Lagos Fire Summits: A New Rising Army

General Introduction
John B. Joseph

In Deeper Thought: Abraham’s 318-man domestic army, Moses supernatural rod, Joshua triumphant army, Gideon’s 300-man army, David’s mighty men, Elijah’s consuming fire, & Jesus 12-man New Covenant Army pointed us to that fact that God prepares a new army for every intended revolution. {Gen.14:13-16/Exd. 4: 2 – 5.

A New Covenant Army: The blood redeemed, Spirit-driven people shall be fully armed with Moses’ rod of authority and Elijah’s fire-power to replace the old, failed armies of a self-driven, greed-laden, murderous
‘saints’. It shall be bold, aggressive, and triumphant. {Ezk. 34: 1 – 10}

It Is The EndTime Liberation Army: With the power to heal the sick, bind up the broken, liberate the captives, cast out demons, raise the dead, and get ready the Bride of Christ. {Isa. 61: 1 – 4; Ezk. 34: 4}

The New Rising Army: It shall terminate the era of leadership of cruelty & greed; end spiritual starvation, scattering, & wandering, and dismantle racism, tribalism, & denominationalism. {Ezk. 34: 3 – 4}

A Mighty Revolution Army: As Jesus Radicals, we shall crush devil’s armies and set up the banner of apostolic Christianity, that shall bring down the Latter House Glory, with the glorious springing of pastures, great harvest, & restoration. We shall be feared, and marked ‘dangerously violent’. {Joel 2: 21 – 32}

Come and Join: You are here to enlist in A New Rising Army. Not born again? Here comes the opportunity to be saved. Already born again? Brace up to be Jesus’ Firebrand. Come, join His new army of a blood-washed, Spirit-driven people.

This is the reason for 2017 Lagos Fire Summits. Welcome into His presence.

Life & Love & Power
John B. Joseph


B. B. John
Text: Luke 10: 1- 37

Christ New Rising Army consists of Eleventh-Hour Labourers. We are a people sent forth into the King’s great harvest for the final harvest missions. As an army of “ lambs among wolves”, we must be fully armed with the peace and presence of God. {Lk. 10: 4 – 12}. We are to be compassionate troops that boldly walk in authority and power. {Luke 10: 29 – 37, 17 – 19}.
1. Not Doctrine Mongers – But a people in apostolic order who preach eternal Life and demonstrate the Spirit power. {Mark 7: 6 – 7; 1st Cort. 2: 4; Luke 4 -5: 18 -19; Acts 4: 8}
2. Not Conventional People – But a crew of unconventional believers who flow by the dictate of the Holy Spirit. {Jhn 5: 19 – 20; Mk 2: 11 – 12, Matt 9: 33}
3. Not Churchy, Religious, denominational fanatics – But a crew of Jesus radicals, deeply rooted and absolutely loyal to the Christ. They see local assembly as the preparatory regiment, believers in all churches as one united body of Christ, and the world as the mission field. {Matt 23: 1 – 31; Mark 16: 15}
4. Not A Mammon Mindset Organization – But an army of Kingdom seekers and vigorous pursuers of righteousness. {Matt 6: 31 – 34, 16: 19; Mk 8: 36, Luke 12: 15; Prov. 15: 16, 23: 4; Josh 1: 8}
5. Not A Fear Choking Battalion – But an army of bold, courageous saints. We are fierce,
indefatigable, offensive, and decisive in actions. {2nd Tim. 1: 7; Judges 7: 3; Josh 1: 6 – 8}
6. Not Endtime Fools – But wise virgins, who prayerfully and soberly await the arrival of the Bridegroom, even in these evil midnight hours. {2 Tim. 3: 1 – 9; Eph. 5: 15 – 17; Matt 25: 1 – 13}
7. Not Earth-bound Pilgrims – But an army of heaven-bound pilgrims, who consciously prepare to be a chaste bride for Christ, the soon coming King. {1st Pet. 2: 11 – 12; Hebr. 13: 14 – 15; Philp 3: 20 -21}
B. B. John

I was laying my back on the long upholstery, afternoon on Wednesday 2nd of August 2017, when the Lord spoke to me “Raise My Great Generals”. This great mandate points to the fact that there are vacuums in the hall of faith. Refilling the places of expired and fired Generals have created the vacuum. The need for the last days’ upgrade of the army must have. There is a shortage of firebrand Generals on the harvest field.
– Wanted: Great General of Agape, in the order of Jesus, who is affectionate and compassionate to care for the Lord’s lambs and sheep. {Jhn. 21: 15 – 18; Acts 20: 28}
– Wanted: Great General of Fire, in the order of Elijah, dangerously hot & violent for Satan to handle. {I Ki. 17: 1, 18: 30 – 40; II Ki. 1; Jms. 5: 17 – 18}
– Wanted: Great General of Faith, in the order of Christ, boldly walking in great power and authority, bringing joy, healing, and mighty miracles to the people. {Acts 10: 38; Lk. 4: 18 – 19; Hebr. 11: 33 -34}
– Wanted: Great General of Freedom, in the order of Moses, liberating souls & nations from prisons.
– Wanted: Great General of Righteousness, in the order of Noah, gloriously radiating God’s nature.
– Wanted: Great General of The Gospel, in the order of the apostles, fiery preachers of the word of salvation, ablaze in passion, and aggressively unashamed in the global evangelistic project. {Mark 16: 1-18; Lk. 4: 18 – 19}
– Wanted: Great General of Building, in the order of David, successful disciple maker and builder of mighty men; “rebuilding the old ruins…raising former desolations”. {Isa. 61: 4; Matt. 28: 19 – 20; I Chr. 11: 10 – 47}
There is still vacuum in the hall of great Generals. You are being called forth to occupy it. Will you answer His call today? Don’t reject the great offer. Your destiny is only fulfil in it.


Best E. David

The Recruits
Enlistment begins with the recruitment. How do you become a recruit in the New Rising Army?
1. Genuine Repentance From Sin: It beings with true repentance. Have you turned away from your sins? Or you are just padding up with religion and churchy push? Repent of your evil way, and Jesus will give you total forgiveness.
2. Simple Faith Toward God: Place your trust in Jesus Christ, and make Him your personal Lord and Savior. Have you asked Him into your life? It’s a step you must take to become a new creature and thus be recruited into Christ New Rising Army. At the point of salvation, Jesus will wash and mark you by His Blood, enter your name in the book of life, and give you the Holy Spirit.

The Enlisted

This is the most vital organ of the new Rising Army. It is not enough to be recruited, born again, redeemed; you also need to be enlisted i.e. become a firebrand disciple.
1. What is Enlistment? In the military, “enlistment is the process of taking the oath of enlistment, and becoming a soldier.” In the Christ Kingdom, it is a process of “total surrendered, of unreserved abandonment, and of absolute commitment to the Lord, and His gospel mandate.
2. The Missions of Enlisted Soldier: Your missions here are {i}To Promptly Execute Jesus Given order. His order is “Go ye into all the world…”. It is for every enlisted soldier to obey. To ‘sit’ or ‘stand’ or ‘sleep’ is fragrant disobedience; {ii} To Continue His works of- “Preach the gospel…Teach the nations… Heal the sick…Raise the dead…and Cast out demons.” If we act by faith as the Apostles did, we will do greater works than Jesus did.

The Qualities Search – 1 Tim. 3, 5:22; Tit. 2

Now, being born again, you ask: “Am I really qualified to enlist?” Well, let’s do a little quality search on ourselves to answer the question. For a born-again person to become a firebrand disciple, he must possess the qualities, reflected in the under-listed self-examining ‘qualities search’:
1. Visit Your Own Social Media Page: Carefully look on your FaceBook/Twitter/Linkedin pages. Are there any red flags on your wall/Timeline as you dig down your post history? Those red flags are pointers to character flaws in your life.
2. Inquire From Your Former Pastor: What do your former pastor/leader say about your life, service, strengths, and weaknesses? How did you treat and relate with brethren? Why and how did you leave?
3. Make a Reality Check on Loyalty: Are you a loyal, faithful, obedient type? Do you manifest ‘just a little’ arrogance, ego, pride, self-will? Loyalty is the hallmark. If you don’t have it, you are unqualified.
4. Make a Reality Check on the Heart: Do you bear a type of King Saul’s ‘heart’ or David’s? God looks for people with the mind of Christ. Gal. 5:22-23; Matt 7:16-20; Eph 4:31; 1 Pet 2:17
5. Make a Reality Check on the Gift: God gives spiritual gifts/talents to profits to His kingdom. Do you manifest or bury them? Spiritual gifts are powerful weapons on the battlegrounds. 1 John 4:1-3.
6. Do a Reality Check on Your Life’s Balance: The health of the church is in direct proportion to the health of the leaders and their families. Is any aspect of your life is out of balance? Sooner or later it will show up in the church/ministry. Better resolve that matrimonial crisis, health issue, & scandal now.
7. Make a Reality Check on the Passion: It takes passion to build a delivery system that can win souls, build brethren, and handle people God sends your way? Acts 4:36; Acts 9:27
8. Make a Reality Check on Consistency: You must lead a walk that is consistent with your Calling to be seeing qualified. 1 John 1:6-7; 2 Cort 5:16
9. Evaluate Your Concept of TeamWork: You need a team-working skill, not Messiah Complex? You can’t bear everyone’s burdens; you will burn out if you tried. Divest yourself of the Messiah Complex.


Godwin Chike

Christian Army Officers are true spiritual leaders, effective managers, good planners of the Army. They are Jesus’ Generals to whom the lives of the brethren are entrusted. How can a firebrand disciple become a General – a worthy spiritual leader? Like in the Military, it takes just two things: ‘a college degree’ and outstanding leadership skills.

Becoming An Officer#1: College Degree

In the Army of Christ, the firebrands assume the leadership positions through outstanding leadership skills and a college degree in University of Holy Ghost {UHG}. The following courses are compulsory for all disciples.
1. Bigger Picture: Like Apostle Peter, you must pass this compulsory course – Big Picture of Christ ministry. It’s global in context, beyond the walls of your church, ministry, and denomination; across tribal, cultural and national boundaries, with focus on the community and the world.
2. Solidified Vision: This revelation course focuses on your God-given original vision, and unique mission. You need be taught to victoriously fight for the vision against all foes, barriers, and distractions, and get it solidified in the hearts of the people. {3 Jn 9; Phil 7; 1 Thess 1:4-5}
3. Holy Fire: You must learn how to relate with Holy Spirit, hear and follow His voice, flow in His power, and maintain the freshness of the Anointing. It takes all these to be committed to God’s set agenda, work as He works, and walking as He walks,
4. Wild-Inferno: This experiential course is designed to intimate you with the furnace of trial, a flood of affliction, and desert of lack. To pass it is to inculcate virtues of faith, fortitude, firmness, fierceness, patience, and perseverance. And lead your life and ministry with courage, ruggedness, and offensiveness, as a good soldier of Christ.
5. Offensiveness: This course focuses on the technics of offensive spiritual warfare, strategic discipleship, and aggressive evangelism. It is designed to enable you to employ spiritual giftings, alertness, and detectives in fighting the enemy.
6. Selflessness: Here, you will be taught of the dangers of greed, the loveliness of contentment, and pathway of selfless love. It is designed to impart you with a spirit of sacrifice, selflessness, contentment, generosity, compassion, passion, commitment, and personal development.

Becoming An Officer#2: Outstanding Leadership Skills

To join an army of able leadership, you must demonstrate sound leadership abilities and skills needed to continually break new ground. Officers are high capacity and influential leaders; a team of believers with sound leadership abilities, and faithful followers. You must have proven leadership skills in the following areas:
1. Diligence: You must be a hardworking and diligent disciple in life and ministry? Have you developed a track record of good performing skill in that which is committed into your hand? If you can’t build someone else’s ministry, you won’t build your own.
2. Leading Leadership: Becoming a commanding officer demands that you become a ‘leading’ leader; and not ‘managing’ leader. While leading leaders always have the future in mind, managing leaders focus on the present. Do you have this leadership skill?
3. Water the Roots: You must possess the ability to water the root. The roots of any church are the leaders. Do you have what it takes to water them through coaching, mentorship, teaching, encouragement, and leadership cares? The roots are the key to the health of the whole tree.
4. The Focus: You need to continually cast the vision for what church/ministry is—over and over again. You’ll need consistency of vision and singularity of focus.
5. The Care: The affection is a skill of the ‘love that cares’. How caring and loving are you toward the needy, widow, and orphans? This was the strong reminder given by James when the Jerusalem Church sent forth Paul and Barnabas on a missionary trip. (Gal. 2:10).
6. The ‘Keep On Multiplying’: You must learn how to keep what you do reproducible – physical life, spiritual life, ministry, & church. It takes reproducibility to empower ordinary people to do the extraordinary, expand the kingdom, and leave a legacy that makes ministry to outlast the minister.
7. Creativity: It takes the Spirit’s ingenuity to excel in the Spirit of wisdom, and thrives on creativity and innovation. It is a skill you must possess.


John B.  Joseph {B.B.John}

The Christ Kingdom belongs to all who are saved, through faith in His blood of atonement. However, there are kingdom values to exemplify and promote here on earth. Major among these are the under-listed:
a. Love: This is the proof of Kingdom citizenship. You must possess and live-out the LIFE of the Spirit; bearing Spirit’s fruit, living out the “Life and Resurrection”. Gal. 5: 22-26.
b. Affection: This is about caring for others, rendering them like the good shepherd, nurturing them with a large, good heart. You must bear a heart of mercy and compassion for the less privileged and afflicted.
c. Holiness and Righteousness: This is “His-nature” value. You must live it out to demonstrate and promote proven integrity, such that is driven by honest intentions. I Pet. 1: 15 – 16; Prov. 11:3.
d. Transparent Leadership: Kingdom government operates transparency in Governing, and promotes confidence in leadership sharing. Exd 18:21-23; 1 Thes 2:3.
e. Faith: This is the invisible force that makes all things work in the Kingdom. It is the value of every enlisted soldier to exercise and promote it. Hebr. 11: 1 – 6
f. Security: The Kingdom of Christ rests on faith, and by faith, we deal with all forms of insecurity. You need a sense of security in all your dealings and relationships in the Kingdom. Col. 1:28
g. Justice and Equity: We are to reject favoritism, injustice, and oppression. We must promote fairness, equity, and justice. Phil 2:3; Jam 2:9
h. Gracefulness: To become a Christ-like leadership personality, you must be graceful in manner, humble in heart, and salty in expression. Col. 4:6
i. Meekness & Humility: You need to serve the Lord with a true heart, accept correction without pride, ego or bloated head, and engage in continuous learning with a teachable spirit.
j. The exigency of Zero Hour: Gospel must be spread with the exigency of the zero hours we live. Do it with hot passion and aggression. End-time missions demand the urgency of Christ’s imminent return.
k. Excellence: The Kingdom is driven by quality, not quantity. Excellence must be our trademark, both in life and ministry. This should be promoted by every soldier of Christ.
l. Commitment to Growth and Dynamism: Your commitment to Kingdom growth and Kingdom dynamism must be total.


