Battles of the Anointed 1


Lagos Fire Summits ’16

Battles of the Anointed

                        A. Five Reasons For The War

I have discovered five principal reasons for the battles of life. And that battles of the anointed is the fiercest and most strategically fought of all wars. I also discovered that all battles come from one source: Satan. Let’s examine the five reasons for life’s battles – why enemy wages war against man.

Superior Glory

The first is the reason of your great glory. You came into the world with superior glory, and the foes set a battle ground for your arrival.

But what really is glory?

Glory is the brilliance, pomp and magnificence of your life, destiny, calling, mission/ministry or purpose on earth. Such brilliance is a spiritual object, visible and reader to the third eye.

Destiny, Callings and ministries differ in glory, just as stars differs in their brightness. Superior glory easily catches third party’s attention because of its dazzling effects, weight and covenantal force.

The brighter the glory, the hotter the battles the enemy wages against destined men of glory. While light weighted glory attracts less battles, heavy weighted glory pulls great battles. The heavier the glory, the heavier the war.

The bitter truth I must be bold to tell you is that every affliction we suffer “works for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory”. {2 Corinthians 4: 17.}

Warning: If you have been receiving prophecies, visions and dreams of great and prosperous future, to see the fulfilment you must rise up to serious warfare, on the side of God.

Case Study: Joseph & Jabez & Jesus

Study Passages:

The Anointing

Secondly, the anointing stirs up ceaseless war against the anointed. The greater the anointing, the tougher the war the anointed must have to fight. Every man directly anointed with the power and Spirit of God will fight serious battles. If you are one, tighten up the belt for real war with Satan.

What is the anointing?

The anointing is the divine, Spirit given enablement that places a supernatural seal upon you. It is God’s golden Oil that clad a mortal man with the presence and power of the Immortal”.

Why the War?

Because the anointing illuminates and troubles the dark kingdoms by its lighting force and that in turn moves them to envy, fear, anxiety and uneasiness. In counter-move, Satan and his kingdoms declare the ‘dangerous’ and ‘wanted’. The Satanic warlords make declaration of war against you the very moment the Spirit anointing drops on the crown of your head.

The enemy wages war against the anointed ceaselessly, with ever aggravating hostility, purposely to achieve his destructive objectives.

Warning: Never pray for the anointing until you are prepared for war. The anointing is your ‘call up letter’ to battle with devil. Prepare for war the very moment the OIL of God rest upon you.

Case Study: Mighty Samson & King David & Lord Jesus Christ

Study Passages: Judg. 13 – 16; 1 Sam. 16 & 17; Matt. 3: 13 – 4:11

Divine Calling

This third reason for war relates to men and women who bear God’s special calling upon their lives, Are you specially call to liberate your generation like Abraham, Moses and others? Satan is battle ready for you, and you ought to

be battle ready for him. We can be made tougher than the devil by the martial Spirit of the Lord of host.

What is Calling?

“It is a God’s appointment letter, placing you on His heavenly job – His high calling”. “It is a call to partnership with the Creator in His kingdom projects on earth.” Phil. 3:14 says “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” This high calling often comes through spiritual dream, prophetic revelation, or the voice of God.

Winning the prize of high calling

– Winning the trophy of our high callings demands three basics: I). Engaging the Satanic hosts in triumphant spiritual warfare; 2). Maintaining consistent battle focus; 3). Pressing hard towards the mark in accordance to the rules of engagement.

Since the nature of the anointing we received corresponds to the nature of calling we have, the battles becomes greatly intensified when a man has both the anointing and the calling. Examples of Moses, Samson & David

Warning: Failure to press toward your calling bring both defeat and shame. He who is called by God must necessarily walk and work with God to avail in his calling.

Case Study: Abraham, Moses, David, Jeremiah and Peter

Study Passages: Gen.. 12; Exd 2; Jer. 1: 4 – 10; 1st Sam 3: 4-14; Acts of the Apostles & Eph. 4: 11 – 15

The Vision

The fourth reason for life’s battle is vision. He who aims high must prepare to face spiritual forces in high places in hot, ceaseless warfare. Big vision courts big wars.

