Definition of terms:

The word ‘doctrines’ is taken from a Latin word ‘doctrina’, which means a body or system of teachings that are related to a definite subject, sect or person. Greek word ‘dogma’ means a body of ordinances or judgment. Thus, Bible doctrines could be defined as a body of Bible teachings or ordinances on various matters or issues.

Study passages: Job 11:4; Mk.4:2; 12:38, Jhn. 7:16; 18:19; Acts 2:42; 16:4-5; I Tim. 4:13-16, 5:17 Now let us evaluate these doctrines one after the other.

  • This doctrine upholds the truth that there is only one true and living God, and He manifested Himself in three persons, specifically in His relationship towards Man.
  • That this triune God, named in the Bible as Godhead but called trinity by theologians is God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
  • That the triune God manifested oneness as a deity and self- distinctiveness as distinct divine persons. The three persons in the Godhead are one and distinct yet from another, each is wholly and truly God, and yet One.
  • That this triune Godhead is self existent, eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscience, the creator of all things.
  • God the father is the eternal Lord of heaven and the earth.

STUDY PASSAGES: Deut, 6:4; Jer.43:10, Rom. 1:20, Acts 17:20, Col. 2:9, Matt. 28:19, 11:25, Mk. 1:9-11, Lk 1:32-35, I Jhn. 5:7, GAL. 3:20, Jhn. 1:1-4, 10:30, Psalm 139:2-12.




  1. The Father (Elohim) created all things but by the instrumentality of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Jhn. 1:1-3, Gen 1:1-2,26.
  2. Salvation (Redemption plan) was conceived by the Father, bought and brought by the Son, and worked out by the Spirit Gen. 3:15, 21; Isa. 7:14, 53:1-5, Jhn 10:15-18).
  • Secrecy and headship is attributed to the Father, openness and authority to the Son, while clarification (revelation) and strength is to the Holy Spirit. (Jhn 6:37, 14: 9& 20, 19:30, 16:3:1, Jhn. 1:1,14; Mk . 13:32, Lk. 1:35; I Pet. 3:22,II Pet. 1:21, Eph. 1:20-22; Jhn5:26-27).
  1. Intercession is made by both the Son and the Holy Ghost. (Heb. 7:25, Rom. 8:26-31).
  2. We pray in the Holy Ghost to the Father, addressed in the name of Jesus. (Lk. 23:42; Actrs 759).
  3. We are to honour, praise and worship the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. (Jhn. 5:20, 20:28).
  • As God, the Son and the Spirit are as eternal, omnipotent, omniscience and omnipotent as the Father. All existed before existence itself. (hn. 1:1-3; Col. 1:16).


  • The Father is the 1st person of the Godhead; the Son is the 2nd; and the Spirit the 3rd.
  • It is practically impossible for man to fully understand God. (I Cort. 13:12).


  1. MAN: His creation and fall
  2. The creation of Man.
  • Man, the crown of God’s creation, was made in the image and likeness of God.
  • He was made a living spirit, not a quickening spirit. Thus he is natural and earthly

(read I Cor. 15:45-49).

  • He was made a tripartite being – He is a living spirit, with a soul dwelling inside a body
  • He was created “very good” and placed in the Garden of Eden to “dress it and to keep it”.
  • Though man was created sinless, he nevertheless has capability of sinning.
  • He was honoured with dominion over all other creations in the earth, and was sentenced to fruitfulness and greatness.

STUDY PASSAGE (a) Gen. 1:26-28, 2:7, 15:17, I Cor. 15:45-49, Psalm 8:3-8, I Thess 5:23; Hebr. 4:12, Rom. 12:21, Jms. 2:26, Philp 1:21-24.

  1. The fall of man
  • The old serpent invaded the Eden Garden, and craftily deceived the woman, Eve.
  • Subsequently, Adam fell though disobedience when he tasted the forbidden fruit.
  • By this sin, man fell and became spiritually dead, separated from God. When Adam fell, he landed on the realm of Satan and became short of God’s glory. He was cursed by God and driven out of Eden.
  • Since we are all in Adam when he fell; we all became sinners by birth and nature. We all sinned and fell where he did.
  • But since God still loved man, He devised the way of rescuing him from the grip of Satan, and redeeming him back to Himself. The seed of the woman would come as God’s Lamb for man’s atonement.

STUDY PASSAGE (b) Gen. 3:1-24; Rom. 3:32, 5:12, 6:23, Jhn.1:29, 10:10, Eph.2:1-2, Col.2:13-15, I Jhn. 3:8.


  1. SIN
  • Though it was the serpent (the devil) that exported sin and through craftiness made man to sin. Adam, the importer actually brought sin into the garden.
  • But what is sin?
    • It is breaking of God’s law, ordinance or command.\
    • It is transgressing – going beyond the limit set by God.
    • It is all unrighteousness – any kinds of ungodliness.
    • It is unbelief – whatever is not of faith is sin.

What to note

  • Man’s travails is that he sinned in Adam
  • His tragedy is that he was cursed and condemned with Adam. The penalty for sin is death, and man was condemned to die.


We have three kinds of death:

  • Physical – for all man. Only by the rapture will any of us escape this
  • Spiritual – those without Christ and His eternal life are dead already, though

physically alive.

  • Eternal – this is meant for all who remain spiritual dead till they taste of

physical death, or are Christless at the Christ second coming.

  • Lastly, sin is a leprosy of the heart, a killer diseases, a slow master weapon of

affliction in devil’s hand.

  • Christ gave His life to solve the problems of sin. He is the only solution God

has given to sin. He was manifested to take away sin.

STUDY PASSAGES: Gen. 2:17, 3:1-7, Rom. 3:23, 5:17-21, 6:23, 14:23, I Cor. 15:21-22, Ezk. 18:4, Mk. 9:43-48, Isa. 59:1-2, Jhn.4:24, 10:10, Rom. 6:12, 16,20, I Jhn.5:9, Lk.4:5-7, Matt. 1:21;8:17.

  • Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. The Holy Ghost came upon the Virgin Mary and she conceived Jesus by that very encounter.
  • As a result, His blood was divine, pure and precious. It was the price of our redemption from sin and Satan
  • That Jesus is thus the Man – God – i.e. fully God and fully man.

Study passages: Isa. 714; Matt.118-25 ,Lk. 22:20, Hebr. 911-17 ,922-28 , Dan. 713-14 ,
Jhn. 1:14.


  1. REDEMPTION (Salvation or Regeneration)
  • The doctrine of the redemption teaches that through faith in Christ’s atonement, the fallen man is redeemed from sin, Satan, death and all forms of afflictions.
  • By God’s divine grace, man is redeemed through Christ atoning sacrifice. (Isa. 53:1 – end)
  • It teaches that the fallen man, through spiritual birth (i.e regeneration, new creation, being born again by God or born of Spirit and water) is brought back into fellowship with God – Jhn. 3:1-21.

Redemption Packages

Redemption, therefore, is God’s total salvation or deliverance to the total man. Redemption packages include:

  • Saving the spirit man from sin, guilt of sin and power of sin. Salvation is only through Jesus Christ. No one else saves but Jesus. Personal salvation is gotten by GRACE, through faith in Him.
  • Healing the soul-man of damages, brokenness and torment.
  • Healing the body of sickness, diseases, and all manners of bodily afflictions.
  • Delivering from demonic afflictions, captivity, yokes, curses and strange covenants.
  • Freedom from financial/economic poverty.
  • Delivering from hell and hades.

All these indicate the blessings of the gospel of Christ Jesus. We must first accept them by faith and then give them to others who dare to believe.

STUDY PASSAGES: Isa. 53:5-6, 61:1-3, Acts 4:12, 10:38, I Pet. 2:24,, Hebr. 1:3, I Jhn. 3:5-8, 1:2-3, Jhn.1:12, 10:7-10, 14:6, Lk. 19:10. Eph.2:8, 4:24,
Rom. 10:8-10.


Jesus is the Gospel. He died in our place as the propitiation for our sins. He is God’s Ranson for man. At Calvary, Jesus paid the debt we owed. We are freed.

Jesus reconciles us to GOD – The word reconciliation (Greek word (daillasomai/katallasso) means changing enmity to fellowship/friendship. At Calvary Jesus reconciled us back to God.

Lk. 1524, Matt. 5:24, Acts 4:12, 5:31, Isa 53, I Jhn. 3:9-10, Jhn 2:8-10, Eph. 8-10.


To appropriate each blessing of Christ’s redemption works, man must repent from sin and turn to God by faith. He must practically and personally obey the gospel through faith.

Study passage: Jhn. 3:14-19, Lk. 13:3-5,Matt. 4:17, Acts 2:38, 3:19, 13:38-39, Acts 17:30-31, Rom. 5:1.


  1. LOVE
    • That God’s love (agape) towards man is great. This great love was

demonstrated in the manifestation and redeeming death of God’s Son, Jesus Christ Jhn. 31:14-16; Rom. 5:8, I Jhn. 4:9-10.

  • Love is at the centre of the Christian faith, the greatest of all virtues and

the sum total of Spirit fruit. Rom. 13:10. Gal. 5:22-23; I Cor. 13:13, Eph. 5:2.

  • Believers, as glorious beneficiaries of this love are Christ’s lovers and His

love agency, to manifest and proclaim it the world over – Jhn. 15:12-13; I Jhn. 3:14-18, 23-24; 4:11-21, Matt. 22:37.

  • It is a winning, redeeming love to save the lost and liberate the oppressed.

Matt. 28:18-20, Mk. 16:15-18.

  • The Church of Christ should be the house of this sacrificial, unconditional

love. Whatever is outside love is darkness and death. Love is the prime evidence of God’s life and light in us. – I hn 2 5-11, Jhn 13:34-35.

  • That even faith should work by love. Gal. 5:6




The bible clearly teaches that God heals and wants His people to enjoy divine health.



  • Sickness is not God’s will – Psm 14:3, Isa. 58:10
  • It is a curse for disobedience and sin – Deut. 28:60-61, I Cor. 11:30.
  • God’s covenant with His people covers healing and health –

Exd. 15:26, Deut. 7:15.

  • God has provision and plan for divine healing Exd. 23:25, III Jhn. 2,

I Pet.2:24.

  • Old testament saints experienced this blessing – Deut. 34:7, Josh. 14:9

11,Psm. 105:37.

  • It is promise to be claimed by faith. Exd. 15:26, 23:25, Psm. 91:16,

Deut. 7:15, Jms. 5:15, 11:40.

  • It is heritage for eagle believers – III Jhn. 2, Matt. 14:35-36, Mk. 5:25-29,


  • It is a work of the devil already dealt with at Calvary. I Jhn. 3:8,

Acts 10:38, Lk. 13:10-12.

  • Divine health and divine healing are included in Christ’s package of

redemption. Isa. 53:4-5, 61:1-3, Lk. 4:18-19, I Pet. 2:24.



This symbolizes “cooperating with God”

  • It was practice in the O.T – Nos. 27:18-23.
  • A basic practice in the early church, done
    *      With faith, and by the Spirit’s anointing (power)
    *          For the purpose of healing
    *         For the receiving of the Holy host baptism
    *         For impacting ministry/ spiritual gifts.
    *         And for ordination.
    *         Apostle Paul warned it should not be done indiscriminately (I Tim. 5:22).
    Notes: Only the Holy Ghost distributes Ministry gifts as He wills.
    (I Cor. 12:11), Eph. 4:8-13.
  • Stirring up the gifts is our responsibility II Tim. 1:6

       STUDY PASSAGE: Matt. 6:5, 16:18, Acts 5:12, 8:14-17, 9:17-18, Acts

       19:16, 13:2-3, Tim. 4:4, II 1:6, Eph. 4:8-13.


  2. TITHES:

Tithe IS GIVING God 10% of what He gave to you (or blessed you with); while offering is a voluntary giving or donation to God/God’s work.

Read: Matt. 23:23,Lk. 11:42, Levt. 2:30-32, Gen. 14:20,Mal. 38-10, Deut. 14:23, Neh. 13:5,12, 10:37-38.


  • To prove our devotion to God. Matt. 6:19-24, 14:22-23, Deut. 14:22-23; Deut. 14:22-23.
  • To approve of God’s claim of ownership upon our lives – Deut. 26:12-19.
  • To obey God’s command and free ourselves from curses of disobedience. – Mal. 3:9, Deut. 12:17; 14:22, 26:12, 10:37,II Chr. 3:5, 12.
  • To sow the seed for our prosperity. Tithing positions you in God’s covenant of prosperity. Mal. 3:10-12, Deut. 26:12-19.
  • To bring blessings into God’s house and kingdom – Mal. 3:10.



  • Failure to pay is a proof that you love mammon, not God. Matt. 6:24.
  • He who fails to pay his tithes is the worst of robbers. Mal. 3:8
  • He who fails to tithing comes under divine curse of poverty and vanity – mal. 3:9, Deut. 12:7, Neh. 10:37.



  • Your tithes are to be paid to God, through His spiritual house, the church (- Mal. 3:10, Neh. 37-38.
  • Pay it with a cheerful, willing heart.


  • He uses it to care for those who minister at His altar (the priests and the Levites). Especially those called to full-time service.
  • Some time the widows and the poor benefited therein.

Gen. 14:20, Nos. 18:24-26, Deut. 14:27-29. Neh. 10:37-38, Hebr. 5-9.

    • Offerings are optional – Exd. 25 2-3
    • Giving offerings to God with right motive bring blessings – Acts 20:35,

*   Avoid selfish interest & self – ego in giving Detr. 6:10-12
*   Demonstrate perfect love for God in giving, and give cheerfully, willingly and

bountifully. I Ki 17:9-16.

  • Giving should be qualitative – Mk 12:41-43
  • Spirit led, cheerful giving is sowing and the harvest must soon come –
    2Cort 9:6-11, Exd. 354-10, Exd. 36:3-7.
  • Failure to give may spell doom – Hag. 1:9-11.



(Matt. 24:14, Acts 1:10-11)

Now let’s examine the end of times events, starting from Christ coming.

