Christianity was never ordained to be ordinary. It’s the winning, extraordinary life of Christ. The life in Jesus, {He is the greatest Champion of all times}, is rooted in His Calvary’s covenant but boosted by the blazing essence of the Holy Spirit. After being born again, you need being renewed by the Word and anointed by the Holy Ghost. Becoming a reigning champion thus demands being robbed and insured by the Spirit fire. His flame essence produces all the glittering effects we need to champion God’s life and power. We need the champion ablaze:

  1. To bring down revival fire and make the saintly heart aflame for God’s.
  2. To ignite carnal & casual believers & turn them to active, radical burning lamps.
  3. To make the Gospel a liberating power in the hands of blazing saints.
  4. To make the Christianity ‘The Way’ of super-ordinary life, power and miraculous.
  5. To stop the way of formalism, routine tricks & ritual worship in the Christendom.
  6. To conquer the world’s dark horizons & accomplish the mandate of global evangelization.
  7. To challenge and overrun the present destructive world systems.
  8. To illuminate the church & get her out of oceans of gross compromise.
  9. To clear away all facades from our lives till we shine for Jesus
  10. To triumph over the assault of night & shine brightly in its darkness.
  11. To lead the world through the brilliant highways of holiness and power.

The Big Question: Where are the Championing Blazers to ignite the dying humanity with heaven’s sent fire?