Kingdom Poetry, & Songs


by John B. Joseph



By  the first Hotel gate

Half naked women

deck with painted faces

Talk rough and wild

All smell foul

A voice speaks within me;

‘Precious jewels as these

What makes harlot of them?

I walk tall through the ailing air

I reach out with bold fist

Their dazzling eyes scramble for attention

Good news to the outcasts ?

As their flirting eyes become darkly

I turn to the darkly Jewel and gently ask

To this youngest of all I throw it hard;

What makes you a harlot?”

With her furious tumbling voice

Her tumbling mouth sings a loud:

‘In the prime of my days

Destructive storms came

Windy storms took my parents

Wild death swallowed them both

With no helpers to aid

I took to the counsel of a fellow

To call in sex driven fools

To give for  their wealth my sexy bosom’.

With tears on my cheeks

I turn yet to another

Oh, beauty; ‘what makes a prostitute of you?

 “Enemies arrow murder my fortunes

My lone acquaintance misfortune

Doors blocked and efforts futile

Utterly crushed within

I tried God and gods even

But my deliverance undelivered

I call in sex mongering fools

To them I Sell the treasures beneath me

When the dark slender youth I asked

She tearfully on her feet speaks

‘Satan took sudden my husband

In-laws named me a witch

Took over our heritage

With children they cast me out

Broken and frustrated

To earn my five children a befitted future

I chose to serve sex explorers

What a wealth I now made for living

Next Aminat speaks softly with tears

“Abducted in Northern campus

Capture to this eastern ports

To fetch daily fortune for a lord

Who set on me terrible guards

Me, His unwilling investment,

Must trade with sex mongers

My underneath goldmines

I now give  to make wealthy

The wicked Lord”.


With cheeks of streaming tears

I call the half naked Betty

She turns her back and shout

“I am a good captive of the devil

Possessed and driven by demon dogs

A dozen sexy fools insufficient for a ride

Capture many a great fools by the trade

By  mine golden bosom I’m a millionaire to be


I then ask the light complexioned beauty

“What makes the pretty you a harlot?”

With a sparkling voice she thunders;

“Robbers that pilot our nation’s plane

The greed incarnate men created my pains

Ruling rogues are the bane

They turn my hope black and bleak

They scramble many generations’ mines

Store them up for their children unborn

Robbers that lead this Nation

Make me  a harlot!”


Then growls the dark-eyed jewel

“Six years in campus

Numerous candles burnt

With dreams so big

And a high glowing hope

A decade of illusion past

Dreams and hope dashed

Opportunities daily denied

Filled with dark clouds

To resurrect my dying hope

I turned my secret treasure to whore to explore

I exchange their wealth for all I have”


Last is the fair sexy eyes Angela

She speaks on seat with her cool bold face

“The love of money

The love of-money is all

Just materialism

Yes, for materialism I prostitute my goldmines

For the money of dead-men”

Great reasons turned precious jewels harlots

But who will these dammed souls save?

Who will these Jewel s deliver?

Oh, prostitutes, oh, prostitute

Haste now to the Savior

Whose arms wait to receive you?

His arms wait for your kiss

He will make you free and new

Be liberated from tormenting dark powers

Your damned life and soul deliver

Escape His impending wrath.

Escape His dawning judgmental  horror


[ Prov. 7: 10]

In streets

In public houses

They go shamelessly

In schools

In worship places

They dance in harlot’s attires

With painted faces

With tired heads

They hunt for precious souls

Casting their flashy sexy eyes

Sparkling for the strong ones

Boldly like the shameless Jezebel

Like the doomed Midianitish woman

These loosed dancing waists

These smart speaking breasts

Spoils congregations of His saints

These Jezebel incarnates

In love bed aflame with lusts

Desecrating holy places?

Even Widows in veils


In love with Balaam’s doctrines

They boldly dare God’s authority

Desecrating holy places?

Even the aged in lust

Race tall as master schemers

Wholly consumed in Tamar’s furnace

Capturing unstable souls

Taking as preys the simple

Oh, prostitute! Oh, prostitute!!

These your attires of a harlot

These your eyes of adultery

Are extensions of your lust-filled heart

Oh, prostitute!  Oh prostitute!!

Put off your attires of a harlot

Bring Jesus to your world

He will cure you of lustful infections

And robe you with glory inventions


Black vulture

Giant goblin

You redden our streets with blood

You cast away our fortunes and joy

We are enraged with the fires to revolt

Black vulture

Demon goblin

You kindle fires of evil

In this Nation of our glory

Hugger Armies awake

Arm candies with red arm-bands

Eruptive black amour

Clever political parties

To redden our streets again

To steal our fortunes again

These black Vultures are roaring wolves

They are the explosives that spoil the joy

Our throne robbers are crazy demons

Heralds of black Labradors

Racing for our oil fortunes

See spoilers of our land at war

They darken our hope again.