Oluwole M. Abejide

A regiment is a military unit in the army – e.g. Infantry Regiment, Marine Regiment, Artillery Regiment, and Armoured Regiment. The Jesus Army is also grouped into regiments, on the basis of members’ gifts, talents, and callings. We need to know our individual calling/gift/talent, so as to know the regiment we belong. Just like in the army, every group {regiment} should be built to effectively function and fulfill its unique purpose. We all must arise to function in our calling and fulfill our ministry. 1st Cort.12: 4; Rom. 11: 29

Regiments & Their Objectives
1. Church Planting Team: To accomplish a predetermined church plant mission for the advancement of the gospel Kingdom. This regiment also contributes to church growth when it operates as a healthy strategic team-work. This is an army job for the apostles, in partnership with pastors and teachers.
2. Evangelism Squad: To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, thereby winning the lost souls. The message is salvation, through faith in Christ finished work. All believers are called to be witnesses but called evangelists should go extra-mile by carrying out crusade campaign, village outreach, etc
3. Discipleship Team: To mentor, teach, and show care to the new babes in Christ, so as to disciple them. This army job is for the teachers and those with counseling gift.
4. Prayer/Intercession Battalion: To stand in the gap for souls and saints. This spiritual powerhouse of the church, ministry and gospel activity is for prophets and those with the prophetic gift.
5. The Worship Crew: To lead the congregation into the presence of God through spiritual worship & praise singing. This army job is for Psalmists and the gifted.
6. Young Leaders Team: To lead a battalion of young people {future leaders} in the church/ministry. This is uniquely for the Pastors and teachers of the Word.
7. Hospitality Team: To offer hospitality to newcomers, provide the best practices for assimilation, and connect newcomers with existing members. This office is for those with the gift of help.
8. Child Care Team: Get at least two Spirit-filled brethren trained in Child evangelism and delegate to care for and mentor kids.
9. Commissioned Deacons: To handle the pastoral care, widow welfare, Orphan’s concerns, and general welfare. This army job is for those with the gift of administration.
10. Counseling/Education Team: To run the Christian education, counseling, teaching, and seminars, in line with apostolic doctrines and ministry values. This is an army job for the apostles and teachers.
11. Advisory Leaders/ Ruling Elders: To lead the church, in cooperation with the pastor, Should the pastor have difficulty with this group, he should refer to his mentors/ specialized helpers, if possible.
12. Finance Team: To develop a budget, handle church offerings, make deposit slips available, lodge money in the bank, communicate how the funds come in and go out.
13. Community Projects Team: To demonstrate Christian love to the community.
Note: Every regiment should be organized with the objective of soul-winning. And likewise, all activities.

Segun V. Adeniyi

Small evangelism battalions are critical to building a healthy church. These are needed to encourage teaching, fellowship, prayer, and evangelism outreaches. Major Small evangelistic groups {battalions} are:
1. Mentors Fellowship: Leaders such as pastors, teachers, and counselors should have a monthly fellowship where it is required for each of them to give pieces of evidence of their evangelistic DNA.
2. New Believers Crew: The newly saved should not only be classed for discipleship purpose, they should be constantly led to share their newly found faith to members of their families, friends, and neighbors. They should also be taught to be praying for unbelievers.
3. Singles Club: This club should constantly reach out to hospital, schools, prisons, and villages. And after each outreach, a member should account for their field experiences, before the congregation.
4. Married Forum: This forum should meet to pray fervently for nonbelievers, and thereafter reach out to families with the gospel of Christ. At a specially organized event, members recount their evangelism experiences {in their witnessing exploit to colleagues & neigbours}.
5. Bible Class: This group should also be drilled to get involved in evangelism outreaches.
6. Students Fellowship: High school students should be grouped to reach out to fellow students in their various school/campuses. The church should throw a Luke 15 party bi-monthly where born-again
students/youths are specially invited and present special gifts to their Christian walk.
7. Strategic Discipleship Squad: This group formulates effective plans to disciple new converts, set them on fire for Christ, and lead them to reach out to unbelievers in their recent connections. {Acts 18:11}

Others include The Gospel Team, Good Women Fellowship, Pastors’ Wives Forum, and Professional Groups.
Note that these small evangelistic battalions can turn inwardly, if not constantly refreshed and strengthen to drive the outward focus of your church/ministry.


Isaac O. Aina

In this seminar, we shall be considering three vital areas of marriages: i). Conflict Resolution in Marriages. ii). Honoring Your Wife. iii). The Thriving Marriage.

8 Principles for Conflict Resolution in Marriage
1. Know that grudges create bitter roots, and do work against the fruit of the Spirit. Matt 6:34; Eph. 4:31-32; Gal. 5: 21-23.
2. Deal with hunger and anger. Proper rest is often essential to eliminate anger. Jms 1: 2 -5
3. Stay on current crisis/issue. To fall back on past resentments is to impair the affected person’s ability to see the reality of the current situation.
4. Use the ‘I’ Pronoun, and not ‘You’, which is accusatory. This allows your spouse to hear more vulnerable and honest, and to engage in dialogue for eventual resolution.
5. Attack the Problem and not Person. Remember that God has called us to love and unity.
6. Give active and attentive listening. Don’t interrupt; let the speaker finish his/her statement before trying to reply. Prov. 18:13; Jms l:19.
7. Always be the first to say ‘I am sorry’. This will prove that you are more concerned about your mate’s welfare, and de-escalate the conflict. Jms 5:16.
8. Offer true forgiveness: This is a final step in terms of conflict resolution. Eph 4:32; Matt 6:14-15
8 Ways to Cherish and Honor Your Wife
1. In spite all trials and conflicts, be faithful and loyal, living up to her trust. Unfaithfulness is the ultimate dishonor in marriage. Hebr. 13: 4
2. Accept her just as she is, without comparing her to any others. Let her be all she can.
3. Pay attention to all she has to say, whenever she needs your audience.
4. Be considerate in your use of words to her. Use gentle words, not harsh words.
5. Let your actions and words reflect your respect for her.
6. Be sensitive to her needs.
7. Accept her feelings. You may not understand them, but you must respect them as real and true.
8. Always lift her up in the presence of God in your prayer.

10 Keys To Thriving Marriage
1. Love Affirmation – Affirm your love one for another. Affirm, do not criticize.
2. Friendship – Be good friends; best friends. Be his friend, not his mother; be her friend, not her father.
3. Appreciation – Appreciate one another. Appreciate, don’t nag.
4. Communication: Give time and space for effective and productive dialogue.
5. Responsibility and Accountability – Be responsible and accountable to one another. Be responsible for your duties, be accountable to your partner.
6. Cheerfulness: Give to one another, cheerfully. Give, do not withhold.
7. Purity: Avoid infidelity and stay pure and faithful. Extra-marital affairs are dangerous to the survival
of any marriage. Be faithful, loyal and true.
8. Trust: Always speak the truth in love, one to another. The practice of speaking God’s truth is
imperative to receiving God’s blessing as a home.
9. Joint-War: Learn to fight together with the challenges that come your way. Satan will try to undermine your peace, prosperity, and togetherness. You must jointly face him in spiritual warfare unto the victory, understanding that the warring time is family transformation time, to usher in the glory.
10.Renewal: A renewed, revitalized marriage is one of the greatest weapons God has given us to war against the kingdom of darkness. The deepest marriages are those that come out of a war, in which spouses have fought, bled, suffered, and sometimes died together.

B. Beloved John

#1: Principle of Sure Redemption – Salvation remains the most important. You must honestly answer the question: “Are you born again?” Never play religion with this fundamental question of life. {Jn. 3: 3-7}
#2: Principle of House Cleaning – After deliverance experience, get the house clean up; neatly kept. This includes purging yourself of little dishonesty, fleshly lusts, the pride of heart, sinful thoughts, evil imagination, and unholy conscience. {Lk. 11: 24 – 26; Jn. 15: 3 – 4; II Cort. 5:17}
#3: Principle of Vacuum Refilling – It’s not enough to clean up the house, the vacuum created by departed demons must be filled by the Holy Spirit: When evil spirits are cast out, Holy Spirit ought to come in, else worse thing take place. {Matt. 12: 43 – 45}
#4: Principle of Solid Relationship – Foremost, God wants relationship – consistent, solid and flourishing. He loves those who place the higher value on the personal relationship with Him. Do you value it above Christian services, ministry, and church activities? This relationship is through communion with the Holy Ghost, which is richer & deeper than fast, pray, study the Bible, mountain climb, & church meetings. It’s being with God, dwelling in & relating with Him. It is hearing God’s voice and doing His will. {Jhn. 15: 1 – 13}
#5: Principle of Singleness – Deal with divided attention, double walk, double masters, & double services. It takes spiritual focus to walk in the light, offers pure devotion & gives an absolute commitment. {Matt. 6: 22 – 24}
#6: Principle of Divine Service – Serve the Lord with a pure heart, complete obedience, burning passion. Serve Him with your month, gift/talent, strength, and resources. {Matt. 25: 14 – 30; Eph. 2: 10; Jms 1: 17; Prv. 22: 9; I Cort. 12: 5 – 6; I Pet. 4: 10 – 11; Matt. 5: 14 – 16; Rom 12: 4 – 8; I Cort. 12: 1 – 11}
#7: Principle of Complete Armour – Put on the whole armor of God. Get yourself fully armed with all the six parts and lubricating the armor with oil of all prayer. {Eph. 6: 10 – 18}
#8: Principle of Violent Sack – “Get thee behind me Satan” isn’t a gentleman’s plea. It is a firm, violent resistance that ward off the stubborn foes. Resist the devil violently, and he will flee from you. {Matt 4:10; Jms. 4: 7}

How to Get the Devil Off Your Back:
i. Fire-Fenced Your Spiritual Realm – Dream realm is spiritual in nature. Get it insured by the blood and fenced off by the Spirit fire on a daily basis. Doing this demands serious spiritual worship and fervent praying before going to bed, every night. {Zech. 2: 5; Job 1: 10; Psm 91: 1, 9}
ii. Constant Midnight Offensive – Take the war to the gates of your enemies, on midnight basis, using the missiles of the blood, the word, the fire, & the thunder. {Lk 6: 12; Acts 16: 25; Psm 119: 148; Gen. 32: 24}
iii. Showoff Crazy Love for The Word – Eat the word like a hungry baby. It’s your only guarantee for good success in life. Not dreams. Not vision. Not prophecies. Not those man-made doctrines. {Acts 17: 11; Matt. 7: 24 -27; Josh 1: 8, Psm 1: 2- 3}
iv. Effective Release of The Believer’s Authority – If you are born again, you have the authority of the king. Speak authoritatively to invisible forces. You will see the result. {Matt 10: 1; Lk. 9: 1, 10: 17 – 19; I Jhn 2: 13; Rom 16:20}
v. Swim Daily in The Holy Ghost – Don’t just be baptized – swim and swim until your whole being is drunk of the river of the Living Water {Holy Ghost}. It’s the power you need to constantly launch into the deep. Mind you, that river is in your belly, if you are Holy Ghost baptized. We swim by spiritual worship, constant praying in other tongues, and active spiritual sensitivity. {Jhn 7: 37 – 39; Ezk 47: 5}
vi. Be On The Faith Wings – Nothing works without living and active faith. To fly high, be on the wings of faith through the constant hearing of God’s word and firm standing on His promises for your life. {Mark. 11: 22 – 24; Hebr. 11}

copy-of-understand-the-four-4-phases-of-lifeimg-20160909-wa012-1img-20160909-wa019img-20160909-wa020-1img-20160910-wa030firevision 2015

Fire Anthem

Chorus :          Holy Fire, Come down! Holy Fire, descend!

Holy Fire, clothe me! For pow’r and revival/2X

Fire! Fire of the Lord; pure Flame of the Mighty God,

Blazing Dove, descend on me; for pow’r and revival/2x

Lead:   I’ve retreated into your presence; to be soaked Lord with your fire

I stand still in your presence; to be set ablaze for you

Back up (Cho)

Lead:   Let the fire of your Spirit; clothe me Lord with your pow’r

Let the glory of you Spirit; blaze me Lord to glow for You

Back up (Cho)

Lead:   we are God’s flaming lamps; God’s flaming lamps

A blazing generation/3x on mission divine

Back up (Cho)

2015 Retreat Hymn

JESUS ONLY by Richard W. Adam

  1. For salvation full and free,
    Purchased once on Calvary,
    Christ alone shall be my plea—
    Jesus! Jesus only.


Jesus only, let me see,
Jesus only, none save He,
Then my song shall ever be—
Jesus! Jesus only!

  1. He my Guide from day to day,
    As I journey on life’s way;
    Close beside Him let me stay—
    Jesus! Jesus only. {Refrain}
  2. May my model ever be
    Christ the Lord, and none save He,
    That the world may see in me
    Jesus! Jesus only. { Refrain}


  1. He shall reign from shore to shore,
    His the glory evermore—
    Heav’n and earth shall bow before
    Jesus! Jesus only. {Refrain}

Firestudies: Jesus Only

Firestudies 1: Jesus Only: the Christ & Begotten Son of God (Main Text: Matt. 16: 13-17}

  1. Jesus Only is the begotten Son of the Father. {Matt. 4:3; Jn. 1:18, 3:16, 8; 36; Rm. 8: 32; 1st 1; 9}. And to believe He is the Son of God you must embraces all the following revelation first:
  2. Jesus was the Only one conceived of the Holy Ghost and born of a virgin. Matt.
  3. Jesus Only was the Word of God – Jhn 1:1; 1st 1:1, 5:7.
  4. Jesus Only was the God incarnate. He is God who came in the flesh – Jhn 1: 14
  5. Jesus Only was the God-man – Phil. 2: 5-8; 14: 33; John 1: 1-14 ; Acts 8: 37
  6. Jesus was the Only one who ever lived without sinning.
  7. He proved all these and more when He died, rose on the 3rd day, and ascended to the Father’s right hand to live forever. Lk. 24:7, 26, 38-44.
  8. Jesus Only is the soon-coming King – Dan. 2: 44-45; Lk. 1:32 – 33

Question 1: How can people see Jesus Only in our lives, homes and ministries?

  1. Jesus Only is the Christ of God – Matt. 16:16, Mark 8:29; 9:20; Jhn 11:27;

What does ‘the Christ of God’ depicts?