  1. The King shall first appears in the Sky:
    • This is going to be in the twinkling of an eye. It shall be like a thief in the night for all that are not ready. I Cor. 15:52; I Thess 5:2-10, Matt. 24:36-39.
    • He shall appear triumphantly with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God. I Thess. 4:16, I Cor. 15:52.
    • Both the saints asleep and awake shall be changed and caught up to meet the king in the air. This is the rapture, the first resurrection. I Cort. 15:42-56, I Thess. 4:13-17. Rev. 20:4-6.
    • For seven years the rapture saints shall celebrate honeymoon with the Lord at the marriage supper of the Lamb and then at Bema seat of reward(ev. 19:6-9, Matt. 22:2-3, I Cor. 3:9-15, II Cor. 5:10).
    • Those who miss the rapture will face the great tribulations for those seven years.
      I Thess. 5:2-3, 10, Dan. 9:26-27,Matt. 24:15-22, Rev. 13:11-18.



  • At the end of the seven years, Jesus the king shall literally return to the earth with all His raptured saints – II Thess. 1:7-10, Jude 1:14-15, Rev. 1:7, Zech. 14:3-4,Acts 1:9-11.
  • He will bind satan for a thousand years – With the saints, Christ the king will reign for a thousand of years on earth (millennium reign), the king will loose Satan again for a short time (Rev. 201-2,7).
  • As soon as Satan got this brief freedom, he will go forth to mobilize the nations for the greatest of all battles, but they shall be totally defeated. (Rev. 20:8-10).
  • At the end of Christ’s millennium reign, the 2nd resurrection will take place –
    (Rev. 20:5)
  • Then there will be the white throne judgment. And Satan and all whose names are not found in the book of life will be cast into the lakes of fire. (Rev. 20:10-15, 21:8), Dan. 12:2, II Pet. 3:7.



  • The first heaven and earth will pass away and new heaven and earth will be.
  • In the heavenly Jerusalem, which shall become saint’s eternal habitation, we shall live with God and the Lamb. Rev. 21:2-5, 9-27, 22:1-5.
  • The redeemed shall inherit all things and reign for ever with the king of kings and the Lord of Lords. Jhn. 14:1-3, Rev. 21:7, 22:5.


  • The Bible in its original form is the very Word of God, a complete, infallible  inspiration divine that contains no errors.
  • The Bible is God’s revelation to man and the authority for our faith and conducts. Bible Passages: II Tim. 3:16-17; II Pet. 1:20-21

Course Title: The Apostolic Ministry (TAM 201)


  1. Divine Calling: Basic Understanding
  2. Calling: The call of God into anyone of the five-fold ministry offices is a high calling. Eph. 410-11; Philp 314
  3. Initiative: The initiative is the Lord’s and His “follow me” is without explanation or apology.

iii.        Member of the Body: He whom the Lord calls, He also set (tithemi) in the Church. I Cort. 12:27-28.

  1. Endowment: Each person called by the Lord is divinely endowed with spiritual gifts necessary to carry out his/her calling. Spiritual gifts apply to all truly called Ministers. – Jer. 1:17-19.
  2. Faithfulness: To what we are being called to do (i.e. our ministry office) and in daily stewardship will largely determine our joy in the eternity. I Tim. 4:7-8; I Cort. 3:13-15.
  3. Service: Ministry is all about serving. It is rendering service to God, to the church and to man. And without the garment of servant- hood, none of us can succeed in the true sense of it. – Lk. 22:24-27; Mtt. 20:25-28.

vii.       Rewards: All faithful servants shall be reward both in this world and in the heavenly. Philp. 3:13-14; Matt. 25:23; Lk. 18:28-30.

B. Purpose of the High Calling.

The primary purpose of the high calling is to equip the Saints for three major purposes: Eph. 4:111-12.

  1. Perfection: The high calling is to operate for the perfecting of believers. To perfect is to repair the damages done to their lives by sins and Satan.
  2. Ministry: To carry-out the work of the ministry. Jesus gave us the breakdown of the ministry works in Mark 1615-18 ;Lk. 4:18-19 & Matt. 10:8.
  • Edification: The high calling is also to edify the Church – the body of Christ. This is done through teaching and counsel. It has to do with building, improving and comforting.

C. The Goal Of The Divine Calling

The high calling also has three basic targets to hit. Eph. 4:13-16.

  • Unity of Faith: To bring everyone in the kingdom of Christ unto the UNITY OF FAITH. It is to lift us to God’s faith-realm.
  • Knowledge of the Son: To bring us unto perfection through the knowledge of the Son of God.
  • Fullness of Christ: To take us to high spiritual maturity in the fullness of Christ. This means:
  1. Maturity by steadfastness and stability (VS. 14)
  2. Maturity by ‘truth in love’ (Vs.15)
  • Maturity by divine companionship and brotherly love (Vs. 16)

D. Authenticity of Calling

Every gospel minister/missionary must be sure of three basic requirements:

  • The authenticity of his/her calling.
  • The divine origin of the Spirit’s anointing
  • The assurance of the divine ordination.

Special Note: Be frankly told: no seminary or Bible College is able to make a man of God. Real men of God are the products of the Holy Spirit. It takes the Holy Ghost to make you a man of God. If you are not called, chosen and ordained by God, your being anointed with the oil of presbytery, of being ordained by man will only amount to vanity.



  1. Ministry to many situations  

You may have to deal with many situations, such as: *Sin, *Depression, *Drug addiction, *Sexual Struggles, (Affairs, Homo-sexuality, Lesbianism, Incest, and Bestiality) *Cold marriages, *Changing Marriages, *Sloth Issues, *Parent Child, *Breakdown, *Grief, *Suicide Threats or Suicide, *Conflict, *Bitterness, *Tough Questions on Ethical, Political, God s Will & Decisions, *Medical Issues, *Career, *Man Plan, *Woman Plan, & *Spiritual Direction.

  1. Ministry  Effectiveness  
  • Parent Children Relationships
  • Grief Issues
  • Courtships (Macro and Micro)
  • DNA Buttons of Previous Churches
  • Bitterness that are unspoken (Fill out a bitterness history)
  1. Home Discipleship Community Model  
  • Addresses the seven key relational connections (Biblical Worldview)
  • Looks at our steps to see ourselves honestly in light of Scripture
  • Biblical Love
  • Church Community Accountability & Encouragement.
  1. The Seven Key Relational Connections: Each connection is to have Biblical health:
  2. Single-hood.
  3. Marriage-hood.
  4. Friends-hood.
  5. Grandparent-hood.
  6. Church member-hood: (leader-hood, follower-hood, Kingdom-hood & Witness-hood.

Note: Biblical Balance & Boundaries (Eccl 7:16-18) – Avoid all extremes

Principles that Guide Ministry

  1. Live for Christ not self. {2Cor. 5:14-16}
  2. Live as ambassadors for Christ. See no one from a worldly point of view.     Don’t pigeon hole them as a project case? {2 Cor. 5:16-17;20}
  3. Authentic Witness {2Cor. 6:3-13}
  4. The Macro Issues Matter (Relationships, Ideas & Doctrines, Habits)

2Cor. 6:14-15

  1. God has always used conviction to transform lives. 2Cor. 7:10-11
  2. Carefully consider a pastoral care approach. Get the pastoral facts.2Cor. 7-8; 2Cor. 13:1 .  
  3. Spiritual Warfare is certainly fought, 2Cor. 10:3-5

             Building hope filled community and culture. 2Cor. 10:8; 2Cor. 12:19              

  1. The challenging of spiritual authority comes in many forms, be ready for it. 2Cor. 11:13-14
  2. Always stay aware of your own weakness {2Cor. 12:7-9}

Dual Keys to Greatness in Ministry

#1 Key: Humility

A woman can have it all —except for humility. If you’re the world’s most perfect woman, how do you find the world’s most perfect man? Here’s a way: advertise! Publish a notice of how perfect you are, and hope that Mr. Perfect sees your ad and applies for your approval. Here’s a quote from Ivy League: Playful, passionate, perceptive, elegant, bright, articulate, original in mind, unique in spirit. I possess a rare balance of beauty and depth, sophistication and earthiness, seriousness and a love of fun. Professionally successful, perfectly capable of being self-sufficient and independent, but I won’t be truly content until we find each other…. Please reply with a substantial letter describing your background and who you are. She probably has it all except humility.

  1. But pride drives a lot of what we do. We want to boost our ego and improve our image. Most of us, whether we admit it or not, want to be number one, important and admired. We have ‘a me first’ mentality.
  2. Pride comes in all shapes and sizes and colors. The most obvious form of pride is boasting. That’s when we tell others how great we are. Another form of pride is conceit. That’s when we tell ourselves how great we are.
  • On the other hand, many are still conceited. We think we’re superior to others, but we don’t actually say so. Deep inside we feel inferior, but we want others to think we’re superior, so we boast. The more insecure we feel, the more we show off and the louder we brag. We try to convince others to think more highly of us than we actually think of ourselves.
  1. But Jesus path to Greatness was humility. (Mark 10). He rebuked John and James who was trying to be ahead of others, saying; “You don’t know what you are asking.” They wanted to share in the power of King Jesus, but they didn’t realize that Jesus’ path to the throne led not through ruling but through serving, not through power but through weakness, not through honor but through humiliation, not through dominating but through suffering.

Becoming Humble

So, then, if pride is such a deadly problem, and if humility is so necessary, how do we move from pride to humility?

  • Should we work on feeling as humble as we possibly can? That could backfire. We might end up being proud of how humble we are. It’s not something I can psych myself into by trying to feel humble.
  • Humility comes only when I encounter Jesus and keep my focus on him. One thing we learn in meeting Jesus is how badly we need Him- When we stand before the cross of Christ, we see with terrifying clarity what our sin deserves.
  • The cross smashes our arrogance and sense of superiority. Yet the cross doesn’t cast any into despair or make feel worthless.
  • The death of Jesus reconciles us to God, and it also reconciles us to each other. The cross puts us all on the same level, and it moves us to serve others as Jesus served us. No person is below us. No job is beneath us. Like Jesus, we simply do whatever needs doing, and help whoever needs helping. To be truly humble isn’t just a matter of trying to feel a bit less conceited. It’s a matter of humbling myself before Jesus and accepting His help

#2 Key: Service – Gal. 5:13, 15, 26; Matt. 23:6-12

Then Jesus called His disciples together and redefined greatness. He said, “You know that those who are regarded as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:42-45).

  1. Who’s number one? He who is first is not the one who bosses everybody around, but the one who is the slave of all. That’s the path Jesus took. He came to earth, not to be served, but to serve, not to get, but to give.
  2. The way of the world is to brag about ourselves and boss others; the way of Jesus is to humble ourselves and serve others whenever we get a chance. The way of the world is to look out for our own interests. The way of Jesus is to look out for the interests of others. Phil. 2:3-9,
  • Our attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus: attitude of love and humble service is His.


But whether it’s outward boasting or inner conceit or some combination, the focus is ultimately on ‘me’. This kind of focus on self is the essence of pride, and it’s the reason that being humble and serving others doesn’t come naturally to us. Maybe you know the Greek myth about Narcissus. He was so entranced with his own good looks that he couldn’t stop staring at his reflection in a pool. He got so caught up in staring at himself that he couldn’t tear himself away even to eat, and eventually, he starved to death. Therefore, beware of being too busy, focusing on yourself. Jesus warns against lording it over others and making a big deal of the position we hold or the titles by which people address us

Slave to Everyone

  • Now, acting as a slave, serving others is not to grovel and be a doormat and feel inferior and worthless. No, to be a slave is to help whoever needs helping and to do whatever needs doing, without saying “Isn’t this task beneath my dignity?” or “Should a person in my position do such a lowly job?” or “What’s in it for me?” or” Am I going to get any credit for this?” It’s amazing what we can accomplish if we don’t care who gets the credit.
  • Follow Jesus. Look to the interests of others. Lay aside whatever importance you have— or think you have. Serve others in love. And leave it up to God to decide where you belong on his scale of greatness.

Principles of moral ethics are ministerial virtues all men of God must cultivate. The ethical morale is a dexterity we must skillfully put on as habit. How? As gospel ministers, we should take heed to do the followings:

  1. Wisdom Application: Apply divine wisdom and discretion in dealing with the opposite sex who are not his close relations. E.g.
    • Never must you counsel or pray with member of opposite sex in a place that can be suspicion.
    • Should not counsel anyone on sexual and gynecological matters unless his/her partners is present.
    • Should not seek for intimate relationship or detail information.
    • Should be careful in giving any a lift.
    • Should not be so familiar with any female member to the extent that she cook and wash for him.
  2. Confidentiality: A minister should treat as top secret any official or personal information given to him by the church or individual, unless instructed to do so by the concerned. Confidential matters must not be divulged even to your spouse.
  3. Monetary Discipline: Do not borrow money from church members, church workers or juniors in ministry. It can lead to contempt, indiscipline and strife. Acts 20:33-35, I Sam. 12:1-5.
    • Never borrow or spend church money for personal projects or benefit.
    • Church money may detect like any other church officers, but not by the pastor, his associate and assistant. Full time ministers should strictly steer clear of church fund.
  4. Courtesy: Accord yourself with honour and respect in all your dealings and relationship. E.g. never be involved in immoral jokes, excessive jesting, lying, curses, abuses, swearing, boasting and fight. Jms. 38-9; Prov. 15:1; Eph. 5:3-4.
  5. Feminine Rectitude: Female minister/worker should accord to herself great nobility by her attitude of uprightness and self-restraint. E.g.
    • Should sit with ‘close-up thighs’/crossed legs.
    • Should be a mature believer who has overcome the vanities of worldly adornment but who rather places her emphasis on inner beauty. (1pet. 3:1-6; Isa 3:16)
    • Should be model for others in outlook. I Tim. 2:9; I Pet. 31-5; Prov. 31:30.
  6. Presentation: Ministers ought not put on mere underwear, short, pant, or towel in the open, and in front of an opposite sex, even when ‘Agbada’ is top’. Learn godly mannerism in the way you present yourself.
  7. Submission: Respect and honour for senior ministers in the staff-line must be a dignity well upheld by all minister. It is rebellious to disobey his order, put-up arrogant attitude against him or speak rudely to him.
  8. Politeness: Senior ministers should also treat their subordinates as honoured vessel, regard them as important, and rebuke them in love and not with sharp, cutting language. They deserve to be handled with politeness and ‘brother – partner’ dealing.
  9. Work Attitude: Let others, especially your subordinates, see in you the right service virtues of discipline, punctuality, diligence and prudence to emulate. Also:
    • Let them know the importance of working hard when it is time to work, and that of good relaxation in the hour of rest.
    • Learn to commend and reward their efforts with good words and sometimes with gifts.
    • Have witnesses among them when handling critical issues or major projects.

