A New Rising Army

Lagos Fire Summits: A New Rising Army

General Introduction
John B. Joseph

In Deeper Thought: Abraham’s 318-man domestic army, Moses supernatural rod, Joshua triumphant army, Gideon’s 300-man army, David’s mighty men, Elijah’s consuming fire, & Jesus 12-man New Covenant Army pointed us to that fact that God prepares a new army for every intended revolution. {Gen.14:13-16/Exd. 4: 2 – 5.

A New Covenant Army: The blood redeemed, Spirit-driven people shall be fully armed with Moses’ rod of authority and Elijah’s fire-power to replace the old, failed armies of a self-driven, greed-laden, murderous
‘saints’. It shall be bold, aggressive, and triumphant. {Ezk. 34: 1 – 10}

It Is The EndTime Liberation Army: With the power to heal the sick, bind up the broken, liberate the captives, cast out demons, raise the dead, and get ready the Bride of Christ. {Isa. 61: 1 – 4; Ezk. 34: 4}

The New Rising Army: It shall terminate the era of leadership of cruelty & greed; end spiritual starvation, scattering, & wandering, and dismantle racism, tribalism, & denominationalism. {Ezk. 34: 3 – 4}

A Mighty Revolution Army: As Jesus Radicals, we shall crush devil’s armies and set up the banner of apostolic Christianity, that shall bring down the Latter House Glory, with the glorious springing of pastures, great harvest, & restoration. We shall be feared, and marked ‘dangerously violent’. {Joel 2: 21 – 32}

Come and Join: You are here to enlist in A New Rising Army. Not born again? Here comes the opportunity to be saved. Already born again? Brace up to be Jesus’ Firebrand. Come, join His new army of a blood-washed, Spirit-driven people.

This is the reason for 2017 Lagos Fire Summits. Welcome into His presence.

Life & Love & Power
John B. Joseph


B. B. John
Text: Luke 10: 1- 37

Christ New Rising Army consists of Eleventh-Hour Labourers. We are a people sent forth into the King’s great harvest for the final harvest missions. As an army of “ lambs among wolves”, we must be fully armed with the peace and presence of God. {Lk. 10: 4 – 12}. We are to be compassionate troops that boldly walk in authority and power. {Luke 10: 29 – 37, 17 – 19}.
1. Not Doctrine Mongers – But a people in apostolic order who preach eternal Life and demonstrate the Spirit power. {Mark 7: 6 – 7; 1st Cort. 2: 4; Luke 4 -5: 18 -19; Acts 4: 8}
2. Not Conventional People – But a crew of unconventional believers who flow by the dictate of the Holy Spirit. {Jhn 5: 19 – 20; Mk 2: 11 – 12, Matt 9: 33}
3. Not Churchy, Religious, denominational fanatics – But a crew of Jesus radicals, deeply rooted and absolutely loyal to the Christ. They see local assembly as the preparatory regiment, believers in all churches as one united body of Christ, and the world as the mission field. {Matt 23: 1 – 31; Mark 16: 15}
4. Not A Mammon Mindset Organization – But an army of Kingdom seekers and vigorous pursuers of righteousness. {Matt 6: 31 – 34, 16: 19; Mk 8: 36, Luke 12: 15; Prov. 15: 16, 23: 4; Josh 1: 8}
5. Not A Fear Choking Battalion – But an army of bold, courageous saints. We are fierce,
indefatigable, offensive, and decisive in actions. {2nd Tim. 1: 7; Judges 7: 3; Josh 1: 6 – 8}
6. Not Endtime Fools – But wise virgins, who prayerfully and soberly await the arrival of the Bridegroom, even in these evil midnight hours. {2 Tim. 3: 1 – 9; Eph. 5: 15 – 17; Matt 25: 1 – 13}
7. Not Earth-bound Pilgrims – But an army of heaven-bound pilgrims, who consciously prepare to be a chaste bride for Christ, the soon coming King. {1st Pet. 2: 11 – 12; Hebr. 13: 14 – 15; Philp 3: 20 -21}

