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The Soon Coming King By John B. Joseph

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To my wonderful parents, Late Elder Joseph Akangbe and Madam Wuraola Felicia, Bogunjoko, who endured much pains in seeing their rascal boy roaming his own way, and then a great joy seeing him turning in to the way of the Lord Jesus.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1:

It Is Night

Salting the Earth

State of the Church

Chapter 2 :

Signs of the Night

Spirit of Complacency

Betraying the Calvary Conquest

Dying Evangelism Fervor

Chapter 3 :

Revivalists Needed

Impulsive Response to Altar Call

Counting the Cost

Chapter 4 :

The Prophetic Statue

Head of Gold

The Sovereign Stone

Chapter 5 :

Time Up!

Daniel Missing Week

The Millennium Reign

Force of Prophecy

Chapter 6 :

Jesus Comes Soonest

Which Eternity Are You Going?

When Jesus Comes

Chapter 7 :

Brace Up

How to B e a Wise Virgin

Chapter 8

The Master Key

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Chapter 1

It Is Night

We are in the midnight watches. Gross darkness is grossly covering the world. It’s night; many saints of the Christ are deeply asleep. Many of His lamps are burning out already. Oh, how the reigns of darkness are being felt all over the world! Oh, how greatly the folly of fools are manifesting to the tragedy of the globe! It is night but Christ’s dawning day is imminent and shall be so glorious. Yes, it shall be indeed glorious when the King of all kings appears in the sky to take up His steadfast saints. All who are true believers in Christ shall become His royal bride. The Spirit born people are a people betrothed to the Lord the King, Jesus Christ. He is coming soon come to have us in a glorious wedlock. We shall all be a glow with the rejoicing of His glory when He comes. It is night and will the Bridegroom meet us nicely robed in the wedding attire? Will He meet me and you with our lamps brightly burning?

Salting the Earth

We’re the light of the world, set on earth by the Lord to salting it. But many who claim to born-again Christians are tragically losing their virtue as the salt of the earth. What a sad thing that Christianity now bears almost zero impact on the sinning world! We are preoccupied with the earthly pursuits, and eagerly seeking the possessions of all her fading glories. We need worldly treasures and pleasures to satisfy our insatiable desires and burning lusts. As a result many a giants have lost their taste for the heavenly. Oh, what a tragedy that the earthly glories we hunt to have shall turn to vanities one day! It is really painful that all the wealth we pursue shall vanish away like a flash. Do you run the physical life at the expense of the spiritual? It is the reason you have lost your salting value. And indeed, the Christianity of our days seems to have lost its savor. Lights are turning into darkness, making the world of the unsaved to stand afar off, mocking the heritage of God! Oh, brethren, can’t you feel the scorns, the derision, and the contempt? Indeed, the church of Christ needs wholesome revival of fire. As a result of all the ungodly competition with the world, many believers are losing their values. Yes, your greed for money, materialism and worldly glories has eaten deep into your heart and your value. The Bible makes it clear that when the salt loses its flavor, it loses its worth: Salt is good; but if the salt has lost his savor, wherewith shall it be seasoned? It is neither fit for the land, nor yet for the dunghill; but men cast it out….. (Luke 14: 34-35) Are you presently being locked in the web of materialism? It is the grand pathway to losing your spiritual might. It is high time you stopped prostituting your life, talents, calling and values on the altar of world lusts. Should the bride of Christ also lose out because sinners are losing out? Must men of faith get out of hand because things are getting out of hand? This evil competition with the world ought to stop. We’ve got to take heed: And take heed to yourselves, lest at anytime your hearts be over changed with surfeiting and drunkenness and cares of this life, And so that day come upon you unawares. (Lk 21:34). State of the Church Mammon is the new god of this age Christianity. And how sad and tragic it should! Having conquered the sinning world, mammon has triumphantly invaded the pulpit and, and is now making a conquest of the laity also. Mammon is becoming an enthroned king of the church. Dearly beloved, you’ve got to cry to all who care to heed: greed is on the throne in contemporary churches. So sad! Materialism has become the new gospel message instead of Christ. The original message of the Cross has been relegated and trample upon. Have you notice it also; how pre-sermon and post-sermon altar calls are no longer for salvation but for money? In fact, fundraiser ministers are now on higher demand in the land. Oh, what a doomed thing to see! Consequently, many sincere church planters are now being mistaken for business-men by onlookers. We are mocked because so-called men of God now “swoop down on the spoils” of souls. Very few men still trust and honor men of God as men of God. Oh, how good old days have become history! Ah, what a horror of the night! We certainly need God’s deliverance now.


Chapter 2


Darkness is the nature of the night. Darkness falls and rules in the night. And it’s being dark in the world. Gross darkness has ceased the world, and men groan in it with pride and ignorance. It is dark! Oh, what a sign of the night that believers are missing their purpose for living. Yes, many believers are missing it having forgotten that glorifying God is our principal reason for existence. We are betrothed to glorify God by a life of total commitment to Christ, the Groom, but greed and self glory are now the evil drive. Christ is supposed to be our love and the lone object of our worship, but our hearts are totally giving to the love of mammon. We’re meant to be true spiritual worshippers, but we’ve dangerously lost our place at His altar. “The light of the today is the eye; If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”(Matt. 6:22). Spirit of Complacency It is dark! And so spirit of complacency now thrives unhindered in the Christendom. Just another sign of the night! Yes, we have mastered how to live with the world without incurring her wrath. And because we chose to be conformed to the ways of the unsaved, we now compromise the authentic gospel message. Then, all other things began to go wrong – the habits, the prayer pattern, the lifestyle, the dressing styles and the evangelistic fervor, among others. It is the spirit of complacency that teaches us the fear of being called fanatics. It instructs us to become friendly and comfortably with our evil surroundings. Consequently, our loyalty to Christ is divided, our allegiance becomes half-hearted, and our service turns hypocritical. Compromise is sin. And we must warn all and sundry that Jesus Christ will never accommodate the present lukewarm-ness and selfindulgence being puffed up in the Christendom. I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot. I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth. (Rev.3:15-16) Betray ing the Calvary Conquest It is dark! And intercession for soul-winning missions ceases to be a part of our prayer life. We now make violent destruction of foes and fake the principal objective of our prayer ministry. And, don’t forget, devil rejoices when we forget the major and major in minor. I am not preaching here against violent warfare prayer. I believe in and pray it daily. But we all know that the way it is being presently practiced magnifies more of Satan’s than Christ’s. Any violent praying that betrays the Calvary conquest actually glorifies Satan. When Calvary conquest is in view, we don’t handle enemy’s powers as the all that matters. Neither do we get swallowed up with our personal troubles at the expense of lost, dying souls. It is a sign of the night that, in our desperation to be freed, we struggle to ‘kill’ demons and ‘slaughter’ human foes with such trembling, emotional imbalances. This kind of praying betrays the triumphant faith we proudly profess. Triumphalism is the description of the New Testament Christianity. As intimacy with God drops each day, we present Christianity as merely militancy. Yet, the militancy of the Cross is triumphant. The gospel as it was delivered to us preaches triumphalism. At Calvary, the Lord Jesus totally won the battle for us and sent down His Spirit to empower and make triumphant Armies of us. We are giving the Holy Spirit to engage the devil in the wars of liberating the captives. We are saved to be soul harvest armies. Christ triumph is emancipative, thus “Jesus therefore… Said, ‘It is finished…’ [Jhn.19:30].Yeah, it is finished! His victories and feats are the jubilee we are called to celebrate. We’re to celebrate this jubilee by the spirit of faith, and not fear. But how sadly that many now celebrate their ‘jubilee’ below the realm of Christ’s triumphalism. Dying Evangelism Fervor It is dark! And our evangelism fervor is dying. Street witnessing is no longer a practice. House to house evangelism is dead. Soul winning outreaches no longer matter. Like the trembling army of King Saul, we’re becoming a fearful Army. The fear of facing contempt and losing our soul rules the heart. Yet Jesus warned us against it: “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake… shall save it”. (LK 9:24). It is dark! And sons of Belial are gone loosed and crazy on the holy altars. We’re deep into the night, even in the midnight watches. As it was in the days of Eli the priest, horror of darkness has invaded the temple; yeah, the lamp on the altar is going diming, just as darkness reigns. No wonder, the revelation word of God is becoming so rare a gold. And the eyes of many contemporary prophets are waxing ‘dim that they could not see’. It is dark and, like sons of Eli, many so-called gospel ministers now ride with uncontrolled greed, robbing worshippers of their money and means. They shamelessly kick at the Lord’s sacrifices and thereby corrupting the Lord’s ministry. Several of these Belial ministers unashamedly commit sexual sins, even right on the altar. But God shall soon clear His name by wiping them out, just as He did to the sons of Eli the priest. (I Sam 3&4)