Private Life of a Minister

  • Diligently work on your marriage as to make it a source of inspiration and blessings to others, and to the ministry. 18:22; II Cort. 6:14; Eccl 4:9-12; Eph 6:1-4, Tim. 3:4-5; Titus. 1:6. Take good care of your family. I Tim.58 (Read also Isa. 58:7; Gal. 6:10).
  • Never allow domestic affairs & duties to hinder your ministerial commitment.
  • Do not abuse your body with lack of rest, gluttony, starvation or uncleanness.

Demands Of Consecration

Your consecration as God’s vessel demands the following of you:

  • A judicious use of time. Plan your time, your duty or weekly schedules and always work to time.
  • Pure and Practical Devotion: Devote your morning hour to prayer and study. I Tim. 4:13; Acts 6:1-4.
  • Servant Leadership: Servant-hood is the concept of the Christian ministry. Ministry is all about service not ruler-ship. Therefore we are to serve God, the church and others. The one who faithful serve others is the one for the exalted honour Christ’s kingdom.
  • Love: Love should be the basis of our relationship and the way of our service to Christ, the church and brethren.
  • Self-effacement: Humility, meekness is the key to promotion, honour and nobility in the kingdom service.
  • Truthfulness and Loyalty: faithfulness and accountability of stewardship are all that mark the servant for reward and glory
  • Change: One’s ministry may not necessary remain the same e.g. Philip started as a Deacon but ended as Evangelist. God may even add up to your existing calling, if he so chooses.



  1. The Primary Gateway: Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. He, Jesus himself, says it. (John 14:6).This same Jesus is the primary gateway into the ministry. Thus, you need to understand the following facts:
  1. Ministry does not come before the salvation of your soul. Are you born again? The ministry of an unregenerate man is run by the arms of the flesh. It is so certain that such a call is driven in personal desires, ego and lusts
  2. Christ opens the eye of His servants first before sending them “to open the eyes of the gentiles and to turn them from darkness to light”. Is your spiritual eye active?
  3. Christ calls us the second experience of Knowing. This depicts deeper walk, intimate relationship profound encounter with Him – like Enoch, Abraham, Joseph and Moses and His apostles.
  4. A deeper communion with the Holy Spirit is expected to be our daily experience, if we must have His extraordinary ministry.
    1. The Gateway of Sure Calling: Dreams, vision or fantasy called many people into ministry. Others are called by cloke of covetousness for wealth, fame, or pleasures. Yet, some are called by Satan. Thus:
  5. Ministry has ceased to be a sacred service it used to be.
  6. Wayward and lust-filled ministers are now in majority.
  7. The Christendom is been polluted with human philosophies and liberals.
  8. There is need for revival. The church must be restored to that original sanctity of power and glory.
    1. The Gateway of Confirmation: there is a third experience of knowing Him which comes after one has been called into the ministry. It is the gateway to spiritual breaking and remolding. We all must pass through this gate that God might finish with us, make us worthy vessels and releases the glory that confirms and establishes the ministry.
    2. The Gateway of Glorification: This has to do with encountering the glorified Christ. Moses had this experience at Horeb. (Exo. 3:2-3); Isaiah the prophet also has this experience. (Isa. 6: -5); on the mount transfiguration, Peter, James and John had the same experience. Paul also had it on Arabia mount, when he was taken up to the third heaven.

Eight Things to Understand of the Ministry

Now, you need to empower yourself with certain fundamental truth about the Ministry. So this chapter will be devoted to these truths you must understand.

  1. Every God Given Ministry Should Be A Direct Continuation Of Christ Earthly Ministry. So were the apostles’ ministries. The entire book of Acts is compact record of Christ “working with” the apostles, and confirming their words with signs following”. .(Acts 10:38; Mk 16: 19 – 20).
  2. Christ owns the ministry and He does it through whosoever He has given a part. Acts 1:17 makes it clear that we only obtained just a part of His ministry. It is therefore wrong to call His ministry our own, or run it as if it is yours. We are only stewards of the mystery of the kingdom. Sooner or later you will be called upon to give account of our stewardship.
  3. Ministry Is A Divine Assignment: It is one and uniquely whole. We are all servants and bond slaves of Christ Ministry. So, the ministry in your hand is a divine assignment, given to be done faithfully and fruitfully also.
  4. Ministry Is A Divine Package Of Mercy: Jesus spelt this out while declaring open His Ministry. (LK 4:18-19). The grace of God that saved us is rooted in God’s agape and it is given by divine mercy. So also is then ministry. These three – grace, agape and mercy- form the pillars of all true gospel ministries. That is why we all must realize our insufficiency, and solely depends on Him for fruitful service and ultimate fulfillment. (1 cor. 1:26, 29; Eph. 4:1)
  5. True Ministry is Divinely Patterned and Should Be So Built: It is greatly disastrous to build your own part of His ministry contrary to the “pattern sheweth thee on the mount”.
  6. The Word Is The Ministry: Without the Word there is no ministry. Paul enjoined his, Son Timothy, to “preach the word, to be instant in season and out of season…” Your success in ministry will be determined by your relationship with the Word. You must diligently learn to be a good minister “of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine…” Read also 2 Tim. 2:15)
  7. Ministry Is By The Holy Ghost: It can only be done and fulfilled in partnership with the Holy Ghost. He is the director of the Ministry and the power for success. Without Him in the word, the word will be lifeless. Be baptized into Him, and seek to glow with fire.
  8. Love Is The Beauty Of Ministry: No true light exist outside love. Christ ministers are to manifest and proclaim God’s love to the world. With love, the gospel light shines brighter. (1 John 2: 8-10; 1 cor. 13: 2; Matt. 7:22-23. In one word; love is all that counts, for even faith must operate by love. (Gal, 5:6)


 Ministry is all about ministering the good news of Jesus Christ to salvage and cure people and situations from the followings:

 1. Sin, iniquity and all unrighteousness

2. Church community and discipleship community model

3. Tyranny, oppressions, exploitation and injustice

  1. Integrity, Accountability and transparency
  2. Spiritual coldness, unfaithfulness, dishonesty
  3. Depression, grief, troubles
  4. prostitution, drug addiction, drunkenness
  5. Sexual sins and sexual struggles
  6. Courtship, Marriage, family life
  7. Cold marriages, broken marriages, marital delay
  8. Parenting, parent-child relationship, parent-child breakdown
  9. Career counseling, visioning, and success
  10. Childhood and adulthood
  11. The will of God
  12. Barrenness, failures, poverty
  13. Suicide, Suicide thoughts and attempts
  14. Sloth (indolence, laziness) issues
  15. Bitterness, un-forgiveness, conflicts
  16. Historic, silent, unspoken bitterness
  17. Loving, Giving, Caring
  18. Medical, and health issues
  19. Man plan, woman plan, and spiritual direction
  20. Spiritual fellowship & communion
  21. Spiritual battles, and social-political challenges
  22. Ethical and moral issues
  23. Purity, Power, Propose
  24. Leadership and Management
  25. Peer management, Friendship and relationship
  26. Kingdom project – the church, evangelism, revival, missions



Many people have asked how to start a ministry as they want to be a part of something. Believers worldwide are beginning to realize that we all have been called to do something and desire to get involved in what God is doing but often times are not sure what exactly to do.

The followingsare a brief worksheet of things to consider in starting a ministry:

  • Know, not just believe that you have been called: Make sure that you are truly born again and called by the Lord. Also be very sure to which field you have been called.
  • Prayer: Divine calling is something to pray about as you begin the process and you can begin the process while praying. Certainly, pray that God gives you confirmation, the ability, and the where with all to carry out what you believe that you have been called to do.
  • Definite Direction: Are you being called to start a ministry totally independent (on your own) or are you being called to start a ministry and work with an organization which depending on the organization and often times resources, will help you get started.
  • Preparation: After deciding which organization that you are going to affiliate yourself with, the next step is to make sure that you are prepared. Scripture tells us that my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and vision. This lets us know that while vision is important in the scheme of things it is also important to have the education and training behind you. Some ministry opportunities take months while others may take years. In addition to education there is a need for mentor-ship. Mentor-ship is an important part of the process, for it offers Godly advice and prayer support for you.
  • Training:The other part of the educational process is on the ministry training period experiences, (call it internship). Ministerial internship gives valuable experience but it also lets people know that you are willing to follow through. Here your level of obedience, loyalty and faithfulness is revealed. So likewise your heart of disobedience, rebellion and unfaithfulness. Everyone will follow through when thing are going well, but God wants to know who has the faithful heart to keep following when things seem to be falling apart, still trusting Him.
  • Legal Considerations: Besides the normal legal consideration like having a church or organization incorporated or charter, if you are going to go with an established ministry, there are the costs of articles of incorporation, which either will give you a legal entity to work from. In addition to legal status there may be further legal considerations from anywhere from meeting certain fire codes, depending on the ministry, to state licenses which may have to be applied for. If you work with an existing ministry under a charter, that ministry will be able to help you further in this area and other areas that you may not know about.
  • Building a Support Team: Behind all good and stable ministries is a team of people willing and called to pray for your ministry. This is a step like many of these steps that take time to build. The larger the number of your prayer partners, the larger your outreach will be. It is where the battles begin. It is where the Spiritual warfare is done. Your prayer support team is as important, if not more important than the rest of these steps.
  • Funding: Funding is a major concern to all that are in ministry. One would like to think that the funds will just be there when needed, but funding is much like finding people that are willing to pray for your ministry. It is difficult to go forward without prayer or funding.
  • Test Your Ministry: A final word about getting started. As you decide to go forward be aware that often times you may feel led, the time may not be right even though there seem to be doors that are open to you today. Doors do not always stay open and some ministries are designed by God even to be open, but for a short period of time. Not to cast doubt, but often times before one starts in ministry we instead are to just pray. This leads us back to step one. It is important to have in place enough of these steps in order to be able to test your ministry as Paul wrote.
  • Work in Unity: Realize that you are a work in progress and although you should stand in faith, you are not complete but simply a part of the body. You therefore need to learn to work in unity with the body.

Jesus Christ is the light and the salt of the earth and so are we. In that understanding comes the anointing, but with the anointing comes responsibility and maturity of knowing that we are responsible for the outcomes. He died in order to give us the tools, but it takes time in order to learn how to effectively use the tools.

It is also important to remember that in Paul’s case, it took twelve years from the time of His conversion on the road to Damascus to the actual time that he started in his ministry. This may sound discouraging, but we should know that God in His wisdom desires not only that you go forward, but also that you do not fall.



The first step to getting your music out there is making a plan. God will give you a mission and will even plan your steps for you … but you have to do your part. You can’t just sit around, waiting on God to bring people into your life that you can minister to or that can help you get your ministry out of the practice hall and into the lives of the people. You must diligently make plan and be all out, with burning passion. Now planning is not an easy task that can be done in 15 minutes or less. It may take days or even weeks and rarely will your first draft be your final draft. Be patient, be obedient and remember, God is powerful enough to point out flaws if you ask Him.

The Steps

  1. PRAYER: Ask God to show you your steps. Remember, it’s a path that He laid out for you before you were born, and He knows each step as well as each pitfall. Don’t forget that a in a Christian Music/drama Ministry, you’re representing God, so make sure that you’re right with Him before you start your journey.
  2. GOAL MAKING: Write down your goals. Where do you want to end up? Do you want to minister to crowds of people as far as the eye can see or do you feel called to do more intimate ministry in a small church setting? Each of those paths is different, so knowing which one you want to take is important.
  3. COUNT THE COST: Think through your goal/plan. What will it cost? The ending that you just wrote down is where you want to go, so now look at what it will take to get there.
  4. KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION: Educate yourself on every aspect of what you’re going to be doing. Learn about as much as you can about all of the things you don’t know about the ministry and/or the business of music/drama. In order for any ministry to grow, it has to be looked at as a business; God’s business; but business none the less. Churches and independent music/ drama ministries all have leadership and business practices. No ministry can just drift along without direction and education.
  5. MORE PRAYER: Pray some more. Once you get every draft finished, pray that God will show you if that is a good plan. Keep in mind that you can see right now, but God can see the whole picture. As God takes you down your personal path there may be more steps or different steps as you go, but if you’re in His will, the steps will be fruitful.
  6. ACTION: Take that first step in faith. Follow The Spirit leading. When you act, the Spirit will act, and what will follow will be signs & wonders.


  1. URGENCY: We, the body of Christ can no longer sit by and wait. The cost of waiting and not acting on the Word is horrible and deadly. It causes decrease of the quality of life in the generation we live. The harvest is white already. We must be all out for great commission.
  2. OWNERSHIP: II Chronicles 7:14, speaks about the believer. We need to turn back to God and humble ourselves, seeking Him, asking Him for direction and help and be willing to turn from our ways. For some time believers have thought that the problems of the world are the fault of the non-believer, but in reality they are the fault of the believer. The good news is: ‘the believer holds the solution to the world problems”. According to scripture, we can only fix it if we are willing to take responsibility for the problems.
  3. IDENTITY: We as His body need to understand who we are in Christ. We need the knowledge of our right, authority, and responsibilities, and act accordingly. Next we need to seek a vision and the guidance to know His
  4. STUDENTSHIP: As we talk with Jesus we can never afford to think that we know it all and are doing everything that we can. We need to continue to study (II Timothy 2:15).
  5. MOTIVATION: The first step to being motivated to do something is to decide if what is currently happening around us is from God. If we choose that it is from God we will probably not do anything. If on the other hand the things that are happening such as spiritual apathy, economic starvation, increased crime, hopelessness, etc., are not from God and aren’t His will, then we choose to become involved or not. If we become involved and take responsibility we can do something about current realities through Christ, which is His desire, which is living in obedience. {Matt. 19:19, Isa. 1:19-20}. Then we can work together as one body through Christ to destroy the works of the devil, being motivated to do the right thing as we are led by the Spirit.
  6. DELIGENCE: While success is defined by the individual minister, a successful ministerial career in any callings demands hard work. You can have the great ministry you are divinely called to run in the world, but if no one ever hears you, then you’re not sharing your message and you’re not successful by any standards.