B. B. John

I was laying my back on the long upholstery, afternoon on Wednesday 2nd of August 2017, when the Lord spoke to me “Raise My Great Generals”. This great mandate points to the fact that there are vacuums in the hall of faith. Refilling the places of expired and fired Generals have created the vacuum. The need for the last days’ upgrade of the army must have. There is a shortage of firebrand Generals on the harvest field.
– Wanted: Great General of Agape, in the order of Jesus, who is affectionate and compassionate to care for the Lord’s lambs and sheep. {Jhn. 21: 15 – 18; Acts 20: 28}
– Wanted: Great General of Fire, in the order of Elijah, dangerously hot & violent for Satan to handle. {I Ki. 17: 1, 18: 30 – 40; II Ki. 1; Jms. 5: 17 – 18}
– Wanted: Great General of Faith, in the order of Christ, boldly walking in great power and authority, bringing joy, healing, and mighty miracles to the people. {Acts 10: 38; Lk. 4: 18 – 19; Hebr. 11: 33 -34}
– Wanted: Great General of Freedom, in the order of Moses, liberating souls & nations from prisons.
– Wanted: Great General of Righteousness, in the order of Noah, gloriously radiating God’s nature.
– Wanted: Great General of The Gospel, in the order of the apostles, fiery preachers of the word of salvation, ablaze in passion, and aggressively unashamed in the global evangelistic project. {Mark 16: 1-18; Lk. 4: 18 – 19}
– Wanted: Great General of Building, in the order of David, successful disciple maker and builder of mighty men; “rebuilding the old ruins…raising former desolations”. {Isa. 61: 4; Matt. 28: 19 – 20; I Chr. 11: 10 – 47}
There is still vacuum in the hall of great Generals. You are being called forth to occupy it. Will you answer His call today? Don’t reject the great offer. Your destiny is only fulfil in it.


Best E. David

The Recruits
Enlistment begins with the recruitment. How do you become a recruit in the New Rising Army?
1. Genuine Repentance From Sin: It beings with true repentance. Have you turned away from your sins? Or you are just padding up with religion and churchy push? Repent of your evil way, and Jesus will give you total forgiveness.
2. Simple Faith Toward God: Place your trust in Jesus Christ, and make Him your personal Lord and Savior. Have you asked Him into your life? It’s a step you must take to become a new creature and thus be recruited into Christ New Rising Army. At the point of salvation, Jesus will wash and mark you by His Blood, enter your name in the book of life, and give you the Holy Spirit.

The Enlisted

This is the most vital organ of the new Rising Army. It is not enough to be recruited, born again, redeemed; you also need to be enlisted i.e. become a firebrand disciple.
1. What is Enlistment? In the military, “enlistment is the process of taking the oath of enlistment, and becoming a soldier.” In the Christ Kingdom, it is a process of “total surrendered, of unreserved abandonment, and of absolute commitment to the Lord, and His gospel mandate.
2. The Missions of Enlisted Soldier: Your missions here are {i}To Promptly Execute Jesus Given order. His order is “Go ye into all the world…”. It is for every enlisted soldier to obey. To ‘sit’ or ‘stand’ or ‘sleep’ is fragrant disobedience; {ii} To Continue His works of- “Preach the gospel…Teach the nations… Heal the sick…Raise the dead…and Cast out demons.” If we act by faith as the Apostles did, we will do greater works than Jesus did.