The Drive for Lusts

It is dark! And Christianity today is vastly becoming the pride of the sensual. Lusts for fame and fortune, position and diabolical powers now thrive unhindered. Everyone wants to be executive, at all cost. This clamor for titles and holler for wild programs rent the air every day. Activities now replace spirituality. And we celebrate having it so. Filled with sensual pride, we cleverly outdated soul-winning commission especially open air crusade, hospital outreach, and house to house evangelism. Passion for souls is gone. Then, as the Lamps go darker, we move from competition to confusion; from strife to division. It is dark! And we now prioritize our utmost love for our loved ones, at the expense of our love for the Christ. The discipleship tenet given by the Lord Jesus in Luke 14:26-27 is no longer taught as should. The biblical Christian discipline ceases to be the Christian virtue. It is dark! And we compel worshippers to sow their seed on nonfertile land. Without iota of the doubt, such unlucky “seed that fall amongst the thorns” would be choked by thorns. So, prayerfully sow your seed in fertile soil, and watchfully too. Watch how and where you give. Greedy and worldly leading ‘saints’ multiply daily. Give but be sure you give rightly. Truly, it is good to give and givers never lack, yet, let givers not forget that only a seed sow into fertile soil will win him lasting, bountiful harvests. Many of the fund raised today goes the wrong way. We fund projects that were answers to certain human ego. We give to vision that bears no positive impacts on God’s kingdom mission. When church members give to satisfy leader’s greed, they will certainly lose the harvest. It is unbiblical to fund projects that bear no relevance to Christ redemption project or feed your leader’s ego or to fill the ever enlarging lusty bellies of some ministers. It is time you fund the gospel and stop cash stocking the lusty pockets of our spiritual leaders. Sowing your seeds into fertile land is sending your money to that which touches God’s heart most. These fertile lands are soulwinning outreaches, foreign missions and missionaries, discipleship ventures, welfare to the poor, widows, orphans, and anointed men of God. It is dark! It is midnight watches! Yea, it is the high time we woke up to trim our lamps, lest we be harmed by the horrors of the night? Indeed it is time!


Chapter 3


Without fail, we need many revivalists like Samuel to turn in the glory light. This is the urgent need of the hour. There are still many wise virgins in the church, patiently awaiting the arrival of the Bridegroom. And this midnight hour is the best time for the King’s virgins to trim their lamps. Yes, we must wake out of slumber and be ignited for the last day’s revival mission. The revolution is needed now! Like John the Baptist, all true revivalists are bright burning lamps. They are flame throwers with the mandate to positively impact humanity with the great gospel power. End-Time revivalist aren’t seekers for fame but for the divine flame. Neither do they run after earthly wealth and glories, but after true riches. The Lord of harvest is calling us to join end time revival armies. It is time to light up in His flame and be true throwers of the revival fire. God needs revivalists who will unashamedly preach the word. Thus, the Apostle Paul gave Timothy the called up: “Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season…” (2Tim. 4:2). We are to preach the word boldly, even in the face of fiercest persecution: “But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry”. (2 Tim. 4:5). True revivalist aren’t they who go through short routes to get power and populate their churches. Many contemporary ‘anointed men’ actually carry nothing but strange fires. Why? They could not wait for their time of glorification in the ministry. Several run to the gods for helps because they strangely burn with greed for fortunes and fame. True revivalists don’t make covenants with dark lords, just because they want success. Real men of God never seek for satanic miracle working power to boost the numerical strength of God’s kingdom. Have you wonder why people now hold even truly anointed men of God in suspicion? Have you ever consider why several unsaved ones mock in disbelief anytime they see or hear that a certain man of God is working miracles, signs and wonders? We must hold false and fake ones among us responsible for such suspicious, and not the people. The last days’ revivalists are men and women who work with God. Stop working for God, o man of God. Now is the time to work with Him. Men of true anointing are still available among us, laboring with God. There are still sincere seekers for the power and the Spirit of God. And God still anoint true seekers with His power and Spirit to do His works. Last days’ revivalists will be loaded with the anointing that truly set the captives free, heal the sick, raise the dead, break evil yokes and turn sinners to saints. But all who partner with Satan to work miracles and run churches shall be smashed with tragedies in the end. All such ‘anointed men’ have no vision for the heavenly home, and none of them will they get there. Arise Now! Beloved, if you are one of the wise virgins, the urgency of these perilous days is calling you must arise now. A million captives are waiting for you to arise and manifest the glory of your son-ship in Christ. Hear it: “For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestations of the sons of God” (Rom. 8:19) Impulsive Response to Altar Call Why is it that many that came to Christ today does so with impulsive decision? Why is it that there is no genuine repentance among many? Why is it that there are no proofs of new resurrected life in many who claim to be born again? Casual response to altar calls isn’t what the Lord requires. But what do you expect when pulpits deliver a ‘gospel’ that lacks Calvary potent truth. How else will sinners respond to messages of ministers whose crowns lack the golden oil? For the pulpit to truly free sinners and captives, it must be fully robed with both the blood and the fire. Yet, we can’t blame preachers for all the present ministerial inadequacies. In many cases, it is congregation who hire who they wanted and dictate the kind of ‘gospel’ he should preach. There are many “itching ears” congregations in search of hireling: “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall theyheap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. (2 Tim. 4:3-4). Since those who hate the truth must end up in heresies, the result is all we now have in the Christendom. This is the major reasons for clergy rejection and cross-carpeting membership. Yea, in this midnight watches, you can keep on cross-carpeting as you like, moving from one church to another, until you find the tale bearer you’re looking for. You are dull of hearing the truth and have now turn to false prophets, hireling bishops, fake teachers and motivational speakers turned ‘pastors’. Indeed, you are at liberty to keep on heaping teachers to yourselves, who will tell you just what you like. Itching ears congregations are ‘like pastor, like members’! The message of the Cross and resurrection irritates their heart. Yet, the eternal truth is: Jesus only is the message. So, my dear reader, are you numbered among the wise ones or among the foolish? You need wisdom to deal with your itching ears before they dump you into eternal blackness. It takes the wisdom divine to prevail over the ongoing spiritual crisis of the End-Time. Will your acclaimed wisdom stands the test of time? Will the wisdom of eminent saints not be counted as folly when the Lord of all wisdom arrives? It takes wisdom to watch your relationship with Christ and His word, every moment in life. Wisdom is the only sure way to recovering our values in this midnight era. It’s high time we recovered our spiritual and moral values, lest we be damned when the Bridegroom appears. Counting the Cost Did you really count the cost being a Christian before starting the race? May be you never did, yet that is where true wisdom begins. Christ illustrates it in Luke. 14:28-35. {please read this now}. You’ve got to count the cost and know that once you commit your life to Jesus Christ, whether you live or die no longer matters. You’ve got to count the cost that you may know that your life is no longer yours, for you have been bought by His blood. You’ve got to count the cost and accept the truth that it is criminal for you to still hold on to your life as if it still belongs to you. All who counted the cost knew that it doesn’t matter whether we are chosen to live for Christ like Apostle John or appointed to die for Him like Stephen. As far as Christ is concerned, it is more honorable to die for His cause than for any other purposes on earth. Why the fear? It’s time to trim your lamps and abandon the totality of yourlives to the cause of Christ. You also can be a revivalist for Him, and be all out for Him. You also can faithfully serve Him in the Spirit and devotion of the martyr: “Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: Behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life. (Rev. 2:10).