Effectiveness Defined: “producing intended or successful results

In Christian ministry however effectiveness goes with efficacy, which has to do with “the ability to produce the intended result’; and also with efficiency, which is the “quality of doing things without waste of resources such as time, money and energy.”


A minster that will be effective in ministry will possess and operate with the following keys:

  1. Death to self/ total brokenness
  2. Learning Grace
  3. Love divine, charity, and cares
  4. The Anointing
  5. Wisdom and understanding
  6. Strong Praying Life
  7. Word Addiction
  8. Sharp spiritual hearing and sensitivity
  9. Long suffering and forbearance
  10. Faith, boldness, courage
  11. History of Past leadership shrewdness
  12. Servant leadership
  13. Truth, purity, integrity
  14. Humble, worship heart
  15. Contentment
  16. Willingness to take up responsibility
  17. Being a problem solver
  18. Being Excellence & Quality Driven
  19. Mental toughness
  20. Commanding peer and family respect
  21. Constructive spirit
  22. Spirit of innovation and Creativity
  23. Ability to retrieve and identify workable ideas from the Lord.
  24. Practical people building
  25. Thrill of facing challenges
  26. Grace and Ability to Start and finish well






We all must know that there are two opposing Kingdoms in spiritual conflicts: the KINGDOM of God and the kingdom of Satan.

  1. Every man on earth belongs either to CHRIST kingdom of light or devil’s kingdom of darkness. No neutrality exists. You are either wheat or tare.
  2. The wars between GOD and Satan began in heavens. It all started with Lucifer’s rebellion. His five ‘I wills’ brought about his been cast down. [Isa. 14:12-15; Rev. 12:7-21].
  • Jesus came into this world on warfare mission. He was here to destroy the works of the devil and to liberate humanity from his captivity. [Col. 2:15; I Jn. 3:8b].
  1. With his fall, the devil began a life-time war with the Seed of the Woman, and you and I who have been redeemed by His blood.
  2. At Calvary, Jesus said; ‘It is finished!’ And that was His declaration of His total triumph over Satan, a royal proclamation of an accomplished warfare.
  3. The Christ-less world are lost in darkness. They are the darkness, wrestling always to darken the light in you.
  • Satan seeks for your compromise. He loves the lukewarm in faith as it is easy for him to prey on them. ? [II Cort. 6:14]
  • The arrow of deliverance that Jesus shot gloriously brought our total liberation from sins, Satan, sickness and all evil works. He won for us.[Jug. 7:20]



The present spiritual and moral crisis in the world is becoming a manic sophistication. It is a crisis rooted in the wars between the kingdom of darkness and that of the Light. Thus:

  1. The perilous times now envelop humanity with darkness too gloom to bear. 60:1-2
  2. We are now locked in a total war against all forms of carnality, worldliness and Satanism.- [Eph. 6:11-13]
  3. Many are lost already in the darkness of spiritual conflict/wars.[Jude Vs.11-19]
    1. Christ the King is seeking for a dedicated, loyal and righteous army to carry the Flame of His Spirit for global invasion, illumination and emancipation. Gen.18:23-33; Ezek. 22:30; Psm. 106:23.
    2. He is calling us to battles. All who dare to answer this great call to battle would be made His Blazing Army;they would be God’s luminaries in this dark world. [1 ki. 19: 18; Jer. 15:1; Isa. 1:9; Ezek. 14:14; Acts 1:15.]

Do you desire to join Christ blazing army? To enlist in His blazing army you must possess the following requirements:

  1. You must be truly born of the Spirit- John 3:1-7
  2. Be endued with the Holy Ghost, live and walk in Him – 7:37-39; Acts 1:8; Gal. 5:25.
  3. Readily and willingly answer His call to spiritual warfare –Eph. 6:10-12
  4. Be skilled in the use of God’s armour&gifts of the Holy Spirit – 1 Cort. 12:7-11
  5. Possesses the ability to rule over your own spirit. Prov. 25: 28
  6. Be jealous for God and His righteousness- Titus 2:11-14
  7. Place His kingdom cause above personal pursuits/gratifications –[2 Sam. 11:6-13]
  8. Be a man of honesty and of firm integrity-[1 Sam. 25: 15-16]
  9. Be a valiant, bold and courageous man of faith- [2 Sam.23:8-23/Josh. 1:6-9]
  10. Be of compassionate heart -2 Sam. 1:11-12
  11. be a man with extreme and tender personal loyalty to Jesus – 2 Sam. 23:13-17

REWARDS: Honors and glory await over-comers – Rev. 2: 26





  2. The lion-like countenances: Christ blazing ones are fierce and calm warriors, carrying the lion faces of faith, bravery, and confidence in God.
  3. The swiftness of gazelles: they are swift, ready, rugged, active and mobile.
  4. Ranks keepers: They know their battle lines/ranks and could keep ranks in the battle field. The blazing ones would faithfully keep the ranks of unity and love.
  5. Would dare river Jordan: the blazing generation would cross over oceans of life, even when it overflows.
  6. Undivided Loyalty: Christ blazing armies would do the LORD’S work with undivided loyalty. They are not men of double heart or divided loyalty
  7. Ultimate Objective: the blazing ones live and serve with the one ultimate objective of enthroning Jesus, both in men’s hearts and on the nations.
  9. Absolute Surrender-ness: Christ blazing armies are known for a devotion of total renunciation. They are men who have surrendered their lives and their very best to Christ, in affectionate love, adoration and service. Mal. 1:14
  10. Holy Ghost intoxication: They are Holy Ghost army, filled and empowered, lighted and ablaze of the Holy Ghost, and fire.
  11. Faith Radicalism: they are men of faith, devoted to faith radicalism; a radicalism based on the word of faith and divine promises- Josh.1:6-9; psalm. 1:1-3.
  12. Spiritual Fervency: His blazing ones is a consecrated army, practically and devoted to true, faith-filled, fervent prayers and fasting.   Psalm 55:17; Dan. 6:10; Mark 11:22-24
  13. Jealous of God’s Righteousness: it is an army filled with burning jealousy for the Lord and His righteousness, like the prophet Elijah – psalm. 101:3
  14. Wealthy virtues: Christ blazing ones are devoted to enriching themselves with the wealthy virtues of faith, courage and bravery; they are apostles of love who truly understand unity, integrity, faithfulness, consistency,diligence and team work.
  15. Total Loyalty: Christ blazing ones are an army devoted to extreme and tender loyalty to the Lord and His delegated authority. They reject the company of the rebellious, carnal, and sinful. 1 sam.23:16; 1ki. 10:15-17; psalm. 119:63/ Hebr. 6:11-12; Matt. 12:25; Eph. 4:1-6.
  16. Aggressive Witnessing: His blazing army is an army devoted to effective, rugged dissemination of Christ gospel to their children and generations. They are the “wise that winneth souls”1 ki 2:2; 1 chro.28:9; Psalm 34:11, 78:1-8; Joel1:1-3
  17. Daily Spiritual Sporting: It is an army of covenant men, who exercise themselves in the things of the Spirit. They do this to be skillful users of the weapons of war such as the name Jesus, the blood of Lamb, the sword of the Spirit, the spiritual gifts and God’s whole armour (of light).
  18. Selflessness Services: they are committed to self-denial, self-sacrifices and contentment. Matt 5: 28-30; prov. 5:19
  19. Inner Quietness: these are men not giving to loose tongues, foolish thoughts and vain imaginations -Jam. 3:2; Prov.24:9
  20. Happy Homelife: His blazing army orders their family life in the way of love, happiness and victory. [They learn to be responsible, loyal and praying husbands, wives and parents]. Col. 3:19.

Every blood washed, Spirit filled person belonged here. Thus:

  1. We all have the Covenant, the Mandate, the Power and the Fire.[John.1:12-13; 7:1-7; I Pet.2:9; Mark 2:21-22]
  2. We all should enlist in Christ blazing army. – [Mark 1:16-20]
  3. We all can be set a glowing by His Spirit of glory. [II Cort. 3: 17-18]
  4. We all can engage Satan in victorious spiritual wars.[I Sam.17: 32-37; II Cort. 10:3-6]
  5. We all can become agents of salvation, healing, deliverance and harvest.
  6. We all can triumph over the crisis of darkness in this perilous era.[Isa.60:1-2]
  7. We all can win the day as wise virgins, and eternally reign with the King. [25:1-13]

We must rise as to occupy our place in God’s army. The end time is here and our Chief Commander will soon be here to lead the mother of all wars, reward and lead us home in processional flight. We are His blazing Army.You belonged here!




{Read 2 Tim. 4:5, Eph. 4:11}

  1. Who is an Evangelist?

The Evangelist (Evangelistas) is “a passionate pro-claimer of the good news” of Christ. He preaches or announces the glad tidings of salvation, healing, deliverance and victory to the world. [Psm. 68:11]. Thus it is scriptural deducted that you, an evangelist, is supposed to be:

  1. A man or woman with unusual burden for the lost. His message therefore is salvation, He emphasizes on salvation, reconciliation and Spirit living.
  2. The evangelist is God’s man on Christ’s harvest mission; the mission to rescue lost souls from perishing.
  3. A minister truly endued with the anointing for powerful preaching and miracle working ministry.
  4. A man or woman who demonstrates great boldness, especially when in action under God’s move.
  5. A man or woman of mighty praying and fasting life.
  1. Reasons for Evangelizing

Why should you, an Evangelist go out there to evangelize the lost with burning passion? The following are major reasons:

  1. Because it is the principal reason for your existence
  2. Because it is harvest time; for the harvest are white and ready already.
  3. Because the summer is nigh, the Lord Christ will soon be back here.
  4. Because Jesus has mandated you to preach the Christ to others
  5. Because the local church barn built for the conservation of won souls
  6. Because the local church is a training regiment, meant to prepare you for effective soul-winning.
  7. Because the harvest works demands the all of your life, time and resources.
  8. Because it will be disastrous for any to fail
  9. Because the prodigals ought to come back home
  10. Because there are crowns and blessings awaiting the faithful over-comers in the ends.
  1. Why Is It That Many Evangelists DO Fail?
  1. Because they lost their savor as the salt and the light of the world
  2. Because they handled the great commission with levity
  3. Because they are controlled by the ego for power, post or position. They wanted to be executives, demanding to be served rather than to serve
  4. Because they are filled with the fears of losing their own life
  5. Because they undermined the spiritual warfare
  6. Because they are overtaken by spirit of compromise, complacency and conformity to the world.
  7. Because they devoted their first love to their families and loved ones, rather than to God.
  8. Because they worship at the altars of sexual immorality, lust and avarice
  9. Because they are pre-occupied with heaping up the treasures of this world for themselves and their children yet unborn
  10. Because they love and pursue the pleasures of this world
  11. Because in their pride, pomposity and carnality they chose to live the extravagant lifestyles, and teach others to do so.


  1. The Evangelism Tasks / Read: Acts 85-8,1:68; 10:5; Mk 16:15-16.

The great commission is yet the God’s heartbeat. And it got to be our heartbeat also. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the life-line to all who dare to believe. Now what are the duties of the Evangelist? Your missions as an evangelist include the followings:

  • Personal Evangelism- (one-on-one):
  • Open air crusade
  • City wide meeting
  • Indoor revival
  • Cultural & intercultural Missions
  • Hospital, prison and other specialized outreaches
  • Vigorous visitation outing
  • Literature, Media & Net evangelism.
    1. Counsels to Evangelist

Every God’s called Evangelist should carefully consider the following counsels:

  1. Learn to be of sterling character (Principle purity) to overcome various temptations. E.g. Lusts for money and women/man.
  2. Never be involved in criticizing other ministers or denomination. (Gal. 6:1).
  3. Learn to sustain a heart of true love, passion and burden towards the lost.
  4. Take good care of your own health by observing rest, balance diet and exercise.
  5. Be of good report within and outside your domains.
  6. Take good caution in matters of monetary and material rewards, especially in your relationship with your host, etc.
  7. Always employ illustrations as windows of your message without lying.
  8. Learn to thoroughly prepare each message for definite purpose and prayerfully.
  9. Learn to preach with such simplicity that aids the grasp of the common people.
  10. Always watch against pride, unruly anger, sexual immorality, human ego and worldly tendencies.
  11. Unlike most Evangelists, don’t be careless about following up converts or leave them un-churched. Though it is true that many evangelists make poor pastor, being is restless and of high temperament, but you can chose to be different.
  1. Preparation of an Evangelist
  1. Prayer and Fasting: effective, fervent intercessory prayer is the rudimentary when it comes to reaching out to the lost. It is the foundational force.
  2. Study: be a man of the WORD. Be studious.
  3. Resource: Also,collate needed materials such as Bibles, tracts, decision cards, prayer request forms and other helpful literature.
  4. Good Mobilization: you must be a good mobilizer of your team members and also an effective team trainer, in the art of successful gospel sharing.
  5. Outreaches: Personally lead them on Spirit led outreaches. Be a bold courageous leader of the army of the Lord. Lead them out into villages, towns and cities; be involved in house to house, highways, prison, hospital, hotels or any other kinds of evangelism.


  1. The Worth of a Successful Evangelist

A man who will be a successful evangelist would be a man of:

  1. Pure Devotion
  2. Undying love
  3. Constant Abide
  4. Knowledge of The Word
  5. The Anointing
  6. Prayer
  7. Watchfulness
  8. Wisdom Divine
  9. Absolute dependence and faith
  10. Spirit given Method
  11. Shameless Proclamation
  12. Networking Strategies
  13. Loyalty and faithfulness
  14. Communion of the Spirit


  1. Art Of Soul-Winning { 28:18-20}

Soul winning is neither a program nor an event. It is a commission, the great commission, given by the Lord to every believer and is to be our passion and lifestyle. We are all saved to save others. The process of bringing the lost to the salvation knowledge of Christ is what I refer to here as the art of soul winning. We shall be discussing this process here.

