My ministry actually began with the vision God gave me to found ECWA Student fellowship in the year 1986. After receiving the vision I consulted with Reverend Folaranmi, the pastor in charge of the church I attended then, First ECWA Church, Taiwo road, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. He told me to write official letter to the Board of Elders which I did. By the time I went back to him for the feedback, he told me to rewrite the letter, including in it three names of those who will be working with me. That was how I discussed the vision with Evangelist Akerele, Brother MA Afolayan, and David Adesuyi who were key leaders in the then ECWA Gospel team. They both loved the vision and agreed to inclusion of their names in the said later, with Brother Abolarin {Baba Ife} as the fourth. The later was submitted but was said to have not been approved, probably because of operational fracas that was then looming between the Board and the Gospel team, which wasn’t known to me when those names were included.

By the turn 1987, I had become so dissatisfied with the spiritual apathy growing in the church, that I no longer enjoyed the Sunday services. And to make thing worse, the vision for the student fellowship kept hunting me. As a result of all these, I got fed up mid-service one Sunday, and decided to leave the church. I walked out of the main auditorium, but while at the entrance gate, I saw a dozen of adolescents gathering under the uncompleted new auditorium, with an elderly man, Dr. (now Professor) S. A. Ibiyemi coordinating them.  I went out of the gate, but the Spirit directed me back to join then. The service was almost ended when I joined, and after the service, the coordinator asked me to see him.

Notable among pioneers’ members of the adolescent group that Sunday include Taiwo Ibiyemi, Kehinde Ibiyemi, Bukola Ibiyemi,  Muyiwa Ibiyemi, Idowu Tolowoye, Shola Ogunyando, Tinu,  and I think I saw Kayode Akoda.

He told me he would need my helping hand in coordinating the young ones – He named the group student/adolescent service. I told him, I wouldn’t mind to help except for my hunting vision of ECWA student Fellowship.  He asked of the vision and I shared it all with him, including all steps taking so far with the church authority. About a month later, He asked me to intimate him with the existence of like fellowship in other churches. I told him of Baptist Student Fellowship   and CAC Student Association.  Having agreed with the vision, he asked if I can possibly turn the adolescent service to ECWA Student Fellowship. This was how E.S.F. started and we never knew it was the beginning of a great revival in ECWA.

As soon as Professor Ibiyemi gave me go ahead, I put in certain structural re-organization.  Leaders were appointed, with Shola Ogunyando as the first Secretary and Bukola Ibiyemi as the first treasurer.  A month later the Sunday Bible study began, never knew it was to be a forum where majority of them would be given their lives for Jesus. Subsequently, the Choir and drama units were formed, with members meeting on Friday and Saturday, respectively. Sunday Evening Bible study was made compulsory for all leaders and unit members.

In the following years, many of  We started to appoint some as group leaders and coordinators of various offices. The latter leaders include Kayoda Akoda, Olumide Oniyanda, Olaide Oniyanda, Kunle Makanjuola, Bimpe Atolagbe, Shola Ajabge and Oladele Fatoye, among others. We changed leadership yearly and replaced ineffective one any time.

As God gave me the grace to write songs and plays, so I did. I led as leader, choir master and drama director. When the first play was ready, we wrote letter to the adult section to give us a Sunday night to display. Professor Ibiyemi would follow-up the letter until God gave us favor. Our dramas are such touching inspirations, and before we act any play, we used to have a weeklong fasting and prayer together, meeting daily in the church for rehearsals and prayer. This was the power-secret of those acted plays that left many broken and some profusely weeping right in the church. Now, as a result of our drama outreach to the adult church, many students began to join. Within a year, what started with a dozen youths has reached eighty in memberships.

In the last quarter of that 1988, the idea of Christmas carol came, and I got Carol songs compiled.  Date was fixed, rehearsals commenced early, fasting and prayer began 30days to the time, with daily meeting.  It was a great outreach that brought in many young ones into our midst.

At this point, I began to have problem with mix-multitude who have trooped in to the fellowship. To solve this problem, the Lord led us to screen choir and drama members. Already we were having over sixty numbers in choir, and about fourty in drama. So we screened out those in undue relationship of boy-friend, girl-friend and those who confessed they aren’t truly born again. While working on those screened out, we organized other units like Intercessory band, Evangelism Unit, Publicity Unit and welfare and Visitation group.

We then proceeded to appointing what I called Executive members, which include the President, vice president, Secretary, Treasurer,  Financial Secretary, Prayer Coordinator, Outreach coordinator, Publicity secretary and welfare officer. All unit leaders were however members of central leadership council.

The Outreaches

Early 1989, we commenced on reaching out to other ECWA in the town, beginning from Second ECWA Amilegbe. We took a drama to the main church, and interested students like brothers Bisi Awoniyi, Seasan Falaye, Dele Akande, Steve, and Taiye Ajibola. These were pioneered members and leaders of 2nd ECWA Student Fellowship. Later that year, we reach out with drama to ECWA Fate -Tanke, ECWA Centre, ECWA Osere, ECWA Kulende, ECWA Ga-akanbi, In the turn of the year1990, we began to spread the net of our outreach to other denominations. Through a friend, mr Adelekan we got connected to both First Baptist Church, Surulere,  and Zion BAPTIST Church, Adewole Estate. And later we also acted at CAC, Oke-Segun, Taiwo road, and CAC, Agbo-oba, ilorin.

