Who Murdered Your Joy?


Who murdered your joy? Perhaps, if Naomi was asked this question, I wonder what her answer would have been.

Elimelech took Naomi his beautiful wife and their two sons, Mahlon and Chilion and left Bethlehem Judah for a greener pasture. They emigrated to the country of Moab because they were fed-up with the ravaging famine in their native land of Bethlehem Judah. Because it was hard in the covenant city Elimelech decided to ‘check out’ with his wife and two sons.

He was of the royal covenant tribe of Judah, yet he left for Moab without first considering God’s promises for His covenant people in the days of famine. He was a man of wealth and fame, but he left for Moab when the merciless famine seemed to be threatening his great possessions. He was a man with a great and beautiful name , yet he left for the forbidden land of Moab without considering the sovereignty of God the King. He was in search for a greener pasture.

Elimelech name means ‘My God is King’. But it is one thing to have a good name, and a different thing to have a life corresponding to that name. He ought to have lived up to his name, God is King, an expressive name given him by his godly parents but alas, he didn’t. Elimelech belied the name he bore. For had he truly believed that God was King, he wouldn’t have left Bethlehem without clear instruction from God the King. The truth is: ‘in spite of the prevailing famine in the land, God would have still met his needs and those of his family members’.

Humanly speaking, it was a wise for him to have left a famine-stricken Bethlehem Judah for a land of plenty of food, to save his family. Surely that was a journey any father would undertake to save his dear ones from starvation. But Elimelech was a Jew and as such had the promise, “In the days of famine ye shall be satisfied.” Had he firmly believed in the sovereignty of God, Elimelech would have remained in Bethlehem, knowing that need can never throttle

Alas, Elimelech did not live up to his wonderful name! In going down to Moab, he stepped out of the will of God, who had forbidden His people to have any association with the Moabites. In Moab, Elimelech and his two sons found graves. Yet such a wrong move was overruled by God, for as the result of it, Ruth the Moabitess returned to Bethlehem with Naomi, who was to become the ancestress of our blessed Lord.
So who murdered the joy of Naomi by taking away his husband and children? Satan, Elimelech or who? Brethren, your contributions are needed here. Be blessed as you do so.

John B. Joseph