What is Vision?

Your Vision is “the spiritual insight you gained about the divine purpose,

calling or destiny for your life.” God‘s given inspiration for a man’s purpose often goes in the way of His given gifts, graces and glories. It is by the Holy Spirit you gain insight {vision} into the nature and magnitude of your purpose, & calling.

Satan Will Fight

Satan knew that vision is a vital key to man’s deliverance and triumph from wilderness and wanderings on earth, so he would always fight to achieve three or four objectives: 1) To keep you in the dark/ignorance of your God given gifts/potentials; 2) To make you to bury your talents; 3) To fool you to neglect or be in-difference to your talent/gift; 4) To lead you to majoring in the minor, where you have more than one gift.

Warning: Proverbs 29:18 says “Where there is no vision, the people perish…

Case Study: Joseph, Caleb & Jesus

Study Passages: Gen. 37: 1 – 36; Numb. 13; Josh 13 – 14; Isa. 61

The Mission

Men of great missions are men of great miseries. Ministry is warfare. Active ministry is active war-front engagement. When you step out to do what the Lord is asking you to do, be sure the devil is waiting at the entry point. So be fully prepared for battlefront experiences, for fierce war with anti-anointed forces. Like Nehemiah, be prepared to work with one hand and war with the other.

What is Mission?

Mission is: 1). the acts of translating calling and vision into specific plans that define specific, tangible desired outcomes; 2). “It is an active pursuits of a given mandate, ministry, works or service; a pursuit that brings in practical executions to the vision; 3). It is the outworking of the vision you received; a passionate drive of serving that actualizes your God given calling and vision.


– It takes a specific ministerial mandate to accomplish a specific mission. You must be in the knowing of you specific mandate to run a successful mission. Ignorance is sin in this case.

Do you have a divine mandate and message to render to your generation? To accomplish such mission on earth demands seven things: 1) Wisdom divine; 2). Tenacity of faith; 3). Righteous stance; 4). Effectual praying; 5). Audacity of the righteous; 6). Transparent meekness; 7). Outburst of miraculous.

Warning: It takes basic leadership wisdom to plan for and carry out successful missions. Romans 12:8

Case Study: Moses & Nehemiah

Study Passages: Gen.

Battles of the Anointed 2

The anointing draws the anointed to the ‘battles of the anointed’. There are five major anti-anointed forces worth considering. Let’s examine these one after the other:

Anti-Anointed Forces: The Selfs

Self remains the greatest enemy of man. The anointed could be his own greatest foe. Lots of ministers are not only their own enemies, they also invite attacks and criticism by their unbecoming attitudes, which severely aggravate people. Therefore:

Every Christian, especially anointed brethren needs to work on any type of personality problems such as ego, anger, greed, selfishness, anxiety, perfectionism, showmanship, sexual lust and controlling spirit.

What a tragedy that the narcissistic personality disorder is now common among ministers. You need to see how they turn-off people and destroy

their own ministry through arrogance, self-centeredness, fame seeking, and power hunger. Many are too pushy, dogmatic, bloated with self-importance, exploitative, materialistic, manipulative, and insensitive in their mannerism.

What about those with frequent envy of others or who belief that others envy him! These are ministers who must always be center stage and are very jealous and discomfort with situations in which they are not the center of attention.

– Burnout processes begin when we begin to venture to be superman. As it was in Samson’s case, burnout Christians suffer all round dryness – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual exhaustion. It is burnout syndrome that you easily got discouraged, depressed, misbehaving, and critical in spirit.

This is where Samson, Saul and Solomon failed. It is the junction where David, Judas, and Gehazi met their waterloo.

– If the anointed loses the battle here, he can’t win it in others. No forces from the outside can defeat a man who is not defeated by the forces from the inside. The keys to winning the battle of selfs are three: 1. Abdication or dethronement of self; 2. Crucifixion of the flesh; 3. Living and walking in the Spirit.

