revolut3                                    THERE IS YET HOPE FOR YOU

                                                                                          Pastor B. B. John

You have been going through tough times. Yes, it has been a very hot tough season. Oh, how dark is your domain? How dark has been the night? Since your Sun of hope and glory suddenly went down, it has been war. And in spite all efforts, the storming night seems to be getting darker. You have been query God; ‘why the darkness’? Yea, you still cry; “why these storms, O Lord? But you’ve got to stop the saying; “why me, Lord?”  The Lord asked me to tell you that your days of dazzling glory are on the way. Don’t give up! Never give in!

The present dark night will soon be over in your life. Mark it! The tormenting darkness is about to give way for your pleasures and prosperity.  Your throne and your treasure as destined shall manifest after this present trying, dark time. Listen friend, God certainly permitted the storms for a purpose to be soon revealed.

What is darkness? It is a time when shadows fall in full. It is that tough times in your life. The dark, storming night is often ordained as a divine order for the destiny child.

Yes, the night is always an interlude! The present interlude in your life will give way to the morning light. It is just a destined passage to hour, nobility and glory. To truly reign in life, you may have to journey through the night just as Jesus went through the Cross to apprehend the Crown. Our Lord knew the disgusting pains of the Cross before He was lifted to wear the Crown. He now seated at the right hand of God the Father in heaven. Your coronation days are near. Don’t give up! Rather develop stronger faith and courage. Believe it; you will soon become a glory epitome on earth. Only persevere and keep the faith! Your reigning era won’t be long again.

Benefits of Darkness

Often in life, horrors of the darkest night precedes era of dazzling glory. Most often, the Lord allows His covenant ones to journey through the horrors of the night to their destined promised land. Why the wilderness? Why the darkness? Why would God permit His own to experience the tormenting pains of darkness? What really are benefits of tough, warring hour? Let me brief you of four major accrue benefits of tough times. These will enlighten you how to handle your present battles.

  1. Benefit of Silence

When times of trials and travails, tribulations and temptations overshadow your light, you are expected to garner enough courage to learn the serenity of its silence and explore power of its silence through deep thinking, planning and divine intelligence. With theses you will successfully water your destiny seed that it may take root downward and sprout up to new life.  This is the key to preparing your darkness to births the new dawn.


  1. Benefit of Loneliness

Hours of trials and troubles are always those of loneliness. Friends, close associates, neighbors and even family members do abandon the one in the furnace. So, when you are cast to life’s burning oven, look only to Jesus. He is a friend better than a brother. Explore the benefit of this lonely era by drawing closer to God in prayer, fasting, meditation on the word and spiritual fellowship, thereby provoking God to arise for you. God always appears against the background of darkness, to show His power.

  1. Benefit of Night Wars

The dark days of temptation and tribulation are full of wars. Sometimes, it might seem all demon host are up against you. But don’t be afraid; God is nearer than you think. You only need to brace up and gather up needed spiritual and moral strengths to fight unto victory. With faith in God, you can stand up against the gates of hell, and triumph.  Ask for the grace and anointing you need to silent that raging storms of life. Employ the power of faith and spiritual authority and you will laugh at last.

  1. Benefit of New Song

God gives song in the night, through provision of victory and greater opportunity for all who pitch their tents with Him in the night. Hope in God! Place your total trust in Him. Avoid consulting other gods or powers. God who gives songs in the night has new songs for you. And when new songs come, new things kick start in your life automatically. Gather up the strength. You can win this war.


Hope of the Dawn

At the darkest point of the night, things might look terrifying. But refuse to be moved. Don’t give in to discouragement and fears. Keep looking up to the only living God for your deliverance and restoration. He is on the way to pass through your night with His glorious light. The Holy Spirit {Smoking furnace and burning Lamp} is near to pass through your sacrifices. He passes through the dark night of life to usher men in to their great pleasant morning. The dawn must come after the darkest hour. And when the morning comes, the light shall gloriously shine. Fear not! Rekindle your flame of faith. The ongoing dark domain in your life is about to give way to a splendid light.