  1. How do we go about the practice of winning souls?
  2. Personal Conviction: Buy the conviction that it is your very responsibility to win the lost. You must first be personally persuaded of your roles in God’s harvest duty on earth before you can successfully reach out to others.
  3. Faith in the Gospel Potency: Apostle Paul boldly affirmed that the gospel of Jesus Christ is God’s power unto salvation to all who believe. You must strongly believe in the miracle working power of the gospel to boldly declare it with result. Faith makes it work also for you.
  4. Holy Ghost Baptism: you need be baptized with Holy Ghost and Fire to become an effective and efficient soul winner. Nothing brings much result without power. Go for the anointing of fire through baptism power-gate, with the initial evidence in speaking in other toques.
  5. Prayer and Fasting: A fasting and praying life will do much for God than anyone else. To succeed in the works of soul-harvesting, you must be a fervent, faithful prayer addict. Pray that God open your eyes to see the lost people as He sees them; that He breaks the harden hearts and lightens the dark land, etc.
  6. Start with Relationship: you will need to understand relationship evangelism and begin with it. This kind has to do with witnessing and ministering Jesus to your immediate family, friends and neighbors.
  7. Work with a Team: Join your Church evangelism crew or any soul winning team and go out with them. Be part of a team. But be sure it is a spiritually alive group, morally sound and practically devoted to the real task.
  8. Effective Followup: Learn the working strategies of effective follow up art in evangelism. Get your converts build up in faith.
  9. Give Sound Encouragement: Encourage your converts to join your church, if yours is living Bible believing one. If your church isn’t one, get him/her well established in a sound, Bible believing gospel church.




Isa. 66:8, 61:1-3; I Tim. 2:14; Matt.25:43-46.


Every church/ministry needs a prison outreach department, a blazing army of Jesus that should be well equipped to win and rehabilitate prisoners. We all must answer the call of God to win even the prisoners. And we should always remember that many are behind irons gates and bars for the offense they do not commit.

  1. What Is It All About?
  2. It is about fulfilling the Lord’s commission among prisoners and their families
  3. It is an evangelistic outreach to the lost, bound and blindfolded.
  • It is a ministry that rests on Christ’s redeeming power, the undiluted gospel.
  1. Though a ministry that often experience confrontation with dangerous inmates, it is a demonstration of Christ love.
  2. Who Is Indeed Qualified To Be A Volunteer?
  3. He who is truly born again.
  4. He who is filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • He who is of sincere and compassionate heart.
  1. He who is ready to use his gifts and talents without material rewards
  2. He who will be happy to suffer reproach for Christ.
  3. He who is determined to be a volunteer for Christ, giving up three to five hours out of his tight schedules, for this outreach each week.

Note: you don’t need to be an ex-inmate like Ed-martin, Chuck Colson and Kayode Williams to be involved as in prison ministry.

  1. Areas You Can Be Involved
  2. Sunday in-prison Service: Here, being highly competitive, you will meet with many churches and mix with group of preachers. It is usually conducted in our usual Sunday worship service, except that it is attended majorly by inmates who are spiritual babes, and without doctrinal/denominational emphasis.
  3. Week day Bible Study Class: this is less competitive and therefore an opportunity for you to start with. Though the attendance is considerable lesser than Sunday service, you can make it an avenue to develop and manifest your gift, touch hearts of stone and possibly turn them to that of the flesh, interact with inmates and build up convert to maturity.
  • In-prison counseling: though most prisons make provision for secular counseling services, there are needs for sound Christian counselors. You can apply to prison authority for a slot, if counseling is your calling.
  1. Friendly Visitors: you can also “adopt” an inmate as a friend. Your mission here is to write letters send gifts, cards and pay him/her occasional visits.To get an inmate friend, see the prison chaplain. He will provide you with a list from which you pick a friend of same sex, purely for the purpose of sharing the Christ with him/her.

Do not lend money to an inmate friend, be not involved yourself in his case, and don’t relate to his/her family.

  1. Pen-pal Special: here you exchange letters with one or more inmates as pen pals.Since inmates have been let down by friends and family, they spend their lives in loneliness. Thus, when they receive junk mail form you, joy and brightness fill their days.As a pen pal ensure you write inspirational, carefully and prayerfully. Don’t exchange your personal contact address, phone number, e-mail address or website with any inmates/ prison pen-pals. It is dangerous. Rather use that of the church or prison ministry.
  2. After – release Care Mission: many prisoners commit more crimes after their terms. There is thus the need for Christian rehabilitation project for those that are being released. This care project should include offering the right hand of fellowship, re-uniting them with their families, developing resource packs of city map, church location, and other useful info., establishing of Christian education classes, aggressive prayer forum, counseling and teaching sessions, and job creation.
  • Juvenile Homes Outreach: these are local detention Centre where kids/youths are sent by parents, courts, police and social agencies. Actually most of these youths do not commit any serious crimes and others are there because their families have problems. There are needs for volunteers to serve as tutors, counselors, recreation aids, church ministers, and Bible study teachers.
  • Ministry to Inmates Families: There are bread-winner inmates whose families languish in deep economic crises as a result of the imprisonment. Churches can be of great help to these families in the areas of visitation, prayer, counseling, scholarship/education support to the children, food aids, etc. the objective here is to restore broken bonds and protect prisoners’ kids from fallen prey to the generational circle of crime.The grand key here is a compassionate heart.
  1. Ministering to Prison Inmates
  2. Put serious prayer first: always pray before you evangelize. Ask for God’s guidance and Spirit anointing
  3. Be patient and tactful: don’t rush while ministering to an inmate. Learn to be patient. Employ tact and wisdom of God when preaching to someone of another religion.
  • Pay Attention: Listen with full attention to what he/she has to say. Show him/her this kindness.
  1. Ask Questions: always begin with questions relating to his/her future and end with those relating to his/her eternity
  2. Explain the ABC of Salvation: Move to this next level as you carefully explain what salvation in Christ through faith is all about.
  3. Give invitation to decide for Jesus: throw the challenge to accept Jesus to his/her life. Ask him to decide and end with prayer if the response is positive. James 5:20
  • Encourage open testimony: encourage him/her to give testimony to others and if possible stand before the congregation. This is to strengthen the new found faith.

Reflection for Action

Do you have a burden for this type ministry? It is part of the great commission given to us as believers. Register your interest or that of your church/ministry/organization with nearby prison authority today. You can also form a prison outreach network or join one



  1. HOSPITAL EVANGELISM { 25: 43-46}

The hospital evangelism is an outreach to clinical clients/patients with the objectives of giving them the healing power of Jesus and gospel of salvation. This form of evangelism should be an active part of every living church or ministry.

  1. Why Should We Visit The Sick?
  1. It is part of the great commission, a command to obey- mark. 16:15-
  2. Jesus demands that we visit the sick, and affirms that whoever visit the sick visit Him. Matt. 25:43-46
  • Hospital evangelism can become a place of effective soul winning. Its evangelistic potential is very great. E.g. the heart of stone can be turned to that of flesh on the sick bed; just as dying faith can be re-fired.
  1. The power of God’s love in our heart should drive us with compassion to give hope and healing to the bodily afflicted. Eliphaz, Bildad&Zophar visited Job in his affliction to share of his sufferings.
    1. Pre-requisites for Hospital Evangelists
  2. He/she must be born again. Salvation is a basic and general requirement in Kingdom works.
  3. He/she needs be filled with the Holy Spirit. Gift of healing is a manifestation of the Spirit, and so you must be anointed by Him.
  • He/she must be compassionate. Empathy must be shown to the patient.
  1. He/she must be a man or woman of faith. To bring healing and deliverance, prayer for the sick must be that of faith. Jam. 5:
  1. How To Minister To The Sick
  1. Wear a cheerful countenance
  2. It is better to maintain standing position than taking a seat. Never sit on the bed, even when one is free. The management may frown at it.
  • Keep your voice low but audible while speaking
  1. Minister with faith under the Spirit unction
  2. Pray a fervent prayer of faith. Let your prayer be short but authoritative. You can lay hand on the sick or anoint with oil- do as the Spirit leads.
  3. Keep to time. Don’t exceed your given time. Work within fifteen minutes, if possible.
  1. Conduct During Hospital Outreach
  1. Get official visiting approval
  2. Know the hospital policies and adhere to them
  • Be cooperative with the management
  1. Express courtesies as you walk in through the aisles into wards. Be humble, polite and respectful.
  2. Before you enter a ward, see the attendant nurse for permission
  3. Make the patient your principal objective
  • Determine to let the outreach challenge the best in you.
  • Do not chew gum or smack gum while in the premises
  1. Check with the nurse before bringing food or any other gifts for a patient

Talk about happy things and never share a bad story with your patient.

  1. Leave the room when doctor/ nurse enter to attend. Don’t disturb or wear-out any patient
  1. HIGHWAY EVANGELISM {Matt. 21:31-32}

The highways mission is part of our evangelistic duty. Souls on the highway include prostitutes, drug addicts, drug dealers, the hurting and the beggars. They are perishing and in need the salvation of our Lord Jesus.

The Nature of this Mission

  1. It is a very dangerous calling
  2. It is a tempting task
  3. It is a difficult job
  4. It is a mission possible, by the power and leading of the Holy Spirit

Who Can Go?

  1. He who is truly born of the Spirit
  2. He who is made ablaze in the flame of the Spirit
  3. He who is dead to the flesh and its evil desires.
  4. He who is sexually and morally sound
  5. He who can discern the voice and operations of the Spirit, and is determined to follow His leadings.
  6. He who is delivered of the spirit of greed and avarice. You can’t go if you have your eyes on material rewards.
  7. He who is prepared to crush the devils by means of prayer and victorious warfare.

Preparations for Highway Mission

  1. Real preparation begins from your inward self. Get your heart fully prepared to bind and dislodge devils. Set for the triumph.
  2. Enter into a seasonal ministry of fasting and prayers.
  3. Specifically ask the Lord for the unique grace and anointing needed for this king mission.
  4. Get yourself saturated in the Word of God. Be immersed in the living word.
  5. Collate all necessary Christian materials for the mission. E.g. Bibles, tracts, information/data cards, etc
  6. Set up rehabilitation project for the would-be converts. This is church duty, as it may not be that easy for an individual, except financially buoyant. This project should include the followings: (i). facilities needed for accommodation/home, training school, fellowship, job empowerment, etc. (ii). Practical/financial support network.

Strategies that Work

  1. Networking: you cannot do this job alone. There is thus the need to network with police, court of law, social agencies and churches/ministries of like vision. You can gain contact to prostitute and drug addicts through this network. It’s the best strategy one can employ
  2. Detective: here you go into their room/base, pretend to be a customer in need of the service and then pay for the service without rendering one. The intent here is to establish a contact and fix an appointment for mutual talk
  3. Direct Outing: here you go in the company of other brethren as in house to house evangelism, strategically operating at their base. It is operation watch and catch, one-on-one outreach.
  4. Literature: here you write and print relevant message in tracts, newsletter, books, audio and audio-visual devices, etc. then you mobilize a team as a Blazing Army to distribute.
  5. Social Media: you start with opening a special website, or Facebook, or Twitter, or any other social sites for the purpose of evangelizing these social outcasts. You can make contacts through Google search, courts and security agencies to prisoners and relevant agencies.
  6. Power Evangelism: this is total invasion strategy. An open air mass crusade is prayerfully organized, and located close to their base, done through the cooperation of several churches, ministries, prayer groups and social agencies.
  7. Film/Visual Evangelism: Buy tapes/video containing relevant evangelism messages for the purpose of organizing film shows, video outreach or drama night, in a targeted place.



The need for systematic and timely follow up cannot be over emphasized. Make sure this arrangement is solidly on ground before the outreach. The reasons are:

  1. Any slack in this area may lead to immediate fall back of the converts into the black world, for worst.
  2. Ineffective follow up program may lead to moral and spiritual pollutions in the Church.
  3. There are necessities for spiritual purging. For the follow up effort to have results, you must organize regular deliverance sessions for the converts to break all demonic links and over-haul them of demonic pollutions.
  1. CHILDREN EVANGELISM { 19:13-15; Rom. 10:14]

Jesus loves little children. They are very precious to Him. We also ought to love and reach out to them with Christ gospel of salvation. Children really have the capacity to hear and understand the gospel and could as well share it with others.


What is child Evangelism?It is a process whereby children are carefully bought to the knowledge of salvation and disciple for the Lord, before the age of social-moral crisis sets in.

The significance of child evangelism: It is important to the entire family to bring our children into the light of Christ and thus rightly position them for successful and triumphant future.

Why Evangelizing Children at all?

  • Because they are born with sinful nature [Rom.3:23]
  • Because only the gospel of Jesus offers them the helps needed to cope with the negative influences of this world.

What age would a child be ripe to receive the gospel?

  • when he begins to question you about God and heaven
  • When he begins to feel guilty and sorry for acts of wrong doing and is afraid of committing it again.
  • When he is able to understand what Jesus did on the Cross
  • When he is capable of making rational decisions.
  • When he begins to feel the need to have relationship with God.
  • When he could be moved and convicted by the Holy Spirit.


Child Evangelism Gospel concepts

  • The concept of universalism if sin- that he and all have sinned and that God stands to punish sin. [Rom. 3:23; 6: 23]
  • Concept of God’s love- that God loves children and does not want them to die. And for this reason He sent His Son Jesus to die in our place.
  • Concept of Salvation- that Jesus came into the world to seek for children and to save them. And that by accepting Him into their heart by faith, they will be saved. [ John 3: 15-17]
  • Concept of repentance and faith- that to appropriate the benefit of salvation, he must repent of his sin, and ask Jesus into his heart by faith. Each and all that Jesus did on the Cross demands faith from the individual Faith is a necessary tool for salvation, healing, deliverance, etc. [Gal. 2:13,23]

The Effective Strategies for Child Evangelism

As a child evangelist, prayerfully organize the following strategic programs, among others, as the Holy Spirit leads.

  • Home Bible Class-
  • After school Bible clubs
  • Back to school programs
  • Holiday outdoor Christian events
  • Holiday school
  • Children Crusade/revival
  • Film / video outreach

How Do We Handle Children Programs?

  • Have your action plan- it is true and genuine salvation, not another. Therefore let your plan reflects this. Pursue real conversion and transformation.
  • Be spiritual sensitive: be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in all you do.
  • Speak the language the child best understand. Come to his level to communicate to him. Be very clear.
  • Always remember that children also have their own will; therefore give them enough time to decide without pressure.

When a Child Responds to Altar Call

  • Gain his attention first by calling him by his first name, or by touching his arm
  • Ask why he comes out to the altar. If his answer is positive, carefully explain the way of salvation to him.
  • Have him pray in his own words and round the prayer off by leading him in the prayer of the penitent. Tell him to pray after you.
  • Then let him face the audience to testify of what the Lord has just done in his life.
  • Pray for him and thank God on his behalf and straightly begin to follow up.