Chapter 4


The book of Daniel was written in the 6th century B.C; in the days of Babylonian captivity. In the second chapter, God had shown the Chaldean King Nebuchadnezzar a terrifying statue in a dream. Unfortunately, as dread as he was, he woke up only to forget the dream. What a sorry case. As a result, he summoned all his magicians, astrologers and wise men but none could tell the king’s dream. What followed was a serious theater, having the royal palace as the dramatic scene. In the course of the said drama, the king threatened to eliminate his wise men, should they fail to tell him the dreams and also its interpretation. Responding to the King’s strange order, the wise men replied: “…there is not a man upon the earth that can show the king’s matter: …” (Dan. 2:10)

At this humble acceptance of their inability and failure, the king got furious, and ordered that they be all killed. What an order for royal execution! Yes, but thank God, what is impossible for man is possible for God. What a joy that a light of hope came from men who were God’s Saints in the Babylon. Daniel, Sherdrach, Meshach and Abednego, as anointed of the most high, were men who knew their God. In fact, they were regarded to gods in Babylon. Likewise you are and I are ‘gods’, if the Spirit of the living God truly reigns in us. It was the Holy Spirit in the life of Daniel that made him special vessel for royal distinction. (Dan. 6:3).

The Scripture establishes this truth that we are gods. The anointing of the Holy Ghost makes us so. Moses was made ‘a god’ unto Pharaoh and Egyptian hosts. (Exd. 7:1), and anointed leaders of Israel were called gods, (Exd. 22:28) Dear beloved, like Daniel, if you have God’s excellent spirit alive in you, you are a god. Spirit anointed believers are gods. (Psm. 82:6). As gods we are agents of dominion, commissioned to act in the stead of God. Thus, we are to reign in dominion over nations and kingdoms. (Jer. 1:10). Brethren it seems the level of our usefulness, influence and control, in the world is always dictated by the level of the fullness and impact of the Holy Spirit in us. Thus, if we are to really take dominion or charge of our environment and generation, we must seek for the Spirit’s greater influence and deeper union.

We are ‘gods’! We are Christ’s dominion agency, marked for distinction and honor in life. Do you occupy your place in the generation you belonged? As for Daniel, he understood who he was because of the covenant and the Holy Spirit that lived in him. Daniel, having chosen not to die with Babylonian wise men, demanded for a stay of execution from the king. He would go unto His living God, and come back with real solution. To this, the king agreed. Daniel and his three Hebrew friends went to God in prayer; and God answered them that same night. Are you seeking an insight into any deep secrets also? Is your life locked up in the bowel of dark mystery and you urgently needed a light? Are you confused about certain situations in your life and needed revelation for assurance? I beseech you to seek the Lord’s face in prayer and fasting today, and He’ll speak clearly to you. (Daniel 2:22, 28 & 47)

Seek God’s face and He will unlock your locked mysteries to you. Never allow any area of your life to live in the realm of darkness. Now, what was it that God revealed to Daniel that very night? It was the prophetic statue. Let me explain the statue and its interpretations. It was a human image which prophetically represents the kingdoms of this world. Especially those that should successively bear rule among the nations, and have influence on the state affairs of Israel. These kingdoms or empires were represented by a single statue because it was the same spirit that controls them. We will consider each part of the statue, one after the other, with detail interpretations and explanations.

Head of Gold

This represents the Chaldean (Babylonian) monarchy. As at the time, Babylonian monarchy was the greatest {Dan. 2: 37-38}  Kings of Babylon were truly known for superior greatness and power. From Nebuchadnezzar, to Evil-Merodach to Belshazzar, the Babylonian monarchy demonstrated absolute power, total authority and wisdom in kingdom. Indeed, Babylonian king was the head. Chaldean monarchy ruled with the strength of a lion strong, fierce and absolute. But Babylonian monarchy was not just a head; it was a head of gold. And this implies her superiority in wealth, extent, might and glory. As the head of gold, the Babylonian kingdom conquered Israel, took her to captivity and ruled over her for 70 years. Though before it happened, the prophet Jeremiah had prophetically warned the Jews for their sins but they would not listen. (Jer. 25:11). Babylonian kings, as predicted they would be, made conquest of the world kingdoms in a speed of an eagle. This monarchy was indeed “a lion with eagle’s wing” spoken of in Daniel 7:4.

Chest and Arms of Silver

This represents Medo-Persia Monarchy, founded by Darius and Cyrus in an alliance. While Darius was from media, Cyrus was a Persian, thereby representing the two arms. This same kingdom was represented as “a ram with two horns” in Daniel 8:3.These two horns were the joint government in the alliance. The Medo-Persia Monarchy was “another kingdom inferior to thee” that should rise after the fall of Babylon, predicted in Daniel 2:39(a). It was a kingdom of silver, next in terms of worth and durability to Babylon, the golden head. Indeed, Medo-persia was not as strong, powerful, rich and victorious as Babylon was. In Daniel chapter 7 it was prophesied that Medo-Persia Monarch was to rule in the spirit of a bear – a beast of lesser strength to lion. Medo-Persia Monarchy, however can be said to be as ravenous as Chaldean. (Daniel 7:5). This monarchy to enlarge her areas of dominion, “pushed westward and northward and southward”, making her conquests of Babylon, Syria, Greece, Asia, Lydia, Armenia, Scythia, Arabia, Egypt and Ethiopia. Persia kings became so powerful and did according to will, until they became very great.

Belly and Thighs of Brass

This is the Grecian Monarchy. Greece was founded by Alexander the great, who conquered Darius, the last emperor of the Persian Empire. This monarchy was said to be of brass. In other word, it was inferior to Medo-Persia monarchy, both in worth and extent. Alexander was of a royal blood, the son of Philip, a Macedonia king. He began his war at the age of 20, conquered Persia at 26, and dies at 32 of drunken surfeit (i.e. poison). He left no child when he died. In Alexander, Greek reigned by the power of the sword over all the earth. Alexander truly boasted; “I had conquered the world”. He conquered the great army of Persian kingdom, an army numbering over 30,000 soldiers. In his three major wars against the Persian, Alexander killed about 600,000 men. Within six years he conquered the entire lands of Persia Empire and Asia; and had rule over Syria, India, Egypt, among others. Alexander the great was the ravenous leopard spoken of in Daniel chapter 7, and thus he was very crafty, cruel and active. He was the prophetic “leopard with wings of a fowl”: “… I behold, and lo another like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl; the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it.” {Dan 7:6} Also, he was the he goat of Daniel 8:8. Alexander was indeed of the he-goat spirit, for he conquered the world with little or no oppositions. (Dan. 8:5). Upon his death, his conquests were divided among his four chief captains. His four captains were the “four heads of the winged leopard” and the “four horns” of the he-goat, that came up after the great horn was broken. (Daniel 8:8) Their names and territorial conquests are: 1. Seleucus Nacanar (who took over Asia) 2. Ptolemeus (who took over Egypt) 3. Cassander (who took over Macedonia/ Syria) 4. Perdiccus (who took over Greece).