Activities and Impacts

Our activities are woven round our twin vision –SALVATION & REVIVAL. Be it weekly meetings, or choir annual anniversary, called Singspiration, or the Christmas Carol, be it Drama Night, special hospital evangelism, love feast, or weekend Special, soul winning and spiritual renewal were the prime objectives.  Our songs and plays were basically inspirational, and the Sunday services and Bible studies were so impactful that many go home totally transformed. Many of our brethren who live far away from the church used to joyfully walk some kilometers to the church on sunny afternoon to attend Sunday’s 3-5pm Bible study.  The choir and Bible study class were actually the main pillars of First ESF.  Many of those who later made significant leadership impacts were first either committed choristers or Bible study attendees.  In fact, the image of the fellowship was generally communicated to outsiders by these fervent ones.

And, I must emphatically speak here that the First ECWA Student Fellowship was a well organizes revival organ. We teach the word of God as it is. Our Bible study outlines used to be a whole year package. I will write and our noble father, Professor Ibiyemi would make arrangement for both the typing and printing.  We believe strongly in the power of prayer and fasting, and constantly emphasis that becoming a genuine Christian is by being born again. We believe in holiness and intensified personal spiritual revival. We work on helping those who are born again how to overcome temptation and free themselves from unequal yokes.

To the glory of God, signs and wonders happened in our midst and through us in our various hospital outreaches.  At first, it was all about people being saved and got their lives miraculously transformed. But in the later years, the prophetic and healings also became common testimonies. The first divine healing testimony began in the 1991, when one brother Olaitan Bello openly testified to the healing of one of his ear. He hadn’t been hearing well with one of the ears until that Sunday evening. He was miraculously touched while I was praying for healing after the Bible Study. This was the testimony that strengthened our faith toward radical hospital outreach. We started streets and hospital outreaches in 1990, with our crew moving out on evangelism to both General Hospital and selected private hospitals.

Tract Ministry

We also engaged in tract ministry. At first we used to write ministries in U.S, U.K, and Canada, who sent us tracts, magazines, books and Bibles, which we distributed during outreaches and special programs. I later wrote a tract, titled; DIVINE LOVE, which was printed and distributed by the fellowship.

We also did local recording of many of our choir Sing-spirations and Carols, and the proceeds of sold tapes were used to purchase a few musical equipments.


As more students joined the service, units and the Bible study class, the fellowship became a great family of believers. Oh, come and see so sweetly love and unity binding members together.  There began to emerge powerful revival dynamism in our meetings. The Holy Spirit began to move in the way we have never experienced. But with this spiritual dynamism also came the serious persecution from the church leadership board, which saw us not as complementary body but as rebels.  The church head, Reverend J.O. Folaranmi, who was a great leader, called me one day, and frankly warned: “John, John, ECWA is an evangelical church, and we can see that you are trying to create Pentecostal body in an evangelical setting. We will not allow it”.  Since that day, I knew the battle line has been drawn. And so I told all the leaders to prayerfully prepare for whatever is ahead.

Thereafter, his junior pastor, Amuda, was seconded to the fellowship. We knew he was planted to spy our meetings and report on our operations. He would intrude our programs to gather information. It wasn’t long when in answer to the Elders’ call; we started holding several meetings with the Board of Elders. In many of these meeting we were severally accused of bringing many ‘unbiblical teachings’ into ECWA, which include praying aloud, teaching speak in tongues as initial evidence of Holy Ghost baptism, speaking in tongues, holding of all night prayers, carrying people to student retreat and casting demons out of many. We were asked to point out any Biblical base on these teachings, and when we did, we were rebuffed with “ECWA does not believe in them”.  With youthful exuberance, there was a time we radically argued with certain leaders, led by late  Rev’d  Fatoye who were selected to meet with us after the first Joint ECWA Student retreat.  Our contention was that ECWA believed in the Bible, and if what we are doing are done by Christ and His apostles, then ECWA definitely believe in all.

Yet in all of these, Professor Ibiyemi stood with us, defending the cause of revival. His stance was that these young ones are the future of the church, and if they need correction, it should be done in love. But in spite of his ceaseless intervention, the Elders chose to banish us in late 1991. All our meetings were stopped and leadership expelled. Many stood behind us, people like Mr. Oniyanda, Mrs Ibiyemi, Mrs Ajagbe, late Elder David Makanjuola and Elder Akoda, among others.

Though banished, we remain stronger. We moved our activities to Niger area, in front of the house of Mr. Aina – the wonderful father of two of our brothers, Dele and Kayode Aina.  We meet regularly, and kept on intensifying prayer for our timely recall by the elders. We held prayer night at the football field of the Unilorin temporary site, every week, asking God to take us back to First ECWA. Then, to the glory of God, it happened, after about six month, we were asked to return. And it was when we returned, that the revival fire became fiercer.