  1. He is the Messiah: Jesus is the only Messiah who came from the Father to seek, save and deliver us from sin, Satan and woes. {Dan. 9;25-26, Luke 24;26, Jhn. 4:25, 11:27, Rm. 5:6, Acts 4;12; 1st 1:15}
  2. He is the only Savior of the world – {Lk. 24:1- ; Rom. 5:6} – If he is the messiah, then He is the only Savior sent by the Father to save humanity from sin. Jesus Christ is the only Author of Life; the only Giver of the eternal or everlasting life, being the Only Bread of life. {Jn 10: 1- Acts 4: 12, Hebr. 12:2} He is thus the only way to heaven, the only truth to believe, and the only life to receive. {Jn.
  3. He is the Sent One: He is the only One sent by the Father for the redemption of man. He is thus the only sacrificial Lamb for sin. Jhn 6: 29; 1st Jhn 5:1
  4. He is the Anointed One: He is the only One Anointed by the Father to put end to all woes, all evils and all oppressions. {Isa. 61: 1—3; Lk. 4:18-19}

Question 2: How do we live with this consciousness that with Him living in us we can do all things?

Firestudies 2:  Jesus Only: the King of Dominion

  1. Only Jesus came on scene and lived victoriously to take back man’s lost dominion from the old serpent – Satan.
  2. Adam lost his God’ given dominion to Satan when he fell in the Garden of Eden
  3. But Jesus came to dispossess him of the dominion key he had taken from the first Adam
  4. He actually came to destroy the works of the devil which include sins, misery, oppression, bondage and poverty. He accomplished the feat when he declared it is finished on the cross.
  5. He restored man’s lost dominion and reconciled him back to the Father
  6. Finally He gave us a ministry of reconciliation.

Fireshops: Jesus Only

Fireshop 1: HIS EXTENDED MANDATE – Matt. 28:19 –

Focus Questions:

  1. How do we disciple people and nations for Jesus only?
  2. How do we exercise Christ’s power and authority as His ambassadors?

The call to soul winning and disciple making is a clarion call. How?

  1. Jesus Christ who came to save and deliver has extended this same mandate of salvation and deliverance to all who believe in Him, when He said “Go ye into all nations…” 28; 19-
  2. With this transferred divine mandate also came the power and the authority to accomplish the mission. John 7: Acts 1:8, 2:1-4, Lk 10:19.
  3. The great commission calls us to radical actions of evangelism, church planting and discipleship. Mk. 16;15-
  4. Jesus doesn’t only call us to the ministry of reconciliation but also to His projects of liberation and miraculous. Matt. Mk.


Focus Questions

  1. What is the gospel message we are called to deliver?
  2. How do we exert positive influences on the world around us for Christ?
  • How can we purge the world of her corrupted mindset, traditions, culture, adulterated truths, and satanic organizations/governments?
  1. How do we bring down the revival fire for global liberation?


  1. Jesus only is the message – He is the only gospel message given to us to preach and teach. The Bible is so clear on this: All the prophets who came before Him spoke about Him, He preached Himself, and the apostle preached Him. {Lk. 24:27; Psm. 16: 9-10; Isa. 7:14-16, 9:6-7; Jer. 23:5-6; Ezk. 34: 23; Dan. 9:24; Mal. 3:1; Acts.
  2. Only Jesus transforms lives and nations – His glory, His coming, His life of righteousness, His compassionate works of power, His atoning death, resurrection and ascension contain the good news we are sent to propagate. If we preach Jesus as the apostles did, we will turn the world upside down as they did. Acts 17:
  3. We are to go – We have been commanded to go, and not to sit. No one is as miserable as a sitting church and believers. The LORD destined the church to be a going church. We are to go to all nations preaching Jesus Christ. Matt. 28:
  4. We should be burdened with the vision of the last days’ revival. We are to be brightly burning lamps in this end time. Yes, as His last days’ ambassadors, we are to act our restored dominion, just like the Apostles did in the book of Acts.

Fireshop: Jesus only: the WORD that changes the World


  1. How can we employ social media platforms to declare the WORD and win souls for the Christ?
  2. How can we use literature, music and movies mediums to declare the WORD and disciple nations?
  3. Jesus is the Word of God. He is the creative Word by whom all things were created. Jhn 1:
  4. Jesus is the Word of life and power. The first apostles preached Him and changed the world …turning it upside down. Acts 17:
  5. Jesus is the Lord whom the Holy Spirit came to reveal. We need the fullness of the Holy Spirit to fully declared Him and make disciples of all nations physically & through media mediums.
  6. He is the gospel we are called to believe and also preach. This is the primary way to build upon the foundations of the apostles. Matt 16; 15-18
  7. It is time to move in the full-flame of God’s Spirit and power to change the world by the WORD.

Program Schedules


Day Session: 10am – 4pm

Opening Prayer: 10 – 10. 20 Am

Worship Crew – 10.20 – 10.500 Am.

Fire.Word: 10.50 Am – 12 Pm

Music@Noon – Choirs & Bands 12. Pm – 12 .40

Fire.Shops: 12.40 Am – 2.00pm

  1. Students /Adolescents

Workshops 1:  Vision for Greatness

Workshops 3: The Jewel for the Prince


  1. Adult/Married

Workshops 1: Family Commitment in the Church.

Workshops 2: Maturity Implications


  1. Ministers/Leaders

Workshops 1: The Most Wanted Criminal

Workshops 2: Parables of Loss Leadership

General Q & A Class: 2. 00 – 2. 30 Pm

Seminar-In-Brief: 2. 30 -3.15

                     Seminar 1: Dynamics of Power Ministry

                     Seminar 2: Apostolic Leadership

Prayer & Warfare:  3. 15 – 3.45 Pm

Prayer/Offering/Announcements/Benediction:  3.45 – 3. 55

Rest/Dinner – 4.00 – 9pm


NIGHT SESSION: 9 pm – 3am

  1. Opening Prayer: 9 – 9.10
  2. Worship Crew: 9.10 – 9. 50pm
  3. Studies: 9. 50 – 10.50

Day 1: Jesus Only: The Christ Of God

Day 2: Jesus:  His Nature, Power & Works 

Day 3: His Kingdom on Earth.

  1. Offering – 10. 50 – 11 Pm
  2. Drama Night /Musical Night– 11pm – 12.30 Am
  3. Fire Night – 12.30am – 2.50 Am

Day 1: Let My People Go – Rev. Fire

Day 2: Liberation Absolute – Rev. Fire

Day 3: I Have Gotten the Answer – BBjohn

  1. Closing 2.50 – 3 Am

 FIRE-KIDS: Day Session

  1. Opening Prayer – 12 Pm – 12.20
  2. Praises & Worship – 12.20 – 12.50
  3. Jesus Only – Stories – 12.50 – 1.30

            Friday:  Who Is Jesus?

            Saturday: Why Jesus Came.

  1. Special Songs 1.30 – 2. 00 Pm
  2. Jokes & Chats 2 -2.30
  3. Jesus Only – Lessons: 30 – 3.10
    1. Friday: How to Know Jesus
    2. Saturday: How to Be a Friend of Jesus
  4. Memory Verses: 3.10 – 3. 30
  5. Offerings
  6. Prayer & Benediction




FIRE RETREAT is the most strategic Christian missions conference on earth… It’s worth more than a year at college.  It is all about the hunger for Christ’s FLAME… the panting for the Spirit’s Pure and Full Flame. it is interdenominational.

The Vision :“…. Raising Christ’s Triumphant Armies”

The Mission Statement

“…actualizing the firevision through Saints Equipping task, Leadership Empowerment, Global Revival programs and Resource Meetings”,

Camping Rules and Principles

  1. OBEDIENCE …this is the rule for sure blessing. Obey all leadership instructions and program rules.
  2. LOVE… this is the rule for reciprocating cares and kindness. Love all participants as you love yourself. Hate, unforgiveness, strife and malice are sins here.
  3. HOLINESS…. This is the rule for purity of thoughts and actions, toward God and fellow man. Every sinful, immoral and indiscipline acts shall attract corresponding discipline measures.
  4. PRAYING…this rule is to turn your prayer life around. Everyone must belong to a prayer cell here. And that means YOU.
  5. WORSHIP… this rule guides into to the principal and ultimate purpose of this vision. You must be a true worshiper here.
  6. AVAILABILITY… This is the rule for prompt attendance of all program schedules. Absentees and loiters shall be disciplined.
  7. CLEANLINESS… this rule also instructs godliness. It includes cleanliness of your body, bedding and environs.

Defining Your Goals

Achieving God’s purpose for bringing you here rests on your:

  1. Being a true worshiper who worship the Lord in spirit and in truth
  2. Striving heartily to know God better and draw closer to Him
  3. Listening to the Word and patiently studying harder to know more
  4. Seeing yourself a members of Christ’s invincible Army, being trained to be best.
  5. Seeking to be greatly impacted and filled with the burning anointing of the Holy Spirit
  6. Employing faith and prayer to earn your needed miracles and blessings
  7. Determining to return home with the full-flame of the Spirit to impact the World
  8. Engaging aggressively and passionately in the task of end-time soul harvest.

How to Become a Partner

To partner with God in the actualization of this vision, join one or more of these our friends & Partners groups:


This Roll consists of dedicated, anointed ministers, who have volunteered to minister to participants, annually.  Anointed preachers still needed.


This think-tank team consists of highly dedicated Spirit filled brethren, whose responsibility is to pull-in and project new ideas, fresh inspiration and innovative interest, towards healthier organizations, improved outreaches and better delivery of mission contents.


This is a squad of gifted intercessors, anointed revivalists and called prophets. Its main duty is standing in the gap, daily and year round, for the successful accomplishment of this commission.


The SA is an alliance of seven groups of sponsors, G.12, (for sponsors of 100k & above);

  1. 20, (50k & above); G.24,( 20k & above); G.31, (10k & above); G. 70,( 5k & above);  G. 260, (2k & above); G. Unlimited (material Support)  


Notes:  Materials include foodstuffs, instruments, equipment and vehicles, among others.



101 HEART TO HEART CHATS With Christian leaders


  1. Be sure of your divine calling, as well as of your salvation.
  1. Be a praying leader. Only God’s praying army can praying devil’s devouring armies.
  1. Never be a flirt, bridle your sexual passion. Unbridled libido enslaves destiny.
  1. Neither be a loose Tongue nor a busybody. He who is former would abort his dreams, and he who is latter would darken his dignity.
  1. The prize of wandering ministry is too high to pay. You can’t just afford it.
  1. Shallow spiritual devotion and fellowship breeds. Superficial spirituality and that in turns breeds a company of unfulfilled and disloyal disciples.
  1. Downloading your ministry from nets & books may be easy but inimical to church spiritual health. A copy-cart is a fake genius as His second hand; indirect inspiration impacts no real life. Nothing so wonderful impacting as direct inspiration.
  1. Nothing provokes disappointment, carnality and rebellion in fellowship than evidences of spiritual letdowns in leadership.
  1. Unbrokenness betrays whatever evidences of spirituality, meekness and gifting; It is always a display of human, carnal ego.
  1. Indiscipline leadership faulted its avowed integrity and degraded its privileged royalty.
  1. An inconsistent leader is as risky as life wire even to himself.
  1. Where moral wealth is wanting, self-worth is castrated, where dignity is lacking, self-honor is cast-away.
  1. Mental poverty is a deadly disease; a mentality poor leader is a limitation to his followers; a barbarous leader can at best raise an army of Lilliput.
  1. Service is the master key to successful leadership.
  1. Our principal yardstick to identifying spiritually matured Christian is his ability to trustfully hold on to God in the trying days of life’s tempest storms.
  1. A leaders who failed in monetary management and accountability should be considered a general failure.
  1. It takes transparent financial accountability to prove your leadership worth, establish your integrity and elevate your moral value.
  1. It takes continuous swim in God’s anointing river to provoke manifestations of supernatural combustion.
  1. Word of fire are products of heart of fire; Only bones of God’s flame fire can quicken deal woods to life.
  1. The head that wears the crown of spirit’s burning fire, will reign in God’s wisdom & power.
  1. A Christian leader wanting of God’s love, wisdom and character is but a dark stigma.
  1. When your battles are toughest, your victories are nearest.
  1. No one is as miserable as a blind prophet.
  1. Greed is poisonous to any leadership success.
  1. It is merchandizing and damnable to run ministry for the benefit of the belly.
  1. He who runs ministry by the ‘eye’ of another is certainly of the inferior flame.
  1. He who drinks at the dry fountain will die of thirst. A spiritually dried leader refreshes no one.
  1. It is frustrating to be knitted to a sick head. For it takes a sound flourishing head to have a hearty, healthy body.
  1. Deeds of man dictate his fame, good or evil.
  1. Every man’s spiritual consistency decides his place in the physical world.
  1. When the Holy Spirit isn’t the pilot of a life or, ministry; destiny would probably hit the rock.
  1. No ministerial labour done by the flesh earns heavenly rewards.
  1. The wines of carnality are most often manufactured by demons.
  1. Nothing glorifies man’s destiny as his positive response to the call of God.
  1. The tempter is a wild ball, more real and active to those who still wander through the wilderness.
  1. We would always need new specific divine wisdom to handle specific crisis in life.
  1. When crisis evolves, darkness beclouds the mind; but a retreat into the presence of our makes brings the light for direction and victory.
  1. When the glory of a ministry is too great, the ministry of a fore-runner becomes a necessity.
  1. When the way is prepared before a God sent man his mission is easily driven to the promise land.
  1. Where real praying life is lacking; glory is delayed.
  1. When the heavens partway for the spirit men of great power are born.
  1. Where God’s power and authority fuses in a man, songs of wonders rent the ear.
  1. The trouble with African Nations is that we are ruled by vultures and vipers, a darkly mafia.
  1. The trouble with contemporary church age is the subtle invasion her of pulpit by agents of darkness.
  1. What you feed on goes a long way to decide your out-look, to be spiritually fat & radiant, you must daily feed on the breed of the WORD, and wine of the sport.
  1. The Tightfisted will be Stranger even to his destined favour.
  1. Pains of life are sweet only when there are glories divine promises in view.
  1. He who would swallow death, would be full of the life.
  1. In this life, escaping baits & ditches require lights of revelation.
  1. Watch it! Devil instigate marital chaos to hurl darken against radiant destiny.
  1. In most cases, leadership build membership after the likeness of his heart; a rebellion, greedy or worldly heart produces spiritually loose membership, obedience, certainly godly ones produces the spiritually said.
  1. Loose tongue endangers the soul, creating for it a world of evils.
  1. Afflictions are river where demons freely reign.
  1. It’s only save when the broken, tormented heart is turned over to the sovereign comforter. i.e. the Holy Spirit.
  1. When your cheeks being streams of tears. Simply soak them in Christ living water. You will be healed!
  1. Spiritual life comes before and fire before the glory. No life, no fire; no fire, no glory.
  1. To be distinct in life, simply live the higher life; to be distinguished, live by God’s unique principles. Attitude begets altitude.
  1. Barrenness is too frustrating than to be welcomed.
  1. The unproductive, fruitless life humiliates the pride of the talented.
  1. When all roads to victory are closed; explode with the heart of praise & worship to God. Miracles of unhindered openings will happen.
  1. Darkness is doubled in African world because only black hearts still rule black nations.
  1. Stop! That journey into darkness with imprisons your destiny.
  1. He who is dragged into darkness can be acquitted &free but he who will set free he who is dragged in to Christ court?
  1. Never weep because you are fallen; cry because you fail to rise up again.
  1. Prophetic intelligence is a mighty weapon for victorious feats in spiritual warfare.
  1. Non compassionate leader is both a dead wood dangerous companion.
  1. Nothing is self-contradicting them a fruitless tree.
  1. Never join these through of that burning fallen men of God; if your leader is fallen from his high seat. Be the first to raise him up!
  1. Watch the pathway, lest you fall; even when the wounds are healed, what about the scars?
  1. The fall of the mighty shakes even the stones! May you never fall.
  1. That adulteries and ritual-driven cannibal women in your life is a satan to dread; you need the help divine to be alive.
  1. Nothing afflict the soul more than a restless family life.
  1. To be lust in a world of unclear vision is to roam in a sinless universe (without the sun.)
  1. Where wisdom is leading; chaos assumes the throne.
  1. Untrained son will be so unruly in becoming a wanted destiny.
  1. Untamed tongue taint aces frustrate , creates confusion and main
  1. Irreverent youth, endanger his own future; give honour to whom honour is due.
  1. Unfulfilled destiny disrobes the grave of its honour.
  1. Economy slavery is the king of oppressions.
  1. A ministry without God-sent helpers would crawl longer on her knees; & nothing could be more frustrating as ministerial Kwashiorkor.
  1. Fulfilling your calling demands all focus, it demands all you have and the all in you.
  1. Family destiny is consisted of all your wealth and empowerment in your (offspring) your young heritage (kids).
  1. A slave of no background is better than unwise child.
  1. Nothing endangers your tomorrow as bad company; evil association darkens glorious star.
  1. Mistaken hallucinating for revelations is as horrible as embracing an angel of death.
  1. He who can-not stand-in for Christ cannot stand-out for Him; and he who cannot stand-out for Christ cannot stand up for Him. Stand in, stand out & stand up.
  1. Flying the plane of faith without the pilot of live is the bank of contemporary Pentecostalism.
  1. Wealth without health is like a body without the soul. A heartless wealth is the price for coffin.
  1. It’s expected of an idiot behind the pulpit to rattle like a wolf.
  1. The Gospel marriage of Jesus is all about the call and the change from the lower of life, unto higher.
  1. Consistent victory in life demands being getting always tougher than tough situations; is taken tougher hearted to curtail this tough earth.
  1. Slow learner would encounter repetition in the school of life.
  1. When stagnation plague life or ministry simply retreat for re-empowerment.
  1. It’s unwise to carry the anointing that is corresponding ton your life battle, you need the power that exceeds it to subdue it.
  1. In gospel ministry, only humble servants are fitted for executive’s seats.
  1. Your level of power for victorious daily living corresponds to the strength of the quite time spending in God’s presence each day.
  1. He who loves night sleep better than night waking armies is the stigma of spiritual stagnations & defeats.
  1. When giving isn’t a boastful part of you, lack becomes a dominant part.
  1. While courage power faith, fear prey it.
  1. To neglect your parents is to be neglected by your kids
  1. When God isn’t your first love, mammon becomes your crowned king.

