The Smartness We Don’t Need

Jacob was born to be a greater kingdom than Esau, his brother. But human frailty taught him to grab his brother’s birthright through the backdoor. Later on, in life, his mother also taught him how to grab the blessing through the backdoor, and he did.

But must Jacob stab his brother at the back to see the fulfillment of prophecy once declared upon his life, even while he was in the womb? Could God be so weak as to be unable to fulfill His own word of covenant upon Jacob? Do we need to be smart and tricky to arrive at God’s appointed place in life? This was the hard question Jacob must answer. And likewise every dribbler of his kind. Jacob almost lost his life for it. He had to escape to Laban, his uncle to remain alive. And there in Laban’s bosom, he spent 20 bitter years to find the answer to the hard question of life. He came to know the truth that life is but an investment. Sooner or later, every man shall reap the conduct of his life, in harvest volume. Jacob cheated Esau twice, and he was cheated by Laban twenty times. That is life for you!

You’ve got to beware of your doings, my dearly beloved. Jacob’s trick is the smartness we don’t need to become what God has already designed us to be in life. You don’t need to become usurper, armed robber or money ritualist to become prosperous in life. You need not kill your boss or brother to attain your dream of greatness. Let’s learn to walk with God in the simplicity of faith and righteousness. It is all that God required from Abraham to make him great in life. He is able to do all that He has promised to do in our lives, but we must let go of our tricky human ego. We must kill Jacob’s drib-nature lest it kills our future.

Friend, Jacob’s dribbling ‘gift’ is the smartness we don’t need. Get rid of it now. God bless you as you do.

Life & Love & Power

John B, Joseph


66 Golden Rules of Life – by John B. Joseph

66 Golden Rules of Life

John B. Joseph, Pastor

Six Rules of Love

The Command to love, even your enemies, is the golden order, given by Jesus Christ. This love rule is the major ethic that differentiates Christianity from all other religions and proclaims the uniqueness of Christians in the world. 

  1. Do to others as you would have them do to you.
  1. Do to others as Jesus would do to them.
  1. Do to others as Jesus has done for you.
  1. Do to others as you would do to Jesus.
  1. Do to others as God commanded you to do to them.
  1. Wish for others what you would have them wish for you.

Ten Rules of Giving

Jesus emphatically said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. And we must come to a place of matured givers, where we begin to give more than our money and material possessions. 

  1. Give to others your truth and you will earn their trust.
  1. Give to others your honesty and you will have their sincerity.
  1. Give to others your respect and you will receive their reverence. Courtesy is an ethic of reciprocity.
  1. Give to others your invincibility and you shall their loyalty obtain.
  1. Give to others your compassion and you will have their passion.
  1. Give to others your experience and you shall be rewarded with their expertise.
  1. Give to others your hands of help when you can and will their attendance have.
  1. Give to others your time and you shall have their energy
  1. Give to others hope, and you will have their aspiration.
  1. Give to others your joy and you will have their celebration.

Ten Rules of Shared Values

Values, gifts, and talents offer little or no benefits to the world until they are shared with others, mutually. 

  1. Share affection and pleasure with others; they will share with passion and security
  1. Share contagious faith and fortitude with others; they shall share with your testimony of wonders.
  1. Share your gifts and talents with others; you will have their blessings.
  1. Share appreciation and gratitude with others {for the gifts/helps you receive from them} and they will share kindness with you.
  1. Share with others your keys of happiness; you shall obtain their shared freedom.
  1. Share with others the vision and purpose; they will go with you on mission and adventure.
  1. Share your commitment with other; have their diligence and wisdom.
  1. Share with others your generosity; have their simplicity.
  1. Share with others your love to God; they shall share the devotion with you.
  1. Compliment other people’s weaknesses; they shall cover your flaws.

Sixteen Rules of Habits

Unless you cultivate good characters, your charisma will sooner or later make you a shame to your generation. 

  1. Cultivate the consciousness of divine presence, and obtain your master key to divine favor.
  1. Cultivate a spirit of self-discipline, and be honored with the integrity of trustworthiness.
  1. Cultivate positive image outlook, and you’ll be a winsome personality.
  1. Cultivate positive mental attitude, and you’ll fill your bosom with success.
  1. Cultivate a spirit of godliness and contentment, and fill your life with untold gains.
  1. Cultivate a rejoicing spirit, and you’ll become master of adverse situations.
  1. Cultivate a good work attitude, and you’ll become a great achiever.
  1. Cultivate a habit of sound monetary management, and you’ll stay on the prosperity track.
  1. Cultivate a spirit of good time-management, and have the wisdom to manage other assets of life.
  1. Cultivate an enlarging circle of connections, and you will connect opportunities and happiness in life.
  1. Cultivate a spirit of creativity and innovation; you will ride on the better, faster and easier way of life.
  1. Practice skillfulness, and you will be empowered for fulfillment.
  1. Create a solid knowledge base, and you’ll be tutored for advancement and distinction in life.
  1.  Seek to know more than the average; you’ll lead your life to the top.
  1. Be a person of high, positive self-concept and self-ideal; you’ll possess your wealthy place.
  1. Let faith and courage push you out of your comfort zone, and good success will be your heritage.

Fourteen Rules of Homelife

Love is all about relationship, and relationship should be all about love. A home without love is darker than the grave. And likewise the Christian without it.

  1. Take marriage for what is it: A life-long institution, divinely ordained. It’s primary knowledge for all to have.
  1. Erect the two most important ingredients of happy home: the foundation and the central pillar. Happiness comes when Christ is the former, and love the latter.
  1. Must you a wife truly want happiness, you must first invest submission in your husband.
  1. If you the husband truly desire joy and prosperity, you must make an investment of love in you wife.
  1.  As a couple, run your home on the wings of commitment, communication, and cares, and you will build a solid, lasting relationship.
  1. Let Listening, Understanding, Agreement, and Sacrifice be your values, and you’ll become best of friends.
  1. As partners in marriage,  seek the chase of unconditional love, that you may drive out conditional loves.
  1. Unless you, a partner in love, first accept total responsibility for conflict resolution, strife and nagging may never cease in your home.
  1. Never be late to say ‘I am sorry’. It is the magic word that keeps a relationship going and growing.
  1. Be smart when it comes to taming your tongue and anger; it remains a great key to the happy home.
  1. The saying; “Neatness is next to godliness” is better proclaimed in the home. Make it the slogan of yours.
  1. To lock the devils out of your home, learn to always pray together.
  1. Nothing activates divine presence in our homes like the united prayer of united people. Strive to be of one accord in all things.
  1. Continuously seek the happiness of your spouse, and you will always be very happy.

Ten Rules of Obedience

A man with no heart of obedience to God his Creator lives under a canopy of the divine curse. Obedience absolute is the grand key to blessing, and to manifold blessings.

  1. Obedience to the Lord remains the grand key to true freedom and blessings.
  1. It takes love,  humility and the fear of God to live a consistent life of obedience.
  1. He who desires of fulfillment and glory must lead his life in the light of God’s principles.
  1. Where obedience is lacking, even life itself must hit the rock.
  1. The obedient faith is what will actually lead your life and destiny in the way of God’s design.
  1. Obedience, when it is total, brings upon a man the total blessing of God.
  1. Incomplete obedience is total disobedience. Learn to deal with your ego.
  1. Walking with God is all about hearing and obeying Him.
  1. We will always need the living faith to experience and demonstrate the supernatural.
  1. Embrace the heart of obedience and you walk out of curse.