The Qualities Search – 1 Tim. 3, 5:22; Tit. 2

Now, being born again, you ask: “Am I really qualified to enlist?” Well, let’s do a little quality search on ourselves to answer the question. For a born-again person to become a firebrand disciple, he must possess the qualities, reflected in the under-listed self-examining ‘qualities search’:
1. Visit Your Own Social Media Page: Carefully look on your FaceBook/Twitter/Linkedin pages. Are there any red flags on your wall/Timeline as you dig down your post history? Those red flags are pointers to character flaws in your life.
2. Inquire From Your Former Pastor: What do your former pastor/leader say about your life, service, strengths and weaknesses? How did you treat and relate with brethren? Why and how did you leave?
3. Make a Reality Check on Loyalty: Are you a loyal, faithful, obedient type? Do you manifest ‘just a little’ arrogance, ego, pride, self-will? Loyalty is the hallmark. If you don’t have it, you are unqualified.
4. Make a Reality Check on the Heart: Do you bear a type of King Saul’s ‘heart’ or David’s? God looks for people with the mind of Christ. Gal. 5:22-23; Matt 7:16-20; Eph 4:31; 1 Pet 2:17
5. Make a Reality Check on the Gift: God gives spiritual gifts/talents to profits to His kingdom. Do you manifest or bury them? Spiritual gifts are powerful weapons on the battlegrounds. 1 John 4:1-3.
6. Do a Reality Check on Your Life’s Balance: The health of the church is in direct proportion to the health of the leaders and their families. Is any aspect of your life is out of balance? Sooner or later it will show up in the church/ministry. Better resolve that matrimonial crisis, health issue, & scandal now.
7. Make a Reality Check on the Passion: It takes passion to build a delivery system that can win souls, build brethren, and handle people God sends your way? Acts 4:36; Acts 9:27
8. Make a Reality Check on Consistency: You must lead a walk that is consistent with your Calling to be seeing qualified. 1 John 1:6-7; 2 Cort 5:16
9. Evaluate Your Concept of TeamWork: You need a team-working skill, not Messiah Complex? You can’t bear everyone’s burdens; you will burn out if you tried. Divest yourself of the Messiah Complex.


Godwin Chike

Christian Army Officers are true spiritual leaders, effective managers, good planners of the Army. They are Jesus’ Generals to whom the lives of the brethren are entrusted. How can a firebrand disciple become a General – a worthy spiritual leader? Like in the Military, it takes just two things: ‘a college degree’ and outstanding leadership skills.

Becoming An Officer#1: College Degree

In the Army of Christ, the firebrands assume the leadership positions through outstanding leadership skills and a college degree in University of Holy Ghost {UHG}. The following courses are compulsory for all disciples.
1. Bigger Picture: Like Apostle Peter, you must pass this compulsory course – Big Picture of Christ ministry. It’s global in context, beyond the walls of your church, ministry, and denomination; across tribal, cultural and national boundaries, with focus on the community and the world.
2. Solidified Vision: This revelation course focuses on your God-given original vision, and unique mission. You need be taught to victoriously fight for the vision against all foes, barriers, and distractions, and get it solidified in the hearts of the people. {3 Jn 9; Phil 7; 1 Thess 1:4-5}
3. Holy Fire: You must learn how to relate with Holy Spirit, hear and follow His voice, flow in His power, and maintain the freshness of the Anointing. It takes all these to be committed to God’s set agenda, work as He works, and walking as He walks,
4. Wild-Inferno: This experiential course is designed to intimate you with the furnace of trial, a flood of affliction, and desert of lack. To pass it is to inculcate virtues of faith, fortitude, firmness, fierceness, patience and perseverance. And lead your life and ministry with courage, ruggedness, and offensiveness, as a good soldier of Christ.
5. Offensiveness: This course focuses on the technics of offensive spiritual warfare, strategic discipleship, and aggressive evangelism. It is designed to enable you to employ spiritual giftings, alertness, and detectives in fighting the enemy.
6. Selflessness: Here, you will be taught of the dangers of greed, the loveliness of contentment, and pathway of selfless love. It is designed to impart you with a spirit of sacrifice, selflessness, contentment, generosity, compassion, passion, commitment, and personal development.