IMG0063A                   THE FAMILIAR SPIRITS


Familiar spirits occupy the most dangerous quarters in the kingdom of darkness. They operate mainly through spy networking, lineage and groups to commune, initiate and carry out evil operation. But who really are these very powerful and wicked intelligent emissaries of Satan?

Firstly, they are believed by many to be personal Demons, or companion spirits or totems that control people. Do you have a spirit guide? If your answer is yes, you are but an ‘Emere’, ‘Ogbanje’ or ‘Abiku’. You need to seek deliverance now.

Secondly, familiar spirits are religious spirits. There are familiar spirits that rule fetish religions, diabolical churches and Christian cults. Several of those we called “elemi’ (spirit messengers) are actually ruled by familiar demons.

Thirdly, they are spirits of divination. These are spirits at work in diviners, mediums, sorcerers and necromancers, among others. They often begin through intelligence gathering; making enquiry from other demons about a particular family line, trying to know every occurring incidence in the entire family, both good and evil. They later move on to fight and destroy family members through deceptions and manipulations of facts.

Please read: Acts. 16: 16 -18; Levt.19: 31, 20: 6, 27; Deut. 18; 9, 14; I SAM. 28: 3-25.

God warned His covenant nation not to have anything to do with familiar spirits. …For these nations which thou shall dispossess hearken unto observers of times and unto diviners, but as for you, the Lord thy God hath not suffered thee so to do.

Deutr 18: 14, 10-12; Levt 20:6, 27, 19:31; Isa. 8:19; Rev. 21:8; Acts. 8;9, 16:16, 19:19


Let us now examine how people got initiated into the worlds of familiar spirits. I will mention just seven major ways by which people get in.


One, if you originally belong to the familiar spirits world, you have been initiated. I once handle the deliverance of a man who claimed to be a familiar spirit. He was a senior civil servant working under a federal ministry. He told me he came directly from the kingdom in group of two others. According to him, they first landed on a mountain, held a brief meeting, and as spirits enter into the village market to search for pregnant women. Each of the trio eventually drove out the spirit of a baby in pregnant woman and then took up its place. He told me they became friends from their childhood. Also, he told me that each of them made different covenant with Satan before coming into this world. His was to be averagely okay. Another who was dead when the man came for deliverance covenanted to be stingingly wealthy but with no long life. And the third one asked for long life without wealth. Isn’t this another mystery of life? It is a mystery that many you meet here on earth are actually demon beings!

Two, you can be initiated if you belong to a secret society. If you are a member of a secret society, be it witchcraft, cults, fraternity, medium, Christian science or magical arts, you can get initiated.

Three, one can be initiated through parental involvement in familiar spirits. How? Familiar spirits are transferable. Possessed parents can pass them on to their children, especially when those kids are young or unsaved grown-ups.

Four, you can be initiated through generational idolatry and occultism. So those whose family history is rooted in idolatry, occult, or even drug are in danger of crafty initiation.

Five, people can be initiated through food. You’ve got to be on watch what you eat and where you eat. Don’t be initiated. Control your love food and drinks.

Six, many people have been initiated through their membership of false churches and religions. You also can be initiated if you attend or belong to one of those fake religions, false churches, Christian cults, etc.

Seven, you can be initiated into familiar spirits world through wrong company and association: If your best friend is a familiar spirit, he or she can employ some metaphysical means to initiate you through dreams, eating/drinking habit, gift presentation, etc

Therefore, to outsmart any acts of initiation, the truly born again Christian must be filled with the Holy Spirit, and obedient to the word.


  1. Lord God, separate and deliver me from any parental transference of spirits.
  2. Holy Ghost, expose and destroy any magical powers manipulating my life in Jesus name.



Familiar spirits are powerful demons. Their first act is to supply supernatural aids to occults, cults and others. Depending on the level, some familiar spirits, especially commission officers are enabled to give demon powers and supernatural aids to witches, mediums, sorcerers, magical artists, herbalists, and other seekers. They can empower mediums to communicate with the spirit of the dead, as in King Saul’s case in I Samuel 28: 1 -20.       Read: I sam. 28:3-25; Levt. 19:31; Acts 16: 16 -20.

The next act is that they do offer sense of false security to people. A familiar could make promises of riches, position, protection, powers, fortune and security to members and clients, only to be found to be false in the end. All demons lie and work through manipulations. Watch! Read: Acts 16:16- 20.

The third act of familiar spirit is wickedness. They work all kinds of evils works. E.g. they do attack people’s life, cause accident, punctuate seasons of joys and celebration, hinder liberty and success, and cause tears to motherhood. Those in ogbanje/abiku kingdom would mercilessly punish their mothers by coming and going, and spouses by sudden death.


The fourth act is that of alter ego. They often double and alter their own personal ego by imaging themselves for the purpose of double appearance or operation. In other word, a familiar spirit person can sit with you and be operating spiritually somewhere else. She can be on her bed and be oppressing you inside your own room. You have a familiar spirit if you have the ability to get your spirit person out of you, as to go on spiritual expedition, travel to meeting places. Being physically present but spiritually gone indicates serious demonic possession.


The fifth act is related to their mission of global navigation. They come and go, born and die, just to navigate the entire earth and carry out their sinister missions. This helps them get necessary information on the strength and weakness of individuals, families and Nations they control.

The sixth act is the ability to offer spiritual communication. They can freely see and speak with invisible beings, unseen presence and demon personalities, who are seeing only by him/her. Something strange must be happening to a true Christian communicating with strange invisible being or hearing strange voices. There is a vacuum somewhere in his or her life.

The seventh is that of demonic hearing. A person possesses of familiar spirit can hear strange voices, feelings and strange forces.

Eight, faking Images is another act. Anyone with the ability to fake images of dead or living relatives is possessed with familiar spirits.

The ninth is the act of appearing as animals. A person with familiar spirits can appear as or transform to monster, birds, humanoid and others animals just to operate against people.

But God commanded His covenant people thus: “Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizard, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God”. Leviticus 19: 31



Text: Deut. 18:10 -13; Levt. 20: 6


  • Familiar spirits agents afflict people with spiritual defilement and by so doing release backslidden demons into churches
  • They also attack people with spirit of rags, lack and poverty.
  • They attack with strange sickness, and demons of death through all kinds of accidents, diseases, and suicidal oppressions.
  • They attack the spiritual, marital, financial and physical life of good and sound Christians.
  • They attack vibrant spiritual churches by causing confusions, strife, division, politics, lukewarm spirit, stagnation, immorality, poverty and destruction.
  • They attack communities, Nations, etc
  • They attack people’s thought pattern by making them to think along the line of the demonic. And, mind you, he who is obsessed by a strange spirit must think strangely, talk strangely and act strangely. The spirit that controls a man dictates his lifestyles.
  • They attack domestic values such as fowls, oxen, etc, just as they did to Job.
  • More so, they can possess both inanimate and animate objects, and even attack their owners through them. The Bible told us how legion of demons went out of the mad man of Gadarenes to possess and destroy “… a great herd of swine…” Mark 5: 11 -12

PRAYER POINT: Bind any familiar demons relevant to your case by God’s Fire


Text: Ezekiel 12: 23 -24; 13: 23


7- Steps to Your Deliverance

With God nothing is impossible. If you are a familiar spirit member, you can be delivered if willing and surrendered. There are seven steps to your deliverance.

  1. Genuine Change: You will need true and total repentance, sincere confession and true salvation to be on the safe side.
  2. Membership Renouncement: You must quit your membership with all sincerity. Boldly open your mouth to renounce your position and membership; then go ahead to surrender all membership materials and evidences, to be burnt in fire.
  3. Go for yoke and covenant breaking: Seek for the ministry of any anointed person to help you through the first deliverance phase- the breaking of covenants/yokes.
  4. Let go of those demons: willingly go for total deliverance and keep going until all demons are out of your life.
  5. Daily Spiritual Cleansing: Ask the Holy Spirit to thoroughly cleanse you by the blood of Jesus, day in, day out.
  6. Bear About Christ’s Spiritual seals. Get your life’s gate sealed by the blood of Jesus, the Fire of His Spirit, and the blazing presence of God.
  7. Warm Intimacy: Establish solid spiritual relationship with God ,through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit in meditation, worship, praises, and prayer. Be dedicated to ceaseless prayers, fasting, Bible reading and meditation, and fellowshipping with Spirit filled believers. Also live a pure and holy life.

Thought line: When you stand on the redemption ground, you can triumph over even the greatest and strangest of battles. Just wield your shield of faith! The Lord had said: ” And I will cut off witchcraft  out of thine hand; and thou shall have no more soothsayers”. Micah 5: 12

371214_100001795876178_527549079_q_002                    WHO NEEDS LIBERTY? – Pastor JOHN. B. JOSPEH

  1. Who needs liberty? D 28:15-end

We all need liberation from one thing or the other. And Jesus fully gave it. The problem is: many worst prisoners actually believe they are free. What are signs that tell that you need of liberty?

  1. Repeated failure: He who suffers from constant failure needs deliverance. Deutr. 28:16-19
  2. Stagnation and retrogression: Any life that refuses to move forward needs divine intervention. Deutr. 28:42-46
  3. Un-usual affliction: If you experience troubles that are uncommon, you need deliverance. Deutr. 28:28/34
  4. Sickness/diseases: if you suffer from seasonal infirmity or strange affliction go for deliverance. 28:21-22,60
  5. Prevalence of negativity: negative thoughts pattern needs liberation supernatural. Deutr. 28:24,29, Ruth 1 :19-21
  6. Lack of blessing and favour: If the heavens above you are closed, you will need to go for serious deliverance. Deutr. 28: 23-24
  7. Imprisonment/chain: those who dream seeing themselves tied or locked by the enemies need serious deliverance ministration. Psm 105:17-21
  8. Shame and Reproach: If nakedness and stigma follow you, go for deliverance. Deutr. 28:23,37
  9. Curses: Men that live under a curse, be it a curse of God, Satan or Man, need to be liberated to fulfil their destiny. . 3:8-12, Gen. 8:8-15, 49:34
  10. Strange Covenant: all who have been covenanted by evil forces, spiritual kingdom or strange men need to be liberated. 28:36: Isa.49: 24-25.
  11. Marital chaos – when your marital destiny is unsettled or it just goes the way unusual, you need deliverance. Deutr. 28:18,30,41,56-57
  12. Fruitless labour – when the labour of a man always ends in vanity, he needs the liberty that Jesus gives. Deutr.28:38-40
  13. Constant nightmare– all who experience constant nightmares need liberty.

Ezk. 37:1-2.

Others include those who suffer from: constant disappointment-28: 65-68; servitude and wars vs.48-52; Impoverishment- vs 53-55; Bitterness and Sorrow- I cor.4:9-10; exd.1:14; Barrenness of any kinds.



IMG0063A                LAMPS OF FIRE ASSEMBLY



  1. Turn again my captivity, Oh, Lord
  2. O, Lord; bury my dooms and darkness with year 2014
  3. I put off 2014 with all my wars and woes in Jesus name
  4. Holy Ghost Fire, consume all powers of my oppressors and troublers
  5. O you my glory, and my destiny; escape out of all snares and netting
  6. O you proud waters of affliction; give way for my glory
  7. O God of mercy; send me helps, peace and prosperity.