How to Follow Up Kids after Conversion

Every saved child needs to be diligently followed up and well rooted in the Lord.

Follow-up: importance

There are four basic importance of this in the life of the child.

  • To liberate him/her from lacks of assurance of salvation.
  • To provide him/her with Christian models as exemplified in Christ.
  • To nurture him/her to spiritual maturity
  • To establish relationship with and win his/her unsaved parents for the Lord.

Effectively follow-up the Child

  • Prepare lesson-series on Jesus, salvation, temptation, love, forgiveness, holiness, faith, Holy Spirit, spiritual worship, success and Bible stories, to be used to teach and counsel him/her for a period of time.
  • Employ techniques of verse repetition, memory verse rendition, child Bible books and teaching aids of picture/images.
  • Prayerfully deal with confusion, despair, disillusion in kid’s life.
  • Impact him/her with power for victorious and successful future.
  • Always show interest in his/her welfare.
  • Establish good relationship with the child parents, & siblings.


Positively impact on the child

  • Get yourself soak in God’s presence through much prayers and study of the word of God. Note that this is the primary means.
  • Live by example, consistently.
  • Always communication in the power and the Spirit of God.
  • Kindle excitement in meetings; make programs interesting.
  • Be on schedule- never come late, never start or close late.
  • Build a knitted family of love and unity.
  • Entrench strict discipline among the children.
  • Answer legitimate questions politely.
  • Build loving relationship with their parents
  • Be hospitable and accessible- you may have to give them stimulant/ gifts often.
  • Provide incentives for good behaving ones.

Train parents to win their children

One thing every parent must know is that primarily God uses parents to reach their children with the knowledge of salvation.

  • It’s your primary calling and obligation as a parent, not of your pastor. Deutr. 6:6-7
  • You must determine and encourage yourself and spouse not to fail in this duty.
  • Always seek to learn how best you can pass on God’s word and testimony to the next generation.
  • Avoid evangelizing your kids through pressure or severity.
  • Learn how to win them through relationship, exemplary living, Bible clubs, teaching of the word, daily intercessions, use of audio and visual means, etc.
  • It is high time pastors equipped and empowered parents with creative trainings and inspiration divine.
  • Pastors and church leaders should organize regular seminar/workshop to train parents on how to excel in their primary responsibility and lead exemplary life.
  • Church leaders should encourage parents to always come to God’s presence [Church] with their entire family. Acts 16:32



The Calling of Champions

  1. Abraham: he was called to be a father of many nations. Called at the age of 50, and instructed to leave his father’s land to a yet unknown land.
  2. Joseph: called to be a leader and deliverer through dreams at a tender age.
  3. Moses: Called to be a deliverer of Israel from Egypt, the house of bondage
  4. David: he was young faithful shepherd boy who was called to be King at 17.
  5. Elisha: called to be a prophet to the Nation Israel
  6. Jeremiah: Called to be a prophet to the nation
  7. Jesus Christ: Called to be the Redeemer, Head of the church & King of Kings
  8. Twelve apostles: Called to establish the new testament church
  9. Apostle Paul: called to reveal the Church as the body of Christ
  • What are you being called to be?
  • Do you really know your calling?
  • Have you made up your mind to answer God’s calling upon your life?

The Making of Champions

‘Making’ is a preparatory process, often long, progressive and full of trials. The making of Champions is highly demanding.

We are God’s armies; gather at this 20th Anniversary special Fire Retreat to learn the reign of God’s Champion that we also may join this roll of honor in life.

Fundamentally, ancient Champions rode through the pathway of servant leadership and were thus singled out by their calling to further serve the people. Servant leadership demands development of characteristics, spiritual gifts, & talents through life situations, assigned tasks and leadership styles. Biblical champions also revealed flaws and failures.


Abraham – A Champion of Faith: Abraham, a champion of faith overcame many imperfections to attain greatness through faith in God’s plan and promises. He received 11 personal prophecies & passed 7 major tests. God promoted him to the next level until he reached the last major trial – the test to offer Isaac as sacrifice. {Gen. 22: 1-19} For him, it takes patience and obedience to attain his commissioning as seen in {Gen. 22: 16-19} Patience and obedience is demanded of all who are called by God. His faith-style leadership drove his family to become a great nation. (Gen. 11-25; Rm. 4; Heb. 11)

  • His pathway:
    1. He followed the call of God (Gen. 12:1, 4; Heb. 11:8).
    2. Believed the promises of God (Gen. 15:6).
  • Suffered the hardest of tests (Gen. 22:1-2).
  1. Was visionary who saw what God was doing (Heb. 11:10).
  2. Lived by faith and called God’s friend. (Jms 2:21-23).

Joseph – An Executive Champion: Joseph’s making has to do with a progressive movement from negative circumstances to setback. However, in all his afflictions, the Lord’s presence was with him. {Gen 39:20-23}. In the end, the Lord turned his travails to triumphs, his demotions to promotion. {Gen. 41: 37-46; 50:19-20}. In him we learn the principles of endurance, righteousness & integrity in the making of God’s champions, even in the faces of adversity of life. As far as God is concerned, all things worked together for those who He purposefully called. {Rom. 8:28} We see Joseph as a man well endowed with a gentle, forgiving spirit. He was a champion of character, virtue & divine providence. His attributes of divine intelligence & foresight made him a trustworthy Prime-minister of Egypt. (Gen. 37-50). He was a statesman with rare gifts of administration.

  • His pathway:
    1. He was tested yet he remained faithful (Gen. 39:7-10).
    2. Was made the servant/executor of Egypt (Gen. 41:41-57).
  • He was blessed in the task (Gen. 45:4-8).
  1. He depended on divine guidance and providence (Gen. 50: 19-21).

Moses – A Champion of Freedom: Moses was called to lead the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery into the Canaan land. He was a great charismatic political leader & the recipient of miraculous power from God in his task.

  • His Pathway:
  1. He was called to the task of deliverance (Ex. 3:7-10).
  2. Created Egyptian dissatisfaction (Ex. 7:1-5).
  • Responded to wise counsel (Ex. 18:24-26).
  1. Relied on divine resources (Ex. 19:3-6).

Joshua – A Champion of War: Joshua, appointed as Moses’ military commander, was the champion of war who led Israel into the Canaan Land. He exhibited great courage against vast odds through faith and strength.

  • His Pathway
    1. He believed it can be done. (Num. 14:6-9, 30)
    2. He commanded the move out. (Joshua 1:6-11)
  • He instructed them to take stand. (Joshua 24:14-15)

David – A Royal Champion: David, chosen by God & anointed by Samuel, was a man prepared through courage & commitment of shepherding to be a royal champion. The value of the shepherd has to do with the devotion of servant looking after the flock, & in Jesus the messianic Shepherd.

  • His Pathway
  1. He was chosen by God (1 Sam. 16:7, 11-13).
  • Prepared by experience (1 Sam. 17:32-37).
  1. Commissioned as Shepherd / King (2 Sam. 5:1-3).
  2. Prophesied the coming of Christ (Acts 2:25-28, 34-36).

Esther – A Feminine, Royal Champion (Esther 1-10) :Esther, became the queen of Persia and thereafter the most celebrated champion for saving the Jews from Haman’s plan. She rose to the challenge of leadership, exhibiting selfless courage at a time of great peril to her people. “If I perish, I perish.” were her words.

  • Her Pathway:
    1. He began in humble circumstances (Est. 2:7).
    2. Lived among a despised people (Est. 3:6).
  • Rose to the challenge of leadership (Est. 4:14).
  1. Acted with believing courage (Est. 4:16).
  2. Followed through to completion (Est. 9:28-29)


  • Whose sandals will you choose to wear among these champions?
  • What contemporary model will you affirm in servant leadership?
  • How can you use biblical champions to mentor others?


David’s life & ministries teaches that God has provided all that we need to become His reigning champions. We can be champions for God, take the Gospel to nations, if we dare to press on in this tough times and finish strong to win the gold.

The Rising Champion (I Samuel 16:1-13)

  1. David’s early years saw him rising from obscurity to limelight, from the pasture to the throne, with God’s Hand behind the scenes. (Psalm 78:70-72)
  2. David was Jesse’s youngest son, a teenage shepherd, a Saul’s musician, a giant-slayer, a fugitive on the run, Jonathan’s closest friend & a hero to thousands.

Anointed to Reign

  1. When David was called in from the sheepfold, the Lord told Samuel “he is he; anoint him.” And he does. But that didn’t make him king. The anointing was God’s way of saying, “This is my man, when the time comes, he will be king.”
  2. When God wanted to chose a king whose name would last 3,000 years, he went out in a pasture and him.
  3. At the moment of the anointing, the Spirit of God came on David with power. It was God’s way of saying, “You now have my power.”
  4. With this Spirit Anointing, David went on conquering lions, bears and the giants of this world. It takes such power to reign as champion for God.
  5. David, the handsome guy, mounted the throne after years of wilderness wandering and became Israel’s greatest King, a charismatic leader, a man of war, a poet, a gifted architect, a man after God’s heart, so loved by multitudes.
  6. David, the sweet psalmist who penned at least 73 psalms, is yet a reigning champion. He has been painted, sculpted, idealized, immortalized and He was mentioned 1100 times, more than any others.

The Paradox of the Champion

  1. But David, the king who loved and worshiped God was also an adulterer, a murderer & a father to a rebel son, Absalom. He was a man whose foolish choices destroyed his family & ended his reign amid trouble and intrigue.
  2. In sum, David was a glorious triumph yet a very human tragedy; a called & gifted yet human; a paradox so strong in battle but weak at home.

Triumph of the Sovereign Grace

  1. Didn’t God Know… *about David’s marriages of convenience …* about his affair with Bathsheba… *about the murder of Uriah…*how Absalom would turn out to be a rebel… * how David was prone to depression and discouragement…* how his family would disintegrate? Yes, God knew all those things and more but His sovereign grace triumph.
    1. Don’t we often wonder why David, a murderer, an adulterer, a bandit, a poor father could be called a man after God’s own heart? That’s what grace is all about. God knew what David would do and still called him anyway and would stand by him in all crises. (Psalm 23)
    2. The bottom line: the foundational line on David is not therefore his sin but God’s sovereign grace. His grace always triumphs upon the life of His vessels of grace. David’s life reveals that in the making of a Man of God, the divine grace can be magnified upon the platform of human weakness. His choice teaches the triumph of God’s grace in man’s life. Humanly, he was the least likely person to be king, yet God’s grace made him king. (I Samuel 16:1-13).

Lessons We Must Learn

  1. When God wants to prepare us for bigger things, he first teaches us to be faithful in small things. When He called you to be king, he first puts you with the sheep.
  2. Don’t be confused about the future. God’s will, like a sunrise, reveal itself to us a little bit at a time. Take that next step and trust Him who alone knows the future for your future.
  3. When God looks at your heart, what does he see? Does your heart please Him? What God thinks makes all the difference & what others think of you won’t matter in the end.


Let’s briefly examine those men and women of faith who were instrumental to each of the great awakening of the past.

  1. John Livingston

He was just a member of an intercessory group who groaned daily for revival fire to fall. They would gather daily, praying intensely all night. Then came a day, John was invited to preach, and as he preached, revival fire fell. As a result, more than 500 men and women were converted right where they stood, and it was said that they lived from that day on as those who had truly got a new heart.

  1. Jonathan Edwards

For eight years, in the early days of the America colonies, Edwards waited on God in prayer and intercession for revival, and ministry of the word. What followed was the heavy fall of God’s fire upon the people to an extent that there was conversion and Holy Ghost baptism of a whole town, churches and groups.

  1. David Brainerd

He was an apostle to the Indians. Little success visited his works among the hardened Indians in early mission but great things began to happen when he gave himself fully to intercessory prayers, travailing days and nights.

  1. John Wesley & George Whitefield

John Wesley, George Whitefield, & friends became dissatisfied with the spiritual stagnation and apathy in the land and began to meet for intercessory prayer, groaning days and nights for the outpouring of the Spirit. Then one early morning, it happened; the fire fell on them all. Then they went forth with this flame, preaching and witnessing Jesus everywhere. What followed were miraculous conversion of souls – In one outreach they saw over 20,000 souls converted to Christ in British Isles alone.

  1. Charles G. Finney

Charles G. Finney and his associates gave themselves to the spirit of interceding prayer and went everywhere distributing tracts, conducting crusades and revival meetings with burning, passionate zeal. The results were the mighty fall of the Holy Ghost fire in towns and cities until the whole country was ablaze for Jesus.

  1. Smith Wigglesworth & others

It was the same in the life & ministries of Smith Wigglesworth, Moody, Lakes, George Muller and Kathryn Khulman. They called upon the Lord and went forth preaching the gospel with His power and saw tears of penitence who found new joy turning to Christ. They saw great revival waves spreading across the lands like wild fire. They saw signs & wonders following their words, churches filling up beyond capacity with converted, zealous brethren and the glorious rise of Christ blazing army who trooped out to other Nations with the gospel of Jesus.


Christianity was never ordained to be ordinary. It’s the winning, extraordinary life of Christ. The life in Jesus, {He is the greatest Champion of all times}, is rooted in His Calvary’s covenant but boosted by the blazing essence of the Holy Spirit. After being born again, you need being renewed by the Word and anointed by the Holy Ghost. Becoming a reigning champion thus demands being robbed and insured by the Spirit fire. His flame essence produces all the glittering effects we need to champion God’s life and power. We need the champion ablaze:

  1. To bring down revival fire and make the saintly heart aflame for God’s.
  2. To ignite carnal & casual believers & turn them to active, radical burning lamps.
  3. To make the Gospel a liberating power in the hands of blazing saints.
  4. To make the Christianity ‘The Way’ of super-ordinary life, power and miraculous.
  5. To stop the way of formalism, routine tricks & ritual worship in the Christendom.
  6. To conquer the world’s dark horizons & accomplish the mandate of global evangelization.
  7. To challenge and overrun the present destructive world systems.
  8. To illuminate the church & get her out of oceans of gross compromise.
  9. To clear away all facades from our lives till we shine for Jesus
  10. To triumph over the assault of night & shine brightly in its darkness.
  11. To lead the world through the brilliant highways of holiness and power.