Becoming An Officer#2: Outstanding Leadership Skills

To join an army of able leadership, you must demonstrate sound leadership abilities and skills needed to continually break new ground. Officers are high capacity and influential leaders; a team of believers with sound leadership abilities, and faithful followers. You must have proven leadership skills in the following areas:
1. Diligence: You must be a hardworking and diligent disciple in life and ministry? Have you developed a track record of good performing skill in that which is committed into your hand? If you can’t build someone else’s ministry, you won’t build your own.
2. Leading Leadership: Becoming a commanding officer demands that you become a ‘leading’ leader; and not ‘managing’ leader. While leading leaders always have the future in mind, managing leaders focus on the present. Do you have this leadership skill?
3. Water the Roots: You must possess the ability to water the root. The roots of any church are the leaders. Do you have what it takes to water them through coaching, mentorship, teaching, encouragement, and leadership cares? The roots are the key to the health of the whole tree.
4. The Focus: You need to continually cast the vision for what church/ministry is—over and over again. You’ll need consistency of vision and singularity of focus.
5. The Care: The affection is a skill of the ‘love that cares’. How caring and loving are you toward the needy, widow, and orphans? This was the strong reminder given by James when the Jerusalem Church sent forth Paul and Barnabas on a missionary trip. (Gal. 2:10).
6. The ‘Keep On Multiplying’: You must learn how to keep what you do reproducible – physical life, spiritual life, ministry, & church. It takes reproducibility to empower ordinary people to do the extraordinary, expand the kingdom, and leave a legacy that makes ministry to outlast the minister.
7. Creativity: It takes the Spirit’s ingenuity to excel in the Spirit of wisdom, and thrives on creativity and innovation. It is a skill you must possess.


John B.  Joseph {B.B.John}

The Christ Kingdom belongs to all who are saved, through faith in His blood of atonement. However, there are kingdom values to exemplify and promote here on earth. Major among these are the under-listed:
a. Love: This is the proof of Kingdom citizenship. You must possess and live-out the LIFE of the Spirit; bearing Spirit’s fruit, living out the “Life and Resurrection”. Gal. 5: 22-26.
b. Affection: This is about caring for others, rendering them like the good shepherd, nurturing them with a large, good heart. You must bear a heart of mercy and compassion for the less privileged and afflicted.
c. Holiness and Righteousness: This is “His-nature” value. You must live it out to demonstrate and promote proven integrity, such that is driven by honest intentions. I Pet. 1: 15 – 16; Prov. 11:3.
d. Transparent Leadership: Kingdom government operates transparency in Governing, and promotes confidence in leadership sharing. Exd 18:21-23; 1 Thes 2:3.
e. Faith: This is the invisible force that makes all things work in the Kingdom. It is the value of every enlisted soldier to exercise and promote it. Hebr. 11: 1 – 6
f. Security: The Kingdom of Christ rests on faith, and by faith, we deal with all forms of insecurity. You need a sense of security in all your dealings and relationships in the Kingdom. Col. 1:28
g. Justice and Equity: We are to reject favoritism, injustice, and oppression. We must promote fairness, equity, and justice. Phil 2:3; Jam 2:9
h. Gracefulness: To become a Christ-like leadership personality, you must be graceful in manner, humble in heart, and salty in expression. Col. 4:6
i. Meekness & Humility: You need to serve the Lord with a true heart, accept correction without pride, ego or bloated head, and engage in continuous learning with a teachable spirit.
j. The exigency of Zero Hour: Gospel must be spread with the exigency of the zero hours we live. Do it with hot passion and aggression. End-time missions demand the urgency of Christ’s imminent return.
k. Excellence: The Kingdom is driven by quality, not quantity. Excellence must be our trademark, both in life and ministry. This should be promoted by every soldier of Christ.
l. Commitment to Growth and Dynamism: Your commitment to Kingdom growth and Kingdom dynamism must be total.