2. Anti-Anointed Forces: The Beasts

David returned to his shepherding duty after being anointed by Samuel only to be attacked by bear and lion. {1 Sam 17: 34 – 36} Samson was on his way to divine mission when he had cruel war with lion. {Judg. 14: 6} Daniel had an overnight encounter with lions right in their den. Apostle Saul fought with the beast at Ephesus. {1 Cort. 15: 32}

Who are beasts?

Beasts are gospel antagonists, a people who actively expressed opposition, hostility, or antipathy to the anointed and his divine mandate.

Their Characteristics

They attack through accusations and arguments that are usually founded

on little or terribly misrepresented evidence, like Sambalath and Tobiah.

– They often employed quibbling over petty details, offering strong proof of irrelevant points, and making an accusation that cannot be disproved and then claiming that this makes it true.

They antagonize through outright lying or falsification; taking certain facts and so twist them that they are blatantly false when presented. In time they convince themselves that the twisted facts are true.

Gospel antagonist will initiate trouble through aggressive response and are insatiable in their fight against the anointed. He can even lead a campaign of attack on the anointed, with full rage just to destroy him.

Sometimes his anger is guilt-driven (possibly due to some hidden sin, such as an extramarital affair). His antagonism is an attempt to move the spotlight off his own sins and onto another. Therefore the attack is a smoke screen to cover his own moral indiscretions.

Gospel antagonist is selfish in nature, yet he often seize on some spiritual objective, such as the good of the church, and pretend this is what he is fighting for. but his stated reasons for opposition are a ruse for his own hidden agenda. What he really wants is power, control, status, and authority.

Gospel antagonists are for destruction rather than construction, to divide the church and not to pull the people together. They will go to any length and expense to wreak havoc on their targets. As far as these savage wolves are concerned, they are fighting a jihad, a holy war, and the anointed is the enemy. (Acts 20:28-29).

A gospel antagonist does not want to change, since change is threatening to him. He has built a defensive wall around himself, labeled “I am right; what I am doing is right.”.

3.Anti-Anointed Forces: The Dragons

Moses fought with Pharaoh, David with Goliath and Saul, Caleb with Giants, the young prophet fought with the old prophet, and Jesus with Satan.

Who is a dragon?

Dragons are Satan and his demonic hosts. The role, danger, and possibility of dragons in a church are nothing new in Christian history. Even in the Bible, examples may be found. There is the classic precedent of Judas Iscariot who sought vigorously to deter Jesus from his primary mission., after devil possessed him. {Luke 22: 3}

Dragons are ex-anointed ones. Examples include King Saul, the old prophet and those the Paul referred to as “super-apostles” (2 Cort. 11:3-5; 12:11) They are ministers of Satan, false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.” (2 Cort. 11:13-15, 20; 12: 13).


They are ‘Frustratorius Slipperious – I.e. passive-aggressive people who are more likely to smile than to snarl. This person appears friendly and supportive.

They are Accusorius SelfrighteousiI. e. a people who use projection with openly, more aggressive hostility and a rigid self-righteousness to avoid dealing with their humanity.

– They manifest procrastination, lateness, uncooperative behavior, or behind-the-scenes manipulation of others.

They are masters in embroiling the church in “quarreling, jealousy, anger, selfishness, slander, gossip, conceit, and disorder” (2 Cort. 12:20)

Like Diotrephes mentioned in the John’s 3rd letter. Dragon is a man of ego “who likes to put himself first” and “does not acknowledge our authority” (3rd Jhn vs. 9 – 11).

In a dragon, the underlying anger toward anyone in authority becomes obvious.

How to Fight the Dragon

1). Surgery or Protective distancing – One way to deal with these false, arrogant, harsh, cruel, caustically critical, cancerous, dragonic people is surgery/protective distancing – “avoid him”. (3rd Jhn vs. 9 – 11).


2). Assertive confrontation or protective distancing can lessen your vulnerability to passive-aggressive people and reduce your frustration. “Resist the devil and he will flee from you”.

3). Refuse to be drawn into trading accusations or buy his lying tongue.

4.Anti-Anointed Forces: The Killers{2 Tim. 4:14 15}

Killers are witchcraft agents who are positioned to ignite the inferno of hell so as to cause leadership crisis and scattering of the flock.

