Beauty varies. There are various breeds or kinds of beauty. In this book, we shall be examining just three major kinds – the Winsome, the Gifted and the Dangerous beauties. Let’s begin with the first, the winsome beauty:

The Winsome Beauty

The winsome beauty is majorly physical in nature. It is outward, often inheritable and highly appealing. It is a kind of beauty that does not often relate to the lovely virtue of the inward being.

Real winsome beauty is excessive in nature, as it dispatches distinct brilliance that captures the heart of its beholder. It is captivating when its loveliness aggravates the alluring magic of brilliance, and very smart in pulling the attraction and prestige of its admirers.

Song of Solomon makes it clear how winsome beauty captures the heart: “You have ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse; you have ravished my heart with one look of your eyes, with one link of your necklace.”{4:9}. Put in better word, the winsome beauty is love at first sight. With it is the power that sparks the magnetic glamour and incites splendors of dynamism, creativity and pleasure in the heart of its admirers.

It might be true that winsome beauty wins the day first! Thus, ladies blessed with it mostly draw the best of attention, attraction, favour, goodness and fortunes!  As a result, the winsome beauty oddly triggers pride in the heart of many who bear it. It must be true that e xcessive beauty naturally arouses feelings of self-importance.

On the other hand, the less-beautiful ones often stand at loss, especially in the marital choices! Notwithstanding all these, only she who is richly blessed with the inward virtues ever remain the best of choices.

And this leads us to the second kind of beauty – the gifted beauty.

The Gifted Beauty

This is beauty complete, in that it comprises both the inner and outer beauty. This is total beauty because it is more than cute appearance, and eye-catching, good-looking faces. It has to do, first and foremost, with the flawlessness of the inner man, the flawlessness that draws attention to the spotlessness of the outer-man. To be counted among ‘the gifted beautiful ones’ you must “be all fair… with no spot in you”. {Songs of Sol. 4:7]

The gifted beauty is more refined and greater than any other. It is a superior comprehensive gemstone.

Being a person of gifted beauty implies being a woman of total beauty. Only such persons can be said to be possessing outstanding royal prettiness. It takes the inner beauty to carry enduring outer beauty, and be named ‘a royalty’ in the contest of true beauty.

Beauty without beatitudes always ends in confusions and pains. Physical beauty without inner loveliness is a mere flowering glory, for it must soon fade with aging. Oh, Jewel, you’ve got to wake up to the reality of possessing true beauty before your dying, aging nature rob you of the present natural beauty. The beauty that never fades is “the meek and quiet spirit, which in the sight of God is a great price”.

Physical, outer beauty is vanishing, unwholesome and harmful. A beauty that lacks inward loveliness is disadvantageous, distasteful and disastrous. There is nothing uglier than a natural, physical beauty flawed by inward barrenness.

The gifted beauty is highly beneficial. It is one glory that provokes Jewels to greater moral heights and exhorts them to strive for virtuous excellence. Gifted beauty teaches the beautiful ones to offer stiff resistance to sexual temptations and work hard for success in life.  Be a queen of Gifted Beauty and you will always laugh last in life.

The Dangerous Beauty

Dangerous beauty is a seducing metaphysical beauty. It is often powered by demons and other supernatural forces in. metaphysical beauty is dangerous because of its magical nature in manifestations.

Possessed, beautiful women could be so dangerously empowered to execute harm. One of the most dangerous things about such women appears when seducing powers are craftily displayed to show forth their attractiveness. Actually the beauty of a witch, familiar spirit, and water agent is mixes with feminine wiles.

Nothing could be more dangerous than the clever wits of beautiful women. Dangerous beauties walk with seductive passion to entice men to their disastrous end. Many seduce men to take imprudent risk and to throw caution to the wind.  You remember Cleopatra, that Egyptian beauty who lured the great Julius Caesar and Mark Antony to dangerous affairs.

Dangerous beauties spur sexual abuse, enslave lives, endanger destinies and cause real men of glory to crash. Dangerous beauties are they who make stupid of guys; reducing them to weak, myopic creatures. By their wits they could shatter glorious destiny to pieces of bread and cause royal crowns to act impulsively.

Listen: the story of Samson and Delilah has been re-written many times and is still being re-written in many lives.


Dearly beloved, the project called life demands more than the prettiness of your nice-looking face. You must be well furnished with the wonders of inner beauty to accomplish the project of life. Therefore, strive toward becoming a gifted beauty queen.

Life is a project meant to be furnished with a total and better beauty. It seriously demands the total kind of beauty for successful actualization. The inferior external beauty is must be matched with inner loveliness of true exquisite beauty. Only she who has both is safer and better.

Though, we live in a world that places much attention on the outward adornment, God’s focuses on the beauty of the heart. And to arrive at utopia of the project of life, we all must be fixed with the amazing prowess of the invisible beauty.

Beautiful heart is loftier to beautiful face. The prime glory God looks for in any man is the prettiness of the heart. Can you boldly tell how beautiful your heart is? A woman or man, who is gorgeously furnished with external wonders but deficient of inner excellence, is really ugly.

Total beauty is the compelling gold that ought to provoke radical beauty balance. All believers should strike for this balance. Possessing both the inward and outward beauty should be the pursuit of every Christian woman. In Christ we are divinely blessed with complete beauty. Only she who possesses the inner beauty is exceptionally beautiful. Such ones are a people of true royalty, and should be held in high honor in any gathering and generation.

A people of total beauty are true princes and princess of morality and quality.  This world will be a happy place when populated by such blessed species. They actually constitute the foremost brilliance on the Earth.

Oh, friend, you’ve got to acquire the gold of beauty in you. It is the power we need as Christians to make the clear difference on earth.

Strike for a Good Balance

What a pity that the world is densely populated with beautiful but unproductive ‘classy’ folks! What a tragedy that our contemporary generation holds the ephemerals as values.  We need to strike for a good balance by being persons of true, total beauty. Now, every woman can be a complete beauty by:

  • Putting more effort, time and resources on the development of her inner man, and less on the outer man.
  • Nurturing her inner virtues through friendship and partnership with the Holy Ghost.
  • Dealing with her inner ugliness through the cleansing word of God. On daily basis, we need the Word’s washing and illumination effects to purge us of all inner rots and cure, and the outside man got rapt to shine with grandeur beauty.

Stop the Madness Now!

That beauty is cursed which makes you to throw caution to the wind. And, mind you, when caution embraces the wind, drum of madness dictates the order of life.

You begin to dance to the drum of madness when you started parading your nakedness to public eyes. Drum of madness triggers you to offer your beauty for sale, as it pushes you to self-deranging shows. You’ve got to stop that madness of advertize your breasts, belly and thighs to onlookers. It is madness celebrating physical beauty, while moral and spiritual beauties go bankrupt.

My dear beautiful ones, it is time you stop living in your own fool paradise! Stop that madness now! It is time you quit celebrating your fading vanity of outward beauty, at the expense of the inner. Oh, stop the drummer and he will let go of all madness. Stop the madness now!