2018: Our Year of Amazing Greatness

You Are Welcome to 2018. The Lord said it is “Our Year of Amazing Greatness”

On The Wings of Faith

May I challenge you to fly by faith? Yes, if dare to, you will surely arrive at fulfillment in this year 2018. It’s the key to apprehending all the divine promises for you. Come on, let’s be on the wings of faith.

Open your Bible with me to John 4: 46 – 54

2018 is a divine gift to all who shall be onboard of ‘the Faith’s Wings’. For the believers who will dare to ride on the wings of faith, 2018 is God’s designed season for unusual victories, golden opportunities, and amazing greatness.

Now, how do you ride on the wings of faith? It is by riding on the WORD…

  • Now, let’s go straight into our text.


  • The Faith Jump


  1. Vs. 46 – 47: Faith sparked up in him when he heard about Jesus: “When he heard…”  Faith comes by hearing the word of God. {Rom. 10: 17} Let the truth you’ve heard ignites faith in your heart.
  2. Vs. 47b: His faith set his legs in action: “He went unto Him…” Real faith is active, not dormant.
  3. Vs. 47c: His faith got hold of his knees: “And he besought him…”. Note that he went straight to the point of what he wanted. He was specific in his prayer.


  1. The Faith Problem

In Vs. 48 – 49: There was a problem with his faith… the same problem that has always afflict our kind of faith. What is it? His faith had certain constraints – certain limitations – which include location and time. Thus, Jesus had to rebuke him: “Except you see signs and wonders you will not believe”. Thank God the man got over his problem; he removed the constraints and believed. Also, we must remove our own constraints to possess God’s promises in 2018.

How do you?

  1. Look for the Word; not signs and wonders – Matt. 8: 5 – 10; 2 Ki. 5: 8 – 14
  2. Don’t let what you Touch dictates your actions and progress level – Gen. 27: 18 – 29 /26 -27
  3. Don’t let what you Taste dictates your life and destiny – Gen. 3: 6 – 7
  4. Don’t let what you See dictates your pace and progress – Vs. 21 – 23; No. 13: 31 – 33, Jn. 20: 24 – 29, Mk. 11: 12 – 14
  5. Don’t let what you Smell dictates how you think and act – Jh. 11:
  6. Don’t let what you Hear dictates your actions and progress level – 1 Ki. 19: 1 – 4
  7. Let the word, and the word only dictate your life and your all – Isa. 36: ; 37: 6 – 7, 36 – 38.

When the man caught the revelation that ‘being on the wings of faith is all about standing on God’s word and promises’, he got his desired miracle.

2 Cort. 1: 20

  • God’s promises to you are ‘yea and amen’

Num 23: 19

  • He cannot lie or break His word
  • What God says, He will do
  • Whatever He promises, He will bring to pass

2 Tim 1: 13 – 18

  • Get hold of His word and stand firm upon it

1st Cort. 16: 13

  • Stand firmly upon God’s promises that are in His written word {Bible} and stand tall on it – get it for your deliverance, healing, victory, financial breakthrough, etc.

2 Cort. 4: 13 &  Mk. 16: 17 – 18

  • Operate by the spoken word, loudly and authoritatively.

Eph. 1: 21, 2: 6 & Lk. 10: 19 & Rom. 5: 17

  • Occupy your rightful place and reign in life.

Once again, welcome to your year of Amazing Greatness.

Life & Love & Power

John B. Joseph



Stop The Run – By Pastor John B. Joseph


Stop All The Run

By Pastor John B. Joseph


Faith is it all… It’s the most vital force.

Yes, getting along with God is always about faith. And getting God to favor you with His divine attention and provision rests solely on FAITH.

Faith is the most vital.

Faith was Hannah’s key to getting her miracle son from the Lord. Thereafter the birth of Samuel, she also had other seven sons. Her faith in the God who can neither lie nor fail worked out for her wonder. Living, active faith always works.

Where faith is missing, the link is off. Where faith is wanting, the fuse is dead. Faith is the fuse that connects us to the supernatural power-house. You can always light-up the dark areas of your life when it is tightly connected.

Until a man discovers the mystery of faith, he may be seeking, praying, and fasting in vain. All spiritual exercise without faith amount to futility. Often, we don’t need all the desperation and ‘spiritual workings’ we venture ourselves into. Often, we run from crusade to crusade, from mountain to mountain,  from prophet to prophet without any tangible result.