They operate through demonic windstorms, arrows and bullets, strange fire, ritual altars, unfounded rumour and critical accusation that drive you into the desert of life and turned you a wondering.

– They cause “collateral damage” quite heavy and devastating against marriage, ministry and life of the anointed.

They are deadly folks who have a knack for gathering a following of ordinary people, with demonic seductions, common complaints and disagreements in the church. They can easily create the illusion that there are hordes of people against the pastor.

They are determined, headstrong religious monsters, who will stop at nothing to continue their intimidation, witchcraft recruitments and demonic networking, deceitful manipulation, camouflage, misrepresentation, and twisting of facts.

How to Fight Agent Killers

Identify & deal with demonic and “very divisive people”.

– Prayerfully set up a pastor’s council with the “key” leaders of the church whose task is to be aware of the killers.

Keep developing your leadership so that you do not raise up killers.

Never allow someone to get the “over volunteer” syndrome.

Seek out experienced pastors and mentors to help you discern how to lead in your local church and identify killers.

Be a resilient spiritual leader who learn know how to expect problems, talk them through, forgive quickly, land keep earning as you go.

Do a Bible study series on the dissension passage right when you start and develop a plan to deal with dissension should it occur.

Seek the Lord God for more power and anointing of the Holy Ghost

Be word loaded, fast often, pray and watch continuously.

Anti-Anointed Forces: The Passion Army

Most often, battles of the anointed arise from love and marriage fronts. Basically, there are kinds of wives and loves that bring negative impacts on life and ministry. Let’s quickly take a brief on these:

1. The Doomhearted

These are unsaved, ungodly, sinning partners. These walk in the way of destructions and drive whoever comes into relationship with them to disaster. By their atrocious deeds, the bring troubles into your life, home and ministry. They include:

the flirts, the idolater, the lying tongue, the gossips, the unaccommodative, the non-cooperative, and the worldly minded lovers.

Biblical Examples:

1. Moses’s Wife – Zipporah. 2. Samson’s three gentile lovers- the woman from Timnah, the harlot from Gaza and Delilah. 3. Ahab’s gentile wife – Jezebel. 4. Solomon’s gentile wives and concubines.

Our Safety Key: Deutro. 7: 3; 1 Cort 6:14

2. The Darkhearted

These are agent lovers, emissaries of darkness or tempters on destructive demon inspired and supervised missions. They came in as ‘wolves in sheep skin’ to devour and destroy. They mostly operate by the weapons demonic and arrows diabolical. They include:

the witch, the wizard, the familiar agent, the captor, the wicked destroyer, the tempter, the sexual oppressor, the sexual seducer, the non-cooperative, and the tale bearer.

Biblical Examples:

Lot’s Wife, Delilah, Cozbi, Bathsebah, Jezebel, Attaliah, {daughter of King Ahab}, Sapphira, Drusilla, Herodias, Salome {that dancing beauty}, and Portipher‘s wife.

Our Safety Key: Prov. 23: 27 – 28; Levt 20: 27 – 27.

3. The Downhearted

These are sadistic, erratic partners, who for the reason of their problems suffer deep agony and heartbrokenness, and begin to misbehave and rebel in relationship. They include:

the hurt, the oppressed, the captives of the mighty, the hopeless, the barren, the dispirited, the discouraged, the downcast, the uncooperative, the unaccommodative and the unwilling agent.

Biblical Examples:

Daughters of Lot, Hagar, Sarah, Rachael, Tamar 1 & 2, Naomi, Hannah, and Michal {David’s wife}.

Our Safety Key: Psalm 42: 11; 43: 5

4. Hard-Hearted

These are stony-hearted, unforgiving people, who shamelessly show off with unruly attitudes that destroy homes and ministries, sometimes faster than any satanic agents would do. They include:

the arrogant, the stubborn, the unforgiving, the nagging, the bossy, the overly jealous, the gossip/Talebearer, the flirt, the self-important, and the body flaunter.

Biblical Examples:

Cozbi, Jezebel, Peninnah, Drusilla, Herodias, and Bathsheba.

