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Seeking for Jesus

By John B. Joseph


Copyright © 2015 John B. Joseph

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First Published September 2015

Flaminglamps Edition

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I dedicate this book to all who have found Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, all over the world. May His saving grace keeps us intact in His amazing love. Amen





Chapter 1: Kinds of Seekers

Chapter 2:  Seekers for God

Chapter 3: Why They Seek for Jesus

Chapter 4: The Things Which Jesus Did

Chapter 5: Drawn By The Father

Chapter 6: And One of You is A devil

Chapter 7: Jesus Only



seekers-for-jesus coverINTRODUCTION


We live in a world of ardent seekers. And truly, this Universe is seeker’s habitat. Take a look round about you and you will see men and women, running to and fro of the Universe, in quest of that which they believe would bring them some satisfaction. They want joy, they want riches, they want protection and pleasure; and yea, they eagerly seek out for that which their souls long after.  Even many who attend our religion meetings do so to get solutions to their diverse beclouding troubles and not out of passion for the true, living God.  We all are seekers. Yes, all men are seekers. Everyone seeks for something or somebody. Even though many seekers couldn’t identify what they seek after.








Chapter 1



“The people… also took shipping, and came… SEEKING FOR JESUS…and… found Him on the other side of the sea…” (Jhn. 6:24-25).


In this habitat called universe are different kinds of seekers, who seek either for realities or shadows. This habitation is roamed daily by countless people who seek for pleasures or excitement, for power or fame or fortunes. While a number of humans seek for certain mystic beings or Satan to acquire wealth, powers, prowess or popularity; a few devotedly seek for the Lord Jesus for reasons so varied.


Seeker for Pleasures

Let’s me talk to you first of certain millions, who are seekers for worldly pleasures. These seek for carnal satisfaction and pleasures, craving after all the wild glamour the flesh power does offer. Think of those many thousands who invest their entire life in the race for games of pleasures and lusts! They readily go the way of “the lust of eye, lust of flesh …” But Jesus warned that all seekers for fleshly pleasures; all seekers who freely satisfy the lusts of the flesh; all seekers who make their boast and sing self-indulgence “shall have their part in the lake that burns with brimstones and fire”.


Aren’t you one of them, friend? But why do you wantonly live in pleasure on the earth? Why do you nourish your heart as in a day of slaughter? Why did you condemn and kill the just in order to have your desired pleasure? Oh, dear friend, the judgment of God is at your door step.


All seekers for carnal pleasures are spiritual dogs. He who tramples his only life under the foot of drugs and sexual immorality is a dog. All such people shall be locked outside the gate of the heavenly golden city; for without are dogs, and sorcerers and whoremongers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.[Rev.22:15]


It saddens the heart of God that many acclaimed Christians are but dogs. That homes, worship places, streets and schools have become immoral joints for sexual pleasure seekers is heartbreaking! Think so deep of them! Many who flirt with incestuous practices! Several deeply immersed in the dirty ocean of fornication and adultery! And others who destroy homes and break marriages with adulterous acts! Apostle Paul warns us to beware of dogs.


What about the homosexuals, the lesbians and the bestial of this World? It is tragic that sodomy is taken over the world stage today. The gays as seekers seek for the abominable sexual pleasures. Oh, what ignoble seekers these are? Aren’t these damned seekers for the earthly pleasures in a class of their own? These seekers who boldly seek for the detestable ephemeral even at the expense of their souls must be daring God. It is certain that none of blind seekers will escape the sword of His divine judgment.


Oh friend, all seekers for carnal pleasures are miserable seekers. Aren’t you also seeking for abnormal sexual pleasures and temporal glories of this age, at the expense of eternity? Why must belong to the class of those who earnestly seek for things which cannot “endureth unto everlasting life?” (Jhn. 6:33). We’ve got to watch! Seeking for the earthly at the expense of the heavenly is glooming for the soul.


Dear reader, you will be wiser to take heed to the Master’s admonition, which enjoins us to “seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness. And all other things shall be added unto us”. (Matt. 6:33). Listen, giving your heart to “… surfeiting and drunkenness and cares of this life” is a doomed thing that carries damned, eternal consequences. Oh, it is one thing to seek and find what you have been hunting after. Yet, it is another thing to enjoy it when it is found. If peace and satisfaction do not accompany that which you sought for and found, you would only end up in regret and miseries.


And to me, it is a dilemma of vain seeking, for men to passionately seek for what they thought would bring great joy in life, and still end in real misery after it is found.


Are you a true believer in Christ? You need to urgently put all close watch upon your life’s ambitions and pursuits. You need to watch and pray. Lest you also be counted a vain seeker. Certainly, “he that liveth in pleasure is dead while alive!