With our call-back, we continue our activities – Sunday morning service, Sunday evening bible study, Friday drama meeting, Saturday Choir rehearsal and Saturday all night prayer. Many students and youths began to join us, especially for Sunday worship. As the Sunday attendance grew to about 400, we thought of the need for better re-organization, and thus the creation of more departments and units.

Joint ECWA Student Fellowship, Ilorin City

In early 1990, we started Joint ECWA Student Fellowship, Ilorin City and members of Executive council were elected, with B.B.John as president, Dele Akande as Vice President and Sesan Falaye as General Secretary. Other includes Shola Ajabge and Joshua Bayo Adeniyi, among others.  As a result, all the leaders agreed to hold joint programs like retreat, seminar, love-feast and other varieties needed by the youths. Thus, in Eater period of 1990, we held the first Joint ECWA student’ Fellowship Retreat,  at the  Nigeria Youth Camp, Eyenkorin; in August a weekend Seminar was held in 2nd ECWA, and in December we held a general love feast at ECWA Fate-Tanke.

 The Campus Fellowships

In the late 1990, we embarked on taking the student fellowship to the campuses. It actually began with the founding of Unilorin ECWA Student Fellowship,{ in temporary site} . Here we still give kudos to the effort of Professor Samuel Ibiyemi, who supported us in the project. Pioneers leaders of Unilorin ECWA Student Fellowship include me {BBJOHN}, Brother Wale Jonathan Ash onibare, and Brother Sesan Falaye. From there, that of Permanent site followed, then we moved to College of Education and finally Kwara Polytechnics.

In Easter 1991, the second Joint ECWA student retreat came up that year in the Nigeria Youth Camp, Eyenkorin.  It was here that I noticed an emerging dissection crisis. I felt the elders had penetrated with the intension to employ divide and rule strategy.  But I kept silent with the intention to investigate and see how we can smartly arrest the ploy.  In the Joint ECWA love feast held that year in ECWA Osere, Certain members of the executive council representing Second ECWA and ECWA Fante-Tanke seemed to the other way, seeing the rest of us as being too radical in our beliefs and approach. I, Joshua Adeniyi, (of the blessed memory), Kunle Makanjuola, Solomon Akande, Steven Oniyanda, Sessan Falaye and several others were seen as creators of Pentecostal ECWA, and must be stopped, even by means of subtlety. I clearly saw this finger prints on the wall, and knew such intra-politics would be unhealthy for the heavenly mandate.

The coming of ESA

The real trouble sparked after the retreat, when a delegate was sent from ECWA Headquarters, Jos, plateau state, to come and hold meeting with us. He came with the agenda of ECWA Student Association (ESA), a divide and rule agenda, strategically fashioned to overthrown the original revival vision and send us parking. It wasn’t surprise to me that he got the welcome hands of those in the conservative camp, led by brothers Dele Akande, Taiye Ajibola and Andrew.

And it was with this conservative camp that the emissary from Jos, in partnership with other leaders within the state, organized what I called “the 1992 coupd’eta’. It happened in that the 1st ESA conference held at Igbaja, Kwara State. It was in this conference that ESF Executive was formally disbanded, and ESA executive was inaugurated, with Dele Akande as its president. I called it coup d’état because it was a feature of religion politics and could best liken to coup d’état.  First ECWA Student Fellowship boycotted the conference because we knew ESF was targeted to be murdered. ESA, being a project masterminded to murder ESF immediately took over our campus fellowships. Our name on sign posts were changed, and leaders of their choice were appointed to lead.  Many of us who believe in ECWA revival have to withdraw.  It was this ESA that was later renamed ECWA Student Ministry (ESM).  They grew out of ECWA Student Fellowship, the original God given Pentecostal mandate for denomination revival.

The 3rd Crisis

However, in spite of it all, we of the 1st ECWA Student Fellowship continued meeting in first ECWA for our activities. July that year, we started meeting for the Choir Sing-spiration, the choir annual song anniversary. But something happened that year that ushered in the 3rd crisis. What was it? On the day of the anniversary, that Sunday morning in the main church (adult congregation), in the course of choir ministrations, the minister in charge, Rev’d Folaranmi somehow got offended with contents of our songs. To be frank, our songs used to be hard and touching. And songs like, I supposed, ECWA EFUNRA, OWO NKOWE, OWU IYAGBON LOMO NRAN, & EGBINRIN OTE, would have sound irritating to those who tagged us as enemies rather than friends. All I noted was that, in the middle of EGBINRIN OTE, the Rev’d rose up, moved to the pulpit, rang the bell, and dispersed the congregation with benediction.  It was greatly embarrassing but the choir, led then by Stephen Olumide Oniyanda, still picked up the courage and sang through the list, to those few who chose to wait till the end. I was greatly angered but remained unruffled.