Our Safety Key : Prob 15: 17, 21: 9, 25:24

5. Noble-hearted

These are virtuous and peaceful partners who give you the happiness and fulfilment in life, home and ministry. They include:

the godly, the virtuous, the cool temperament, the truly wise, the forgiving, kind-hearted, the courteous, the accommodating, the cooperating, the understanding, the caring, the homemaker, the devoted, the chaste, the prayerful, and the strong.

Biblical Examples:

Daughters of Job, Sarah, Rebekah, Abigail, Deborah, Hannah, Esther, Naomi, Ruth, Mary, Elizabeth, Martha, Eunice, & Dorcas.

Our Safety Key : Prov. 12: 14; 18: 22


                                                         Lagos Fire Summits 2016

                         The Fire Anthem :  HOLY FIRE COME DOWN
Refrain: Holy Fire, Come down! Holy Fire, descend!

Holy Fire, clothe me! For pow’r and revival/2X

Fire! Fire of the Lord; pure Flame of the Mighty God,

Blazing Dove, descend on me; for pow’r and revival/2x


  1. I’ve retreated into your presence; to be soaked Lord with your fire

I stand still in your presence; to be set ablaze for you. {Refrain}.

  1. Let the fire of your Spirit; clothe me Lord with your pow’r,

Let the glory of your Spirit; blaze me Lord to glow for you. {Refrain}

  1. Vessel of honor and of wonder; full of radiance of your glory

Blazed ‘nd dazed, oh! By your Spirit; make Lord to reign for you. {Refrain}


                           The Hymnal Verse : STAND UP, STAND UP FOR JESUS

  1. Stand up, stand up for Jesus, Ye soldiers of the cross;

Lift high his royal banner, It must not suffer loss.

From victory unto victory, His army shall He lead,

Till every foe is vanquished, And Christ is Lord indeed.

  1. Stand up, stand up for Jesus, The trumpet calls obey;

Forth to the mighty conflict, In this his glorious day.

Ye that are brave now serve him, Against unnumbered foes;

Let courage rise with danger, And strength to strength oppose.

  1. Stand up, stand up for Jesus, Stand in His strength alone;

The arm of flesh will fail you, Ye dare not trust your own.

Put on the gospel armor, Each piece put on with prayer;

Where duty calls or danger, Be never wanting there.

  1. Stand up, stand up for Jesus, The strife will not be long;

This day the noise of battle, The next the victor’s song.

To those who vanquish evil, A crown of life shall be;

They with the King of Glory, Shall reign eternally.


Devotional 1

Battles of the Anointed

In this session, let’s appraise together God’s investments in us and how such investments attract battles.  He invest sHis supernatural riches in His chosen people in two major areas.


John 3: 14-17; Eph. 2: 8 – 9; Rom 3: 20 – 24}

This is much connected to Jesus Christ. His grace is supreme and priceless, yet free for the mortals. It has root in His sovereignty and eternal in durability. It has four dynamics of values: Love Mercy, Life, and Favour.

  1. Love is God’s unconditional investment of grace, that chose to ‘cover our multitude of sin’. Indeed, “For God so love the World” is the greatest of all good news on earth. God lavished His love upon us as an investment of grace that must yield His own love divine.
  1. Mercy is God’s free investment of grace that lightens sinners with hope of forgiveness and acceptance. It outwits judgment by proclaiming pardon.
  1. Life is an eternal investment of grace that procures God’s spiritual, immortal and eternal life in man. This investment cost the Father the sacrifice of His only begotten Son. So it is now available for investment only in Christ when two factors are in order: i. Repentance from your sins. ii. Faith in Christ.
  1. Favour, as an investment of divine grace is free offer of divine kindness, provision, protection, possession of His promises, covenant benefits and sonship peculiarities.

Note: Have You Become An Industry of Divine  Grace? Ponder Deep On It! But wait to hear this: “Grace is the primary in-road to the battle-field of the anointed.”