Legs of Iron

This represents the Roman monarchy. It was this “Iron” kingdom that broke the Grecian empire in pieces. The Roman monarchy was the fourth beast said to be more fierce and formidable than others. (Daniel 7:7). By the strength of iron, Rome conquered and extended to France, Spain, Germany, Britain, Asia, Egypt, Greece, Pannonia and Sarmatia. This kingdom also destroyed the Jews nation. Don’t forget that it was at the peak of the reign of Herod the great that Jesus was born, and infant were slaughtered at Bethlehem. The Jews nation was still under the Roman monarchy all through the days of the early Apostles, with Agrippa as Herod ruling over Judea, and Antipas over Galilee. In later years of its days, as predicted, the Roman Empire experienced several civil wars. E.g. there were wars between Silas and Marius; also between Julius Caesar and Pompey, among others.

Toes of Iron and Clay (Part of Iron and part of Clay)

Many believe that this represents the revived Roman Empire. Towards the end of Roman Monarchy it grew weaker and weaker. The kingdom having suffered from effect of many civil wars, eventually broke off into ten kingdoms, which stand for the ten toes of the feet in the prophetic statue. Some of these kingdoms were strong, while some were weak, signifying iron and clay mixture. In Daniel’s night vision of chapter 7, these ten toes are called ten horns. And what could these ten toes represent? Many scholars of Bible prophecy differ are pointing fingers to the leading member states of the present day European Communities {EC}, especially those occupying the territory of the ancient Roman Empire. These nations include Italy, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Netherland, United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, and Denmark. Many Bible scholars believed these ten leading EU members are the revived Roman Empire. What about the little horn that is to produce the anti-Christ? Historically, the Americans, Paleo-americans descendants, believed to have migrated from Eurasia, made the declaration of independence from the Great Britain in 1776. With her 13colonies, the new independent state came to be known as United States of America. It wasn’t long after her independence declaration when America is a superpower, competing with Soviet Union. And with the dissolution of Soviet Union in 1991, USA became the world’s superpower. Many Bible scholars believe she is the prophetic ‘little horn’ that is to produce the anti-Christ. (Daniel 7:8). We only need to be on the watch out!

The Sovereign Stone

Jesus Christ is “the Shepherd the Stone of Israel”. Build your faith on Him. Build your faith solidly on Jesus Christ, the coming Sovereign Stone. He is the Stone that “was cut-out without hands” in Daniel 2:34.This means he is the coming supernatural Stone that will bring a sudden end to the governments and dominions of this world. So soon, the Lord Jesus shall be ‘cut out’ without human aids, as the sovereign stone to break in pieces kingdoms and their vain values. He is coming to establish His eternal Kingdom and dominion in their stead, even in these days of the ten toes. Dan. 2:44.

Jesus is the Rock; the living, spiritual Rock that followed Israelites in the wilderness; and from whom they drunk the living water. You can safely build your life and hope on Him. {I Cor. 10:4} He is the head Stone, upon which any spiritual structures would survive. Build all your hope on Jesus; He is the Chief Corner Stone. {1Pet.2:4}

He is the only sure WORD, the only solid foundation upon which we are to build our lives, hope, faith and destiny. All other grounds are sinking ground. (Matt. 7:24). But He also is the Stone of stumbling and the rock of offence. My prayer for you is this: you will not be appointed to stumble at Jesus Christ. All who stumble at or fall upon Him “shall be broken:” and all He falls upon “shall be grounded to powders” (Luke 20:18). This is the portion of the disobedient, the unbelieving, the rebel and the proud of this world: “And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed”. (Rom. 9:32-33)

Jesus, the great Conqueror, is coming as the Sovereign Stone to ground to nothing all values of Babylonian monarchy, crush the ideals of Medo-Persian kingdom, destroy standards of the Grecian Empire, and bring to end all the powers and values of the Roman. The Revived Roman Empire shall be brought to utter ruin. For Jesus at His coming shall smite the Legs of iron and clay, with its ten toes. We are now in these days of the ten toes. It is the last time, brethren. We have seen the emergence of superpowers. Is USSR one of the three horns that shall fall before the little horn? Interestingly we have watched the dismantling of the once great USSR. While Europe still count among the superpowers, America daily display her pride of being the global power. China also is raising her horn. Is America really the little horn? Point blank, Jesus is the coming sovereign Stone that shall be cut out without hands, to break in pieces all the kingdoms. He will ground together their power and glories. We are now at the tail of the end time, in the reigns of the “ten toes” mixed with iron and clay. This is the last hour. Both strong (iron) and weak (clay) kingdoms shall soon be crushed by Christ the Stone. Oh what a tragic end it will be when Christ’s monarchy appears to smite the kingdoms! (Dan.2:44).


Chapter 5


The most compelling of all fulfilled Bible prophecies is Daniel’s 70 weeks. The awe of its fulfillment always takes hold of me. I want to take you into a study of this great prophecy for just two reasons: One, to refresh your mind with the great truth that God is winding up His eternal program on earth; and two, to challenge you to early preparation for Christ’s second coming. To begin with, please open your Bible to Daniel 9:20-27. Read through those verses again. Now, as we study together, take note of the following words in the passages. SEVEN (vs. 25): Seven is the Hebrew word “HEPTAD”, which means a period of seven days, seven weeks or seven years. MESSIAH THE PRINCE (vs. 25): It means the Christ or the Anointed One. ‘CUT OFF’ (vs. 26): It means to kill or to be killed, as in the Old Testament. Next, we need to ask a question: ‘when the prophecy says “70 weeks are determined upon thy people” what does it actually means? We need to have a sound understanding of the Jews calculations and calendar to get the answer to this question.

The Jews Calendar

The Jews calendar differs from our contemporary calendar. How? Jews calendar is consisted of 12 months of 30 days, making up 360 days a year, while modern calendar is 365 days a year. Second, we need the explanation of certain historical facts from fulfilled parts of the prophecy in questions. These include the under listed: The commandment to rebuild Jerusalem was given in 444 BC in the 20th years of king Artaxerxes, which was two years after the prophecy. (Neh. 2:1-9). The rebuilding work was finished in the 49th year it began, and Israel returned to their land from the captivity. Deductively, these 49 years of rebuilding and returning was what God termed seven weeks. Now, if the first 7 weeks was 49 years, what would be the next 62 weeks? Let’s do the calculation together: 1 week=49/7 = 7 years 2 weeks=7 x 2=14 years 7 weeks=7 x 7=49 years 62 weeks=7 x 62=434 years 69 weeks=7 x 69=483 years) If our calculation is right, we get 483 years from the decree to rebuild Jerusalem in 444 BC to the crucifixion of Christ in 33 AD. The Modern Calendar Let’s take a step further by converting the above to the modern calendar: 483 x 360=173880 days (Jews Calendar) 173,880/365=476 years (Modern Calendar) Notes: It is exactly 476 years. King Artaxerxes decreed the rebuilding in 444 BC and Christ the Messiah was killed “Cut off”’ in 33 AD (there is no Zero in Calendar). The prophecy says ‘70 weeks’ (Daniel 9:24) but we have been able to calculate only 69 weeks. (Dan. 9:25). Seven weeks plus Sixty-two weeks is equal to sixty nine weeks. Where is the last one week of the seventy week?