I used to pity these ‘runners’. I mean those running from place to place, seeking for ‘Prophets’ who will catch God for their attention. Has God becomes so cheap to bribe with soothing words and prophetic rituals? Has God tied up Himself down in places where men can only find Him? I think the end-time spirits are seriously at work here, and many already caught in their prisons. And most of these ‘prisoners of the mighty’ actually begin to stray when faith got missed in them. In their wanderings, many of them became spiritually blind, and arrogantly keep moving from fry-pan to fire. It’s really a pity case.

You endanger your future when you seek ‘prophetic help’ from self-made prophets. You endanger your very destiny, when you seek for spiritual helps from a man or woman whose calling does not originate in God. In fact, you end up in deeper confusion, when you run to a man of God who is not truly born again and filled with the Holy Ghost. The Bible says it all: “in the multitude of counselors there are confusions”.

Yet, one thing I recently came to know is how difficult is it to get these types of people on track. They’ve come to enjoy those ‘prophetic rituals’ being offered to them by who have hooked them up in lies. They prefer the old wine and are possibly afraid of the new. Thus, they put up strong resistance against whatever differ from what they are used to. And since they don’t know the Scriptures, their liberation becomes a war for anyone who has the passion to get free.

Let me tell you how to be on the right and safe track in solving your life’s problems and get what you want out of life. Go with me below:


  • Know Who You Are: Who are you? This is the first question you must answer for yourself. You ought to know who you are. Are you just a Christian by name? Are you a mere miracle seeker – panting to eat more of Christ’s miracle bread and fishes? Are you just a religious bigot; a denominational fanatic who knows not the whole Bible but the ‘doctrines’ of men being preached as Bible in your church? Are you a churchy type, who is activity-driven? Are you a man who does all the gospel works but has no personal relationship with Him? Are you a true child of God, born again but finds it difficult to walk in the Spirit? Are you filled with the Holy Spirit, and consistently walk in Him? Are you a friend – an intimate friend of God? I think Jesus’ desire is that we all belong to the last group. He wants you and me to be His friends. To be anything less than a friend worths no salt.
  • 2. Know Who Your God Is: Do you really know God as you ought to know Him? If you don’t know that your God is greater than your problem, you may outrun your life with undue desperation. If you don’t live your life by the ‘I am that I am’ concept, you may in the fear bow to that ‘Pharaoh’ of your life. The Bible says: “He that would come to God must know that He is and that He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him”. You must always come to God with faith that He is able to handle your trouble. You must know Him as the Almighty, the Sovereign One, and the Omnipotent Lord, who can do all things. God can do all things, even for you. He is greater than all your needs, troubles and challenges. You must know Him as your Healer, Provider, Defender, Mighty Warrior, Rock, and Strength, among others.  This you must know and live your life by it. And you must also come to know the power and authority vested in the name of Christ Jesus. He who gave His Son, Jesus, for your redemption from sin will surely give you whatever you asked of Him in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • 3. Nourish Intimate Relationship With God: Nothing pays off in life as walking with God. A man without a cordial relationship with His Creator is both barren and dead. Getting what you want in life demands that we nourish and cherish the intimate relationship with God.
  • 4. Feed Passionately On the Word
  • 5. Develop Great Faith In His Word
  • 6. Cultivate Me and My God Attitude
  • 7. Consult prophets Only By the Leading of the Spirit.
  • 8. If You Believe it, Speak it



How To Get What You Want Out of Life – By Pastor John B. Joseph

By John B. Joseph

How To Get What You Want Out of Life




Jacob and Esau were destined twins. Their days in the womb were smeared with strives and wars. At a stage, their mother, Rebecca, got so worried that she went to inquire the reason for war. The voice of prophecy said “two nations are in thy womb… and the younger shall be greater than the elder…’. Jacob the younger was divinely purposed to be a greater nation than Esau, his elder. This was the reason for the constant strife between the yet-to-be-born twins. They began their journey to fulfillment from the womb.


We all begin the journey of life from the cradle. It is a mission to fulfilling the divine purpose. The purpose is the destiny, and its fulfillment is the destination. The divine purpose is the God-set throne for the individual, and the enthronement comes only at fulfillment. It is disastrous to come short of enthronement. For those who fail to arrive at fulfillment, vanity is the sum of their journey in life.