Seekers for Excitement

The world is filled with thousand enthusiastic, ambitious people, who seek for the excitement of new things everyday. Who are these?


Seekers for excitement are egoistic class of people, who walk daily the streets of our cities with air of superiority. Being motivated by status, materialism and best style of clothing, these men and women of arrogance like to feel important everywhere.


Seekers for excitement are a kind of attention seekers, who seek for greater things but hardly contribute any of their own. They constantly seek to learn new initiatives, start new projects, and meet new people, though rarely accomplish anything meaningful.


Seekers for excitement hate tight deadlines and restrictive practices. Though they claim to love ideas and principles.


Seekers for excitement are a class of unorganized people, so difficult to pin down. They are entertainment lovers; social, lively, talkative.


Yet, these classy excitement seekers need Jesus in their lives. Why? The world is a real battle field, not fitted for proud day dreamers; a land of sojourning, never a dancing hall they assume; a palace for destiny fulfillment, and not a curious sporting stadium; a place of action, and not of frivolity.


Walking in this world without Jesus is wandering in the dark underworld. You never see into reality until Jesus comes into your life.


Also, my dear excitement seeker, you are only as important as your positive contributions to other people’s lives and the society. Your superiority complex is a destructive spirit in whose captivity you groan. And your deliverance from it is a must if you must fulfill your mission on earth. You need deliverance from the captivity of pride and its demons.


Meekness, humility, contentment and Godliness are the greatest secret of greatness. And you can discover these only in JESUS.


Seekers for Fortunes

This group seems to be the most populous and most desperate of all. They include all men who passionately engage in the scramble for affluence. The world has gone wild in her pursuit of wealth and riches. Mammon, the god of greed and avarice now rule over lives and Nations. Even many who claim to be citizens of Christ kingdom are being possessed and driven by mammon.


As a result, contentment has become a lost virtue in today’s world. And all the rush for materialism, wealth, and worldly glories are killing true love, brotherliness and godliness. Indeed, “the love of money is the root of all evils”!


Are you also involved in the mad rush for the wealth and affluence? But you’ve got to turn and seek the true riches?  Your present accumulation level of the material wealth is high, and its love has been your boast. However, all your ill-gotten fortunes are poisonous virus for your miseries.


All ill-gotten wealth is a time bomb, an explosive for the destruction of the rich fools. Listen to James, the apostle:

Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days. Behold, the hire of the labourers… which is of you kept back by fraud crieth: and the cries of them…have entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. [Jms.5:1-4]


So, your mad race for materialism is destined to end on the shore of vanity! So the ruin will surely come, now or latter! Stop! Turn now! It is your time to buy gold-refined from the Lord, that you may be truly rich.


Seeker for Power and Prominence

Other kind of worldly seekers are those who seek for power and popularity. In today’s world, hunger for political offices is becoming a giant monster. To satisfy their hunger, desperate politicians heartlessly embark on evils voyage of satanic rituals and diabolical covenanting.


It is both evil and self-centered for leaders to stoop down into the dark coven of Satanism, occult, cultism, and witchcraft. It is wickedness to practice sexual rituals, human rituals or blood bathing because you want power and position. Today, to perpetuate themselves in power, many political leaders feed on human flesh and blood; bath with the human blood and committed many other evils. The tragedies facing many nations today have their roots this spiritual wickedness.


Your passion for power and fame needs be tamed, lest divine woes become the necessary end. Let every evil ruler hear this and tremble. All who recklessly seek for power and popularity at the expense of their posterity and eternity are meant for divinely sent woes.


Do you think of your end when you frame innocent citizens to get fame and make pawn of friends get power?  Do you ponder of what will become of your posterity when seek for the satanic to get power and fame at all cost?


It is a saying that power intoxicates those who have it. Yet, in any game of power play, God is always the factor to reckon with. God often wait at a junction so hard to know. When you get to that junction as an oppressor of the masses, God cannot but strikes you with His sword of justice. Tell those wicked leaders and oppressive politicians that God isn’t asleep. He strikes to reward every oppressor, and his posterity with their appointed woes.


God must soil the spoils of evil and greedy leaders while judging them. None can escape God’s long Arm of justice. Hello, my dear oppressors of the masses, God’s mighty Arm will soon catch up with you. He will come near to you to judgment, and…be a swift witness against…those that oppress. [Mal 3:5].


Seekers for Darkness

How secular humanism is taking up the civic world should baffle all whoa are born of the Spirit. We should be concerned how unbelieving people recklessly run and passionately pioneer a new order of conformist mindset, all over the globe?