Daniel’s Missing Week

It is generally believed that the missing one week (7 years) has to do with the rapture/great tribulation years that will soon take place. Soon, at the beginning of this “one week”, Jesus will appear in the sky to take up His bride – the spotless, glorious church. (I Thess. 4:16-17). This one week (7 years) shall be divided into two equal years, in the first 3 ½ years we will sit to be rewarded at the BEMA seat of judgment, and in the other 3 ½ years. We shall be wedded to the Lamb in the marriage supper of the Lamb. Both will take place up in the air, after we have been caught up with the Lord Christ. However, the believers who miss the rapture shall be left here on earth. And for them, it will be wholesome be troubles, the “Jacob’s time of trouble”. They will suffer with the world of sinners for that 7 years. At the beginning of the seven years, the anti-Christ will emerge and takeover the reigns of the universal government. He will be friendly especially with Israelis in the first half 3½ of the seven years. He’ll make treatise with the saints of God in the first half. In the second 3½ years, the anti-Christ will break the covenant and unleash terrors upon the people. (Rev. 6:1-17, 12:3-6. And o, what a terrible time it will be, when freedom will be given only to those who receive the mark of the Antichrist, 666. You’ve got to put your life in order friend, lest you be left behind here to face the great tribulation.

The Millennium Reign

At the close of these seven years, Jesus will come down with His bride, the glorious church, to reign over all the earth. He will rule for a thousand years, popularly called the Millennium reign of Christ. Throughout these years Satan will be bound in the bottomless pit. (Rev. 20:2, 3 & 20:3) But the question so pertinent is this: ‘will you and I reign with Christ? Oh, dearly beloved, you and I dare not lose-out at the roll of God this end time. Nothing can be more a tragedy than such. We must not lose out. Oh! We must remain faithful till the end that we may be found worthy to reign with Him. At the end of the 1000 years, the Lord will free Satan for a season. And as soon as he is loosed, the devil will gather armies of nations for the war against the Christ and His kingdom. But he shall be crushed with his vast armies. This war is called the Battle of Armageddon. Thereafter, Satan and all who follow him shall appear before the white throne judgment. Devil and all who rejected the Lordship of Christ shall be damned before the white throne of judgment, and cast into hell fire.


A congregational choir of my Evangelical church once sang in one of her song anniversaries a song: “injury time laye wa…” meaning ‘the world is at its injury time’. This is just a line in a long didactic melody sang by the renowned choir. And, I personally agreed with the composer of this verse: it is indeed the injury time. Sooner than we think, the Stone will be cut out without hands to smash all the kingdoms of the earth. All will soon be swept away by the coming King. Christ’s Second Advent shall bring into naughty the governments of this age. All thrones and glories shall be grounded to powder. It’s going to be sudden. He’ll come like a thief in the night! Beloved, is your hope and trust in the glories and riches of this age? Listen, it isn’t all that glitters are gold. If you consume all your life in amassing all that this world could offer, you will soon be the most miserable. Oh, it won’t be long again when all who place their trust in the earthly values will be tragically disappointed. But my greatest heart-pain is has to do with many contemporary believers who are losing sight of eternity, already. It’s sad today that many believers no longer live for heaven. The charming but fading glory of this world has seduced several thousands. Already, many have fallen into the temptation of losing the hope of His coming. By the conducts of many believers you can clearly tell how damage their faith has become. With all their affections are set “on things on the earth, they passionately pursue their lusts for earthly glories. Already, thousands have begun to ask “… where is the promise of His coming, for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation?” (II Pet. 3:3).

It might be long since He spoke in dreams to the Babylonian King! It might be long since Daniel rightly the recovered and interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. It might be long Jesus came, died, resurrected and promised He will be coming back again. Even, it might be long since John the revelator and the other Apostles wrote about His second coming. But now that we are closer to the end, it won’t be long again. Get set! You are a pilgrim here. As a believer in Jesus, you are a pilgrim here. You don’t belong here. Jesus declared it in John 17:14: “I have given them your word; and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world”. We are on pilgrimage to the heavenly, eternal home. So, why have we abandoned our heavenly hope in pursuit of the earthly? We ought to live as strangers in this world. Our sojourn here will soon be over. Yes it won’t be long again. He will come to take us home. Will Christ meet faith on earth when He Returns? Believe it or not: the coming of Jesus Christ is very near. It is “sooner than soon”, as I sang in my maiden album. Get set now for the Lord’s coming.

If truly your eternal desire is heaven; get ready now. Brace up for the King’s coming now, lest you get your soul damned for eternity. The Ultimate Controller True God given prophecy is forceful, ever loaded with the divine power for fulfillment. It has in it that power to enforce its own fulfillment. God is the ultimate power controlling thrones and times. He’s the Alpha and the Omega of all things. He controls the heavens and the earth; thrones and nations; things and goings. The unchangeable Changer dictates the destiny and destination of every age and people. He’s the ultimate controller. So whatever God says cannot but come to pass. He said that Jesus His Son is coming back .His word is a mighty force of prophecy. Sooner or later, it will come to fulfillment at the fullness of time. His word will come to pass. Prepare now! God has numbered the kingdoms of the earth. Time is running out. It passes away so swiftly. The king of glory is coming back. Yes, He’s coming soon. Are you preparing for His coming? Will you be partaker of the rapture? Will you be on the roll at the Bema Seat? Will you be worthy of the marriage super of the Lamb? Ponder now! It is a tragedy when the believer lives in ignorance of the time we are now. Your inability to read God’s handwriting on the wall of time is nothing but spiritual blindness. The Lord’s inscription on the wall of this age, and to the thrones of this world, is the same that was sent to King Belshazzar: “MENE, MENE TEKEL, UPHARSIN” (Read Dan. 5:25-28). The time up! God has numbered the kingdoms of this age, and finished it. Kings and thrones have been weighed and found wanting.

The time is up! Brace up!

You’ve got to be nearest; for time is earnest. Time flies. Our fleeting days are telling fast. Seasons passes away fast. For many, it is death, for others, it may be tribulations, and for some, it may be rapture. Time Up! The die will soon be cast. Oh, friend, time is up. And you’ve got to be earnest, for God is earnest. Watch and pray; before your season passes away. The Lord the Stone of glory is at the door to take over the thrones of the kings and dominions. He is coming to establish His righteous dynasty and shall reign in everlasting dominion. Time up! And your personal kingdoms are being numbered also. Yeah, your throne and values are being weighed. Will you be found wanting? Will you be finished with this dying unbelieving world? Think, friend, think deep. O, think deeper! The Creator has numbered all thrones and values of this age. God, who told Abraham of the 400 years’ sufferings and the glorious deliverance of Israel, even 600 years before it took place, and brought His word to fulfillment just as He said, has numbered the kingdoms of this age. The Lord who revealed the Kingdom image to Nebuchadnezzar when only Babylonia Empire was actually known and it came to be as He had said will not fail. He will bring to pass all that He has spoken concerning the coming of Christ the Stone. But will you reign with Christ in His coming Millennium reigns on Earth? Time out! Think deeply now. Put your house in order; effect those changes you need now. He’ll come like a thief in the night. (Thess. 5:2) May you and I join overcomers’ choir to sing this song of dominion when the King comes:

“In the Millennium When my King comes to reign On the David’s throne I will reign with Him…” {John B. JOSEPH}

The force of prophecy cannot be hindered. He will come! Remember how the birth of Samson, John de-Baptist, the Messiah Christ came in fulfillment to Prophecy! The Lord who spoke through His prophets concerning Israel’s 70 years captivity in Babylon; and the deliverance that was to follow, and caused it happened just as spoken, will soon windup His eternal programs on the earth with the appearing of Christ in the air. Christ will come just as spoken in the prophecies. Beloved, what has God spoken to you, personally? Don’t be tempted to handle His promises with unbelief. Watch! His words are yea and amen! (Num. 23:19). Get ready now, before the judgment throne is set. Oh, vengeance will be ready when the day of His mercy is gone. The truth remains that life is given to be brief. Like it or not, like a fallen leaf, you will soon be void of life. So you’ve got watch it. Yes, if you have heaven to go, you must watch both your love and your lusts for the things of this world. Those beautiful flowers in your life will soon give way to decay. Youth, beauty and pleasure must one day fade away. Jesus should be the all that matters in our lives. Make Him your final, golden choice today. Make Him your sovereign Lord, at all cost. Let Him be your affectionate love, lest you lost your only soul in the blackness of eternal darkness. Danger is gravely looming.