Black Vulture

Money idols

Lords that kills to reign

Throne vipers

Cultic princes

Making  Aso horns black for war

Political witches in angelic sounding

Fenced with arms

Insured in charms

Eating our flesh

Drinking blood

Ring the bell oh patriots

Arm the people

Cease the thrones

Kill the killers

Recover your destiny

Freedom war is now


General Darkie

Dark glasses darkie

Incarcerate generals and fighters

In fetters chained freedom warlords

All laid in the tormenting dark

In General Darkie’s prisons

They suffer the throne pains

They suffer the chains

Waist and feet all pale

Sword of death for their throats

Kindle the flame for the throne lords

A furnace for Darkie’s bars

Hope for existence lost

Behind his dark prison

Inmate Ogbo turns to the WORD

Crying for mercy and pardon

Before Darkie’s sword kill the life

Behind the dark throne

Oh, the dark throne of the Darkie

Darkie rule for maximum evil

Waste lives, spill blood

He Sends mandate claimer to grave

Sentence general to Hades

Behind the dark throne

But General Darkie caught the grave

See the Nation celebrating his exit

Ninat 2nd Lord enthroned

And now the occult General lives on

He sings triumphs of mercy in pardon

Freed from behind the dark bars

A skeleton back to the farm

Cage with storks and flocks

Freed from behind the bars

Dragon preacher humiliate to fate

A changed wolf loose for the throne

But soon Ninat 1st Lord hunt for the wolf

Leading his Cabals to win the dragon

Dragon that darken the throne.

“Come, changed wolf, come”

They cry beckoning him

Come, save us now, oh humiliated dragon

Come sit on Aso throne

Only you we trust for gains”

Changed wolf dumped the Word

Haste for the pull to grab horn

In vengeance he binds and kills

In greed he grabs our oil fortunes

Evils grow on the dark thrones.

Days of darkness in the land

Terror of wickedness everywhere

Devils on every throne

Oh the dooming of Masses hopes!

Evils that grow from the thrones

Cry, God’s Servants, cry

Fetch heaven’s Fire down

Destroy lords and their demon altars

Lest greater gloom consumes

Rise, people rise

People armies up in arms

Dethrone evil cabals

Free your hope and destiny

5.                          ACT THE BRAVE

A Nation on a keg of powder

A Nation on a keg of powder

Open your eyes friend

My Nation in the throes of death

Quench the burning furnace

Tame the flame-vomiting oceans

Oh, the blast that kills and roasts

My Nation in the throes of death

Why these outrageous fires?

‘cause a riverine seed on power rock?

‘cause Northern squads lost the seat?

Is it to enthrone the crescent value?

My Nation in the throes of death

How they roast the Christ’s seeds

Demented Boko Haram squads burn

Your houses

Oh Lord, look down and fight

My Nation in the throes of death

I saw the Lord walks up to me

The King holds my hands

The maker says loud to me:

“Tell the lord that I chose to rule

Speak to he who dwells on the Rock-Aso

‘Act, Jona, act like a man

Act, Ebele, act the brave

Act the brave, stand for my people

And my furnace will quench all fires”

Remember 1966 furnace of evil

Escapade of eastern seed murder

Remember the valiant Biafra lion

And the hot, hot war

Wake up! Ebele, wake up!

Wake the tigers that shield in rocks

Inspire ruling Bears and Elephants

Crush all wolves, vipers and Vultures

Act the brave.

The evil we called boko- haram

These Haram terrorists

These derange demon squads

Roast them in the fires

Let their lords rot in gaol

Their soldiers rot in grave



You are a precious flower

In a cursed colony what a Jewel

Serving many doomed lovers

Yours secret treasure for hire

What a living corpse you are!

You are a wealthy flirt dog

A pretty hell’s deep ditch

Dispersing killer’s burning flavor

Your secret treasure for a curse

What a living corpse you become!

You are a lover with sores

A homeless whore merchant

Selling your heart to wanderers

You secret treasure to flirt

What a living plague you become!

Sex for sale

Kiss for Sores

Roaming in beds of doom

Quit now your paradise of gloom

Oh, prostitute, oh prostitute

Lost in a world of lust

Oh prostitute, oh prostitute

Bore in a world of sores.

Part the way with death, oh prostitute

You LOVER’S heart bleeds for you

Come home to the Arm of His love

His pure furnace of love burns

He’ll make you a radiant glory.

Oh, prostitute, oh prostitute

Embrace the true LOVER of your life

Be consumed in His pure love-flame

His royal love waits to loose you

Come home, come home, Oh prostitute.


written by Pastor BABALOLA .JOHN JOSEPH



3 comments on “Kingdom Poetry, & Songs

  1. My dear father in the Lord.

    I’m Tayo your little son in the Lord. former drum set player @devine love ministry Ilorin branch. Sir, I have been in Osogbo for the past 5yrs now and have been searching for the Oshogbo branch of our church all these while but all my efforts are fruitless until i came across this bloq. (Thank God). Please kindly direct me to any Osogbo residing member so that I can join and start worshiping there sir

    Your son in the Lord

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