The Big Question: Where are the Championing Blazers to ignite the dying humanity with heaven’s sent fire?


  1. Desire it: there is an irresistible power in God’s living fire, develop true desire for it through worship, praying and meditation in the Word. This we cannot do, until we are hungry for revival and the possibility of God making a good use of us.
  2. Pray for it: in the chains of causes of revival, intercessory prayers are fundamental. We must give ourselves to mighty intercession to set ablaze lives & communities. Facts:
    1. In the O.T., God’ fire often came down from heaven in response to mighty intercession. (I Chr. 21:26; II Chr. 7:35;(I Ki. 18:38-39, II Ki. 1: 10, 12)
    2. In the N. T., the 120 were baptized with the Spirit and fire after “continued with one accord in prayer and supplication”. Acts 1: 2:1-4).
    3. It’s time for the gathering of God’s faithful remnants to the responsibility of collective intercession for the long awaited End-time revival.
    4. This is the midnight hour wherein we must triumphantly power with God in our closet to invite true revival waves.
    5. The days of Pentecost has not ended.
  3. Be A Gospel Servant: Like prayer, evangelism is an essential inroad to revival. From the days of the early Apostles till the great revival of the 18th century to the Welsh revival of 1904, prayer & evangelism were the keys that brought down the revival waves.


It takes a lot of patience and effort to build a solid team of people who will share and help you fulfill your vision, but the results will be well worth all you put into it. How can we translate our vision into definite actions people can identify with and get excited about? Let me suggest ten proven techniques for building a solid team:

  1. Tie all interests to the ministry vision & giving objective. A better way is to structure all affections, efforts & resources around a mutually goal/plan.
  2. Constantly ask for input and ideas. People are usually much more enthusiastic about supporting decisions and plans they help to make.
  3. Constant public recognition for outstanding performance. The fact is that we all like to look good in the presence of our peers. It will make everybody feel like giving more of themselves to the team effort.
  4. Promote people on the basis of abilities, not just because they’ve performed well or have been around a long time. Make sure that anyone you promote has the skills and knowledge they need to do well in the new position.
  5. Assume that everyone needs to be trained for every new assignment. Most people need initial and ongoing training.
  6. Constantly play the role of coach and mentor. Encourage people to keep growing and taking on new challenges. Guide their growth in ways that benefit the church/ministry. Deal with mistakes/problems quickly, tactfully, & forthrightly.
  7. Practice good human relations. Make people feel valued and important by treating them with dignity and respect.
  8. Give opportunities for people to grow personally, collectively & professionally.
  9. Keep your personnel policies simple, clear, and fair – then firmly enforce them. Instill discipline.
  10. Flush out poor performers before they spoil the whole team.


This Workshop is to reveals one reason there is so much dread over evangelism in the congregation. Pastors are very busy, and on top of that, expected to lead their congregations in evangelism. It is biblically based with practical help for evangelizing. It moves beyond methods and techniques to the heart of reaching others for Christ.

The Challenges

  • Personal evangelism challenges us to go out and make relationships with un-churched people, with the prime motive of winning them for Christ and bringing them into His Church.
  • E makes challenges all church leaders to take the time and set the example for the congregation; leading them out on personal evangelism outreach.

The Image Problem

  • 90% of pastors thought the main purpose of the church was evangelism.
  • 10% of lay people thought the main purpose of the church was evangelism.
  • If only 10% of the congregation has an evangelistic vision, the pastors are often rolling a heavy stone uphill, which in affects church growth dynamics.

The Four Parts General Discussion

We need to refresh understanding of personal evangelism by discussing these:

  • What is Personal Evangelism?
  • How do Pastors lead by example in furthering personal Evangelism?
  • Leading Evangelism Training in the Congregation – Casting that Vision
  • Getting God’s vision for your work in your community. – Engaging the community.


Gideon was just as ordinary as some of us are and God used him greatly {Judges 6:1-17}

  • Can there be revival in the midst of the present mess in the church? God visited Israel in the midst of chaos. Hopelessness is nothing to Him.
  • What could we accomplish by His assured presence? He told Gideon He is with Him
  • Do our background, family ranking, financial state and social status hinder us from achieving much for God? Gideon’s response seriously echoed his commonness but God would not let go of him.
  • Has God also called to offer you a job in this time in history? The Lord insisted He has come to offer a job of a deliverer to Gideon.
  • Never insult God by thinking He cannot use you. He uses common people who dare to let Him (vs. 14; 1 Cor. 1:26; )
  • Like Gideon, the Lord is calling us to participatory roles in His End-time global harvest and Revival ignition. Will you answer His call into this great, divine task? To all who dare to answer H e will do the followings:
  1. He will give them the token of His presence
  2. He will empower all by His Holy Spirit and Fire.
  3. He will cleanse each from all dirt and debris.
  4. He will call them to faith and courage {Deutr. 20:8; 2 Tim. 1:17}
  5. He will instruct them to caution. {Matt. 26:41; 1 Cor. 10: 12; 1 Pet. 5:8, Phil. 1: 28 }
  6. And instill in them confidence and assurance {Judg. 7: 9-14}


  1. Worship leader: Common mistakes
    1. Not spiritually prepared to lead worship: So spend time with God.
    2. Failure to worship with the people: Be ahead of people.
    3. Failure to give reason for the various actions of worship – remind the people that we clap, shout, raise hands as a dynamic expression of worship, and not tradition.
    4. Worshipping too long – It’s better to stop earlier than to drag the service.
    5. Teaching too many new choruses all at once.
    6. Talking too much in-between each song – Let your songs flow one into another without having the addition of your opinions and comments.
    7. Improper key selection – If a worship leader chooses to lead a chorus in a key that is too low or too high, the congregation may stop singing.
    8. Not supplying the lyrics for the people
    9. Not enough repetition of a chorus – the majority needs a chorus repeated through at least 3 times to really put their heart into the song & worship.
  2. Why the Audience May Stop Singing?
    1. When they don’t know the music well enough.
    2. When your music is too loud.
    3. The music is too low.
    4. Poor sound coverage: Work with your sound engineer to improve it.
    5. Your audience doesn’t like your music.
    6. Everything is too loud – if the volume is too loud, it will discourage your own congregation from wanting to attend anymore.
  3. Guidelines on worship leading
  4. We are to begin with prayer; asking the Lord for fresh uncommon anointing.
  5. Learn to sing the Word of God –knit the songs together by reference the Bible passage from which the song comes from.
  6. Include the worshipers. It’s is not a performance but unity before God.
  7. It’s not about playing the songs we like, but the songs God likes.
  8. As worship leader try to identify where and what God has for the people. Obviously this requires preparation; however, it can be very spontaneously.
  9. Smile Please! A happy face works wonder.
  10. Do more than singing & sharing talent; lead people into God’s presence.
  11. End with prayer, thanking God for His grace and the blessings received.


 The uniqueness of women leadership involves its supernatural element, for it finds source in a woman’s personal relationship with the living Christ, through the Holy Spirit and the Word. Let’s examine the six distinctive nature of Christian women leadership. Read more




The word ‘wisdom’ is mentioned 222 times in the Bible. But how do we rightly define this gracious, omnipresent gift?

  1. A.    Before we consider the scriptural position, let’s first itemize a few popular definitions of conventional wisdom:
  2. 1.      Aristotle, in his metaphysics defines “wisdom as the understanding of causes”, i. e. knowing why things are in the way they are.
  3. Philosophers define “wisdom as making the best use of knowledge”.
  4. Traditionalists linked wisdom to age and experience, believe superior reasoning belongs to older people.
  5. Positive psychologists defined “wisdom as the coordination of knowledge and experience and its deliberate use to improve wellbeing”.
  6. Now, God’s unconventional wisdom could be defined:
    1. 1.      “As an excellent treasure of the Spirit of God in the heart of man; an inner value of inestimable insightful brilliance”.
    2. A way of higher life of reasoning, a pathway of super-ordinary intelligence,  and a way of seeing and employing reality


Text: James 3: 13-18

  1. Conventional Wisdom

The conventional is the wisdom of this world. What wisdom is it?

a)      This promulgates domestication of social- cultural values; it has its reality map built of words, language and systems of ordering.

b)      This kind wisdom creates in men a sense of self pre-occupation about measuring up to socio- cultural standards, and the drive for self-worth, self-identity and self-esteem.

c)      Conventional wisdom is a world of bondage to cultural values; it alienates men from meaning and reality.  .

d)     In sum, the world of conventional wisdom is a world of ‘vexation of spirit, grief and sorrow’. Why? It is full of “envy, self-centerdness, confusion and all evil things”. (Eccl.1:18).

e)      The best of worldly wisdom are damage control. James clearly states in his letter that it is “earthly, sensual, and demonic”.

f)       The wisdom of this world is rooted in demonic inspiration, and operates according to human laws and principles. (I cort. 3:19)


  1. 2.      Unconventional Wisdom

Now, on the higher plane is God’s unconventional wisdom. This is the true wisdom, links only to God. The following should be noted:

a)      Jesus is the wisdom incarnate, “the power and the wisdom of God”, He is the living fountain of all wisdom, out of Him flows treasure of true wisdom.

b)      This wisdom begins in the heart of man, with the fear of God, the godly fear that makes you to hate evil and do righteousness. (Prov.3:7,Prov. 16:6)

c)      God gives His wisdom to all who diligently seek Him for it. King Solomon asked for and got it in full.

d)      Diligence is needed while seeking for God’s wisdom. Why? It takes conscious effort to be aware of this omnipresent gift.

e)      Wisdom leads men to intimacy with God and make them friends of God..

f)       It teaches you how to win the transforming presence of God.

g)      It enables you to gain entrance into your God’s given estate and have a flourishing reign therein.


Now let’ answer the question: of what benefits is Wisdom divine? Let’s evaluate the 15 benefits of true wisdom in brief:

  1. 1.       Wisdom is the principal thing:  If you desire to dwell in the ivory glazed house must be filled with wisdom.
  2. 2.      Wisdom furnishes your life with the good things of life: We have of the wise Lord God, who by wisdom made and furnished the heavens and the earth.  (Prov.3:19)
  3. Wisdom enthrones your destiny for glory: This dazzling gift is for the head that would wear the crown. So as a child of destiny, you need wisdom to attain unto glory and maintain prosperity.
  4. Wisdom helps you to survive horrors of darkness: To escape the woes of this world one must be well armed with wisdom.
  5. A walk with wisdom is always a walk in the higher realm.
  6. Wisdom lightens the path she leads: it always lead men to the bosom of pure divine effluence, being the divine light we need for definite illumination.
  7. 7.      Wisdom makes knowledge pleasant to the soul: Discretion and understanding become preservers of your destiny.
  8. To be void of wisdom is to be full of folly: A man without wisdom will lack both discretion and direction in life. Folly is a tragedy that destroys.
  9. Wisdom is the virtue that procreates ideas: you need it to procreate ideas for your success, to recreate your future and resuscitate your dying worlds.
  10. It is disastrous to live without wisdom: He who lacks wisdom will be captured and ruptured by missiles of darkness.
  11. Where wisdom leads, fruits of righteousness and peace reign but where she is lost, all hope is lost.
  12. Wisdom is pivotal to your existence and function: you need it to win benefits of immortality, nobility, honour and unfailing wealth.
  13. Wisdom helps your discovery of your place on earth and makes you to reign.
  14. Wisdom is the best counselor to have in life: be it in adversity or prosperity.
  15. Wisdom is the grand spiritual key: you need it to unlock the beauty of spiritual worship and supernatural presence.

 4: THE PRINCIPAL THING – (prov. 4:7-9)

Let me give you just ten reasons why wisdom is the principal thing.

  1. Wisdom helps the discovery of God’s will for one’s life.
  2. It puts our actions and intentions to scrutiny or test. We need wisdom for faithful stewardship and accountability.
  3. Wisdom is a force that establishes integrity. You need it to learn uprightness and purity in life; to lead a life of integrity and fear God.
  4. It is a warranty of destiny preservation and immortality.  You need it to cheat death and secure exaltation.
  5. It is your important key to royalty.
  6. She is the best beauty to win, the beauty that adds luxury and nobility to royalty.
  7. It is a treasure super ordinary; richer that all the riches of this world and stronger than all weapons of war put together.
  8. Wisdom is needed to lead a triumphant life. Truly, Jesus went to the cross, died and rose for us. It takes wisdom to apply this liberating truth.
  9. Wisdom ranks first among all virtues. It is the key that turns things a new and creates the new order – into trouble marriage, endanger business, etc.
  10. Finally, wisdom is the sun that makes the face to shine.


The wisdom of God is highly rewarding for all who possess her. She cries out to you because she wants to better your life and lots. (Prov. 3:13-14) Now these benefits of wisdom:

  1. 1.      The Sun-like countenance: Wisdom blesses men with a bold, sun-like countenance and makes their face to shine. .(Eccl. 8:1)
  2. 2.      Peace of mind: Wisdom produces peace of mind and makes you to be calm. (prov.3:1-2)
  3. 3.      Wisdom offers immortality. She makes you a living legend, and to earn an undying memory for the incoming generations.  (prov. 3:35, 10:7)
  4. 4.      Heart of bravery: Wisdom produces the heart of bravery and makes you bold, valiant and brave on a battle field.
  5. 5.      Wisdom makes you a royalty: You become a king among your own people as wisdom ushers you onto the royal throne. (Prov.8:15-16, 4:9)
  6. 6.      Wealth and nobility: Wisdom brings riches, honour and nobility into your life. (Prov.8:18, 4:7-9).
  7. 7.      Destiny preservation: Wisdom preserves destiny, protect and deliver you from evil hosts, immoral people, and wrong pathway. (Prov.2:11-13; 2:16, 3:23).
  8. 8.      Wise counsels: Wisdom will become your counselor; she is the best counselor to have, both in hours of adversity and prosperity.(Prov. 8:14)
  9. 9.       Enabling Force: Wisdom gives you the enabling force that makes you to seek for greater experience, deeper knowledge and maturity in the spiritual gifting. ( 1.cor. 2:6-7)
  10. 10. Divine Favour: Wisdom blesses men with favour, yes; it provokes both the favour of God and man. (Prov.8:35, 12:2).
  11. Spiritual Fellowship: Wisdom leads you into deeper fellowship with God.(Eph.1:17)
  12. 12.             Longevity: Another benefit of wisdom is longevity. (prov.9:10-11)
  13. 13.             Spiritual Blessings: Wisdom will lead you to enduring spiritual wealth in the things of the Spirit; greatly enrich you with the treasures of the Spirit, in Christ Jesus. (Prov. 8:18)
  14. 14.             King’s Bride: Lastly, wisdom will enroll you among the wise virgins that will meet the coming Bridegroom at His coming. Fools will miss the rapture. It takes true wisdom for you as virgin to keep your lamp burning, after the midnight. (Matt. 23:1-13).