Awake and arise! Tidy up! Fill up your lamps with extra oil! Light up your lamp! It will soon be too late. Hello, my dear sinner friend, hasten up your steps to the fountain of Christ blood. Get that bondage of sin and unrighteousness broken now in your life. Yea, Calvary still calls! Run to His redemption ground for your eternal life and total liberty! We are already in the midnight watches. It’s high time that sinners found the Savior. It’s high time that backsliders got restored. It is high time that wanderers returned home. Stop your mad race for the worldly riches, fame and power! God blesses His own without sorrow. Stop your wild, wicked game for political and diabolical powers. Fear His righteous judgment and turn from your evil ways now. It will soon be too late. Hi, dear friend. Stop erecting your life’s structures on the sinking sand of sin. Floods and tempest will soon sweep them away. Jesus is the only sure foundation to build upon. Lean fully on Him and your eternity with Him will be sure. He is the Stone to build upon! I call now to you, oh, backslider; quit that valley of spiritual coldness now. Turn to Christ the Rock and get your heart filled with His pure and hot flame.


Chapter 6


In my maiden musical album, titled Sooner Than Soon, I sang the lyrics of the imminent return of Christ the King of glory, and the rapture of His saints the bride. Oh, how glorious shall we be when Jesus comes to crown us to reign? How lovely shall it be when you and I are counted worthy to wear the crowns! Be prepared for the most glorious morning that will soon be. It was for this glorious dawn that the ten virgins waited, all through the midnight watches. The glorious day will be when Jesus Christ, our bridegroom appears in the air. Jesus will come for His spotless bride. What a glorious dawn it will be when He comes in His dazzling glory! Brace up, brethren; we are at the terminal edge of the night. The midnight watches will soon give way to the most glorious morning. You and I can’t afford to miss it. The trump of the arch-angel will soon sound the voice, to herald the King’s appearance in the air. It’s going to be in a twinkling of an eye, yeah, like a thief in the night. You’ve got to brace yourself up for this imminent glory. Brace up! The rapture belongs to all ready Saints. Or aren’t you preparing for it? Be ready now! Christ the king is coming to catch up His ready, spotless, bride.

Prepare yourself now for the glorious day. Have you ever thought of the glories that shall be for the Lamb’s bride, after the rapture? Oh, the seven years of rapturous celebration in the air with the Christ the Groom! Then, the glowing wonders of the marriage supper of the lamb! What about the great rewards to be given at the Bema seat of judgment! And more; we shall be appointed to reign with Him in His millennium (1000 years) reign on earth. And to crown it all; we shall spend our glorious eternity in heaven! You’ve got to think through on these eternal values and brace up to be a partaker. Be warned!

It’s dangerous not to partake in the coming rapture. In fact, it’s woeful and tragic. Should a believer miss the rapture, he will be left on earth to suffer with sinners. If you’re not caught up to meet the Christ in the air at His coming, prepare to experience the hardship of the great tribulation that shall be during the reigns of the antichrist. For seven years, while the saints celebrate with Christ in the air, those on earth will suffer unbearable troubles and tortures. Each person will be compelled to receive the mark of the beast, 666, on their foreheads or hands. Without this mark, none will be able to buy or sell. It will be one darkest moment in the anal of history. Many will look for death, but will find none. So we all must brace up for a glorious triumph over the evils of this perilous hour. It is time to shun compromise, stand firm in faith and watch unto prayer. Let us live in the light and salting the earth. We are the light of the world, the salt of the earth. It is dangerous to join the mixed-multitude of these days. We have been warned to take heed to ourselves. Never be deceived by those so-called ‘gospel’ ministers, who are merchandizing the gospel of Christ. Take heed!

Which Eternity Are You Going?

You’ve got to decide. When your personal opinions, pastor’s beliefs and denominational doctrines differ from God’s own standard and you hold firm to it, which eternity are you preparing for, heaven or hell? Human principles and philosophies may sound like the word of God; they can never be. To walk at liberty this end time, test every spirit and live in the light of the WORD. Is your name written in Lamb’s book of life? Listen, it isn’t church ‘membership register’ that will determines your place of eternity, but His book of life. Be very sure you get your name in today. The horrors of the great tribulation years aren’t for you and me. When Jesus Comes But when the morning come, friend, shall we surely meet as bride to Christ the Groom? Time up! Brace up now! Get yourself ready for the glorious morning! The glorious dawn is already at the door! Jesus will come soon! When Jesus comes, our broken tears, fears and sighs will all be gone. When He comes, our dark and storming days will be over. When He comes, glorious light of calmness, wonders and love will be dawn on us. And how glorious will it be when you and I end this tedious journey in that eternal bliss. It will be the greatest marvel ever seen.

When Jesus comes, our spent and labors will be rewarded. Therefore, let’s not be weary, no matter how dreamy the way may have been. For even when we toil in sorrow, ours shall be the greatest joy when the Lord comes. We must therefore live with this hope, if we are to be well focused, rugged and uncompromising as Christ’s ambassadors and pilgrims on earth. It’s time to tidy up for the coming King! Tidy Up Have you noted that as the kingdoms of this earth progresses they lose their worth? Have you come to the understanding that the farther we go in the things of this world, the less valuable they appear? Since the days of Babylonian Empire, this world has been moving from gold to silver, from Silver to brass, and from brass to iron. And now we are in the age of iron and clay mixture. Are you one of the millions who place all their hopes and trust in the fading glory of this world? Take this book as a bell of divine warning. It is the last hour! Tidy up. If you need to put anything in order in your life, be fast to do it now. The trumpet will soon sound, and I doubt it if can afford to miss the rapture or wait below here to face the great tribulations.

Repent! Turn from your own ways today. Make God your trust and damn the consequences. Turn over your life to the Christ of God. He is the coming sovereign Stone appointed to dismantle all the world’s kingdoms and their values.


Chapter 7


You’ve got to brace up for the soon coming King. Like those ten virgins mentioned by the Lord in the twenty fifth chapter of Matthew, true believers are virgins betrothed to Christ the king. We are His royal bride-to-be, affectionately loved, and soon to be married. And, we must preserve our virginity as we patiently wait for the day of our wedding: Let thy garments be always white; and let thy head lack no ointment. (Eccl. 9:8)

We are in a critical moment of times, so i compose this poem for you:

The darkness is filling!

The Bridegroom tarries!

Believers are fully asleep!

The lamps are going out!

The midnight watches have been indeed critical.

It is night; darkness besieges.

It is dark; virgins have slumbered

It is night; saints all asleep

It is dark; lamps go out. {John B. JOSEPH}

We’re in the last day. Perils of the perilous time roar dangerously against men. You’ve got to be on guard. Guard yourself well with God’s armor of light. Guard now yourself lest you fall also into the follies of the age we live. Many a thousand believers are turning away from the faith already. As we go deeper into the night, the darker things become. Foolish virgins are all around us, playing gimmicks with values of eternity. Perhaps they wait for the day-break to prepare for the home! Oh, late preparation is nothing but sheer folly. So watch it. It will take you God’s supernatural wisdom to save yourself from last minute preparation.