Oluwole M. Abejide

A regiment is a military unit in the army – e.g. Infantry Regiment, Marine Regiment, Artillery Regiment, and Armoured Regiment. The Jesus Army is also grouped into regiments, on the basis of members’ gifts, talents, and callings. We need to know our individual calling/gift/talent, so as to know the regiment we belong. Just like in the army, every group {regiment} should be built to effectively function and fulfill its unique purpose. We all must arise to function in our calling and fulfill our ministry. 1st Cort.12: 4; Rom. 11: 29

Regiments & Their Objectives
1. Church Planting Team: To accomplish a predetermined church plant mission for the advancement of the gospel Kingdom. This regiment also contributes to church growth when it operates as a healthy strategic team-work. This is an army job for the apostles, in partnership with pastors and teachers.
2. Evangelism Squad: To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, thereby winning the lost souls. The message is salvation, through faith in Christ finished work. All believers are called to be witnesses but called evangelists should go extra-mile by carrying out crusade campaign, village outreach, etc
3. Discipleship Team: To mentor, teach, and show care to the new babes in Christ, so as to disciple them. This army job is for the teachers and those with counseling gift.
4. Prayer/Intercession Battalion: To stand in the gap for souls and saints. This spiritual powerhouse of the church, ministry and gospel activity is for prophets and those with the prophetic gift.
5. The Worship Crew: To lead the congregation into the presence of God through spiritual worship & praise singing. This army job is for Psalmists and the gifted.
6. Young Leaders Team: To lead a battalion of young people {future leaders} in the church/ministry. This is uniquely for the Pastors and teachers of the Word.
7. Hospitality Team: To offer hospitality to newcomers, provide the best practices for assimilation, and connect newcomers with existing members. This office is for those with the gift of help.
8. Child Care Team: Get at least two Spirit-filled brethren trained in Child evangelism and delegate to care for and mentor kids.
9. Commissioned Deacons: To handle the pastoral care, widow welfare, Orphan’s concerns, and general welfare. This army job is for those with the gift of administration.
10. Counseling/Education Team: To run the Christian education, counseling, teaching, and seminars, in line with apostolic doctrines and ministry values. This is an army job for the apostles and teachers.
11. Advisory Leaders/ Ruling Elders: To lead the church, in cooperation with the pastor, Should the pastor have difficulty with this group, he should refer to his mentors/ specialized helpers, if possible.
12. Finance Team: To develop a budget, handle church offerings, make deposit slips available, lodge money in the bank, communicate how the funds come in and go out.
13. Community Projects Team: To demonstrate Christian love to the community.
Note: Every regiment should be organized with the objective of soul-winning. And likewise, all activities.

Segun V. Adeniyi

Small evangelism battalions are critical to building a healthy church. These are needed to encourage teaching, fellowship, prayer, and evangelism outreaches. Major Small evangelistic groups {battalions} are:
1. Mentors Fellowship: Leaders such as pastors, teachers, and counselors should have a monthly fellowship where it is required for each of them to give pieces of evidence of their evangelistic DNA.
2. New Believers Crew: The newly saved should not only be classed for discipleship purpose, they should be constantly led to share their newly found faith to members of their families, friends, and neighbors. They should also be taught to be praying for unbelievers.
3. Singles Club: This club should constantly reach out to hospital, schools, prisons, and villages. And after each outreach, a member should account for their field experiences, before the congregation.
4. Married Forum: This forum should meet to pray fervently for nonbelievers, and thereafter reach out to families with the gospel of Christ. At a specially organized event, members recount their evangelism experiences {in their witnessing exploit to colleagues & neigbours}.
5. Bible Class: This group should also be drilled to get involved in evangelism outreaches.
6. Students Fellowship: High school students should be grouped to reach out to fellow students in their various school/campuses. The church should throw a Luke 15 party bi-monthly where born-again
students/youths are specially invited and present special gifts to their Christian walk.
7. Strategic Discipleship Squad: This group formulates effective plans to disciple new converts, set them on fire for Christ, and lead them to reach out to unbelievers in their recent connections. {Acts 18:11}

Others include The Gospel Team, Good Women Fellowship, Pastors’ Wives Forum, and Professional Groups.
Note that these small evangelistic battalions can turn inwardly, if not constantly refreshed and strengthen to drive the outward focus of your church/ministry.