Today, Satanism goes on a fast spread. It is shocking to see how Satan is strategically evangelizing the world. Indeed, cultism is devil’s fishing bait.


The growth of modern Satanism since 1956, when the church of Satan was founded was baffling. Propagating Satan as the god of light is a mind blinding mission that could only be conquered by the flooding waves of the Holy Spirit.


Devils’ disciples are frantically recruiting men and women for the old Serpent, and thousands of Jesus disciples are busy fighting for titles and fortunes. What a pity! Satanically inspire troops are joining forces to halt the gospel spread and the church occupies herself daily with irrelevant programs. Dark evangelism is growing fast and wide, and believers in Christ pretend not to know.


In Nigeria, youths have been the target of such satanic recruitment mission. In Holland, several secret movements are desperately recruiting new members, especially the students. They all have one goal: to eclipse the age of Christianity with an age of Lucifer. Why do you think Satanists boldly designed the inverted cross, and the horned goat of Mendes as symbols? It was to provoke a black mockery of Christ redemptive Cross.


I personally believe God loves all sinners, including all cultists, New Agers, all in the dark covens. His heart still bleeds for them. Yes, He loves to save them. The Christ died for the reason of saving all men.


You and I who have been washed and redeemed by the blood of Jesus are the vessels He chose to use to reach out with the Gospel to get them.  But when will the Church awake from her deep sleep? When shall we vacate our comfort zone of ‘prosperity’ to accomplish His great commission of global evangelization?  There is urgent need for revival in today’s Church. It’s been long since tides of coldness have overflowed our spiritual fervency. We’ve got to quit the unprofitable game of inactiveness for the Lord.


The Church must stop her dancing to the wild music of greed and materialism. Believers are relenting in our evangelistic fervor because the flaming seal {the burning passion for aggressive evangelism} is dying out.


It is time to rescue the lost from Satan’s inner prison. It is time to employ the God’s given Spirit strategy for aggressive evangelism campaigns. Only power evangelism will gloriously outmatch the present satanic missions on earth.


But the finest of all seekers are those who seek for the only living God who made heaven and earth. We shall consider this in the next chapter.





Chapter 2



Let’s now talk of yet another kind of seekers: Seekers for God. Socrates in his soulish wisdom cried; “Oh, that someone would arise, man or god, to show us God”. Men souls crave for God. We are all seekers for Him who made us in His own image.


Man’s religion instinct makes him to yearn after God. His search for the true God has lead to the founding of many religions, to the making of various idols, and establishment of secret cults, occults, witchcraft and lodges. It has lead to men worship of idols, fallen angels or demons.


But why does religious man seeking for his Maker ended up with idolatry?  The reason they could not find Him lies in their rejection of Jesus, the only Way Father. You can’t find God through the back door. No, never!


Yet, the greater tragedy is this: the religious man, having found his demon gods and idols often, mistaken them as envoys of the living God. And the folly of this tragedy is the major ground for religion proliferation.


It is on this basis you consider all sorts of seekers within the Islam, Hindus, Jehovah witnesses, 7th day Adventists, Mormonism, freemasons, Amorc, fraternities and Christian Science, among others.


What all men should know is that Jesus came as the Way to God, and not as founder of a new religion. Yet, many of these religion seekers are deep in their wild worship, in sheer spiritual blindness. Must these lifeless devotees be eternally damned?  They so much believed to be of God and to be seekers for Him. Yet, many of them are His raging enemies.


But do we care to know that these wonderful, beautiful worshippers are honest seekers trapped in between certainty and uncertainty? It is a pity that many of them have been deceived into evil, dark, obsessive, or violent associations, by which they now trouble the world.


Could men of honest search for Jesus, the Light be captured by darkness? Yes, if they go through any other routes save the Christ. Only His Cross pointed men to the God. Jesus is the only Way to Him. It is utter spiritual ignorance and blindness to think you can find the true and living God through any other but Jesus. It is a disaster to be baited by such blindness.


Jesus came into this world to show us God. Unlike in the Old Testament, God is no longer an ambiguous presence. Jesus is the Logos, the Redeemer, the Message and the Saviour. He is the Word who was in the beginning, the Word who was with God, and the Word who was God. To know God, all you need to do is to look at Jesus. He is God incarnate. He is the all we need to know about God, being “the brightness of God’s glory, the express image of His person.” Heb.1:3


Will religious God seekers never come to bow at the feet of the Cross? The answer rests on our obedience to soul winning global commissions. Brethren, what is God saying about them and us?  He sends us to take the gospel to them, but have we? Will the blood of these ‘lost saints’ not be demanded from us, if they die without hearing the gospel? There is the urgent need for Holy Ghost fire revival for global evangelization. We need global visitation from the only God of all power!