How do we go about life journey to arrive at the fulfillment of our individual purpose on earth?  Let me take you through the five major steps below:


#1: Be A Dreamer

There are dreamers, and there are dreamers. There are four major types of dreamers. One, there are dreamers who are creators of their own dreams. Two, there are dreamers whose dreams were made for them by parents, relative, or friends. Three, there are copy cart dreamers who copy other people’s dreams. Four, the finest of all dreamers are those who dreams are given by the Lord. Which of the groups do you fall into?


Many great Biblical heroes and heroines belonged to the fourth group. Think of them – Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Deborah, Esther,  David, Elijah, Daniel, Mary, and the early apostles of Jesus.

Joseph was a unique dreamer, whose life vision, a God-given vision,  was a product of his God-given dream. So Joseph had a dream, and he was just seventeen, yet wise enough to see those twin-dreams as God-given. Certainly, you are not too young to have a concrete vision for your life. Yeah, you’ve got to have a dream. You’ve got to be a Joseph-like dreamer.


You need sure divine dream to give the divine direction for your life. Today. one reason many people don’t get what they want is their ignorance of what they desire. They just don’t know the kind of success or victory and blessing they want. Several are in the dark as to what they are to be, while others only know in shadows.  You must know what you want, where you are going, and what you are to become. This is called vision. Without it, you are lost, even to yourself.


Has God spoken to you concerning your future? Have you caught the vision of your place in destiny? What is your dream? Where exactly is your life heading to? Have you discovered God’s purpose in your life? You need to discover the reason for your existence. It is the prime issue you must resolve if you must get what you want out of life.


There is a pressing want or need in your life – something you seriously and urgently wanted out of life.  We all have our pressing needs in life per time, though often diverse and sometimes unique. For one person, it is money. For another, a house. And yet to another, a wife, husband or child. The needs of some people are material. While those of others are immaterial such as victory, peace, happiness, Spirit’s power, direction, guidance, and green light.


  • Sarah, Rachael, Hannah, and Elizabeth wanted children.
  • Jacob wanted a blessing, while he wrestled with the angel.
  • Solomon wanted wisdom. Absalom wanted the throne.
  • Ahab wanted the vineyard of Naboth.
  • Shunammite widow wanted to be free from financial debt.
  • Gehazi wanted material/monetary rewards.
  • Jabez wanted deliverance from his diverse sorrows.
  • Elisha wanted a double portion of the Anointing


What exactly do you want out of life?


#2: Follow Your Dream

After narrating the dreams he had to his father and brethren, it became the catalyst for events in the family of Jacob. The two dreams soon ignited the heart of Joseph’s brethren with fires of jealousy, conspiracy, and murder-plot against the dreamer. They wanted to kill him so as to stop the fulfillment of his dream.


So dreams often get their dreamers into real trouble. Jealous foes will rise to oppose your dream and to harm you. Friend, if yours is a great dream, prepare to face great troubles. Yet in spite whatever troubles or battles, you must follow your dream. How do we follow our dreams? Let me take you back to Joseph.


Divine presence is the first key to following your dream. God was with Joseph and he knew it. You’ve got to: know that the Lord is with you. Truly, He is with you, but you need to believe it and consciously live by it. Faith activates His divine presence. When God is with you, you’ve got to know it, activate it, and live it to experience the wonders of His presence.


From the moment God revealed his future to him in that twin-dream, Joseph began to listen to the inner voice of that vision. This is the second key to following your dream: listen to the original inner voice of your dream. How do you do this? Keep seeing the vision before you, no matter how dark the way. As Abraham did, learn how to fix your inner eye on the ‘stars’, and you will soon become a star. This was the second keys to following your dream.


And here is the third key: Joseph kept his relationship with God intact and unstained. Though he was moved from one trouble to another, he refused to compromise his faith in, and his relationship with God – the ultimate dream Giver. So you must jealously keep your relationship with God all times, in holiness and righteousness.


Fourth, Joseph disowned ego and learned total submission to the divine purpose for his life. Thus, in all his travails, he refused to venture into making self-serving plans or ego-driven decisions. Joseph murdered pride and ego. He submitted himself to be guided by the mighty Hand of his dream Giver – God.