Get prepared now! The Bridegroom will soon appear, but late preparation will spell doom: “And while they went to beg, the bridegroom came, and they that were ready went in with Him to the marriage, and the door was shot. (Matt. 2510)

Avoid last minute preparation. The foolish ones in the Jesus’ parable returned lately, crying “Lord, Lord, open to us”; to no avail. No mercy will come your way when the die is already cast. Get strengths for the journey now. Turn from your wanderings and get His grace for your weakness. Be very wise now. It’s time for the home coming. Folly wins no mercy. With sorrows virgins lament. When the door is shut Folly wins no mercy. The present spiritual darkness is divine meant to be an interlude. It cannot be a permanent order. This dark interlude is to usher us to the great shining day.

So we need to trim dying lamps, and keep the light burning. Are you also experiencing the dark interlude in your life, home or community? Brace-up, dear fellow; trying days are always a dark interlude. Certainly your sun will shine. All your life’s battles will soon give way to great victory. All those hard experiences, violent assaults of wicked forces, diverse storms of life, and befalling terrors are but an interlude to your glory era. You will soon have a new song. There will be song in the night.

Brace up! You will soon laugh and sing and dance. Lay hold on God’s promises and power. Rest on the arm of faith. You will be lifted to your throne in life. How to Be A Wise Virgin Beloved, now is your time to make the right choice.

The best decision a believer can take today is enrolling in the college of wise virgins. Be among wise believers of the age. It is a decision to take, though it bears a high cost. And what does it cost to be a ‘wise virgin’? The followings, among others, form the right answer.

  1. True Repentance

You must seek salvation through repentance from sin and faith in Christ Jesus. This is what it cost to be redeemed by Christ’s blood. Get to the Cross now. Rid your life of sins and uncleanness. Turn to God through faith in Christ redemption works. Jesus waits to have you in His loving arm. This first step espouses you to Christ, the Groom, making you His bride. For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy, for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ. (II Cort. 11:2)

2.  Chastity and Purity

Two, go for chastity and purity. We are in the dark times; there are foul ‘believers’ everywhere. But you must ensure that your wedding garment is all white and pure. Fear God and renounce evil. To consistently go on shining as lamp in your Christian race, you just have to turn from the dark ways of this world. The Lord calls us holiness. Be pure and holily. Keep yourself pure! The call to purity is a serious one. Keep yourself pure from any kind of defilement: “Thou hast a few names…which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white; for they are worthy”. (Rev. 3:4) Jesus gravely warned us against defilement. We must keep our wedding garment pure till He comes: “Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth and keepeth his garment, lest he walks naked, and they see his shame. (Rev. 16:15) The tragedy of this perilous time is that many saints have lost their garments. Where is your wedding attire, friend? The Lord made it clear that doom and gloom await all who have no wedding garment. And when the king came in… He saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment… Then said the King to the servants, bind him hand and foot, and take Him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall Be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Matt. 22 11-13)

3. The Spirit Fullness

Three, get the Spirit fullness in you. The anointing is the greatest treasure you must seek for and obtain. God gives all sincere seekers. With the Holy Spirit in us, we are meant to be “bright burning lamps. John the Baptist was. Our spiritual compositions ought to be like that of the living creatures, whose appearances were like “burning coals of fire”. Like the lamps before the heavenly throne, we are to be a burning supernatural furnace. This we need to bring real transformation to our lives and impact those around you. Hear what God said to David: “I have ordained a lamp for mine anointed…” Like David, we are God’s temple and we’ve got “to cause the lamp to burn always”. (Excl. 27:20) the Spirit’s fullness is all that we need to dispense God’s full flame and glory. We need it also to radically change into Christ image, “from glory to glory”. (II Cort. 318). Wake up! It is your time to give a perpetual burning to the dying world, even in this dark, midnight watches. It’s your season to holdforth in soberness, functioning as “… the shining of a flaming fire by night”. Holy-Ghost baptism is given not just to make us tongue-speakers. It opens to us God’s unlimited treasures, meant to be grabbed to bring illumination and glory upon this lost generation. The age we belonged needs flaming anointed servants of God. Only blazing unction has the answer to the present spiritual crisis in the body of Christ, and the world at large. We all need the Spirit’s fire to run the Christian race to the end. Only fools run it without being armed with God’s ‘Oil-burning lamp’. No fire-less saint can survive the perils of this dark moment. All such dying saints are salt-less, light-less and thus unprofitable. Fireless Christians are irrelevant to God’s last day’s programs on earth. How can you be, when you are not even illuminating your family and immediate surroundings? How can you, when you offer neither heat nor glowing? We must be red hot to win the world and to win the crown also. Be ablaze for Christ! It’s possible to be glistering and flaming for the Lord. Awake! You’ve been too long in slumber. Prop up yourself for refining exercises. Be rekindled with Christ’s holy flame! The King isn’t coming for any lukewarm “saints” (Rev. 3:15).

Win the Price

Four, run with the aim to win the trophies. In view of winning the price, we must run the race according to the rules of the game: And if a man also strives for masteries, yet is he not crown except he strive lawfully (2 Tim. 2:5) How do we strive lawfully? It is by keeping to the rules of the game. Keep to His given standards, with the mindset of winning the prize. This was Apostle Paul’s position: “Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run that ye may obtain. (I Cort. 9:24) Now, you ask; ‘what are the rules of the game’? The first is patience. We’re in a race that demands patience, therefore, “…let us run with patience the race that is set before us”. (Hebr. 12:1). The second is endurance. Ours is a race that demands lots of endurance. Therefore, notwithstanding the hardship and horrors of the night, let us persevere till the end: “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved”. (Matt. 2413) The next is self-discipline. Therefore, let us lay aside every weight that hinders smooth, successful race. Let’s do away with all besetting sins that we may run and win the price when the LORD comes. This rule is to guard us against throwing caution to wind, since we do not know when He will come. He had said He’ll come like a thief in the night, and that demands for sober alertness. Let’s brace for a good night watch: “Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the son of man cometh. (Matt. 25:13).

Seek the Extra Graces

Five, to victoriously outlive this midnight watches, you will need the extra graces of God. We all must earnestly seek for the extra portions of His graces of love, kindness, mercies, meekness, and so on: Put on therefore, as the elect of God…bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness and longsuffering; for bearing one another, and forgiving one another … And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness. (Col. 3:12-14) We need the Spirit’s reservoir in our lives for extras of His fruit, graces and gifts. Extra-oil is needed for the night hour when lamps are going out. These extras will help us to live victoriously in this perilous time. It offers sure hope for triumphing as wise believers in this godless age, and provides uncommon strengths to go the extra miles in exploits making: “But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps”. (Matt. 25:4) It takes the extra-oil to win tomorrow. Get the wisdom divine. Fill your vessel with the extra-oil. With God’s extra graces in your reservoir, you will attain unto true righteousness. Jesus frankly taught this: “For I say unto you, that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter”.

Beloved, as the night becomes darker, let’s not forget that the glorious light will come just after it. Our present breakthroughs, wealth, honor, promotion and safety will fade away, when we finally hook the King of glory. So, will all our sorrows and sighs, woes and wars will fly away when with Him we are greatly aglow with exceeding joys. Let us strive to be counted among His wise virgins, as we patiently keep the vision of the wise virginity, having the extra oil in our reservoirs.

“The wise virgins danced with joy

As their trimmed lamps burned a new;

Then sang they the great joy,

When their Groom’s bosom romanced” {John B. JOSEPH}


Chapter 8


Watching unto prayer is always the master key to triumphant living in the perilous hour. Prayerlessness will drown the saint into the dark ocean of this evil age. Devil is doing all in his power to kill believer’s prayer life. But we must rise with courageous faith to challenge him and destroy his powers. It is time to align praying to faith, standing on Christ’s redemption ground, declaring the triumphs of the Cross. Satan bows where faith triumphs.