Have you ever asked yourself where your own beautiful soul will end his journey? Would you answer for yourself where will be the eternal home of those faithful, aggressive Mohammed’s adherents, free thinkers, satanic ideologists, and Christian cultists, among others? Where would be the eternal home of heartless Islamic terrorists who have been violently destroying lives and properties, burn churches and villages all over the world?


Where will atheists and Leninists end their journey? Are they not all agents of Satan who propounded anti-Christ ideologies, with which they have darkens the world? Their anti-Christ ideological weapons, which indeed emanated from hell, have sent thousands into eternal blackness, and are still sending millions there.


Christian, you are born again and Spirit filled yet indifference to the task of soul winning. When will you let the Light of Liberty shine into the darken hearts of these lost men and women? When will the freedom that Christ purchased be delivered to the great multitudes in devil’s confinement? It is enough of your spiritual apathy. We are saved to save others. We must rise to be wise soul winners, on passionate global soul-winning invasions.


One thing I know: these souls, in regardless of their outward boastings and religious displays, are vivid yearning for deliverance and peace. Indirectly, they are seekers for God. Perhaps, they do not seek for Christ Jesus, and even hate Him with passion; perhaps, they boldly reject Him and heartlessly go after His followers; perhaps they go rather for spiritual powers, positions, wealth, or solution to their pressing problems! But where else can they find the true God, and have peace for their restless soul? Where could they, except in Jesus?  Jesus is the lone solution to life’s problems. He is the Giver of true life, good blessings, and lasting glory.


In this troubled world, Satan and his covens offer nothing but doom and deceit to those who trust and lean on them. Listen, he who follows folly is destined for uncertainty.  This lone fact is this: ‘Jesus Christ is the Only Answer’. And He is the only way to God, our Creator.


Oh, are you a member of a dark kingdom, cult or secret society? Do you seek for the helps of the evil kingdoms? Do you seek for solution and temporal satisfaction instead of Christ? If you want permanent joy, peace and satisfaction in life, you better seek for Christ, the Giver of all blessings. He’ll save and deliver you. He will wonderfully remake your marred destiny. Jesus longs to give you a brilliant future, if only you come to Him.





Chapter 3



Look around the globe. Most countries of today are filled with churches and synagogues. They are a conglomerating world of Jesus ardent seekers. The Church isn’t a place for those who feel they have nothing to do with Jesus, the Messiah. Within the wall of your church ought to be seekers for the King of Kings – JESUS CHRIST, and His values.


There are three kinds of Jesus seekers in every gospel church, namely; those who seek Him for bread and fishes, those who seek Him for the miraculous, and those who are drawn to Him by the Father. These aren’t seekers for Satan, gods, worldly pleasure, or ill-gotten wealth, or undue political power.


Painfully, most church goers are like those certain Greek worshippers who sought for Jesus to no avail. Thus, they approached Philip, saying: “Sir, we would see Jesus”. Ironically today, many seekers for Jesus within the walls of our Churches are yet to find Him. Majority of the multitudes who claim to have found Jesus have never met or known Him.


How would honest seekers find Jesus when preachers preach themselves, instead of Him! How would they, when many Christian gatherings have become so lukewarm, with no glow of the Spirit on the altar! How would they, when denominations are become vivid congregations of sinners and hypocrites!


Today’s church is becoming a world of confused seekers. That ministries and churches today are congregated with deceived, lost, frustrating wanderers, is dooming. These seekers “who have crossed the sea to this other side of the sea, with the hope of finding the Lord, ought to be lead to Him. Instead, they are being led into deeper dilemma by hirelings that have invaded the sacred altars of the Lord. Many of these frustrated seekers inwardly bleed because they could not find the LORD.


Isn’t it catastrophic that millions registered members of local churches still sought for Jesus to no avail? Will they not find and get to truly know Him? When will the freedom the KING died to offer them be delivered to them by we whom He sent?


Jesus loves them who seek for Him. He loves to win them all. JESUS was (and is) the greatest Seeker of all times. He was the Sovereign Seeker ever lived. He came in this globe to seek the lost and save them; to deliver captives of sins and Satan. Like the father of the prodigal, His heart is longing for your home-coming!


For Bread and Fishes


Why do you seek for Jesus? Why do men seek for Him?  In my own Biblical answer to this pertinent question, a larger populace of Jesus seekers throngs after Him for the perishable meat.  The search for food, cloth and shelter draw many after Him.  What do you think are responsible for the rush after Jesus in these last days?  Men and Women who are seeking for King Jesus have a kind of inward force propelling and pushing them after Him. You know that strong and primary reason that makes you a seeker for Christ. What kind of a seeker are you?  Why do you seek for Jesus?