Isaac O. Aina

In this seminar, we shall be considering three vital areas of marriages: i). Conflict Resolution in Marriages. ii). Honoring Your Wife. iii). The Thriving Marriage.

8 Principles for Conflict Resolution in Marriage
1. Know that grudges create bitter roots, and do work against the fruit of the Spirit. Matt 6:34; Eph. 4:31-32; Gal. 5: 21-23.
2. Deal with hunger and anger. Proper rest is often essential to eliminate anger. Jms 1: 2 -5
3. Stay on current crisis/issue. To fall back on past resentments is to impair the affected person’s ability to see the reality of the current situation.
4. Use the ‘I’ Pronoun, and not ‘You’, which is accusatory. This allows your spouse to hear more vulnerable and honest, and to engage in dialogue for eventual resolution.
5. Attack the Problem and not Person. Remember that God has called us to love and unity.
6. Give active and attentive listening. Don’t interrupt; let the speaker finish his/her statement before trying to reply. Prov. 18:13; Jms l:19.
7. Always be the first to say ‘I am sorry’. This will prove that you are more concerned about your mate’s welfare, and de-escalate the conflict. Jms 5:16.
8. Offer true forgiveness: This is a final step in terms of conflict resolution. Eph 4:32; Matt 6:14-15

8 Ways to Cherish and Honor Your Wife
1. In spite all trials and conflicts, be faithful and loyal, living up to her trust. Unfaithfulness is the ultimate dishonor in marriage. Hebr. 13: 4
2. Accept her just as she is, without comparing her to any others. Let her be all she can.
3. Pay attention to all she has to say, whenever she needs your audience.
4. Be considerate in your use of words to her. Use gentle words, not harsh words.
5. Let your actions and words reflect your respect for her.
6. Be sensitive to her needs.
7. Accept her feelings. You may not understand them, but you must respect them as real and true.
8. Always lift her up in the presence of God in your prayer.

10 Keys To Thriving Marriage
1. Love Affirmation – Affirm your love one for another. Affirm, do not criticize.
2. Friendship – Be good friends; best friends. Be his friend, not his mother; be her friend, not her father.
3. Appreciation – Appreciate one another. Appreciate, don’t nag.
4. Communication: Give time and space for effective and productive dialogue.
5. Responsibility and Accountability – Be responsible and accountable to one another. Be responsible for your duties, be accountable to your partner.
6. Cheerfulness: Give to one another, cheerfully. Give, do not withhold.
7. Purity: Avoid infidelity and stay pure and faithful. Extra-marital affairs are dangerous to the survival
of any marriage. Be faithful, loyal and true.
8. Trust: Always speak the truth in love, one to another. The practice of speaking God’s truth is
imperative to receiving God’s blessing as a home.
9. Joint-War: Learn to fight together with the challenges that come your way. Satan will try to undermine your peace, prosperity, and togetherness. You must jointly face him in spiritual warfare unto the victory, understanding that the warring time is family transformation time, to usher in the glory.
10.Renewal: A renewed, revitalized marriage is one of the greatest weapons God has given us to war against the kingdom of darkness. The deepest marriages are those that come out of a war, in which spouses have fought, bled, suffered, and sometimes died together.

