The Smartness We Don’t Need

Jacob was born to be a greater kingdom than Esau, his brother. But human frailty taught him to grab his brother’s birthright through the backdoor. Later on, in life, his mother also taught him how to grab the blessing through the backdoor, and he did.

But must Jacob stab his brother at the back to see the fulfillment of prophecy once declared upon his life, even while he was in the womb? Could God be so weak as to be unable to fulfill His own word of covenant upon Jacob? Do we need to be smart and tricky to arrive at God’s appointed place in life? This was the hard question Jacob must answer. And likewise every dribbler of his kind. Jacob almost lost his life for it. He had to escape to Laban, his uncle to remain alive. And there in Laban’s bosom, he spent 20 bitter years to find the answer to the hard question of life. He came to know the truth that life is but an investment. Sooner or later, every man shall reap the conduct of his life, in harvest volume. Jacob cheated Esau twice, and he was cheated by Laban twenty times. That is life for you!

You’ve got to beware of your doings, my dearly beloved. Jacob’s trick is the smartness we don’t need to become what God has already designed us to be in life. You don’t need to become usurper, armed robber or money ritualist to become prosperous in life. You need not kill your boss or brother to attain your dream of greatness. Let’s learn to walk with God in the simplicity of faith and righteousness. It is all that God required from Abraham to make him great in life. He is able to do all that He has promised to do in our lives, but we must let go of our tricky human ego. We must kill Jacob’s drib-nature lest it kills our future.

Friend, Jacob’s dribbling ‘gift’ is the smartness we don’t need. Get rid of it now. God bless you as you do.

Life & Love & Power

John B, Joseph