  1. Arise, Holy Ghost; prostrate and incapacitate all enemies of my life
  2. Arise O, God; perfect the redemption of my glory from all corruptions
  3. Arise Lord; clear the way for my rising in this coming year
  4. Arise O, Lord; discharge your angels to help my destiny to fulfillment.
  5. Arise, O, my FATHER; change my name, my garment and my fortunes
  6. Arise, God; stuff my mouth with songs of joy, miracle and testimony
  7. Lord, arise in all your glory; effect the fulfillment of your purpose in me.
  8. Father, I praise your name for counting me worthy to see this new year
  9. Lord, help me to love, serve and please you this year
  10. Lord, make this 2015 my year of great joy and bounty harvest
  11. Jesus, clothe me a garment of, power, glory and great favor.
  12. Fountain of supernatural glory; break open upon me
  13. Come Holy Spirit; empower, guide and prosper me in this 2015
  14. My God and my Father; let my sun shine so brightly this year


Texts: Matt.20: 1-16; Luke 16: 1-13; I Cort. 4:2

Discovering what the Bible says about stewardship, we start with Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. As the Creator, God has absolute rights of ownership over all things. It is through our ability to fully grasp this and imbed it in our hearts that the principle of stewardship is understood. If we miss it here nothing else will ever line up. Nothing else in the Bible will have any true relevance if we miss this doctrine of stewardship.

There are two Greek words epitropos and oikonomos embody the meaning of our English word stewardship:
 Epitropos means “manager, foreman, or steward.” From the standpoint of government, it means “governor or procurator.”
 Oikonomos(frequently use in N.T) means “steward, manager, or administrator”. It is often translated “dispensation, stewardship, management, arrangement, administration, order.”
 In Paul’s writings, the word oikonomos is given its fullest significance in his responsibility for gospel proclamation as a divine trust. (I Cort. 9:17; Eph. 3: 2)

What Christian Stewardship Implies
Starting with the above concept, let’s now examine the Christian Stewardship to correctly view and value not only our possessions, but, more importantly, human life itself. In essence:
1. Christian Stewardship means that we fully acknowledge we are not our own but belong to Christ, the Lord, who gave Himself for us.
2. The Christian Stewardship defines a man’s relationship to God. It identifies God as owner and man as manager. God makes man His co-worker in administering all aspects of our life. {I Cort. 3; 9}
3. Christian Stewardship defines our purpose in this world as assigned to us by God Himself. It is our divinely given opportunity to join with God in His global, eternal redemptive movement. (Matt. 28: 19-20)
4. Christian Stewardship defines our practical obedience in the administration of everything under our control, everything entrusted to us.
5. Christian Stewardship acknowledges in practice that we do not have the right of control over ourselves or our property—God has that control. It means as stewards of God we are managers of that which belongs to God, and we are under His constant authority as we administer His affairs.
6. Christian Stewardship has to do with how we manage our finances, with our faithfulness in paying God’s tithes and offerings, with the management of our time, possessions, environment, or health.
7. Christian Stewardship involves proclaiming the gospel truth. It’s what motivates the Christian to move into action, doing deeds that manifest his belief in Him.

What it is not
• Christian Stewardship is not God taking something from us; it is His method of bestowing His richest gifts upon His people. We are custodian or guardian of God’s possessions {Gal. 4:1-2}
• The Christian stewardship that is required of us is not a result of our own power or abilities but that which come through the Holy Spirit in us; otherwise, our labor is in vain. Phil. 4: 13. I Cort. 15:10
• Stewardship is not bragging of our human achievements but our obedient witness to God’s sovereignty. The ultimate question, then, is this: Am I the lord of my life, or is Christ the Lord of my life? In essence, stewardship expresses our total obedience to God and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


1. Love & Cares
True Christianity is Christ’s love in action. We are saved to walk, live and dine in love. (I Jhn 4: 7) True Christian churches ought to radiate love, for love makes us great, caring luminaries.

2. Strong Intercessory Squad
Praying and interested members should be empowered to invest their time in well organize massive praying.

3. Evangelism team
Soul winning is neither a program nor an event. It is a commission given to be a passion and a lifestyle. We are all saved, called and sent to be witnesses of Christ.

4. Service Dynamism
Prayer and word preparations for power ministry during Sunday service should be solid each weekend.

5. Maximize Sunday to its fullest
To meet and train church ministers & workers, hold counseling, pay visitations, disciple converts & others.

6. Establish Small Family Units
Break the local church into units/groups such as students, singles, married, professional, aged, etc to inspire spirit of love and commitment. Empower & encourage each unit to cater for its members.

7. True Loyalty
To the vision & leadership is vital to survival & success. It means undeviating allegiance, constancy, & unwavering dependability.

8. Absolute commitment
It goes with responsibility, diligence & devotion.

9. Warm reception for new comers
Treat them with honour with special seats, songs, prayer, handshakes, drinks & visit.
 Others include: a. Cell fellowship; b. Modern technology; and c. Free Transport arrangement.

The Vision: Raising Christ’s Triumphant Armies
One of the many challenges for Fire retreat leader is making all of the people understand the grand purpose/vision of this interdenominational conference.
But this can be solved through brainstorming with major groups of participants. How? Begin the meeting with group prayer and then a moment of silent prayer to get everyone focused on the retreat. Then discuss the retreat’s purpose and objectives. {Check the leaflet for details]
Let the group members develop the ideas from the discourse and then let the department refines the ideas behind the vision for good understanding and acceptance. The aims of this are to make people must buy the vision, and instill a feeling of ownership in every one.
Remember that purpose determines program. Every member of the committee must know the Fire Retreat purpose.
Make a Retreat Successful
It takes a combination of 25% good speaker and 75% fellowship and friendship to make a retreat successful. It’s a matter of combining spiritual drilling with blessings of a miraculous atmosphere plus Christina relationship to make such a great experience those guests/participants want to register for next year’s retreat before this one is over.
The Planning Worksheet
The worksheet is meant to assist step by step planning of the retreat.
1. What is the goal?
2. What is the realistic numerical goal?
3. Are you aware of anything that might affect the attendance?
4. What is the overall cost estimate?
5. How long will it take to get there by prospective participants?
6. What are the varieties of programs/services?
7. What kind of meal service is to be provided?
8. How long does it take to serve a meal?
9. Who will do the cooking?
10. Who will make the announcements and pray at mealtime?
11. Are we going to be sharing the dining room with another group?
12. Can we decorate the tables in the dining room?
13. Shall we be sharing the grounds with another group?
14. What hostel are we going to lodge participants and guests speakers?
15. What kind of hall will our group be using?
16. Can we move the furniture in the area that has been assigned to us?
17. Is the facility well lit and signed for nighttime arrivals?
18. Are we going to be needing generator?
19. Where in the camp will we do registration?
20. Who are the coordinators/staff of programs and services
21. Do we need the services of security agency?
22. Is the facility warm or cold, clean or dirty?
Planning Code
a. Plan ahead. Settle all arrangement with the location 6-10months in advance to guarantee the preferred dates for JFLM. Consider the cost, time, and benefits of attending and publicize these. Then the department is to set up sub-committees and units, set definite goals, draft tables, appoint coordinators, suggest speakers, etc.
b. Misconceptions: “It’s just not for me!” Some people have the idea that retreats are only for youth/students. So we should plan programs that will meet the broad needs of the group, and ask the speaker to work within our goals.
c. Start a sign-up sheet. For budgeting purposes, it’s always good to know how many brethren we’re going to have to feed. The sooner we can get the word out about the conference and get people to commit, the better off we’ll be. We are to set a deadline for pre-registration (sign-ups) so we can let the venue and church leaders know how many people are in the equation.
d. Set a budget. Estimate the overall costs for accommodation, feeding, printing, gadgets, media, Honorarium and transportation. Estimate how many meals we’ll be serving to how many people. The department is to help with this, and find out who has connections to local resources that may be willing to donate food, papers, instruments, money, vehicles, etc. Consider asking for sponsorship from the churches, brethren in businesses, Christian company-owners, and other individuals where department members and other leaders have influences or are employed.
e. Make a checklist. Parents love details. The more information you’re able to provide them regarding the location, the duration, the climate and the activities of the retreat, the better. Helpful also would be to provide a checklist of what to buy, what to pack and what to expect for participants.
f. Plan Activities. Plan some inspirational, life impacting activities. E.g. Teachings, seminars, workshops, miracle services, among others.
g. Ensure security measurement. We have to keep it all safe and make sure everyone is protected. Should there be an accidental injury while you’re on the trip or during work process; timely, right action should be taken to address such. It is important to establish internal safety agency and medical personnel to protect/treat the brethren.

Here is a sample fire retreat first day schedule:

12:00 –17:00PM: Registration
17:00 – 18: 30: PM Dinner
19.00 – 22:00: PM OPENING SERVICE
22.00 – 5.00am: SLEEP


Below are some policies that the contact person/Visionary should be made to know and to convey to the rest of the group?
1. Preparation for ‘special requests’ from any group.
2. The entire handy conference/retreat information, including contracts, rooms, assignment sheets, activity sheet, etc
3. A definite cut – off date for registration?
4. Any medically restricted diets or vegetarians in the camp.
5. Detail information on anyone who will only be staying part of the retreat.
6. Room assignment sheets: the retreat department leader is responsible for assigning individual rooms and faxing these sheets to the over all leader, at least a week ahead of time.
7. Full info on arrival and registration for the retreat.
8. The payment handling plan for the retreat.
9. Time scheduled for meeting special groups and leaders
10. The overall schedules that indicate worship/ communion time, meal time, check in and check out times, siesta and sleep, among others.

1. What is the cost charged by per person?
2. What are the speaker’s travel fees and honorarium?
3. What is the cost of supplies, purchases, rent, printing, decorations, etc?
4. How much is budgeted for advert and promotional costs?
5. How big is our phone/internet bill for this retreat?
6. Any miscellaneous costs?
7. Any budget for a profit?
8. What is the total cost per head?
9. What is the overall estimate for expected participants?
10. What is the overall income expected from sponsors, partners, congregations and financial supporters?
11. Deposit – financial partners and sponsors {G.31, etc) should be passionately committed financially to make retreat a good success. So, the committee is to get each of them contact for early payments.

Promotion Strategies
The critical difference between a successful turnout and an average one is – PROMOTION! There are three ways we can take action to promote the Fire Retreat or nay other conferences.
Use promotional materials. There are a variety of ways we can promote our retreat; including brochures, print & electronic media houses, cross-churches mobilization, campus networking, photos, DVDs, website, social media and words of mouth, using those who had once have wonderful experience at the previous retreat to advertise for us.
In addition, the most effective promotion for the retreat will be a positive personal invitation from a friend. Printed information and announcements at church will also be helpful.
We can as well dash out creatively made ‘memory’ gifts at the retreat such as clothing shirts, tie, jotter, diary, pens, key holders, etc.

Build enthusiasm: boldly emphasize; ‘if they miss out on this retreat, they will be missing out on the event of the year!’, showing how needs will be miraculously met.
Last but not least, pray!! It is God’s retreat, and He will bring the people He wants there, if we earnestly intercede. We should employ the power of intercessory praying mouths ahead to remove any obstacles to retreat attendance, and overall success.

Registration Exercise
The following information should be on your Registration Forms, to be filled out before the retreat.
1. Name, Home, Address and Phone – This information can be used for pre – retreat communication and for follow – up information.
2. Registration Policies – Clearly state if deposit is refundable or not. Is the deposit transferable to another person? Is there a deposit required for those staying off grounds? Also, make sure all the people know whom to contact for any enquiries they might have, and include contact info.
3. Miscellaneous Information – What are churches/group’s transportation arrangement, sleeping arrangements, and feeding arrangements?
4. Retreat Registration exercise should begin 4 – 6 weeks before the dates. One of our Retreat Coordinators will be visiting strategic registration points, approximately 6 weeks ahead of time to start getting all registration details together.
5. Registration at time of arrival: We mobilize people to arrive early for the camp ground registration. Departmental leaders should be in the camp before the arrival of brethren to pick up the keys and do other necessary arrangements. Be prepared and organized.
6. In case of any changes, the Retreat department is to contact people as soon as possible, possibly a week ahead of time.

Caring For Guest Speakers
A. Scheduling a speaker
This can be tricky, but here are some tips to make it easier:
1. Plan dates for your speaker at least one year in advance.
2. Send a letter of introduction/information on the fire retreat and a request for several optional dates (if possible).
3. Follow up with a phone call or second letter in a few weeks to see if those dates would work and to clarify any questions.
4. Once a positive answer is received, send a letter of confirmation.
5. 3-4 months before the event, send detailing letter.
6. 2 weeks before, call the speaker to finalize details of travel, etc.
Match speaker with the goals.
Every speaker brings to the platform a unique blend of style and message. So, consider the event and the speaker before trying to force a fit that could lead to frustration.
Recognize what you’re asking of a speaker.
Before you pick up the phone and invite a speaker, realize that speaking is hard work. Then you’ll be more appreciative when your invitation is accepted. In addition, life on the road is not easy. When you invite speakers to Fire Retreat event, you’re asking them to endure the followings:
1. The stress involve of getting to the event.
2. The emotional drain of the speaking itself.
3. The helplessness often felt after a session of speaking,
4. A subsistence diet of hostage – like rations.
5. The unreasonable ‘superman’ expectations of the brethren.
6. The inevitable criticism when those expectations aren’t realized.
7. An exhausting schedule that includes late night and early morning.
8. A drafty room and sagging mattress.
9. In all likelihood, a less than livable paycheck.
B. Detailing  speaker in your invitation.
Speakers need vital data in order to make an intelligent decision about their participation in an event. The following information should accompany every request:
1. Dates, and Venue of the event
2. Name of the sponsoring organization
3. Brief description of the event, including the specific goals
4. Number and length of the talks
5. Any additional responsibilities
6. Profile of guests attending the retreat
7. Both the expected and guaranteed number in attendance
8. Reasons the potential speaker was invited in the first place
9. Travel, housing and feeding arrangements
10. Name and phone number of the contact person
C. You and Your Speaker
a. Afford some comfort. Too often a host’s insensitivity to a speaker’s physical comfort is unprofessional as well as unnecessary. Comfortable travel and housing will make him serve better. All things being equal, a refreshed speaker is a more effective speaker than an exhausted one.
b. Guard your speaker. Protect your speaker from any form of mischief and criticism. And, protect the speaker’s time.
c. Pay properly and promptly. When setting the amount of the honorarium, consider the number of times the individual will speak, and the difficulty of travel expended.
Have the check waiting for your speaker when he or she arrives.
Also, I believe that for the sake of accountability, no one should travel alone. A member of one’s family or a colleague may accompany a speaker. So prepare also for that too.
d. Pool your resources. Speakers don’t come cheap. The proper treatment of a speaker can become a big-ticket item. Avoid SSS (speaker sticker shock) by pooling your resources through cooperation with sponsors, and networking with other ministries of like vision.