It was by the use of these four keys that Joseph followed his dream to the shore of fulfillment. And if you also will operate by these keys in following your God-given dream, you will surely be on your pathway to fulfillment.


#3: Take Responsibility for Your Life

Having being severed from the bosom of his loving father, by the cruelty of his brothers, Joseph took responsibility for his own life. He was away from home into slavery in a strange land, yet he looked for no one to bring hope, joy, happiness, and excitement to his life. Neither did he thought it was someone responsible for him to be dutiful, diligence, faithful, thoughtful, and accountable. He took responsibility for his own actions and inactions in all his relationships, duties and spiritual devotions.


Joseph also understood that it was his responsibility to exercise mastery over his emotion, transform his trouble to a trophy, and maintain his covenant identity. Thus, he devotedly aligned himself to walk in the covenant, and pay obedience to the divine ideal, thoughts and principles.  


To arrive at your destined harbor of greatness, we all must take responsibility for our lives.


#4: Discover and Explore Your Given Potential

We all have our God-given potentials, gifts, and talents. You may or may not have discovered yours. We all divinely blessed with different talents and unique gifts. You may need to discover and/or recover.


Joseph discovered he was a gifted man of value. He came to know that he was gifted in dream interpretation and word of wisdom. Also, you need to discover your given talents and gifts. It is disastrous to hide or bury them. You must discover the hidden, recover the lost and uncover the buried talents/gifts. Have you discovered yours?


Once Joseph discovered his gifts, he became so bold to make use of them. He did not only have faith in God, he also believes in the authenticity of the gifts God had invested in him. Thus, he demonstrated this supernatural ability with faith, courage, and confidence. In the end, it was his gift of dream interpretation and word of wisdom that made a room for him. He made his unique gifts available to the world, and by so doing became a blessing to his generation. His gift made ‘a palace’ for him, as he assumed the throne of fulfillment in Egypt, ruling as her Prime Minister.  


The world is also waiting for your manifestation. The entire nations eagerly expecting the manifestation of those divinely invested gifts in you. Those potentials in you make you are a person of real value.


#5: Be A Profitable Actor

Profitability is the essence of servanthood. You must act, profitably. God gave you those talents and gifts to bring profit to Him thereby.


Be a profitable servant of your God-given talent or gift. Take decisive actions that will bring results and profit to God and His kingdom. He who fails to ‘trade’ with his talent is cruel. So be up. Act!


Act now! You ought to be a profitable action man or woman. God has invested much in you that He cannot afford to see you a waster. You must act to occupy your place and bring joy to your God.


Momentum comes through actions. Failure to take action is the greatest failure anyone can achieve in life. More so, it is wickedness to bury our talents/gifts. ‘Act’ is a significant force that moves men from fear to courage, from failure to success, from grass to grace. Get up! Get doing! It is time to move your life forward.


Get up! Act out your plan. It is the central key to fulfilling your life purpose.


Joseph was a man of profitable action. He acted, meeting the needs of his time and generation by the manifestations of His gift. He acted in all his life journey, from his father house as a teenager to the strange land, as a slave, prisoner, and prime minister. This was how he brought profit and glory to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In Potiphar’s house, Joseph was commended for his diligence, faithfulness, and profitability. Inside the prison, he was a respected God-fearing youth, and a humble gifted ‘prophet’. And as prime minister of Egypt, Joseph was a rare prophetic-political leader, an astute administrator, a diligent servant of the nation, and a wise, accountable royal officer. He was effective, efficient, forthright, faithful, and tenderhearted.


Higher Heights – By Pastor John B. Joseph


Elisha was a man caught in the ‘holy greed’. I had rather describe his unusual ambitious desire for the “double portion” of the spirit that was upon Elijah. ‘Double portion anointing’ is what he wanted out of life.


I believe Elisha’s steps to obtaining what he wanted worth considering. He had burning desire in him for the supernatural enduement and manifestation. He had seen, envied and coveted the operations of the Holy Spirit in the life and ministry of his master, Elijah. Thus, at opportune time, he boldly asked for ‘the double portion of the Spirit of the Lord’. It seemed that was all he wanted out of life – to be clothed with unusual Spirit power. Yeah, he wanted to walk in the heavier Anointing of God than his master did, to demonstrate God’s power in a greater way. Elisha knew what he wanted out of life, and he passionately went for it. It was to our admonition that he got what he wanted. We also could get all that we wanted in life.