The journey to wisdom demands the followings:

  1. Place a high value on wisdom. You must place high value on wisdom, if you must get her. Value wisdom above any worldly treasures.
  2. Be hunger for wisdom. And it is the measure of your value for it that dictates the tempo of your desire for it.
  3. Supplicate for wisdom. The bible says: if any man lacks wisdom, let him ask God who freely gives. Ask for the Spirit of wisdom and excellent.
  4. Desire to learn wisdom. To be wise, you must be teachable. Teach-ability helps acquisition of knowledge and understanding.
  5. Communion with God. Intimacy with God will impart you with wisdom. Spiritual fellowship must be in place to inherit the house of wisdom.
  6. Carefully establish a working relationship with both the Spirit and the Word. Therefore, seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit and constantly read, study and meditate in the Word.

Let it be your determined goal to make your heart the seat of God’s wisdom.


Mathew 5:3-12.

Wisdom is a good house builder, and her house is exceptionally beautiful.  Now, wisdom house has seven pillars mentioned by Christ in the beatitudes. These pillars are:

  1.  HUMILITY: This is the first pillar. True wise men are “poor in spirit”.
  2. LOVE: This is the central pillar of the house of wisdom- the affectionate love that shares sorrows with the sorrowful and joy with he who rejoices.
  3. MEEKNESS: The third pillar is meekness. Wisdom enriches the wise with meek, mild disposition and makes him as harmless as dove.
  4. RIGHTEOUSNESS: The fourth pillar is righteousness. Like Enoch, Noah and Elijah, wise men are hungry seekers for righteousness.
  5. MERCY: The fifth pillar is mercy. Wisdom is compassionate, kind and merciful, especially to the poor, orphans, and widows.
  6. PURITY OF HEART: This is the sixth pillar. The heart must be free from inner corruptions. Holiness can’t be without inner purity. Jms: 3:17).
  7. ARBITRATION: This is the seventh pillar. Wise men create atmosphere of peace and make peace.


Jesus short and witty stories are invitational. Jesus came inviting us to move upward to the unconventional (divine) wisdom. How?

  1. It was Christ unconventional wisdom that unveiled the mystery of spiritual birth. Jesus made it clear that it is the second birth that leads to abundant life.
  2. Christ wisdom also unveils the mystery of the Holy Spirit. Christ’s experience of the Holy Spirit birthed in Him a distinct radical revolution of reality. It is in knowing the Holy Spirit differently that we actually begin to see differently.
  3. It is in Christ’s wisdom that we begin to see differently. Thus in His teachings, He used aphorisms and parables to crystallize insight that provoked further insight.
  4. It is in Christ’s treasured pavilion of wisdom that we are connected to His Word of grace and loving kindness E.g.
  • Links us  to the God’s holy presence, even the worst of sinners
  • Teaches that our worth as believers is priceless and infinite. {The conventional wisdom teaches that man’s worth is determined by his social standards}. Our identity comes from our covenant relationship with God, not from traditions or social standard.
  1. His wisdom dismisses as folly the wisdom of man which teaches greed and self-center as the way to prosperity. Jesus wisdom taught that prosperity and blessing come by giving out what you have.

Friend, the wisdom divine is a diadem, a crown of royal power to all who possess it.


So, how do we really know the heart that wisdom rules? How do we measure God’s wisdom in the heart or life of a man?

  1. The heart that wisdom rules possess sound knowledge and understanding of his/her self.
  2. Knows God and is submissive to His word. Only fools mock at sin.
  3. 3.     He is honest and sincere in his/her dealing with other men.
  4. 4.     Always seeks for the guidance and counsel of the Spirit. (Prov. 20:27).
  5. 5.     Lives by the principles of divine integrity and consistency. His/her action is consistent with his/her words. (Prov.20:7)
  6. The heart that  wisdom rules is calm and free from hatred, pride, arrogance, hypocrisy, etc. (prov. 16:19)
  7. He is trustworthy, reliable and known for internal consistency.
  8. Reigns by righteousness, faith and joy in the Holy Ghost.
  9. The heart that wisdom rules is violent in the use of the spiritual authority.
  10. Knows what should be done and he is wise to do it, timely and rightly.
  11. 11.            The heart that wisdom rules will be very prudent. (prov.16:21, prov.22:3
  12. 12.            Will come to know wealth and comfort.”   (prov. 19:10)


Wisdom is a way of seeing reality. Thus, revelation is central to wisdom. Christ revolutionary teachings are of the higher wisdom, which undermine conventional wisdom and subvert its social boundaries. How?

  1. 1.      Upholds the eternal truth that God is the beginning of wisdom. He did all His creation work by wisdom (Prov.8:22)
  2. Accents wisdom as a major credential for a guaranteed future (Prov. 19:20-21)
  1. Establishes Scriptures as revelation of God’s wisdom. Decoding His wisdom demands spiritual communion with God
  2. Wisdom gains entrance into the heart of man when the fear of God takes root in him. (Psm 111:10)
  3. True wisdom is married to prudence and discretion. (prov. 8:12).
  4. The truly wise among men are they who exercise themselves in thought, inspired ideas, scriptural reasoning and self-control; and are not brash, coarse, rude or vague.
  5. True wise men hate the seven pillars of folly. { Prov. 8:13-14; 6:16-19}
  6. Renames the conventional wisdom as blindness and folly. Jesus came to invite us into God’s unconventional wisdom.


There are two types of success wisdom: the secular and the divine. The followings should be noted about success wisdom

  1. While secular wisdom teaches struggles, hard-working, hoarding and selfishness, divine wisdom places emphasis on the Covenant, Covenant walk and Covenant obligation. {Jos. 1:8}.
  2. The success wisdom has to do with insight, discernment and sagacity. It gives deep understanding of people and realization of things, event and situations.
  3. It blesses you with the ability to rightly choose, act and inspire others towards better achievement.
  4. Divine success wisdom enlightens us to make a difference and bring value to the world, moving us from making a living to making a difference.
  5. 5.      It provides with the ability to optimally, effectively and efficiently apply every Spirit given perception, idea and knowledge towards the production of your desired result.

But you must be careful to:

a)     Comprehensively, obtain what is true and right from Him.

b)     Radically, control your passion and emotion.

c)     Practically, ensure you operate within the Word and the covenant.


Let’s study the success-wisdom keys:

  1. Be redeemed by God’s precious blood and determine to keep His Covenant. It is the first key to extraordinary living.
  2. Abide in God’s covenant and walk in His word that your life may speak wisdom to your generation.
  3. As a believer, strive to know the Word, to confess the Word, live by and walk in the Word that you may possess true prosperity/success.
  4. Live a Covenant-Word lifestyle and be wise by the responsibility for your future. Being responsible for one’s future is true wisdom.
  5. Discovering your gifts and talents is wisdom. Then, develop it towards a glorious delivery to your generation.
  6. Discover your God’s given purpose and have a clear vision of your purpose in life that you may attain the shore of glory.
  7. The treasure of God’s success wisdom is in your heart, nourish your heart in the power of the Holy Spirit that divine inspiration and ideas may flow out of it. (Prov. 20:18)
  8. Seek to be divinely instructed to take right decisions and actions. Nothing transforms destiny like Spirit leading decisions and actions. The plan of the diligent lead surely to plenty…”
  9. Give diligence and practical commitment to the task at hand
  10. Note that God often direct opportunities and favour to our way, but it always take spiritual sensitivity to recognize and employ such favour and grab them for advantages.
  11. Develop burning passion to serving the world with your God’s given gift and talent, and thereby fulfill your mission on earth.
  12. Develop Bible based principles for living, such as pure devotion to God, high commitment to duty, faithfulness, integrity, accountability and prudence.
  13. Learn how to occupy the better place of meekness, humility and patience. You can’t lack these virtues and have enduring success in life. (Prov. 20:21)

Are you a true covenant child?  Then refuse to walk in secular, sensual and      demonic wisdom.



  1. 1.      Leadership wisdom is God’s everlasting light for anyone placed in leadership position. He who is called to lead must come to the understanding that nothing is of more value to him than wisdom. (prov. 16:15-16)
  2. It is the sun that makes the throne to shine, the flawless mirror of God’s active authority.
  3. It is the very epitome of God’s goodness in life; by it Kings conquer the world and order all things benignly.
  4. It is the virtue given to know and understand the mysteries of God and patiently wait to reap the wages of righteousness.
  5. 5.      It is the gift of grace given to know the past, see the future and understand the present; to know subtleties, solve hard problems and unveil dark mysteries.  (Prov.25:2)
  6. It is leadership enabling given to him to know God’s will and plan for the people.



  1. Every leader must know that leadership authority comes from God.
  2. That leader is viceroy of God’s royal power, and wisdom is the light that makes the throne to shine. He is the anchor of the people. (1ki.3:7-9)
  3. That it only pleases God when leader value wisdom above all , for only then He will subsequently give to him the all he doesn’t ask.
  4. That having pure desire for wisdom comes first before knowing wisdom and becoming wise.
  5. 5.      That it takes the radiance of true wisdom to have peace of mind, insight, clarity of course, prosperity and fame. (I king 10:4, 6-7).
  6. That it takes Godly fear for leader to add honour, nobility, success, longevity and immortality to his life and regime.
  7. That with wisdom comes the fruits and doctrines of wisdom, which include temperance, power, prudence, justice, equity, fortitude, faith, and patience, consistency of characters, immortality, dominion, honour, mercy and peace.
  8. That God judges those in high places, even all in leadership positions.


  1. The leader learns to always keep a holy life and a holy course.
  2. A leader fears God. This is a warranty of immortality and of divine presence. When the leader strays, trouble comes.
  3. The leader guides his steps by the word and Spirit of God; put his action to test and his intentions to scrutiny.
  4. He watches against wickedness and oppression. These are abomination to any leader.
  5.  He watches against the arrogance that makes leaders to hate truth and to go after those who are bold to say it.
  6. 6.      He guides against the wickedness of diabolism, human sacrifice, ritualism, assassination, witchcraft, cultism and idol worshiping. (Prov. 20:8, 20)
  7. 7.      He is bold to expose evils of sins, wickedness, counterfeiting, hypocrisies and oppressions.

In summary, what can we say of a wise leader?

  1. He places solid faith and trust in God; loves Him, obeys Him, and would remain loyal matter what.
  2. He knows how to control his thought, words and action.
  3. He knows and understands time and mysteries, and can resolve riddles and break hard nuts without stress or pain.
  4. He knows how to strategically map out plans for his desire goal.
  5. He knows how to delegate duties and carry out effective supervision.
  6. He rules with humility, righteousness and love.
  7. He establishes his leadership throne by integrity and values.
  8. He knows how to handle both foes and friends.
  9. He welcomes constructive criticism and love constructive critics.
  10. He is of a free, calm and meek spirit.
  11. He knows how to deal with personal and corporate problems.
  12. A leader of wisdom is transparent, accountable and accessible.
  13. He knows how forgives men their offenses, even before he is offended.
  14. He will go through temptation, trials and troubles with faith, awaiting God’s visitation.
  15. He does not worship mammon. He has no throne for materialism, money and riches in his heart but rather for the people.
  16. He knows that he will come out of the dark storms into a great light.
  17. He knows how to rightly administer his home/marriage without creation of conflict and friction. By Wisdom he/she builds his/her house.
  18. He values intimacy with God above any other thing.
  19. The wise leader is diligent, prudent and committed.
  20. He is a reservoir of divine inspiration, counsels and light.
  21.  He is powerful and an epitome of splendour.
  22. Brethren, have you got it? Truly wisdom is the invisible magnet for enduring wealth, health and beauty. It is the virtue that makes the true crown.



Brethren, welcome to the part two. You have just a week to end your four weeks waiting on God. You must have won great victories these past weeks. But you need to consolidate all the victories won so far. In this part, I want to introduce you to the dangerous prayers of the Bible prophets, just a few of them. Read more



  1. A.    What is success?  B.     THE PRICE OF SUCCESS

Do you pray and press for success? Are you well prepared and willing to pay the price when your dreamed success finally comes? The price of success is great. Success or prosperity when it comes is greatly demanding. How?   Read more



1 Cor.13:1-end


Every one on this planet earth is a hunter for love. We all hunt for the true love though hardly can most recognize the love we hunt for. This teaching is your discovery aid.  Read More



Matt. 28:18-20

Soul winning is neither a program nor an event. It is a commission given to be a passion and a lifestyle. We are all saved, called and sent to be witnesses of Christ. How do we go about the practice of winning souls? Read More



When our eyes are open to the reality of Christ Power

Over Satan and his evil hosts,

And we learn to live daily by the understanding

Of our covenant identity in HIM,

We will become practical demonstrators

Of “the Spirit and power of God” on earth Read More



Loyalty is an essential moral ingredient/principle in any humane organizations.  It should be choice, a virtue willingly and freely given, and not coerced. The concept of Christian loyalty demands that he be loyal to God, to our spiritual leader and parents, among others.  His loyalty should be a practical, active devotion. Do you actively engage yourself in true loyalty? Read more



Main Texts: Mk. 1l: 22-26; Matt 18:23-35; Lk 11:5-13;

 A.    What is Prayer?

    1. Prayer is the spiritual lifeline. We all must keep it alive and aflame.
    2. It is spiritual communion with the living God and we must maintain it with a blazing freshness everyday.
    3. Prayer is hard work, a great spiritual task that we must always carry out in the fervency of the Spirit.
    4. Prayer is warfare, though greatly rewarding for all who faithfully commit them to fervent, prevailing praying. Read More



Joseph Akangbe the great
oh, father, oh, father
You left here for the great beyond two decades ago
when death’s cruel hand your throat ceased
Why you in death’s hand?
Why you in death’s wicked hand
You bid me no farewell, oh Joseph  Read More


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