Matt. 3:11; Acts 2: 1 –4; Luke 4: 18; John 7: 37-39; 2 Tim. 1: 6;

This second divine investment is much connected to the person of the Holy Spirit. It speaks of His anointing and of the life/ministries of the anointed. God make this investment in us when we got baptized in the Holy Ghost. The baptism enriches us with unknown tongues, divine fire, spiritual gifts, and specific ministries. These in turn transform us to anointed armies and glory carriers. With these investment, we are appointed to daze the world by being a productive industries of supernatural manifestations.  This Supernatural blaze turns men to “Sons of thunders” to daze the world.



Mark 3:17Luke 9:54

Moses and Joshua were boanerges. Samson was dangerous blaze. Elijah, Elisha, David and John Baptist were also blazing Boanerges. They all engaged the un-anointed and ex-anointed hosts in tough battles.

But I want to speak to you of two siblings who were New Testament boanerges. They were among Jesus disciples –  “James son of Zebedee and his brother John (to them he gave the name Boanerges, which means Sons of Thunder)”

Jesus must have had a good reason for dubbing James and John as “Sons of Thunder.” He knew all men. (John 2:24-25). Why did Jesus nicknamed these young siblings “Boanerges”? Certainly because they possessed some fiery, thunderous qualities. How do we know this?

  • They were believers in the ministry divine fire: Thus, like the Prophet Elijah, they both responded to Samaritan assault and opposition with, ‘Lord, do you want us to call fire down from heaven to destroy them?’” (Luke 9:54). Though Jesus rebuked the brothers, and they all went to another village, their response revealed qualities of fervency, impetuosity, and Elijah-like thunderous anger.
  • Their spiritual fervency must qualified them to become two of Jesus‘ three inner circle: James and John were two of Jesus’ closest friends, being two of Christ “inner three” disciples. (Matthew 17:1).
  • James’ fiery thunderous drive must have made him the first target. The fiery ruggedness of James made him to become the first apostle to be killed (Acts 12:2),
  • John’s fiery while John, who was the last to die, was said to have been so insulated by the supernatural that not even burning has power over him.
  • John’s thunderous fiery spirit actually reflected in his miraculous preservation and writings.  He was said to have been miraculous preserved alive when cast into burning oil. He was the only apostle that lived till old age and died naturally. More so, his writings and especially his epistles which was written late in his life, hint that he still possessed a fervency of spirit til death. (1 John 2:22; 2 John 7; 3 John 10).

Notes: Have you got the blaze? Merging grace with blaze does not only make us victorious and successful on earth, it turns us to ‘apostles of love’. This happened to Elisha and John. Like them, our fiery, thunderous qualities are to be tempered by love. John, one of the “Boanerges”, after a lifetime walked with Jesus, was not only the “Son of Thunder” but also the “Apostle of Love.”


Devotional 2

Battle With The Anti-Anointed Armies

Case Study: Moses, Samson, Elijah & David

There are two mainline anti-anointed armies, namely: the unanointed  and the ex-anointed. The unanointed were represented in Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, and Goliath who were engaged with the anointed Moses, Daniel and David respectively. While the ex-anointed were seen in King Saul, King Ahab and the Old Prophet who fought the anointed David, Elijah and the young Prophet in battle, respectively. Samson fought the unanointed Philistines and Mordecai the unanointed Harman.

Counsel for anointed Warrior

*The battle could bring gloom era of life, take it as the inroad to your boom and not to your doom. David saw his battle with the unanointed Goliath of Gath as challenge thrown at God. If God could not lose in any war, then it is a passage to victory, promotion and peace.

*When sounds of battle blow the storms against your life, such must have been permitted to form his image and strengths in you, and not to make you stumble or fumble. This was the understanding of Joseph, David, Jabez, Daniel & his Friends, Sarah & Hannah, Naomi & Ruth. They knew the pains of wanderings, lack, lions’ den, furnace, childlessness and bereavement. But in the end, they came out victoriously and were made stronger, better and wiser.

*You are not alone in the fight. Jesus retains the commandership and leads the battle. It is the battle of the Lord. So hold your peace, and keep trusting while the war lasts. He will soon give you a song of triumph “in the night season”.