B. Beloved John

#1: Principle of Sure Redemption – Salvation remains the most important. You must honestly answer the question: “Are you born again?” Never play religion with this fundamental question of life. {Jn. 3: 3-7}
#2: Principle of House Cleaning – After deliverance experience, get the house clean up; neatly kept. This includes purging yourself of little dishonesty, fleshly lusts, the pride of heart, sinful thoughts, evil imagination, and unholy conscience. {Lk. 11: 24 – 26; Jn. 15: 3 – 4; II Cort. 5:17}
#3: Principle of Vacuum Refilling – It’s not enough to clean up the house, the vacuum created by departed demons must be filled by the Holy Spirit: When evil spirits are cast out, Holy Spirit ought to come in, else worse thing take place. {Matt. 12: 43 – 45}
#4: Principle of Solid Relationship – Foremost, God wants relationship – consistent, solid and flourishing. He loves those who place the higher value on the personal relationship with Him. Do you value it above Christian services, ministry, and church activities? This relationship is through communion with the Holy Ghost, which is richer & deeper than fast, pray, study the Bible, mountain climb, & church meetings. It’s being with God, dwelling in & relating with Him. It is hearing God’s voice and doing His will. {Jhn. 15: 1 – 13}
#5: Principle of Singleness – Deal with divided attention, double walk, double masters, & double services. It takes spiritual focus to walk in the light, offers pure devotion & gives absolute commitment. {Matt. 6: 22 – 24}
#6: Principle of Divine Service – Serve the Lord with a pure heart, complete obedience, burning passion. Serve Him with your month, gift/talent, strength, and resources. {Matt. 25: 14 – 30; Eph. 2: 10; Jms 1: 17; Prv. 22: 9; I Cort. 12: 5 – 6; I Pet. 4: 10 – 11; Matt. 5: 14 – 16; Rom 12: 4 – 8; I Cort. 12: 1 – 11}
#7: Principle of Complete Armour – Put on the whole armor of God. Get yourself fully armed with all the six parts and lubricating the armor with oil of all prayer. {Eph. 6: 10 – 18}
#8: Principle of Violent Sack – “Get thee behind me Satan” isn’t a gentleman’s plea. It is a firm, violent resistance that ward off the stubborn foes. Resist the devil violently, and he will flee from you. {Matt 4:10; Jms. 4: 7}

How to Get the Devil Off Your Back:
i. Fire-Fenced Your Spiritual Realm – Dream realm is spiritual in nature. Get it insured by the blood and fenced off by the Spirit fire on a daily basis. Doing this demands serious spiritual worship and fervent praying before going to bed, every night. {Zech. 2: 5; Job 1: 10; Psm 91: 1, 9}
ii. Constant Midnight Offensive – Take the war to the gates of your enemies, on midnight basis, using the missiles of the blood, the word, the fire, & the thunder. {Lk 6: 12; Acts 16: 25; Psm 119: 148; Gen. 32: 24}
iii. Showoff Crazy Love for The Word – Eat the word like a hungry baby. It’s your only guarantee for good success in life. Not dreams. Not vision. Not prophecies. Not those man-made doctrines. {Acts 17: 11; Matt. 7: 24 -27; Josh 1: 8, Psm 1: 2- 3}
iv. Effective Release of The Believer’s Authority – If you are born again, you have the authority of the king. Speak authoritatively to invisible forces. You will see the result. {Matt 10: 1; Lk. 9: 1, 10: 17 – 19; I Jhn 2: 13; Rom 16:20}
v. Swim Daily in The Holy Ghost – Don’t just be baptized – swim and swim until your whole being is drunk of the river of the Living Water {Holy Ghost}. It’s the power you need to constantly launch into the deep. Mind you, that river is in your belly, if you are Holy Ghost baptized. We swim by spiritual worship, constant praying in other tongues, and active spiritual sensitivity. {Jhn 7: 37 – 39; Ezk 47: 5}
vi. Be On The Faith Wings – Nothing works without living and active faith. To fly high, be on the wings of faith through the constant hearing of God’s word and firm standing on His promises for your life. {Mark. 11: 22 – 24; Hebr. 11}