Plaguing The Gods 1

God hates oppressions. He’s the utmost Freedom Lover consistently on the side of the oppressed masses. The Almighty shall deal ruthlessly with the oppressors. I am sent to speak clearly to the oppressors of the masses and destroyers of Christians. God the Almighty God will fight them to finish. Hello Mr. Oppressor, unless you let go your oppressed captives, God has vowed to plague your gods, raze your pride and consume you all in His hot anger.

Jacob {Israel} and the seventy souls that migrated to Egypt to join Joseph became a nation within a nation. They are God’s covenant people and thus God’s covenant promises to Abraham began to manifest upon them as a nation. The covenant was the secret of their extraordinary growth and multiplication. The people grew and multiplied in Egypt, even under bitter affliction and hard oppression. The oppression came with the reign of a king who did not know Joseph. This ‘ignorant’ king dealt treacherously with Israel and greatly oppressed them.

Israelites groaned hard under the burdens of Egypt. Life became bitter for them, day in, day out. Under the hard bondage and merciless affliction came their hash conditions. And the people had to cry out to the God of their forefathers for His supernatural intervention. Yea, and in response to their cries, God raised up Moses to set His people free. Then came Moses with God’s divine message to the strong man of the house – Pharaoh, saying: “Let My People Go That They May Serve Me”

The gods of this world must let go of the people of God. This is still God’s command to the oppressors of His people, in every nation. “Let My people go”, is a divine command, a clarion order and he who dare to disobey it shall be destroyed.

You cannot annihilate the people of Christ. We are a covenant people; a nation redeemed by the blood of God. This is God’s revolutionary command to all the gods of this world, to all terrorist groups, to all conspirators against Christ and His Kingdom, and to all oppressors of the masses – “Let My People Go”. No gods or powers can wipe out God’s covenant nation. If you are also involved in the war to wipe out Christianity, you are tragically delusive. You don’t mess with the people of covenant and go without being plagued. No one is smarter than the LORD. He will catch up even with the smartest to plague and destroy them.

God know that the oppressive gods and powers of this world are stubborn – very, very stubborn. And He knew that the best way to handle stubborn heart is to harden it. It was through a series of tough battles, characterized by ten plagues that God compelled the harden, stony hearted Pharaoh to release His covenant nation. God will use everything He has to defend and fight for His covenant people. 

When God is up to fight the gods that are holding you captive, they will be forced to let go of you. Cheer up; God is already at war against them. Cheer up! Your liberation is come.  

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