Though Elisha was indeed a greedy ‘son of prophet’, I seem to be a more greedy fellow after his order. Are you also a ‘holy greed’? Now the question is: if this is what you want out of life, how do you get it?  I think the Elijah-Elisha episode provide the needed answer here.


#1: Know What You Want

Do you also belong to the generation of ‘holy greed’ – I mean men of God who covet the ‘double portion’ of the Spirit of the Lord with greedy passion? Do you indeed know what the ‘Spirit anointing’ is?  If you don’t know it, you can’t desire it. To know it, you should be able to go beyond definition and description of the anointing. You would need to see it at work, feel the impacts of its operational blaze, and encounter its miraculous outworkings. Elisha was inspired by the practical display of the power and Spirit of God in Elijah, not by its theoretical jargons. He saw a supernatural mystery at work in and through his master. What he saw was what ignited his heart with fire, and made him to have the passion for its possession, and more of it.


#2: Have A Bigger Picture


Small picture mentality must give way to the bigger picture. Elisha was a man with a hot drive for the bigger picture. The anointing that was upon Elijah was so big, that it takes a man of the bigger dream to ask for its  ‘double portion’. And that was what Elisha passionately hunted for.


We serve a very big God.  You’ve got to know this and refuse to get stuck on the small picture. Learn to go for the bigger vital things in life. Be a man of bigger vision. And this call your right understanding of your covenant rights, promises, and provisions.


Men of bigger picture are faith-driven, big thinkers and big planners. They are highly organized, effective administrators, discipline goal-setters, and prudent managers of people and resources. Thus, they are nor only being driven by the bigger vision, they also a people of value, taste, and quality, who know what they want and how to get it.


Mediocre has no place in the hall of archives. Men of small mind live at the bottom place of life. To get to your destined place at the top, you will first need to change your belief and your thinking. What belief {philosophy.theology} has much to say on how you live your life? 


#3: Embrace the Opportunity


The Opportunity often comes once in a lifetime. If you fail to make use of when it comes, it may go forever. More so, opportunity comes in a simple way and often unannounced. So, you must be ‘opportunity sensitive’ if you must recognize it when it comes.


Elisha had waited for the opportunity to come. Then came the day opportunity quietly appeared, and he was so sensitive to recognize it. The opportunity came, hidden beneath Elijah’s departure. Other sons of the prophets didn’t identify it, but he did. On the day Elijah was to be taken up to heaven, Elisha saw an opportunity wrapped in it. For others, it could be a day of sorrowing, but for Elisha, it was a golden opportunity to get what he had all along coveted.


Beloved, to get what you want, there will always be an opportunity to grip. You only need to be on watch and be one of the wise, smart people who know how to grab available opportunities.


To cease the opportunity, Elisha clung to his master. It was a joy for Elisha that he was with his master, Elijah on the day the Lord would take him into heaven:  “And it came to pass, when the Lord would take up Elijah into heaven by a whirlwind, that Elijah went with Elisha from Gilgal”.


#4: Have Importunate Faith

Importunate faith holds on, and won’t let go. It neither give up nor gives in, even in the face of greatest challenge or deadliest foe. Challenges and battles of life only make us stronger in faith. And we must exercise our faith with strong determination and importunity.


Importunity teaches us to be resolute in faith and empower us with the consistency needed to apprehend that which we pursue.  To get what you needed in life, you must not give up. Keep trying, keep moving, keep praying. Yes, you must keep going, in spite of those fierce oppositions, humiliating denials, and odd challenges.


Learn to firmly ignore negative persuasion, silent voices of dissent, and conquer the spirit of discouragement, that you may turn obstacle to a miracle, and trouble to a trophy.


We saw the young Elisha demonstrating this virtue of importunate faith as he followed Elijah. Thrice, Elijah persuaded him to “tarry here…”, but faith and determination wouldn’t let him. Twice, the sons of prophet mocked him, but he would not be stopped. Once, fifty men of the sons of prophet gathered to see what would become of him, as he wanted to cross Jordan with his master, but he kept going. Though river Jordan stood on the way, he refused to see it as the end of the road. He kept following Elijah, even though the parted river. And when Elijah finally asked him what he wanted, he told him, he would not be discouraged by the answer he got: “Thou hast asked a hard thing”.