IMG0063A                    FULFILLING THE DESTINY – Pastor JOHN B. JOSEPH

Fulfilling destiny is often a matter of choice. Under these series, we will uncover certain mysteries that will empower you toward fulfilling your God’s given destiny. But there are certain roles you must play:
1. Prepare your mind to learn and to pray unto victory
2. Set your heart for real illumination and empowerment
3. Determine to have the change needed for destiny fulfillment.
Now, let’s begin the Destiny Creation series:

Text: Gen. 1- 2
Creation is a product of God and not of fate or chance, evolution or unconscious energy. Likewise you and your destiny are a product. In what way was the creation story relate to man and his destiny?
a. Divine Conception: The universe and all in it solely depend upon were first conceived by God before their creation. And this includes you and your destiny. The visioning stage always comes first. LESSON 1: Every great project first exit in the mind of the project maker.

b. Divine Creation: in the beginning, God created all things good, and unconditional, through the agencies of His Spirit and the Word. He who made you made a destiny for your glory. LESSON 2: if life began in goodness, we ought to go into it with faith, courage and expectation.

c. Divine Purpose: All that God created were made for purpose, and nothing can displace the divine purpose for the life of His own. Indeed, we can understand this life only in the light of God’s purpose and plan. LESSON 3: That you and I were made to fit together into God’s plan and express His will.

d. Definite Contradiction: The evils in the world are a contradiction of God’s purpose for our lives. They are satanic project to obstruct God’s original design for man. It has been so since the fall of man but the good news today is that Jesus redeemed us by His blood from all evils. LESSON 4: the creation story is not yet finished. God is still in the business of creating new things. So we all can new creation and new beginning in life.

Reflection: thinking God’s thought is the key to matching our lives to His original designs and attaining His ordained orderly distinguished life.

Text: Gen. Chapter 1 & 2

Every evil in our life is a mess that must go if we are to fulfill our destiny. God turned the original chaos to wondrous creation we see today. By faith in the name of Jesus, we can turn the mess of our lives to miracles. Life’s chaos can be turned to miraculous where miracle agencies are active. How?
a. By Right identification: like God, we must rightly identify the mess in our lives first, before we can address it for miraculous. In the beginning God right identified the mess on the earth and classified them into three – formlessness, emptiness and darkness. (Read Gen. 1:2)
Lesson 1: No one can successfully operate in ignorance. You must know your kinds of problems.

b. Real incubation: Next to identification is divine incubation. If the Holy Spirit isn’t incubating over your mess, there can’t be the creation of miracle zone.
LESSON 2: if there will be any miracle from the mess of your life, you must invite the Holy Spirit for incubation exercise upon the deep of your life.

c. Released Authority: God spoke words of authority and miracles started happening, turning the chaos to wonders. Where the Spirit incubates, all you need is to speak the word of faith, and miracle will happen.
LESSON3: the name of Jesus has been given to us as power of attorney. We are to decree and see our mess becoming miracles.

d. Glorified Beauties: God, in the end, gloriously turned the chaotic earth to glorified beauties, as darkness gave way to lights, formlessness to order and emptiness. What a harvest of miracle.
LESSON 4: if we can be men of faith and true spiritual authority, our woes shall be turned to wonders.
REFLECTION: It takes divine creativity to turn darkness to light, poverty to prosperity, confusion to clarity and colour your life with glorified beauties.


Our creative God is of creative faith. This creative faith of God we must have to fulfill the destiny. We saw His kind of faith at work in creation of the earth. Faith was the indivisible power behind His spoken word, as the Spirit turned them into desired wonders.

a. The creative faith is the force you need to still the ragging storms of life.
LESSON 1: It is also anti-miracle to give up when contrary winds blow against the ship of life.

b. The creative faith is an anvil you need to worn out many hammers and fashion out God’s original designs for your life, even from the midst of life furnace.
LESSON 2: It is anti-destiny to abandoned faith in the face of tribulation and trials.

c. The creative faith is the enduring energy you need to curtail life’s noise of any controversy. LESSON 3: When evil tongues wag against our glory, we must lift up the potent force of faith and we will conquer.

d. The creative faith is the master key we need to open the destiny gates and enter into the palace of freedom, fulfillment and glory. LESSON 4: Unseen gates can only be opened by the invisible key of faith.

e. The creative faith is the power fuse we need to turn on the divine light upon the horizons of our lives and heritage. LESSON 5: With creative faith, impossibilities become possibilities.


Light is the first thing we need in out journey to destiny fulfillment. God gave us this revelation when He first made lights. There must first be light in our lives. But what is light?
a. God Is Light: Light is the perfect symbol of God. Jesus is the light He who will fulfill his/her destiny must receive in the journey to fulfillment.
b. Light is life: By the supply of sunlight to the vegetation, light become life for growth, and fruit bearing. We will always need it to bring forth our seed unto harvest.
c. Light is Guidance: Men may grope and struggle in the night but when light shine, guidance is obtained. So light guides the feet on our journey to fulfillment.
d. Light is safety: Danger may luck in the dark, terror may haunt in the night but light proclaims safety by its radiation.
e. Light is Assurance: Darkness often comes with weighty dread and awful plight, but with light comes the assurance of the breaking of the day. There is always fulfilling assurance with Jesus in your boat.
f. Light Is Beauty: All color vanishes when darkness descends but at the day break emerge the blue sky, green trees and the beautiful universe.
g. Light Is Revelation:
As physical light offers revelation to the physical eyes, the spiritual light offers spiritual revelation to the spiritual eye. We need functioning eye of revelation in our destiny fulfillment journey.

REFLECTION: The wonders of radiance offer by the sun, the moon and the stars to the physical world, Jesus Christ offers to every one of His children.
Psalm 104:297:11,

That darkness is a time when shadows fill in full. Why the existence of darkness? Why God did create and include it in His divine order? The answer is: darkness is beneficiary to the creations. And we would need it in our journey to destiny fulfillment. Let’s briefly examine the benefits of darkness here:
a. Darkness, being the night hour of trials and travails, is a time to gather strengths against the storms of life. Shadows of the death and terrors do fall sometimes in the glare of the moon or when men are conscious of the full darkness.
LESSON 1: never pervert the purpose of night by given in to reckless living, drinking, dancing or wayward recreation.

a. Darkness is always the primary fact against which God appears to show His power. God always arises against the background of darkness to fight for His covenant ones.
LESSON 2: Remember how he rose up to deliver Israel from the land of slavery, in the darkest hour of their night.

b. Darkness, being a moment of silence, is the time to wait, meditate and plan for the day.
LESSON 3: He, who draws closer to His Creator in the night time, will certainly emerge a great victor.

c. Darkness is the hour when the planted seed of life takes root downward and sprout up to new life. Thus new thing often kicks off in the night. Darkness is also a time of mystery wherein the dawn emerges. It is an eternal truth that day begins at night.
LESSON 4: Your present battles are permitted to germinate you God given glory.

REFLECTION: if the believer advantageously explore the night time of trials, troubles and tribulations, he will surely come out of it with new experience, new power, new potentials, and sudden brightness.

Symbolically, the Eden Garden stands for your place in destiny. It stands for your arena of divine placement in the generation you belong. We all need to abide inside our Eden Garden to fulfill our God given destiny on earth. And what are the blessings of abiding in our Eden Garden?

a. Divine Fellowship: As said earlier, spiritual worship is the prime purpose for man’s existence. God wants to fellowship with the man He so much loved.
LESSON 1: We must become true worshipers who worship God in Spirit and in truth.

b. Given Responsibility: Adam’s was commissioned to ‘tend and to watch over it”’, we have been commanded to carry out the great commissioned. It is the only way to dress and keep the universe. Eden Garden is a symbol of humanity, in the midst of who are the ‘Tree of life’ and ‘Tree of the knowledge of good and evil’.
LESSON 2: we must passionately tend and watch over’ humanity through proclamation of the unfailing gospel of Jesus Christ.

c. Supernatural Pleasure: In Christ, God planted a garden of glory for every one of us for the purpose of providing comfort for us. This includes the pleasure of divine healing and deliverance, protections, provisions and peace, among others.
LESSON 3: As there are pleasant rivers of values in Eden Garden, by which refreshing benefits were provided for Adam and Eve, so is the rivers of living water for the blessing of the believer. (vs 11-14).

REFLECTION: Though man failed the divine test of obedience and thus brought death and curse upon humanity, Jesus gave us His life to redeem us from both death and curse.

What is the meaning of life? Does this life have meaning? The Bible emphasizes the truth that life has meaning. We can only understand life by first discovering its heavenly meaning.
a. The Heavenly Plan: To understand the meaning of life you must first decode God’s plan for this life. We can understand this life only in the light of God’s plan. Life’s meaning is connected to God’s plan for your life.

LESSON 1: Prayerfully seeking out God’s plan for one’s life is a great wisdom.

b. Mighty Hand: At the back of everything in life is God’s mighty hand. To understand God’s heavenly meaning for your life, simply understand His operations of in your life.

LESSON 2: When chaotic darkness precedes era of great light in our lives, we ought to be moved but wait for His mighty hand to deliver.

c. Excellent Beauties: The harmony, coherence and beauty we see in the creation today were a product of divine intelligence. Think of the harmony the created earth, sky, lights, vegetation, animals and then man and you will come to understand that the meaning of life is greatly beautiful.

LESSON 3: Your life’s meaning is connected to God’s excelling glory and beauties.

REFLECTION: There cannot be beauties without order. So we must inculcate the practice of deep and clear thinking to order sound, godly utterances and actions.
IMG0063A            FULFILLING THE DESTINY (II) – Pastor John B. Joseph

God made man for the purpose divine. But what does He requires from man that he may attain the divinely given destiny and glory? We need this understanding to prosper our relationship with God. Thus, in this series we shall be considering God’s basic requirements from ancient men who had date with destiny, especially those in the early times.

Introduction: In the man Adam, we first saw the evidence of God’s divine visitation in His relationship with man in Eden. He visited him in the cool of each day, until sin cut short the glory and thus His friendly rapport with the man He had created. Today, in the journey to destiny, we need to learn the followings from the concepts of divine visitation:
1. God love man. God made man in His own image and He greatly loved him. Man was the crown of His creation, made to have dominion over all creatures. Love was God’s offer to man.

2. God always long to visit man. True visiting ministry began with God. He longs to pay us great visit. As it was in Eden, God still seek to relate with man as God, Shepherd and Friend, and not slave master.

3. God seeks for man’s fellowship. Fellowship is the prime purpose of His divine visitation. He wants to be our senior companion, friend and comrade.

4. Worship should be man’s responsive attitude. Throughout the Scriptures, worship is the responsive attitude of man to God’s visiting arrival. We all must learn the way of true spiritual worship in our relationship with God. He created us to worship and offer Him the glory.

5. Blessing is God’s responsive attitude. God always respond to blessing the true spiritual worshiper. He never visits His own empty handed. We only need to learn becoming true worshipers to court His diverse blessings.

Gen. Chapter 4
In Cain and Abel relationship with God, we first saw God’s demand for spiritual worship from His own children. Adam their father must have thought them about God, and how to worship-fully relate to Him with acceptable sacrificial offerings. What then are we to learn from this ancient concept of spiritual worship?
1. It instructs blood sacrifice. Blood is life. God replaced man’s fig leaves aprons with coat of lamb’s skin to institute the redemptive way of blood sacrifice. For the same reason He rejected Cain’s offering and accepted Abel’s. Jesus sacrificed His blood to offer His life for man’s redemption. True spiritual worship begins with accepting Christ’s blood of atonement.

2. It commands giving. God demands three types of offerings from us:
 First is our life. Jesus gave us His life and demands also for ours. We must totally surrender our lives to Him.
 Second is our seed. This include our money,{beginning from tithes, offerings and pledges}, our resources { material possessions},
 Third is our praises. God inhabits the praises of His people. We are to worship Him with spiritual songs, dances & meditations.

3. It accepts quality offerings. For any type of offerings to be acceptable to God, it must be offered with the followings:
 Humble, willing Heart –
 Cheerful spirit –
 Bountiful measures –
It is wrong to coming into God’s presence empty handed
It is robbery to devour your tithes.
It is stealing to neglect giving your offering

GEN. 5:18-24
In Enoch’s relationship with God, we came to know God demand for a friendly walk. He who will fulfill his/her destiny will be friend of God. There is surely nothing as marvelous as walking with Him. What does it implies in the real sense of it?

1. Deeper spiritual communion with God – Enoch must have been a man of deeper spiritual communion in his relationship with God. We must be men of hearty union with Him, always in tune in the Spirit.

2. Always in His presence. – If we love being in the presence of partners, friends, and television more God’s presence, we are not walking with God. Enoch was a man who spent more time in God’s presence, praying and fasting, meditating and worshiping.

3. Doing everything in His presence. – walking with God implies doing everything in life in His presence. Whatever we cannot do in His presence must be sin. Enoch’s thoughts, utterances and actions are all done in God’s presence.

4. Discovering and doing His will and purpose. He who will walks with God need to discover and carry out God’s will and purpose for his/her life. His will is His way for us to walk. Enoch was a man in the will of God.

5. Passionate Panting after Him. Panting after God is passionate spiritual longing for Him. You aren’t walking with God if your heart isn’t carving and yearning for Him. Enouch’s heart must have been that which greatly desire God.

GEN. 6 & 7
In the man Noah, we came to see God’s demands for righteous living towards destiny fulfillment. Why? Righteousness protects, delivers, and exalts. How can we live out the Christ’s righteousness in this ungodly generation and have our destiny fulfill? The followings will help:
1. We must truly fear God. Only His fear in the heart can make us hate and depart from evils.

2. We must live the distinct, covenant life. As a nation of Kings and priests, we should separate ourselves from the world and live distinctly as God’s covenant nation.

3. We must love God and man. Love is the seal of the Christian life. He who lacks love knows not God. Only a life of true is counted to be pure.

4. We must live the principled, disciplined life. It takes obedience to the principles of the Word and discipline of the Holy Spirit to live as light in this dark world.

5. We must tell the good news of salvation. The lost soul needs Jesus to escape the coming tribulation and final doom. Jesus is the ark of Noah unto whom we must call in all people for the salvation of their souls.

6. We must cry for righteous living. . Like Noah, we are commissioned to be preachers of righteousness. We must herald the coming of Christ Jesus, proclaim His imminent coming and unveil the dangers of the last judgment.