Devil’s War-Junctures

There are seven major junctures at which the enemy wait for the anointed. You need be aware of these so as to be battle ready. He I give you the list:

  1. Birthing Juncture: This is before, during or just after your birth. Some are pre-birth anointed/destined great. Examples include Jacob/Esau, Samson and John Baptist. Satan waited to both Moses and Jesus here. Also Jabez. It’s a time when your glory-star declares its arrival.
  1. Dreaming Juncture: This is a time when you come to the knowing of your place in destiny. Enemy would be all out to kill you and see what will become of your dream. This was the junction Joseph and David fought battles of the anointed here.
  1. Freedom Juncture: This is the junction where you loose from generational chains and are freed to soar into your place in life. Abraham, Jacob and Nation of Israel fought hot war at this junction.
  1. Marriage Juncture: This is the juncture where you pick your life partner in marriage. Devil really fought the partrich Lot and mighty Samson at this juncture. Even Moses and David fought serious war here.
  1. Fruiting Juncture: This is the childbearing point, child-rearing time and edge of breakthroughs. He met Sarah, Rachel and Hannah at this juncture. Eli and Samuel fought him here. So likewise Jacob, King Saul, David, Daniel, Mordecai, and few others.
  1. Anointing Juncture: At every junction you get fresh or renewed power from God, Satan will wage war. Moses, David, Elisha, and Jesus met and fought the devil here.
  1. Aging Juncture: If you obtain victory at the six junctures above, Satan will stand here for you. He doesn’t want you to end it well. He’ll fight you with sickness, scandal, etc.

Three Dangerous ‘F’s 

How does the Satan employs his feminine armies to destroy the anointed? My study of the Scriptures revealed that he fought some of those anointed ones mentioned above by his 3-Dangerous F’s.

  • Friendship

The enemy here ask for your hand in partnership, friendship or fellowship.  The strategy worked for Samson, David, Solomon, Absalom, Ahab and Judas Iscariot. She must offered you the ‘kiss’ first.

  • Frustration

The next strategy is frustration of both ministerial efforts and life of the anointed. This is done through anger, resentment, vexation, countering, manipulation, foiling, and spoiling of the Anointed. The target here is what you carry and the goal is to hinder him from having result and achievement in what you are called to do. It worked for Moses, Elijah, David, and Solomon. ‘Cutting off’ often follows the ‘kiss’ game. Beware!

  • Finish

This is the final stage where the enemy closes on against the anointed to finish him. The ‘finish’ strategy is murderous as it is carried out to eliminate, terminate and execute the life of the anointed. It worked for Samson, Absalom and Judas.


Eight Victory Keys In The Battles of the Anointed

  1. Battle Readiness: Life is war and your heart is the battlefield. Being combat ready is the best victory key. Be prepared for war through constant training, full arming, total equipping and always strong to engage the foes. ,
  1. Acceptance of War-Fact: You must come to terms that you are in for war the moment you hear the battle cry. God will always communicate the signal long before the enemy launch.
  1. Valiant Entrance: Like David, be the first to launch out in offensive warfare against the enemies. Make a bold push into battlefield and do it with valiant spirit.
  1. Courageous Fight: Be a fiery anointed warrior. Fight the fight of faith courageously. Like Samson, entertain no fear, unbelief, doubt. Like Elijah, take no nonsense, no assault, no defeat.
  1. Unwavering Focus: Just a little meddling with ‘affairs of this life” can usher in defeat. Stay focus, rugged, and resilient. Avoid involving yourself with sin, fleshly lust, or worldliness. Learn from Samson, Saul, Solomon, Gehazi, and Judas.
  1. Tough Fortitude: Develop the enduring virtue that helps you to endure hardness and get tougher in tough times. Real soldiers endure hardness.
  1. Walk Tall The Victory: Learn to walk the victory while you fight the war. Like David, declare your victory aloud to the hearing of your enemies. Declare enemy’s defeat by resounding the Calvary victories.
  1. Sharing No Glory: Never attempt sharing the glory with God when the victory finally comes. Give God all the glory and go out there to testify before the people the wonders He has done.