Most people in this jet age seek for Jesus because they need ‘Manna from heaven’. They seek for Him to obtain portions of the perishable meat. This first group of Jesus seekers looks for the Christ to have their bellies filled with “the meat which perishes”.


Three times Jesus provided miracle bread and fishes for seekers. Twice He blessed the multitudes with the miracle loaves before His death. Once He baffled the eleven with miracle fishes, after His resurrection. And to you who are seeking Jesus to get His miracle of bread and fishes, Jesus answered …‘Verily, verily, I say unto you, ye seek me… because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled. Labour not for the meat which Perisheth…” {Jhn. 6:26-27.}


This class of seekers often consists of people who have heard, seen and perhaps come to believe Jesus as a great miracle Worker. They are ‘brethren’ in daily need more of His loaves and fishes. They want their bellies filled-up with the perishable meat of this life.


Many so-called gospel ministers are members of this group. They labour daily on the altar for what to eat and spend. Like Eli’s sons of Belial, they dupe and exploit sincere worshippers. But they cannot but reap corruption and vanity in the end.


Dearly beloved, you’ve got to stop labouring for the perishable meat. Check your heart’s topmost desire very deeply. Are you indeed a true believer in Christ? Are you truly born again? What is it that brought you to your present church? Why do you always love the Assemblies of those who turn God’s house to “a house of merchandise”? One thing still saddens the heart of God: the greed of many new generation ministers. His heart is being grieved the way many of today’s Churches are being ran.


See how so-called gospel servants recklessly run the ministry “with cloak of covetousness”. See how they make merchandize of the Lord’s people. Yet these servants of corruption claim to be preachers of liberty, but the Bible says, “Their damnation slumbereth not”. (II Pet. 2:3, 19)


And what can we say of their big followers? Well, properly evaluated; the overall picture is that of a lustful, rebellious, churchy people. We are in a generation of wild itching ears, who heap up “teachers for themselves; who teach them according to their own lusts.” Oh, what a prophetic church age that can no longer endure the sound teaching of THE WORD. Oh, what a sad story of ‘saints’ who “have turned away their ears from the truth unto fables”. (II Tim. 43-4).


But let me return to re-ask you that prodding question: ‘why are you seeking for Jesus?’ Isn’t it to grab your own portions of His miraculous loaves and fishes?  Isn’t to get manna from heaven? But turn your ears right to me now and hear: you can’t be friend of mammon and Child of God at same time. You cannot serve two masters. Never!


It is time you passionately seek for Christ, the TRUE BREAD from heaven. Turn now to the Father and let Him make a new leaf of you! Seek for the possession of the Life eternal in Christ Jesus. Come, eat His flesh and drink the blood and have His Life in you. Only those who feed on Jesus are true seekers. All others are but damned seekers.


Today, many suddenly ‘backslide’ into the sinning world. Many we hitherto thought to have been in Christ surprisingly withered away. ‘How come’ we often ask in pains? But you and I know the truth that when a branch separates itself from the Vine, it cannot but wither away and died. Separation from the Lord can only leads to barrenness.


But one other fact stands firm: many so-called branches have never been part of the Vine. All along, most of those backsliders have been of a wild olive tree and have never been grafted into Christ, the Vine.


But who is responsible for the falls away of those that have once been grafted in?


Often, when we see ‘a believer’ turning away suddenly from the way, we mistakenly rush to the conclusion that Satan and his evil hosts must be at work. While we can’t really deny this, there is more to a total answer.


The Fruitful Word


Consider Christ’s parable in Mathew 7:24-27.  Heavy storms and floods can only bring down a house that is not founded upon the rock. You can’t build your house on sands and claim ‘eternal security’. In fact, you are only as secured as chaff in the winds. When Satan’s flying demons come; when spiritual scorching sun of persecutions arises; when tribulations, thorns of deceitfulness of riches and pleasures of this world arise: it is sure that any houses founded on sands will fall flat.


But, if your heart is a good soil and you are solidly rooted in Christ, you will triumph where others stumble. It is always a tragedy when ‘a Christian’s heart is ‘a way side’, or a hardened ‘rock’, or lives among ‘the thorns’. So be well rooted in Christ and stop being a bread and butter church goer. He who won’t fall must have enough roots in Christ. Those who have sufficient root in Jesus live in Him, by Him and for Him.


“For in Him we live, and move and have our being… for we are also His offspring. (Acts 17:28)”


Friend, you’ve got to taste Him and know how wonderful it is to have His life reigning in one’s life. