; 1 Jn 1:9).
  5. The Holy Ghost: He is the power of the highest. We need the Anointing to love and work with demonstration of God’s life and power to the world. {Jhn 7:37-39, Lk. 4: 18-19; Acts 1:8, 2: 1-4}

Others Include:

  1. Faith –
  2. Divine Fire – Acts 2:1-4
  3. The God’s Love: Eph. 3:16, 17 – 21; 1 John 4:9, 19; 5:3; Jn 14:15.
  4. Prayer: 6:18; Psalms 138:3; James 5:16; 1 Peter 5:7, 8
  5. Hope of Eternal Life: 2 Pet 1:8-11; 1 Cor. 9:25; Matt. 6:24, 33; 1 Pet 1:3-5; Acts 20:32; Jude 24]


Mem Verse: 2 Cort. 10: 3-4

Prayer Point: Jesus, teach me how to be fully armed.



Text: Isa. 61: 1-3

Ministry entails ministering the good news of Jesus Christ to save, heal, deliver and transform.  Our discussion this morning is centered on how to minister to each of the following people/ situations?

  1. Sins and Sinners
  2. Oppressions, oppressors & oppressed
  3. New converts & disciples
  4. Backsliders & apostates
  5. Hurt, depression & grief
  6. Prostitution, drug addict, & drunk
  7. Sexual sins and sexually immoral
  8. Relationship, marriage & family life
  9. Parenting & parent-child breakdown
  10. Career, success, failure
  11. Childhood, peer pressure, adulthood
  12. Bitterness, un-forgiveness, conflicts
  13. Medical & health issues
  14. Spiritual battles and social-political challenges
  15. Church planting, evangelism, revival, missions

Reflection: Where do you belong in the above list? You probably need sure ministry now?

Mem.  Verse: Col. 3: 16-17

Prayer Point: Make me a true New Covenant minister.



Text: Col. 3: 1-25

What suppose to be the values of Christian servants? Our cherished values should include the under listed. The list will be our discussion for today:

  1. Strong Praying Life
  2. Word Addiction
  3. Truth, purity, integrity
  4. Contentment
  5. Mental toughness
  6. Constructive spirit
  7. Sense of innovation & creativity
  8. Sharp spiritual sensitivity
  9. Excellence & Quality Driven-
  10. Thrill of facing challenges
  11. Long suffering & forbearance
  12. Faith, boldness, courage
  13. Servant leadership spirit
  14. The anointing
  15. Astuteness/shrewdness


Reflection: How much of Christ do you have in you?

Memory Verse: Col. 3: 1-2

Prayer Point: Holy Spirit, download the virtues of Christ into me.



Text: 5: 1-27

Namaan got both physical and spiritual healing and was on his way back to Syria. Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, having witnessed his master’s refusal of the gifts from Naaman, chose to go the other way.{Read 2 Kg 5: 20 -23}.


  1. The Spirit of Gehazi

We need to note that Gehazi had been with the great prophet and had seen four amazing miracles done by God through Elisha, but remained yet a captive of the spirit of Gehazi, the spirit of lying, self-worship, and greed. {2 Kings 4}

  1. Gehazi lied against his master, and later to him – vs. 20-22, 25
  2. He took the talents against the wishes of his master – vs23
  3. He greedily went to hide them from his master. Vs 24
  1. Gehazi in the Churches
  2. Gehazi represents all who are in the ministry for the reward.
  3. He represents all who are close to truth, but not changed by it.
  4. He represents all who cannot trusted in the Lord for their supplies
  5. Gehazi represents those who are in the ministry for self-glory and applause of men.
  6. He represents who offer miracle for sale
  7. Gehazi represents all who lost their spiritual leadership at the altar of greed and rebellion. He ended his ministry with “the leprosy that was Naaman’s” {2 kings 5: 27}. God cannot be mocked; we always reap what we sow.

Warning to You: Be warned that fake assurance of salvation is dangerous. Being a church member, worker or minster doesn’t save us. Salvation comes only by the Gospel of Christ and His redemptive work on the Cross. {2 Cort. 13:5.}