Let me take you through the pages of the Scriptures to see how God passed through the night of His saints with miraculous. Be patient with me as I encourage you in the faith.  First, let’s learn from the stories of two young boys – Joseph and young David. They spent 13 long years each in horrible dark wilderness of life. For thirteen long years, these men of great destiny wandered through the dark wilderness of life. They knew the heat of grief, pains, tears and ceaseless sighs. Yes, they knew terrors of chains and horror of the shadows of death! Only he who experiences such tormenting darkness can tell their sorrows! Yet at the darkest hour came the triumph of God’s promises for their life. Then, they were crowned and lifted to sit on the high, exalted throne.

Likewise, you will be delivered from your present wilderness roaming to assume royalty in life. The present wilderness experience is an interlude to your glorious light. Brace up for the morning! Your glorious light will come with the dawn.

Second, Israel’s dark years of afflictions were so long but God finally appeared on the scene for her deliverance. Her dark night finally gave way to the glorious reigns of her destined light. God had told Abraham it would be so: “And it came to pass, that, when the sun went down and it was dark; behold a smoking furnace and a burning Lamp… passed… (Gen. 15:17).

Third, Hannah’s night of barrenness was so dark and full of tormenting horrors. But she cried unto God with her sorrowful heart. She prayed to God even her cheek of drenching tears and God arose for her. God heard her prayers and passed through her dark night as “a smoking furnace and a burning lamp”. Then, she got delivered and became mother of six (I Sam. 1:20; 2:21).  


Are you also in the shoe of Hannah? You are called barren because you are in need of the fruit of the womb. But you aren’t barren.  Look up to the Lord who alone opens and blesses the closed womb. Go to your knees with faith, even with that heavy and sorrowful spirit. Pray with trusting heart, even with your tears. God will arise for your joy. He will visit you. His burning Spirit will passes through your womb and your light of childbearing and fruitfulness will brightly shine. Very soon, you also shall carry your babies with great excitement.

Fourth, if Jabez’s days of sore bitterness came before those of his prosperity, your era of nobility is certain. Even Naomi was fed with meal of unusual Marah, before her days of glorification. All these are written to inform you that your days of tranquility and joy might be located just after the ongoing battles in your life. So brace up! Never give up! Pass on to your glorious dawn.


Light for the Journey

God is Light: Light is the perfect symbol of God. Jesus is the light of the world, so we are. He who will fulfill his/her destiny must have Christ the Light as his/her leader in life’s journey to fulfillment.

Morning will always come with the sunlight we need for growth and fruit bearing in life. Men may grope and stumble in the night but when light shines, guidance is obtained; danger may luck in the dark, and terror the night but light proclaims safety by its wonderful radiation; and while all colors vanish when darkness descends upon men, beauties come at the day break, even as the beauties of blue sky, green trees and beautiful firmament emerge.

More so, light offers assurance. Darkness often comes with weighty dread and awful plight, but with light comes the assurance of the breaking of the day. There is always fulfilling assurance with Jesus in your boat. He is the revelation you need for your empowerment in life. As physical light offers revelation to the physical eyes, the spiritual light offers spiritual revelation to the spiritual eye. The wonders of radiance offer by the sun, the moon and the stars to the physical world, Jesus Christ offers to every one of His children. We need revelation eye of Jesus to at every stage of our journey in destiny.


The Morning Will Come

May I ask you again: ‘how dark is your domain’? Perhaps you need to think deeply, prayerfully and meditatively to proffer the answer. Often, the weight of our agonizing pains is a right gauge for measuring the depth of our night.

But no matter what you have gone or going through in life, faith in God will turn your darkness to the light.

Brace up for the morning, friend; your morning surely will come. After this darkest hour of your night shall be your glorious dawn. The morning will always come. Brace up for your glorious day.

Your glorious morning will come. So be up and get ready for your dawning day. For when it comes, you shall assume true royal status and become a celebrity. Then, you will rejoice in your day, yea, with the joys of Christ the King. There is hope for you; hope for your sunrise.

Pastor B.B.John

Senior Minister, Flaminglamps Ministeries