Thereafter, Rev’d Folaranmi travelled out of the country, and the leadership mantle fell of Rev’d Sanusi, who employed some shrewd measures to kill the student fellowship in First ECWA. That year, in 1993, he informed us of the intention of the church elders to inaugurate the English Service. But I, Kunle, Bayo and few of other leaders knew he was with a hidden agenda. Ever before that day, the Lord has revealed the whole game of craft to one of our brethren. So by the time the gentle Rev’d came and was trying to be too nice to nice, he  had been betrayed by the Holy Spirit by the revelation We actually printed a sticker that year, carrying the inscription, WE ARE CHRIST’S ENDTIME ARMY, to send forth the message that we can’t be frightened, by what so ever.

On the d-day, we started as usual but well prepared for the imminent strike. We knew how things would go that very Sunday morning.  Half-way, the Reverend came in, in the company of few elders. When it was the time for his inaugural speech, he walked up to the pulpit and all he said could be summed in three sentences: first, that ESF is forthwith disbanded, second, that the ESF leadership dissolved, third, that the ESF auditorium will henceforth be hosting the First ECWA English Section, and fourth, that all students should join youth fellowship meetings for weekly activities. He then walked out in his simple style, while others followed.

But because all that happened that Sunday was rooted in deceits and displayed by open subtlety, we decided to call it quit. We wouldn’t be praying again for any recall but would rather be seeking God’s face for His next direction. Indeed, we really appreciated the efforts of Professor Ibiyemi, Mr. Oniyanda, and Mr. Ajayi, among many others, who stood by us and passionately desire that we come back. And also, those of many parents who eagerly expressed their anger and disagreement with the way the elders treated us. But what could they do, If God in His wisdom has accomplished all He wanted to accomplish through us? More so, these ministers and elders are the angels of the church and have taken what they believed to be right decision.

So after the whole morning drama, we still went ahead to hold our Sunday afternoon’s Bible study at Elder Aina’s yard. Thus, the ESF was once again hosted by our beloved family of Aina, at the Niger area.

While we continued holding the Sunday afternoon Bible study at Niger, the Saturday night Vigil remained on the University field. Then, on Sunday morning members were released to attend churches of their choice. So while some still attend ECWA, others joined NTCM, RCCG, Canaan Ministry, DLCM, and CAC, among others, for morning worship. All these continued till the Lord further spoke to me.

As said before, ESF was a vision accomplished. Thus today, you clearly see the seed we planted grown into such a big fruit bearing tree in ECWA. Today, almost all the reasons for which we were persecuted are now being carried out in several local churches, which include; one, Holy Ghost baptism, with initial evidence of speaking in other tongues, two,  deliverance ministration,  three, praying loud in the church meetings, and four, the all-night prayer. I am quite happy that those changes they resisted are now prevailing norms. And that, in a part, affirmed the truth that our six and half year’s ministry in ECWA was a great success.

On the other part, many of our leading members then, are now spiritual giants in their various churches and ministries. While I lead Divine Love Ministries (now Jesus Flaminglamps Ministries) and with some faithful brethren; Kunle Makanjuola (apostle life) leads Fountain of Life Evangelical Ministries, Jonathan Wale Ashonibare is now a leading RCCG pastor in the far away Philippines, Kayode Akoda, Shola Ajagbe also pastor in RCCG, late Joshua Adeniyi founded Pillar of Truth Evangelical Ministry, Ola-Rotimi Aaron pastors Winner Chapel at Ife, Oladele Fatoye pastors in ECWA, and many others I won’t be able to mention here.


The ministries known today as Jesus Flaming Lamps Ministries was first named Divine Love Outreach Ministries, in the year October 1993. After the accomplishment of the ECWA Student Fellowship mandate, the Lord softly spoke to me that He is calling me into a global evangelistic revival ministry. He later gave me the name, ‘DIVINE LOVE’ in a night vision by showing the title of the tract I had written three years earlier. Later on, I had repeated revelations on the new mandate and it was just another calling that would not let go of me. When we were sacked out of my denomination, I made up my mind to leave for Redeemed Christian Church of GOD, and I even told some of those I was leading. Now when this continued, I called leaders of ESF and told them it’s a new ministry. So we decided to open the whole truth to members still attendance. We encouraged those who would to go back to ECWA or any other churches of their choice. As a result, only very few of them joined us the Sunday that followed. And with this new start, I decided we must get a more comfortable centre for fellowshipping. This led us to late Rev’d Taiwo, who consented to give us one of the class rooms, Biodun Nursey Primary School. This was how we moved from Aina’s yard to BNPS, Taiwo road, Ilorin, that early, 1994.

We started as an outreach mission. We held Bible Study, Prayer Meeting, Night Vigil and evangelism. We held meeting that year and elected leaders. I was the president, Brother Kunle Makajola the vice president, Ola-Rotimi Aaron became the General Secretary, Omoyeni Akande, the Outreach Director and Joshua A. Adeniyi  occupied the office of Bible Study Secretary. Others include Prince Victor Adekanye,  Bukola Orisajo, Victor Ogunrinde, and Bimpe Atolagbe, among others. In April 1995, when it was apparent I would be going to NYSC that June, the Vice President assumed the position of the president.

By the time I came back from Youth Service in 1995, DLOM has relocated from BNPS to a new place, upstairs at the stadium gate. I came and we held very crucial meeting at my place at Agbo-oba, where crucial leadership issue was resolved and new set of leaders emerged. Other six leaders were selected to join me as central Executive Council. These include Bothers Kunle Makanjuola, Joshua A. Adeniyi, Aaron Rotimi, Bukola Orisajo, Solomon Omoyeni Akande, and Samuel Lanre Bello.

In June 1995, all the seven members of central Executive Council went to NEF camp at Shao for a seven day consecration programs. It was such a successful meeting that it marked the beginning of a new revival moves in our midst.

We had a weeklong programme in June 1997, tagged ‘Kingdom Celebration Week’. It was mission oriented conference and it was on the last day of the program that leaders of Kwara PFN joined me for the ordination of a new set of ministers; Pastors Elijah Olumuyiwa Oni, Victor Olusegun Ogunrinde, Marcus Oluwole Abejide, Peter Olatunji Ogundeji and John Afolayan.

We spent two years plus in the upper stadium, and moved into a ware house in the down stadium area in the year 1996, from where we moved to the present location at No. 7, Obbo road, in September 1998.

With church planting project, leadership began to take a new face. Ore church was later headed by Pastor Peter Ogundeji, who ran it for some years, and had it scatter for lack of will. I later handed over Ilorin Church to Pasdtor Elijah Olumuyiwa Oni, of the blessed memory, to enable me handle certain urban challenges our Lagos outreach was facing at the time. Meanwhile, the Osogbo church was growing under the leadership of Pastor Marcus Oluwole Abejide, working along with Pastors Kenneth Ofomala and David Otu.

In January of 1999, the word ‘Outreach’ was removed from the name of the ministries, thus it becomes Divine Love Ministries. And another change came when the name was said to have been officially registered by another church at Corporate Affair Commission. After serious prayer and word from God, in September 2012, the Divine Love Ministries was renamed Jesus Flaming-Lamps Ministries (JFLM). The church arm now renamed ‘Lamps of Fire Assembly’ (LFA).

JFLM Board of trustees members are as followed:

  1. Pastor Babalola Belovedjohn, Joseph – Chairman, Board of trustees
  2. Pastor Marcus Oluwole Abejide – Secretary, Board of trustees
  3. Pastor Victor Olusegun Ogunrinde
  4. Pastor David Odey Otu
  5. Barrister Olugbenga Simon Ogigiolu
  6. Colonel (Rtd) Solomon A. Oke

JFLM leaders are as follow:

  1. Pastor, Babalola Belovedjohn, Joseph – President
  2. Pastor Marcus Oluwole, Abejide – General Secretary
  3. Pastor Victor Olusegun, Ogunrinde – Outreach Director
  4. Pastor David Odey Otu – Financial Officer
  5. Pastor Kenneth Ofomala – Training and Publication Officer
  6. Pastor Stephen O. Makanjuola – Welfare

LSA officers are:

  1. Babalola Belovedjohn, Joseph – General Oversear
  2. Regional Pastor – {North Central 1 } – Kwara, Kogi, Benue & FCT
  3. Victor O. Ogunrinde – Regional Pastor – {SW 1}- Lagos –Ogun
  4. Marcus O. Abejide – Regional Pastor – {SW 2}- Osun, Ekiti, Ondo & Edo

Meetings and Revival

The Sunday that ministers’ consecration marked the first ever Sunday service held in the ministry.  We entered into full ministerial operations. The great thing to note is that almost all our meeting ended in deliverance ministrations. The Spirit fire became so evident in all our meeting – Sunday services, Bible study, street evangelism, hospital outreaches, village missions, prayer meetings and miracle rally night.  We held the first annual Fire Retreat September 1995, in Nigeria Youth Camp, with the theme: ‘His Ministers, A flame of Fire’. The month that followed, October, we started a monthly programmed tagged; Miracle Rally Night. And for long, MRN, remained one powerful 10hours deliverance night that positively impacted lives in Ilorin. {We start 7pm and end 5am}

 Evangelism Outreaches

In between 1995 and 2000, we strategically evangelized core areas in Ilorin Township, and, as the Lord helped us, established House Victory Fellowship centres. Thus, we appointed and trained HVF leaders who man those HVF centers in Agbo-oba, Sakamo, Offa Garage, Olunlade, Tanke, Kulende, Adewole Estate, Oko-erin, Taiwo Oke, Ga-akanbi, Stadium road and Oja-iya.