Elijah was a man of importunate faith. He refused to give up or give in.


But passion, real hot passion drives importunate faith. Successful people develop such passion to succeed, they develop the passion to harness their emotion and channel it toward the most important.


#5: Make Supplication


Elijah asked Elisha a very cogent question: “Ask what I shall do for thee before I am taken away from thee”. My dear friend, do you know God is still asking you to forward your request. He wants us to “make your request known through supplication”.


Jesus said: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth, and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” {Matt 7: 7 – 8}


He also told the disciples: “… Verily, verily, I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, He will give it you. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.” {John 16: 23 – 24}


When the prophet Elijah asked that his servant Elijah to table what he needed, here is what Elisha asked for: “…I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me”. That was his burning desire, his number one need. But what would you have asked, if you were to be Elisha?


I guess you would have asked for victory over your enemies, or financial prosperity, or uncommon promotion, or unusual greatness, or electoral victory. I know you would have requested for a mansion, so massive and beautiful that your enemy will see and weep. You might have asked for a child, or marriage partner, job, lucrative business, all-round success, or admission into University. But none of these seemed to matter to Elisha.


The panting for the double portion of the anointing could only be born out of a righteous passion for God and His Kingdom, not of sensual desire.

“The Kingdom of God and His righteousness” remains the primary pursuit of true spiritual men. No wonder we are enjoined “…to seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God”.  


#6: Practice Focus, with Sensitivity

It takes focus to maintain vision:”If your eye is single, your whole body shall be full of light.”. It takes singleness of vision, and fixed the gaze on the vision, to attain greatness in life. Men of the double eye often lose the attention. Beware!


Now, it takes vigilance not to lose focus, for diversion will always come. The word ‘fixed’ is the magic word for men who desire to get what they want in life. To be a man of ‘fixed’ gaze, you must assume a sort of radical posture – defiant but upright. This is what being ‘still’ in God’s presence means. Stillness is a heart focus, a spiritual upright posture, and not physical. Learn to be ‘still’ and you will always see God working on your behalf.


This was the posture Elisha must maintain to get what he wanted:  “… nevertheless, if thou shall see me when I am taken from thee, it shall be done so unto thee; but if not, it shall not be so.”. We need to know that, first, Elijah was taken away while “they were on, and still talked”. Second, he was taken away in an atmosphere of spiritual commotion – “…behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder…” These two factors should have made Elisha lost his focus, but he didn’t. For we were told that the young “Elisha still saw it”. Yes, he saw the chariot and horses that came from heaven to fetch up his master. He saw the scene, and he saw Elijah being driven up in the angelic chariot, and cried “My father, my father, the chariot of Israel and the horsemen thereof.” He saw it and also saw the mantle that fell from Elijah. And because he saw it, he got what he wanted.


#7: Take Possession of the Mantle

So the Elijah – that prophet of fire did not go to heaven with his mantle? Yea, what a great news for you and I. That Elijah’s mantle fell from him should give us hope that God intended to continue Elijah’s fire-ministry through us. That Elijah’s mantle is still here, foretells that the end-time ministries shall be the ministry of fire demonstration. Elisha saw it when the mantle fell from him. He saw it and picked it up: “He took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him…”


It’s time to pick up the mantle of Elijah for the end time revival missions. It was the same mantle that Elisha took that John Baptist was clothed with. And we have it in prophecy that this same mantle shall function in the End-Time prophets of God. You can have the same mantle on you if you would take it up.


‘Take it up’ is a role we all must play to get what we need in life. You can’t be passive and get it. You must put forth your hand, and pick it up. When Jesus spoke to the sick, “Take up your bed and go home”, he did so, and people saw him walking in his newly gotten miracle. And to the man whose hands are withered, Jesus commanded: “Strength forth thine hand”. His hands were healed the moment he obeyed the Lord. That was his own way of picking it up. As soon as Eli gave a prophetic blessing on Hannah’s need, she took it up and went home with joy. The following year she came back to Shiloh with Samuel. Come on, take a step of faith like Hannah, take up it up, and you will come for testimony with your miracle child. You also can have sobs of bareness on your cheeks turn to tears of joys.