Jesus told His disciples to watch and pray, if they must not fall into temptations. Watching and praying offer immunity against temptation and sin. Hence, you need to wake up from prayerlessness, and train up yourself in the art of mighty praying of faith. We all ought to be triumphant praying warriors. Let us watch unto prayer: “And the end of all things is at hand; be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. (I Pet. 4:7).

In the verse quoted above, watching unto prayer is connected to being sober and at alert. We must, in sober reflection, be sincere in putting ourselves to proper scrutiny, each passing moment. Being sober and always at alert will help you to maintain a state of readiness for the rapture. It will help you to stay worthy and in a state ‘rapturable’: “Therefore, let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.” (I Thess. 5:6) Furthermore, alertness demands self-examination. Examine yourselves in every way possible, whether you are still in faith or not:

“Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves… “(II Cort. 13:5).

This implies we constantly examine your relationship with God and with His word, on daily basis. Check up your faith, lifestyle and habits. Evaluate the quality of your faith-life and relationship with fellow men. Watching unto prayer is also connected to studying and meditating on the word of God. This is becoming a burdensome task to many believers in these last days! I personally see it as nothing but satanic machination, in his declared war against the fruitfulness of the Word (seed) in the saints.

Devil has taken his battles to our gates and we seem not to care. Let’s go back to the word. It is time to rise above satanic devices. The Bible is the container of God’s treasures for us. We must go back to the art of spiritual meditation in the Scripture. We need to go beyond reading, studying and researching to fruitful meditation on the Bible, tapping deep into God’s invaluable treasure. It is by so doing that our faith is nurtured, and strengthened to make a faith giant of us. Every believer needs to spend lengthy time each day, feeding on the bread of life. We can only be as closer to God as we are to His word.

Today’s lazy teachers and pastors are in the enterprise of copying messages from books, internets and tapes. No wonder, all we now have are doctrines and philosophies of men. Messages that lack personal revelation of the preacher often do no good to his hearers. God expects His servant to draw their messages and teaching inspirationally from His heavenly altar, in their spiritual closet. [I Thess 1:5] More so, several spiritual leaders are under heavy satanic bombardment. Their spiritual privacy are being monitored, besieged and invaded by demon hosts. Indeed, the Word’s life-line is always their prime target, and next to it is our prayer life.

My dear good reader, your church leader needs your constant intercessory prayers to serve you better: “Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you”. (2 Thess 3:1) Friend, what value do you place on spiritual art of meditating on the scriptures? Until your relationship with the Word is right, all things cannot but go wrong. You need to come to the understanding that the Word is the heaven’s treasure for the earning of your life’s blessings. Therefore, reposition yourselves for the discovery of the mysteries of the Word of life. It will lighten you up from within and enrich you with the flame-seed needed for personal and global revival. Brace up and “…let us draw near to God here” (I Sam. 14:36).

The Sentry Mission

Next in line here is the great commission. Today’s militant church is losing out the victory because we’ve outdated personal evangelism. Where are the soul winners that filled churches with “such as should be saved”? All we do now is to congregate the church with unsaved, through carnal invitation and fleshly motivated methods. But we’ve got to move from militancy to triumphalism. And in this practical evangelism is the key. Let’s step into the battle front and rescue devil’s captives. We are meant to be the church triumphant, not church militant. The gospel seeds must be sown into every fertile heart and soil. It’s harvest time. Let’s go forth in the flame and power of the Holy Ghost, proclaiming the great gospel of our Lord Jesus. Let’s enthrone the message of the Cross everywhere, preaching Christ to all. For, we cannot just afford to be unfruitful.

“Occupy till I come” was Christ’s standing order to the disciples. How dangerous it is for a believer to be dumb and inactive in this harvest time! Harvest revival is destined to precede His glorious coming and that urgently wants all hands on desk. Let Jesus Christ be our message as it was in Acts. Not money or materialism. Jesus is given to be our message and not any of those philosophies many preachers are busied preaching today. Let us involve in all types of evangelism – one-on-one personal evangelism, tract evangelism, mass evangelism, village outreaches, highway missions, prison and hospital outreaches, among types. We must take the gospel to Urban and Rural arrears to foreign and home fields. Christ commissioned us to take the gospel to the end of the world. Time Up! Arise! Be a wise believer “that bear the fruit of righteousness and win soul”. (Prov. 11:30) It is time you be involved in house to house evangelism, prison and hospital outreaches. It is time to storm the highways of drug addicts, arm-robbers, homeless wanderers and prostitutes with the gospel power. The time is ripe for church teamwork and networking for open air gospel campaigns in cities, towns and villages.

Let’s take over digital cables and television houses, internet and social networks for the purpose of global evangelization. It is disastrous for any Christian to be inactive. This universe needs the onward sweep of the gospel. We need a million offensive campaigns to conquer lost souls and reach unreached lands. The perishing must be saved, lost sheep must be found, and the prodigals must be brought back home. Ours is the mandate to reach the world with the gospel and to disciple all nations. Do you know that there are more lands yet to conquer? Of the world’s nearly 24000 ethnic groups, over 10,000 tribal groups have not heard the gospel at all. The most unreached area of the world, popularly named “the 10/40 window” is made up of about 1.45 billion population. Most of them here are Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. They live in abject poverty. The Christian world is just about 1.97billion of the world’s nearly 7 billion people. In one-word, when you add the unreached in the evangelized area, with 1.45 billion in the unreached areas, you have nearly 4.5billion outside the gospel.

The lost-world needs aggressive soul-winners

This includes people without evidences of New-life who are around about us. Even though many of them go to churches, there are evidences of new life in them. The question is how and when will these unsaved ones be reached with the gospel of Christ? Several people die daily without Jesus, and the church of Christ is busy counting money, and competing with the world’s’ richest achievers. The coming of Christ is nigh. This is the urgency of the great commission. Only the harvest revival can do this work. And we need it now. Let’s join the Lord’s harvest team now! It’s the season of harvest already. You and I cannot afford to be spectators in this perilous time. Isn’t it unfortunate as we watch Muslims on the offensive ‘Jihad’ and terrorism insurgency? They are busy strategizing to conquer the world for their Allah! It’s time for the Christian ambassadors to stop fighting local wars. Let’s move from defensive to offensive. We are sent to possess the very gates of the enemies in all nations on earth.

Global harvest demands everything in us. We must consecrate and surrender all for its actualization. The Lord needs our heart’s loyalty; He needs our energy, intercession, time, money and materials. You need to reconsider giving your all for the Lord and His work of soul-harvest. We can only be successful when we give our all to it. This should be our commitment as an army of dedicated disciples. You cannot afford to be dumb, if truly you have the life and Spirit of Christ in you. Open wide your mouth and God shall fill it with prophetic messages to your friends. Deal with timidity now and preach Jesus to your boss and colleagues at work place. Talk the gospel to fellow students and neighbors. It takes true courage and wisdom to win any lost souls these last days. Brace up! Win a soul today, and every other day will speak for your favor.

Let’s be constrained by an undying love for the Christ and the lost. Let no sacrifice be too much to make. Let’s willingly lay down our lives and our all to accomplish much for the king. This is the clarion call for you and me. Brace up, friend, it is the midnight already! Brace up! Winning souls for Jesus is a debt you and I must pay: “I am debtor both to the Greeks and to the Barbarians, to the wise and to the unwise…to preach the gospel to you…” (Rom. 1:14-15). Thanks for reading through to this end. I believe you are greatly refreshed. If you really enjoy it, please take a moment to leave me a review with your favorite retailer. Thanks. John B. Joseph, Author.



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