Gen. Chapters 12 – 22
In Abraham we encounter the revelation of faith. Fulfilling one’s destiny demands ‘the faith of the righteous’. Abraham, in his journey to destiny, radically believed God. He practically acted on every command of God. And what are we to learn of this kind faith?
a. Radical Obedience. His was a radical faith of obedience when he departed to an unknown destination, when he dwelled in a strange land, when he obtained the promise son and when he ventured to offer his beloved Isaac.

b. Enduring Patience. We saw the enduring power of faith in Abraham’s 25years of awaiting the promise son. Fulfilling destiny often demands waiting for the divine timing. {Gen. 18:9-10 & 21:1- 8}

c. The Covenant Walk. Abraham faithfully tithed to fulfill his covenant obligation. He also taught His children the importance of tithe. These in addition to living a spotless covenant lifestyle. {Gen. 14 & 17}. All these we must do if we truly desire fulfillment in life.

d. Valiant, Courageous Drive. {Gen. 14 & 19} What a valiant faith Abraham exemplified in his triumphs over the armies of the nations, with his unprofessional 318 servants! What a courageous faith we see in his intercession for the sinning Sodom & Gomorrah! To fulfill your destiny you must rise to face life with courage, bravery and valiant acts.

e. Divine faithfulness. That God is ever faithful to fulfill His words of promises is a great lesson to learn in His covenant dealings with Abraham. If we dare to believe His good promises for our lives, we will surely see His glory.
1. Father, I worship you, and praise your holy name
2. Forgive me all my sins
3. Lord of mercy, have mercy on me
4. My Father and my God, redeem my life and destiny from all afflictions and captivities
5. Holy Ghost, thunder against the hosts of my enemies
6. Father, release your warrior angels to fight my battles
7. Let the blood of Jesus suffice for me, oh, Lord.
8. I raise the Blood of Jesus against the powers of my oppressors today
9. I challenge my captivities by the fire of the Holy Spirit.
10. O you marine and serpentine powers fighting my life; I bind you all by fire
11. Evil family altars operating against my rising; roast by fire in Jesus Name
12. I send God’s fire against every evil foundations in my life and home
13. Let your wrath fall upon the heads of the wicked
14. Holy Spirit, set me ablaze by your fire.
15. Lord of glory, visit my life with your glory
16. King of kings, redeem my crown from dust and destruction
17. Almighty Father, restore to me my lost and stolen scepter
18. Holy Spirit, reveal my secret enemies, and spoil their powers
19. I confront by fire, o you powers confronting my fulfillment in life
20. Redeem my fortunes from evils of captivity and corruption, Oh, Lord
1. Jesus, you are glorious in majesty, accept my praises and adoration
2. Father, thank you for being so wonderful to me
3. I need your visitation of mercies today, Lord God
4. Come into my life, Lord, and do a great positive change today
5. By the power of the Cross, I challenge powers & principality at war against my life.
6. God of Elijah, let your fire fall and consume all evil hosts and powers hindering me
7. Holy Ghost, arise in your terror and judge enemies of my greatness and glory.
8. By the anointing of the Holy Ghost, I break all curses and evil covenants in my life.
9. I cut asunder all invisible chains and fetters in my life by the fire of the Holy Ghost.
10. Warrior angels go before me; clear the way for my glory and prosperity.
11. Demons on errand against my life, I bind you all in the Name of Jesus Christ.
12. Pull me out of this murky water of life
13. Fill my emptiness, oh, Lord God.
14. Holy Ghost, lighten every dark arena of life today.
15. Lord, lead me now to the fountain of comfort and healing
16. Lord, refresh my life daily with your manifold grace and wonders
17. Holy Ghost, visit my home with your fire of deliverance and rains of blessings
18. Jehovah Jireh, transform and prosper my financial destiny
19. Lead me, oh, Lord, and give me the right direction I need
20. Holy Spirit, kindle my heart with your pure flame, and increase my faith.
1. God of fire, purge my family foundations with your burning fire
2. By the Anointing of God, I break generational curses & family yokes in my life
3. Holy Ghost fire, devour the heads of my chief enemy
4. I silence every voice speaking against my rising in Jesus Name
5. Oh, you strange hands in the affairs of my life, roast by fire.
6. Holy Ghost, destroy the powers and armories of my spiritual enemies
7. Fountains of sorrows & afflictions in my life; dry up now in Jesus Name
8. Father, lead me to the right location of my heritage in life
9. I challenge chains & powers binding me by fire, cut asunder now in Jesus Name
10. Jesus, connect my destiny with the glory and favor of your throne
11. Lord, cause your face to shine upon me, and let my sun shines brightly
12. God, arise for me today, and turn my life positively around.
13. God change my name, oh, Lord that my story may change.
14. Fill my mouth with new songs, Lord Jesus
15. Lord. Give me a great testimony to tell.
16. Lord, lift me up to my destiny throne and crown my head with great glory.
17. By the ministries of your angels, recovery of all my fortunes for me, O Lord.
18. Jesus, the Resurrection and the Life, resurrect my buried portions to life
19. God of great glory, turn my darkness to light today
20. O, Lord my God, turn my tears to cheers today. In the name of JESUS.
1. Father, turn me into your burning fire and my strong enemies into dry wood
2. Demons of fears and confusion, come out of my life, in Jesus Name
3. I break every yoke of failure and defeat in my life by the Spirit anointing
4. Let the fire of God descend now and raze the camps of evil armies
5. Holy Ghost fire, descend against the oppressor of my life
6. Showers of God, fall and quench the strange fires burning in my life
7. Jesus, magnify your power against the powers of my enemies
8. Lord God, come to me and deliver me from snares and Fowler
9. O you fountains of sorrows and frustration; dry up in my life
10. I overthrow every evil champion sitting upon my portions in life
11. Oh, Lord, let your mercy resolves every crisis of my life
12. Father, bring a total end to my wars and woes by your mercy.
13. Command and effect my total freedom today, oh, Lord of glory
14. My God, strength forth your right Hand and draw me out of the pit of darkness
15. Holy Spirit, revive my dying hope and heal my sick body in Jesus name.
16. Fire of revival; fall heavily upon me today, and set me all ablaze in Jesus Name.
17. I need the gifts and fullness of your Spirit, oh, Lord.
18. Bless me abundantly, Oh, Lord, and make me a great blessing
19. Lord Jesus, lead me, oh, God, into new fortunes and new glory
20. Oh, you my life and destiny; encounter the abundance of divine favour.

Pastor John B. Joseph


Fire Study: ONE


A. Definitions of Faith

What then is faith? How do we rightly define it?

  1. Faith is your link to God’s supernatural; the ‘electricity fuse” that connects the believer to God’s power house.
  2. Faith is the proof and guarantee of the invisible realities; “the assurance of things hoped for…” Hebr. 11:1-2
  3. Faith is the seed in the womb of hope; it gloriously transforms immateriality to materiality. Mark 11;24
  4. Faith is the pilot of God’s creative might, a dynamic divine force that effect results for the obedient. Gen. 1:1-3
  5. Faith is the rod of trustful walk in the hand of the righteous; by it he walks with God and pleases Him. Hebr. 11:6

B. Types & levels of Faith

  1. Perfect faith: this is divine and rare. It is a kind of faith that would not faint in the faces of trials, tribulations, and sufferings. 1 Jhn 4:18; Rom. 8: 35-39; Hebr. 11:36-40}
  2. Great faith: This kind of faith leaps into the dark, as seen in Abraham. It is sometimes an irrational faith that keeps working in spite of the evidence. Gen. {Matt. 8:10}
  3. Unfeigned faith: this kind of faith lacks any forms of pretense and hypocrisy, being inspired by commitment, loyalty, faithfulness and confidence.{2 Tim 1:5; 1:12-13}
  4. Strong faith: this kind of faith is driven by the evidence. It is also a mountain moving faith. {Mark 11:22-23}
  5. Mustard seed faith: it is a living and growing faith. It begins in seed form and keeping growing until it becomes strong, great and perfect. It is driven by the word of God –{Rom. 10:17, Jms 2: 20-26}
  6. Little faith… limits God because it is weak or immature
  7. Saving faith: you have this when you come to the end of yourself, to the dead end of your sinful living and chose to bow at the feet of the Cross, accepting Jesus as personal Lord and Savior. {Eph. 2:8}
  8. Gifted faith: as a spiritual gift. This kind works healing and miracles.

{1 Cot 12:9}

  1. Zero faith: this is a dead faith, being a kind of faith that is inspires by intellectual prowess. It is a faith driven by words and human wisdom rather than deeds and divine power. {Jms 2: 14- 17}
  2. 10. Demonic faith: Apostle James tells us: “demons aslo have faith. In other word, demonic faith is a kind of faith that is inspires by demons and driven by emotions. {Jms. 2:18-26}


A. What ignites faith?

Divine revelation, the Word of God, is the fundamental dynamism that kindles faith. How?

  1. Simple trust in God: Trust in God kicks start a life of faith. Before you could believe God’s Word, you must have been holding firm your faith in God, in His faithfulness. True faith is that built on God not on miracle.
  2. The fire in the living Word: faith is kindled by the flame of faith in the heart. The Word of God is an invisible fire, able to produce faith in the heart that catches its pure flame. Built your faith on God’s Word and promises. He cannot lie. Numb 23:
  3. The quickening force of the Word: Faith is giving as foundation structure when the heart is overpowered by quickening power of the this force faith is formed, fired up and cause to grow. The heart must be absolutely surrendered to this force to birth a living faith.
  4. The voice of God: the voice of God is powerful to provoke and embellish faith to work wonders for all who dare to believe. Obedience to the Spirit voice could set to work the revolutionary power of faith. We hear His voice clearer when in ‘the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.’. There is the need for silence in our closet to hear clearly both His audible and inaudible voice.

B. How to ignite your faith

A faith that is ignited by the force of divine revelation need be gradually fueled to go up in full flames. The world needs men of blowup faith. And it takes pure spiritual devotion to be such men. Let’s briefly examine seven types of devotions we need to cultivate to get our faith fuel for the flame:

  1. Pure devotion in the word: – to be Word-deep is to be faith-filled and Word-changed. More so a Spirit in-depth study and meditation produce revelation encounter and faith Rom
  2. Devotion of love, virtue and holiness: – a life lives holily and in His love will lighting the world with faith.
  3. Devotion of dynamic praying: – a life of consistent praying will be faith torched. This also embraces the devotion of a fasting. When fasting is employed to strengthen praying, faith is powered.
  4. Pure devotional fellowship in the Spirit – association begets revelation, and revelation inspires faith.
  5. Pure acts of ecstatic worship and praise in His presence – spiritual worship releases divine presence.
  6. Devotion of an aggressive soul winner – soul winning opens doors for power demonstration and exploit making. Isa. 61:1-4; Mark 16;15-20
  7. Obedience, forgiveness, patience and long suffering: 1 Sam. 15:22; Hebr. 10:36; Matt. 6;12; 2 Tim. 2:3

C. The release of faith- {2 Cor. 4:13; Rom. 4:17}

  1. Your Command: The force of faith is released by spoken word: believe and speak out your faith. For things to happen, you will have to release your faith by speaking forth, command or declare that which you believe in your heart. Mark 11: 22-24
  2. Power Acts: you can as well release your faith by imparting God’s extraordinary presence for the demonstration of the Spirit and power. {Acts
  3. Prayer: when you are in trouble, simply turn to God in prayer. Psm 50:15
  4. Praise & Worship: Spiritual praise and worship could empower you for the release of faith. {Acts 16:25-26; Hebr.13:15; Psm 50:23; Phil. 4: 6.}


To be productive, faith has to be alive and active. Let’s evaluate the life and ministries of men of active faith:

  1. 1. Men of active faith stand firmly on divine revelation and promises. They are moved only by the word. We saw this in Joshua/Caleb versus the ten spies in Num.13:26- 14:10. While the ten spies based their evil report in sight and human reason {by which they were plunged to fear and unbelief, and later persuaded Israelite to the same}, Joshua and Caleb stood divine covenant promise to persuade the congregation to faith and possession.{ Numb. 13:30, as against 13: 31-33 & 14:6-10}

2. Men of active faith have God as the object of their faith. In Elijah Versus 450 Prophets of Baal, both sides actually had faith. You may argue against the fact that those 450 Baal’s prophets had faith, but that was the truth. They had faith though it was placed in a dead god. On the other hand, Elijah’s faith worked for him because it was a faith in the living God. The object of our faith also determines its success or failure.{1Ki. 18: 22-40}

3. Men of active faith are given to prayer and fasting. This was clearly seen in Jesus versus the nine disciples. Jesus had gone up the mount of transfiguration with his three inner circle disciples and left the remaining nine at the mountain foot. By the time they came down, they met the nine amidst ‘great multitude’, lost in the crisis of inactive faith. Jesus had to rebuke them for their faithlessness and came to their rescue. He later told them the reason for their failure: lack of prayer and fasting. {Read Mark 9: 14- 29}.

4. Men of active faith are anointed valiant. Think of David, the anointed valiant. In his fight with the Goliath of Gath we see the activeness of faith when anointing is burning. The 17 year old David became so courageous and in his aggressive attack on the experienced Philistine warrior.{1 Sam. 17}

Others include:

5. Men of active faith are exploit makers

6. Men of affliction endure sufferings and persecution

7. Men of active faith are faith blazers

8. Men of active faith are cheerful revelation givers

9. Men of active faith are proud world turners

10. Men of active faith never give up, no matter what.


There are several reasons we need to empower our heart with the gold of faith, and become a people of real faith. Top among these reasons are the followings:

  1. 1. To embrace the grace that saves.

Christ offers us the grace that saves, but we can only appropriate the benefits of His grace by faith. In another word, faith must hug grace to make redemption benefits our personal inheritance. Everyman needs faith to appropriate divine promises and benefits such as salvation, healing, deliverance, power and provision, victory, success/prosperity and pleasing God, among others.

  1. 2. To obtain triumphs over all. {1 Jhn.5:4-5; Jhn 16;33

Faith is the grand key to accessing the supernatural, the great rod by which we walk with and please God, the fuse we switch on to display God’s power for human goodness.

Faith is victory. That means to triumph in your present trouble; faith must be employed as the grand key to unlock miracles and turn impossibilities to possibilities.

Even where life experiences have been of demanding predicament, faith dictates the victory and orders exaltation.

  1. 3. To Make A gold of ourselves {1 Pet. 1:5-7}

It’s all trials of faith and with faith you will certainly triumph. Storms, flood and fire are permitted for reasons. And top of those reasons is the refining of your faith in God. And when that is done, you will come become as precious as superior gold.

But you will need to tight up your belt of faith to still those tempest, cures the illness, and secures the victory. With the shield of faith, you will calm the raging storms that are beating against your life, quench the fiery furnace and close the mouth of lions.

  1. 4. To Makes Hero of us {Hebr. 32-40}

Another reason for us to tight up is this: It is our time to join the throng of the triumphant. Only faith is the prerequisite to get your name on the roll. If you can only make your heart a home of golden faith, you will walk with God and please Him. Also, you will access your God given promises/heritage, if you dare ride on the wings of faith for exploits making. Tight up! It is your time to make history.

Except the present day believer rises in the arm of faith and tight up for exploit making mission, the universe will drown into deeper darkness. We need to take up faith to reveal God’s supernatural and change the World again, we need it be become faith mentor to the upcoming generation, and faith hero to the next. You and I can make another register of faith heroes, in the order of the Biblical champions!

  1. 5. To ignite the world for Christ

Faith ignition happens when revelation, and not reason, is in place. When revelation is birthed, faith is ignited for redemption and miraculous actions, for wonders of triumphs and impartation.

When Faith is ignited

Let’s briefly examine the feats of we would accomplish when we ignite the world with the flame of faith:

  1. Ignited faith inspires the passion for courageous drive: the ignition of faith sets passion ablaze, and thereby instilling needed courage in the heart. Courage is the nerve of active faith, the nerve that provokes brave resolution and decision not to give up, in spite all.