#8: Manifest the New Found Gift

Manifestation is the last key I will be speaking on here. It comes out of a demonstration. For Elisha, demonstrating ‘the power and Spirit’ becomes a must, if he must crossover to the place of his assignment. Without demonstrating the power of Elijah’s mantle, Elisha would be stranded beyond the Jordan, locked up on the other side of the river.


If you are a man on divine missions, the devil will always want you to get locked up, stranded, lost, frustrated, broken and broke. You just have to say no and put the anointing to test.


Elisha had seen the Spirit anointing ‘tested and trusted’ in its outworking in Elijah, his master. However, he wanted to be sure it is the same original that he has gotten. Thus, Elisha  put his own faith to test when he “smote the waters, and said, Where is the Lord God of Elijah?” The river of Jordan gave way and Elisha advanced to the amazement of sons of prophets, who immediately bowed to him when he crossed over. He demonstrated it again and healed the naughty land of Jericho city. He demonstrated it the third time, and two she-bears came out of the wood and tare 42 irreverent kids.


It is the same Spirit of God that worked on Old Testament and New Testament that is in us and upon us. We have been baptized with the same baptism of fire and anointed for exploits. But we need faith, boldness, and courage to demonstrate. You and I also need to demonstrate our faith as soon as we get the double anointing of the Spirit. We must demonstrate it to crossover that Jordan that stands in our way to our destined place on earth. Smite the river, and it shall give way for your advancement in life.   


Also, we must demonstrate the Spirit and power of Christ to bring healing to the nations.


We must demonstrate ‘the Spirit and power’ to bring judgement to the kingdom of darkness and Satanic irreverent children: “To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishment upon the people; To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; To execute upon them the judgement written: this honor have all his saints…” {Psm 149: 7 -9}


Keys To Better Living – By John B. Joseph

KEYS TO BETTER LIFE – Joseph as Case Study

By John B. Joseph

Life is like a staircase, yea, like those steps on your wood or iron ladder. You are either climbing or stooping. You will not stoop in Jesus name. Amen. For every normal person, experiencing ‘upward movement’ is normal. Backwardness is evil and stagnation is curse. Thus, all men aspire to move ‘from glory to glory’, and from ‘grace to grace’. We are creatures of progression. It is only normal when we are on progressive dynamics, experiencing continuous and consistent positive change, and growth.

We all desire that today’s light  be brighter than that of yesterday. We hope for a better life, higher level, finer place, a brighter horizon, a richer life. And indeed this aspiration, this desire, this hope does indicate man as a ‘growth’ creaturem – ‘onward moving’ being. God created us for positive advancement. The Creator is honored whenever we move out of the ‘shadows of the valley’ into the sunshine of the mountain. God actually created us to soar like eagle to the bright firmament of His promises.

Let me discuss with you the eight keys to discovery of better life recovery of better living. These keys are the eight steps on the ladder of success.

  1. The Covenant: It takes having a deep root in the Rock of the higher life to lead a better life. Like Joseph, you must come to discover and embrace the mystery of God’s higher life, a life built on the divine covenant. All great men of the Bible stood on the Rock of the divine covenant to lead the better life. Such men include  Abel, Enoch, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and David.

  2. The Distinction: It takes being distinct to en-route your life to distinction. To be a distinction, you must be distinct; to make all the difference, you must be different; to get out of the crowd, you must be separated from the crowd. Even stars shine not their best when in the crowd of clouds. If the distinction is your goal in life, make covenant-walk your utmost pursuit. Take a righteous, godly stance in life. Establish a true and sweet relationship with God in the Spirit. Walk blameless before the Lord of glory. If you do, He will position you in the soil of better life. {Gen. 17: 1 – 2; 37: 2 – 3}  

  3. The Vision: Dare to be a true dreamer, a passionate visionary. It’s the third key to the better life. It takes being a real dreamer to climb up the ladder of better life and arrive at the galaxy of stars. Where are you going in life? Have yodiscovereder God’s purpose for your life? What exactly do you intend to become? As for Joseph, he caught the revelation of God’s purpose very early in his life. He discovered he was a destined royalty – throne-man. Three basic features made Joseph’s dreams very unique: 1. Its source – God. 2. Its content – royalty. 3. Its timing: Future. {Gen. 37: 5 – 11}