We held the first open air crusade was held in March, 7-9, 1996, at the field ground opposite Life Care Hospital, Ga-Akanbi, Ilorin, and began a branch of the ministries in Ebenezer Primary school, Ga-akanbi, with Pastor Joshua Adeniyi as the pastor in charge. Thereafter, we stormed Afon Village with a weeklong outreach, and got a few Muslim converts. Thereafter, we went to Idofian town and had a church started there, too, with Pastor Joshua, Brother Lanre Bello and sister Shade Abraham coordinating it. Thereafter, in 1998, we carried our open air campaign to Ore Township, in Ondo state, where the Lord accorded the work with such a great success. We thus planted Ore Chapel with over 60 converts, whom I personally nurtured for three months before handling over to a younger minister, Brother Tunji Ajiboye. We also held an open air revival in Sakamo area of Ilorin, to strengthen the mother chapel in the Township. After that was the crusade in Makoko, Yaba, where we held five day campaign with the intention to plant a church, but couldn’t because the original accommodation arrangement failed. The next town we reached was Osogbo, the capital of Osun State, where we held two annual crusades and special rallies before we finally planted the Osogbo Chapel. From Osogbo we began Fagba works, where we held several crusade and seminars, before we finally opened an office at Yusuf road, Ijaye ojokoro, Lagos. The Lagos church eventually began in the little space office.

On the hospital outreaches, the Spirit also led us to do a little work. Our hospital outreaches were a work aggressively done with burning passion. We booked for hospitals visitations at General Hospital, Ilorin, Sadiku Hospital in Unity rd, and Olalomi hospital in stadium rd, Ilorin, among others.


Our manner is to gather for days of fasting and prayers before any important services, outreaches or events.  And the Lord has always been faithful in confirming His word with signs and wonders.

In our open air campaigns, many were saved while several received diverse miracles, healing and deliverance. At ore, the church began with about six dozens converts, who got born again during the five days crusade. We have testimony of a woman, who was miraculously loosed from strange power that occupied her head and of a lady possessed with witchcrafts and familiar spirits miraculously freed. Many were saved and healed at Osogbo, Idofian and Lagos outreaches. I vividly remember of a welder in Lagos, who was healed of strange skin (itching) ailment, and of a woman got her miracle child. Also, of a family who got their dying boy resurrected to life through the anointing oil that has been hitherto blessed during the crusade.

More so, the prophetic utterances, word of knowledge and word of wisdom were regularly ministries during our services. In Ilorin, I remember how a brother and sister who just committed fornication before coming to the program were discovered by the word of knowledge. The Spirit was so specific as per the day and hour the sin was committed. To the glory of God, they came out, soaked in tears, and gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Lots were delivered from demons, with strange manifestations, while several others got healed of their infirmities.

In respect to our hospital outings, miracles of healing were common. Our faith grew to the point where we entered ward and informed the patients we have come to discharge them.

There was the testimony of this pregnant Muslim woman, who lived in Fate nut was admitted in Sadiku hospital. I visited her that Friday evening in the company of Pastor Joshua Adeniyi. We met her weeping furiously. She was rushed to the hospital that morning after having a serious nightmare encounter with a woman, who appeared to her and pounded her pregnant stomach with heavy rod. She woke up and blood started coming out. After listening to her story, we presented the simple gospel of salvation to her. She gave her life to Jesus and then we boldly asked if she would be happy to born her eight month old pregnancy now. She answered affirmatively and I anointed her with oil, prayed, told her to get ready for delivery. We told her we would be coming back the following morning to celebrate with her. To the glory of God, two hours after our departure; the woman delivered a healthy baby boy. When we came back the following morning, we met her in joyful mood, and we called in one of our sisters, Bimpe Atolagbe, who lived close to the hospital to take care of her. We later visited the family at Fate on the eight day, and gave the baby boy the name, Gideon, that was after the Muslim clerics have done with their own naming.

Another miracle happened at Olalomi Hospital. There was this woman we met critically sick. We simply asked her when she would like to go home. She answered, faintly, tomorrow. And we instructed her we will be coming to discharge her before noon, the following day. To our surprise, the woman has been officially discharged; she has packed her luggage, and was waiting for us at the down floor, by the main entrance, when we came.  We saw prayed with her right there and saw her off to enter a taxi home.

There is also the testimony of mummy praise. She had suffered many stillbirth strange attacks each time her pregnancy entered the seventh month.  But the stillbirth used to occur, after seeing herself in her hometown village market buying and carrying tubers of yam, inside a coffin. It used to happen this way: she would find herself purchasing yam tubers and thereafter a man would appear with a coffin, helped her to load the tubers therein and to place it on her head. What used to follow was stillbirth, and this happened many times until she came and got delivered by the Spirit of the Lord of glory. She is now mother of children.


you can get in touch and worship with us through any of our branches:

  • LAGOS:       56,  Agbado- station road, Ijaiye, LAGOS
  • 2348030444780/2347032048176/2348133260619- lagos
  • 2348038601981/2348064791279/2348189073521-OSUN
  • 2347035956563/2347037367760/2348032929992-Kwara

Our Ministerial Stance





“Raising a Blazing Generation”



“A Blazing Generation”




  1. a.     Our Vision: Raising the Blazing Generation for the coming KING.
  2. b.    Our Mission: Global Evangelization, Revival and Missions.
  3. c.      The Message: ‘We Preach the Resurrected Christ’- His Love, Passion and Glory. {Acts 4:33}.
  4. d.    Our Philosophy: ‘Souls for Christ, His Pure Flame for More Souls!’
  5. e.      The Mission Statement:

We Are Armed With The Mission To Reach The World With The Great Gospel Of Jesus Christ; to Set Hearts and Nations Ablaze With The Pure Flame Of The Holy Spirit; to Preach Christ Imminent Return, Ignite Revival, Impact Lives And Deliver The Miraculous: Under The Direction of The Holy Spirit and in Partnership With Highly Consecrated, Faithful, Holy Ghost Filled Teamwork.


  1. f.      Our Service Principles: We live and walk with the principle of Christ’s Life & Love & Power; and We Work with the Divine Principles of Faith, Loyalty, Dedication, Discipline, Truthfulness, Transparency and Accountability.
  1. g.     Ministerial Concerns:
    1. General Leadership, Administration and Management.
    2. Church Planting and Church Managements.
    3. Crusade Campaign &Evangelization.
    4. Christian Training & Empowerment.
    5. Employment & Remunerations.
    6. Conference & Retreat.
    7. Media Outreaches.
    8. Campus Ministry.
    9. Publishing/ Publications
    10. Cross-cultural Missions.
    11. Women Empowerment.
    12. Bible School & Seminary.
    13. Secular Schools & Colleges.
    14. Viable Business Ventures.
  1. STATEMENTS  OF FAITH: Our core beliefs are as follow:
  • Ø There is one God, the infinitely perfect, eternal and self-existent Triune God, existing in three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Ø Jesus Christ is the true God incarnate, conceived by the Holy Ghost of the Virgin Mary, came in the flesh, and lived a sinless life as man, performed signs and wonders. He died as the Lamb of God for our sins, resurrected on the third day and is now seated at the right Hand of the Father in heaven. All who believe in Him are saved.
  • Ø The Holy Spirit is God, the 3rd Person of the Godhead sent to convince the world and to indwell, guide, teach, empower and illuminate the believer in Christ Jesus.
  • Ø The Bible is an inspiration of God, His complete, infallible revelation and authoritative Word.
  • Ø Man was originally created in God’s image and likeness to have dominion over all the creation of God. He fell through disobedience and thus incurred both spiritual and physical death. As a result of his fall all men are born with a sinful nature.
  • Ø Salvation has been provided by God for man through the atoning death of Christ on the Cross, which can be individually appropriated through personal repentance from sin and faith in Christ. Salvation is by grace and all who appropriated it by faith are born again having obtained the gift of eternal life and are children of God.
  • Ø It is the will of God that everyone who is born of the Spirit be filled with the Holy Spirit through baptism in the Holy Ghost and Fire, with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues. That the Spirit power is essential for each believer for consecrated holy living, effective gospel service and victorious Christian living.
  • Ø The church comprises of all who are redeemed by the blood of Christ, born of and empower by the Spirit, and commissioned to preach the Gospel of Jesus to the Nations of the world. Every believer is to be fully involved in evangelism and missions as Christ’s witness.
  • Ø Miracles, signs and wonders are a part of the gospel packages believers are sent to declare to the world. Physical healings, casting out of demons, victory, success, financial prosperity, spiritual rest and diverse miracles become possessions through faith.
  • Ø The local church is the body of Christ, an assembly of a new covenant people knitted together for true spiritual worship of God, fellowship, edification, prayer, gospel propagation  and observance of the gospel ordinances of the Lord’s supper and baptism.
  • Ø The sanctity of the Christian marriage as an institution established by God, in a lifelong relationship between one man and one woman, for the principal purposes of  procreation, mutual union/fellowship, and avoidance of sexual immorality.
  • Ø There shall be the rapture of the saints at the first appearing of Christ in the air, and He shall lead them to the Bema seat of recompense and marriage supper of the Lamb. This shall run parallel to the great tribulation that is coming upon the unbelieving world.
  • Ø The second coming of Christ is imminent and will be personal, visible and premillennial. This is the vital truth we are commissioned to proclaim, and it calls for holy living and faithful service.
  • Ø There shall be a bodily resurrection of both the just and unjust at the postmillennial, the just to life and the latter to judgment. At the white throne judgment Satan and his sinning followers shall be cast into the lakes of fire.

Our ministry’s Emphasis

i.      Salvation, Holy Ghost Baptism/ Fullness of the Spirit.

ii.      Evangelism and saint-equipping.

iii.      Christ’s Imminent Second Coming.

iv.      Lifestyles of faith, obedience, purity, humility, integrity.

v.      Victory, Success, Prosperity and dominion.

vi.      Miracles, Signs and Wonders.


In Jesus Flaming Lamps, Members Rise through the ranks of lay leadership to the top positions through Believers Academy {BA}, Jesus Army College [JAC}, the Warfare College {TWC}, & Christlamps Bible Institute {CBI}

Notes on Recommendation Procedures

A would be worker/leader/minister must be one whose salvation experience is genuine

Must be having records of being a faithful and consistent tithers, who also redeem his vows and pledges, timely

If married, he or she must be running a happy Christian home, with Godly influence and control over the children.



  • President: B.B.JOHN
  • General Secretary: Marcus O. A.
  • Outreach & Multi-Media officer: Victor S.O.
  • Finance Secretary: David Out
  • Christian Training & Development officer: Kenneth Ofomala


  1. Presiding minister – Pastor Babalola  John Joseph.
  2. Regional Pastors- Pastors Victor, Marcus & Ajala.
  3. National Secretary/ANS- Marcus Abejide /Olusegun Marcus.
  4. Finance Secretary/AFS- Ken Ofomala/Michel Aluko
  5. Conference & Media officer/ AMCO- Victor S. O. /Sunday Atta.
  6. Prayer & Warfare co-coordinator: David Otu.
  7. Evangelism & Church planting: Raphael O. Ajala.
  8. National Traveling & Welfare Officer: Steven L.M.
  1. CHURCH LEADERS MEETING: [Monthly}: Every 2nd Weekend (Friday/Saturday).

Financial Administration:

The accounting department has duty of installing accurate financial administration in the Ministries/ Local Church. Thus, finance officials are charged with the  responsibilities of:

  • Overseeing budgeting: proper and thorough budgeting is necessary because of the unpredictable nature of church finances. Doing this demands holding budgeting confab with concerned leaders and officers, yearly, so as to know where to allocate money.
  • Overseeing income and expenditures:  these include offerings, tithes, donations, funds, purchases, payable, and other income and expenses.
  • Record keeping: making accurate and detailed financial recordings, and providing responsible care over funds and assets entrusted into our care is a principle of monetary stewardship we all must keep to. Those directly in-charge must ensure complete documentation.
  • Accountability: since there is no true honour and integrity without accountability, there will be no acceptable alternative to financial accountability in JFLM/JFLC. Accountability demands clear and detailed explanations of all financial transactions.  The neglect of this would lead to suspicion and distrust. Therefore, there will be regular rendering of financial statement to leaders monthly, to workers quarterly and to members annually.
  • Investment Opportunity: the finance department is also to investigate investment opportunity and advice leadership on its viability and prospect.
  • Policy Enforcement: Enforcing JFLM written financial policies must be passionately carried out by finance officials/department.
  1. G.  THE LOCAL ASSEMBLY – the Ladder

 a)    Registering of Membership

Membership recognition is by the completion of these three processes:

  • Salvation experience –i.e. Being born again
  • Completion of Believer’s Academy
  • Water Baptism experience by immersion

b)    Joining the Workforce

Registered member become a worker after successfully completion of::

  • the  College of Warfare {with Personal Deliverance}
  • Jesus Army College {JAC}
  • Christlamps Bible Institute {with Holy Ghost Baptism}

c)     Becoming a Leader

A church worker can be recommended for deaconship and minister-ship positions if his/her:

Graduation from CBI

Has meet the basic Bible requirements for local Church leadership

With Track Records of all round commitments, loyalty, faithfulness & effectiveness.


 Believer’s Academy (B.A)

This school must be attended by all new members and newly converted brethren in all our local churches. This class shall be rounded up with examination, water baptism and convocation.

Jesus Army College {JAC}

College of Warfare (COW)

New members and newly saved shall proceed to this college as soon as he/she graduates from Believer’s Academy. The mission of the college is to enlighten believers in the school of spiritual warfare and carry out deliverance ministry to all before becoming workers in the local setting.

Christlamps Bible Institute {CBI}

After graduating from COW, brethren interesting in joining Christian service in the church or ministries are to proceed to BLI. This institute conducts Holy Ghost Baptism to all its students before graduating day. For those with special calling and he who is interested in becoming gospel minsters- Pastors, Teachers, and Evangelists, this institute is the starting point. Also, everyone to be appointed to the position of deaconship shall go through this school.

Leadership Refresher Courses

Jesus Army School shall and the Fire Vision International shall conduct refresher courses for church leaders, workers and members inform of online Bible courses, Bible Correspondence, Seminars/workshop and empowerment programs.




The Fire Vision International

This is the international Unit charged with the responsibility of organizing National and global conferences, interdenominational conventions such as the fire retreat, fire conferences, seminar, leadership refreshers school and training workshop.


Pure Flame

This is the media/ multimedia unit, responsible for the media outreach, multi-media ministries including internet, TV, Radio, tapes, book publishing and publications.  More so, it is to screen and vet writer’s /author’s manuscripts [especially those meant for publishing], so as to ensure Biblical soundness and compliance to JFLM statement of faith.


This is a media brand name for our tract publications and mission bulletins.


Email: flaminglamps@yahoo.com

web: http://www.blazewaypublishers.com



1. Cross Cultural Missions: This is to begins in the year 2015 with short missions to South Africa  and Ghana

2. Gospel Literature Revolution: we are investing in gospel literary works, such that could be programmed into school/institution curriculum. The writing is to cover all genres – Drama, Prose and Poetry.

3. Media-networking:  The plan here is to found a Christian Drama Media Platform, for gospel opera on popular Television/Cables.

4. Crusade/Open Air Evangelism: This is to run on a non-denomination platform – FIREVISION INTERNATIONAL