2. Embolden you to go through tough times: Evil days may reign for the night, but not beyond the night. With the morning always comes the joys of embolden, your hour of darkness will soon be over past.

3. It alerts the heavenly: faith is the only voice that alerts the heavenly throne of your needs and crisis. Sound the trump of faith today and alert the heavenly for your remembrance.

4. Stirs God’s arm to action for you: by the power of ignited faith we move the arm that made heaven and earth to work on our behalf. Faith is one thing cannot fail to honour. God honours faith!

5. It gives the victory: ‘Faith is the victory’, says the scripture. Ignited faith gives the victory; by it comes the spirit of triumph. The victorious faith is the spirit of testimony.

6. Sets dying faith ablaze: Ignited faith is contagious; it spreads to others and releases the flame that roasts their fears and unbelief. The ignition of faith is communicable in effects.

7. Fills the mouth with songs of triumph: a rapturous song of praise and thanksgiving follows every feat of faith. New song melody and triumphant procession are its natural response.

Peculiarity of Burning Faith

  • It is firm – it is such a strong, tough and resilient faith that doesn’t give-up or give-in in the face of daring storms. David’s and Jonathan’s faith was great and solid.
  • It is pure – it is a wholesome and unsullied faith of pure devotion. Such was Daniel’s and the three Hebrews faith.
  • It is radical – Elijah’s, Nehemiah’s, Peter’s and John’s faith was of revolution kind. Radical faith is bold, outspoken, and sometimes aggressive.
  • It is volatile – volatile faith is fierce and could be as forceful as to go passionate, explosive and violent. Such was the faith of Moses, Joshua and Stephen


Faith could be alive or dead. While living faith is vigorous, dead faith isn’t. Life is the nerve of true faith, not death. Life is what gives vigor and motivation to faith. Living faith is that which is full of life and vitality.

It takes real life and vitality for your faith to be firm, pure, radical and volatile. And for your faith to be all alive it must have the Living God as its fountain-trust.

The Faith Fountain

Now, it is the fountain of faith that gives it either life or death. When God is your trust, your faith comes alive, and when He is not, you ride on a dead faith. How do I mean? On the Mount Carmel, we saw both living and dead faith being bold and publicly displayed. We saw the ‘great but dead faith’ of the 450 prophets of Baal, who vigorously and violently demonstrated their ‘faith’. Though they lacerated themselves, it produced no results because its fountain is both dark and dead. Their faith wasn’t living rooted in the living LORD but in dead idols. Whereas Elijah’s simple faith produced desired result because it was connected to God, the Fountain of life and light. No wonder then how Elijah’s faith gloriously shook the Nation. {I Kings 18}.

How can we have God as the fountain of faith? One, give your life over to Christ. Two, make Him the trust of your life. Three, operate on the basis of His divine covenant and the force of His divine revelation. We must note that the Calvary practically instructs redemption, the Holy Spirit activates the Covenant and encourages relationship, while the Word (logo) unveils the revelation. However, it is the level of our spiritual devotion that dictates the level of our empowerment, and subsequently triggers us for faith.

Power of the Faith Alive

The faith that is alive will express the following powers, among others:

  1. Growth: Living faith grows like mustard seed. It is a consistent, dynamic growth. ‘CHANGE’ is the nature of any living faith. It isn’t the measure of faith that gives it this productive power; it is the spirit of life in it.
  1. Potency: the faith alive is vigorous, pushing, energetic and forceful. It enables men of faith to drive with courage and do valiantly.
  1. Covenant: the faith alive provokes relationship with God, fellowship of the Spirit and compassion for man. It is by this union, communion and loves that revelation and friendship is born.
  2. Revelation: living faith is driven by the force of revelation, and not reason. Reason is the way of living by sight; it prides itself in human intelligence. But revelation is the pilot of faith. Revelation is the link between man and the supernatural; and only men of true faith dare to act on what God says or reveals for divine wisdom often makes no sense to the humanly intelligent. Understanding divine truth and operating His wisdom therefore is the key to the triumphing of faith.
  1. Miraculous: faith that is alive will produce miracle, signs and wonders. Being connected to the Almighty God, living faith is result oriented. It can heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, still storms of life, over rule force of nature, move mountains, and do any impossibility.
  1. A. Definitions of Faith

What then is faith? How do we rightly define it?

Faith is your link to God’s supernatural; the ‘electricity fuse” that connect you to God’s power.

Pastor John B. Joseph


The concept of social-spiritual revolution isn’t new to the Christian faith. Both the O.T and N.T propagate and promote it.

In brief we shall be considering this ideology of revolutionary faith under the following seven headings:

  1. Revelation Radicalism: examples of Abel, Enoch, Noah and Abraham.

Revelation is from above, reason is from below; revelation thus glorifies divine wisdom while reason magnifies human intelligence. In another word, revelation is a faith driven power, but reason is a sight incited power. True radicalism operates on the basis of a definite God’s given revelation, and when such revelation got inflames in the heart of faith, the man of becomes a revolutionary force. What do I mean? When revelation becomes faith acts, revolution becomes the project of the radical.

We saw this truth typified in God’s revelation to Abel, Enoch, Noah and Abraham.

2. Covenant Radicalism: Examples of Abraham & David

Divine revelation is often given by God to man to ordain definite covenant and relationship with Him. God deals with His beloved on the basis of covenant. He wants a covenant people walking in the covenant way with Him that He might make a distinct Nation of them on earth. Now with the power of the divine covenant is the revolutionary violence of the blood and fire, the violence that provokes the conviction, the friendship and the illumination of the revolutionary. It is this concept of the covenant kingdom revolutionary that established Israel as a distinct community conscious people.

This truth was clearly illustrated in God’s covenant with Abraham, Israel and David. We also saw it in the life and missions of the early apostles of Christ.

3. Supernatural Radicalism: Books of Exodus & Kings

Now, when the revolutionary ministries of the Holy Ghost are run, God’s supernatural are given for man’s blessings and benefits. Supernatural revolution is connected to the power and gifts of God’s Spirit.

Where the Spirit is permitted to stage a takeover, extraordinary presence divine becomes the atmosphere. And when this happens, men are empowered towards enforcing God’s will, proclamation of His mind and the establishment of His purpose and mission on earth.

This was the spiritual concept at work in Moses-Joshua’s life and ministries, in Elijah-Elisha’s and the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

4. Martial- Majestic Radicalism: Books of Judges & Kings

More so, the utmost purpose of the supernatural radicalism is the enthronement of God’s government among men. God rules among men.

As demonstrated in the ministries of Judges, Kings of Israel, and covenant seed such as Mordecai, Esther, Daniel, Nehemiah, the martial Spirit is given to empower men supernaturally to fight the cause divine and establish His majesty among men. Wars are fought not only to earn covenant victory, possessions and peace, but to also establish God’s throne.

5. Prophetic Radicalism: examples of Daniel, Elijah & Isaiah

The prophetic radicalism, as exemplified by the ministries of Biblical prophets is connected to the reigns of God. It is a concept that proclaims God’s holiness, righteousness and faithfulness among His covenant ones.

Thus, with the prophetic radicalism come the voice of warning, repentance, restoration, comfort and hope. These truths were bedrock of the prophetic ministries of Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah Daniel and Ezekiel; of Joel, Amos, Hosea and Zechariah, among others. Indeed, the faith of the prophet was also triumphant as it operates in the Spirit’s revolution dynamics.

Now is the time for today’s prophet to move from survival and self-glorification ethics to becoming God’s true voice in the land. Read: I Ki. 17:1, 18: 7- 46; 2 Ki. 1: 1- 17; Matt. 23:29-38

6. Messianic Radicalism: example of Christ Jesus

This is the centrality of all radicalism. All radicalism before Christ pointed towards His Messianic radicalism and the one after Him an extension of His radicalism. As illustrated in the life and ministries of our LORD Jesus Christ, this is the truest and most perfect of all radicalism.

The Cross of Jesus Christ is the most radical thing on earth, for by its blood power the course of this world has been ‘turned’ upside down, and by its fire-force it did provoked the revolutionary ministries of the Holy Spirit. {He is the martial life-force in the life of the faith radicals}

Jesus Christ is yet the most radical of all men ever live; the best and greatest revolutionary Master of all time. This world will go darker and darker until the Jesus revolution conquers every heart, throne and Nation.

Read: Isa. 53: 1-12, 61:1-4, Luke 4:18-19.

7. Apostolic Radicalism: examples of Stephen, Peter, James & John

This is a continuation of Christ’s Messianic radicalism. Apostolic radicalism is that of the Cross and the Spirit. {the Cross and the Spirit were the revolution bedrock by which apostles’ faith was kindled, and the Word and the Spirit produced the divine flames that melted the heart of stones}

Apostolic revolution, as birthed by faith in the power of the Cross and the Spirit, is violent, offensive and aggressive. Thus, apostolic faith was importunate, impregnable, resolute, and resilient. No wonder the apostles triumphantly snatched the gates of hell as they preached Jesus and salvation, commanded healing, deliverance and miraculous, and by so doing did turned the then world ‘upside down’.

And to this radicalism you and I have been called, and being called up. We are charged with the responsibility of prospering the apostolic radicalism. We all must become radicals for Jesus to change the world for the King again. We must rise in the arm of faith to invade the Universe with Jesus revolution. Read: Mark 16:15- 20; Acts 1:1-8

Jesus revolution demands four basic transformation experiences from man:

  • Radical spiritual change through repentance from sin and faith towards God.
  • Calls up the new believer in Christ to the Spirit’s higher life and power.
  • Appointed us for the task of gospel proclamation through radical global invasion, and to disciple the Nations.
  • Become true spiritual worshiper, a people who continually offer spiritual worship, praise and glory to the LORD.


The writer of the book of Hebrews makes us to understand that there is a faith that sings melody of triumphs, and there is that faith which does not sing. In other word, there is a Sung Faith, and there is an Unsung Faith.

  1. The Sung Faith: Hebr. 11:32-35

The sung faith is that which makes you to see your triumphs over the battles of life, fetch down God’s fire His heavenly altar, celebrate instant answers to your prayers, obtain promises of covenant blessings, make wonderful exploits of faith in life & ministry, or slaughter your giants enemies by the violence of the faith-force.

It is made clear in our main text that the sung faith is the like of the faith of Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthae, David, Samuel and the Prophets Let’s briefly check on the list to examine what indeed made theirs a sung faith:

  • The victory of subduing opposing kingdoms
  • The accomplishments of righteousness
  • The delight of possessing promises
  • The marvels of stopping the mouths of lions
  • The wonders of quenching the violence of fire
  • The joy of escaping the edges of swords
  • The pleasure of regaining strength out of weakness
  • The festivity of heroic warfare exploits
  • The jubilation of turning to flight the hosts of your enemies
  • The triumph of resurrection wonders
  1. The Unsung Faith: Hebr. 11:35-40

On the other hand, the unsung faith is that which keeps burning in spite of torture and defeat, captivity and imprisonment, mocking and scourging. Don’t you think these men of faith must have been on higher realm of faith to have accepted all these in spite promises!

Again, let’s see what make theirs an unsung faith, as listed in our main text:

  • Acceptance of persecution and trials
  • Acceptance of bonds and imprisonment
  • The pains of being stoned to death or sawn asunder
  • The plight of diverse temptations
  • The horror of dying by the swords
  • The torments of wilderness wanderings and afflictions

But what really makes their faith of greater values was stated in the concluding verses 39 & 40. Indeed, men of unsung faith prepared the way we walk today. We are their victory, perfection and joys. For “without us they should not be made perfect”

  • baba

    11 Things Children Should Learn About Faith

    How do you respond to a 3-year-old child asking you about the word “faith” after hearing it in the devotional book she received for Christmas? These 11 things about faith will offer him/her your enrich answers:

    1. Faith means believing: Simply tell him that faith means we believe in God even though we can’t see Him, hear Him or touch Him. This definition is true in a simple sense, but as the kid grows, he wants to understand the greater richness of the word as used in the Bible.
    2. Faith means to trust. Matt. 6:30, 8:26, 14:31 & 16:8. If little says “O you of little faith” on five occasions. On all but one of those occasions, He was addressing the disciples regarding their fear or worry. If little faith results in worry, that implies great faith results in trust. When our children are worried or scared, we should help them pray specifically for God to grow their faith; faith that results in trust is the remedy for fear.
    3. Faith is what saves. Read Ephesians 2:8 clearly: “It is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God”. Our children first and foremost need to learn that faith in Jesus is the only thing that results in salvation of our souls.
    4. Faith is a decision everyone makes. Even if a person does not have faith in God, he or she must have faith in another “unproven” alternative about the afterlife (even if it’s that nothing exists). Our children need to realize that faith is a decision everyone makes, not just Christians.
    5. Faith can grow. The Bible clearly establishes faith as the requirement for salvation. While that is true for saving faith, many verses make it clear that the faith of saved Christians can and should continue to grow. Rom 4:20, 2 Cor. 10:15, Phil. 1:25, 1 Thess. 3:10, Rom. 14:1. Our children need to understand that growing faith is a life-time process that starts with saving faith.
    6. Faith can fail. In Luke 22:31-34, Jesus foretells Peter’s denial. In verse 32 Jesus says, “…but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail.” Our faith can fail due to our circumstances. When facing such circumstances, our children need to know they can pray for their faith to remain firm.
    7. Faith is a gift. Romans 12:3 and 1 Corinthians 12:9 tell us that faith is a spiritual gift from God and therefore it varies by person. The strength of faith is actually a gift. Our children should understand that faith DOES vary amongst believers and that comparisons are fruitless. What matters is our personal faith growth.
    8. Faith can move mountains. Jesus says in Matthew 17:20 and 21:22 that if you do not doubt, your faith can move mountains; note He didn’t say that “medium” faith will move hills! Our children need to understand that the power of prayer lies in full conviction.
    9. Faith is protective. There are two New Testament verses that use faith as a metaphor for spiritually protective armor (the “shield of faith” in Ephesians 6:16 and the “breastplate of faith” in 1 Thessalonians 5:8). Our children need to be aware of the need for spiritual protection in their daily lives, and that faith is the basis for that protection.
    10. Faith results in action. Hebrews chapter 11 recalls many of the most faithful people of the Old Testament. Each verse starts with the pattern, “By faith (person) (did something)”. It wasn’t enough for the author to point out that each of these people HAD faith; the focus was on what that faith produced. Our children need to understand that authentic faith results in action.
    11. Great Faith is ‘believing before you experience’. In almost every instance where Jesus acknowledged someone for having great faith, it was in the context of believing in Him prior to experiencing healing (e.g., see Matthew 8 for the “greatest” faith of the Centurion). Our children need to know that faith doesn’t require waiting for signs or experiences that lead to the “conviction of things not seen”; Jesus acknowledged great faith as first believing in Him.

    …FIREVISION International


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