  4. The Faith-fight: Every dream of greatness attracts its own destiny foes.  Joseph’s dreams brought him into war. Men destined to be great must see this world as battlefield. For evil men will rise against your star, to darken its light. Joseph’s dreams for better life brought him hatred, jealousy, nakedness, shadow of death, slavery, servitude, imprisonment.  Are you also ready to pay this high price so as to arrive at fulfillment? You can’t afford to be a victorious faith-fighter, a valiant fighter. {Gen. 3 – 4, 12 -35}

  5. Activated Divine Presence: A consistent walk in the activated presence of the Lord led Joseph to uncommon favour, extraordinary success and unhindered prosperity. If you also can carry about the presence of God, whatever you do, and whereever you are will experience such extrordinary dimension. It is the greatest route to happy, successful, and prosperous life. {Gen. 39: 2 – 6, 21 – 23}

  6. The Service: So you’ve got to discover and put to use your gifts/talents.  Share a skill with friends, join a Godly club, learn to sing, to act, to play instrument, or play a new sport, and so much more. There’s a whole big world down deep in you; that will lead your life to some kind of expansion, elevate your expression and take you to that next level. Gen. 39:  22 – 23, 40: 4, 7 – 13, 15 – 23.

  7. Added Value: To serve acceptably in the Kingdom of Christ, you must add uo value to your life. We serve by putting to use our potential, gift, and talent – the charisma. But the Kingdom value rest on the fruit of the Spirit – the Character. Love, holiness, humility, faithfulness, availability,  and diligence are the core values.

  8. Bigger Picture: Be part of bigger picture. Joseph was said to be ‘a fruitful tree whose branches run over the wall’. You’ve got to get ready to serve people outside your wall – family, community, tribe, culture, nation, and continent. You need be a part of global, bigger picture. When Joseph was brought into the palace, he did not only manifested his God given gift, but also accepted the invitation to serve in the strange land. Same way, you must be a leading part of the bigger vision.

Sundry Counsels

    • Let go of the past. Freedom light begin to show up when we let go of the past. You ought to free yourself from that hunting shadows, remove the clutter from your life, of the stuff that’s holding you back. Get rid of the vampires, the unnecessary possessions, and the mess. You’re better off without these weights.

    • Clean up your mindset. To get into the highway of better living, we must clean up ourselves of the mindset of fear, unforgiving, hate, apathy, envy, discouragement, & indifference.


  • Leap up and bounce back. All is never lost, even when all is dark. When life cast you down, find ways to leap up and bounce back. When life cast you into the deep, dry pit, look up to the Highest on His throne. We can always find the way out of our dark corridors.


  • Stay close to God and keep asking Him for direction. This we must do to keep going, in spite of it all.

  • Never let your dream slip out of your fingers. Your dream of greatness must be intanct. Never let go of the original vision. Keep fixing your inner eyes on it, daily. Vision need be keep refreshing it with challenging goal-setting, and empower with exciting, achievable plan.

  • You’ll need faith to face the realities of your present life. You must dare the realities with unwavering faith, fortitude, courage, and self-encouragement.

  • Uncover and explore your hidden talents. What is lost nneds be recovered, and that which is hidden uncovered. In his dark trying days, Joseph discovered his gift of dream-interpretation, even as inmate. He suddenly began to manisfest it, and by so doing entered the door that led his life to the next level.

  • Never stop learning. Keep learning, and let what you learn positively affect your well-being. Good, continuous learning has its benefits: it exposes us to new ideas, helps us to stay curious and engaged, gives us a sense of accomplishment, and boosts our self-confidence and resilience.

  • Take a positive approach on life. In all his travails, Joseph was positive about life. In prison, his request that Buttler should mention his case before Pharoah was a positive approach {Gen. 40: 14 – 15}. Also, he was so positive about life when the famine ravished the land for seven years. We all need to  build such positive emotions as joy, gratitude, contentment, inspiration and faith. Doing this will help us to perform better, broaden our perception, increase our resilience, and improve our physical health. In spite all his travail, Joseph chose to be happy. It is our responsibility to be happy with (and within) ourselves. We need hapiness to find meaning and purpose to life,  and to make all the difference. It’s one unique force that will help give meaning to our life, brighten our hope, and get us out of the dark prison of fears, grief, downcast, and discouragement, among others.

  • Enter the Door of the New Realities. God promises new things, therefore, dare to do new things, and you will experience new realities.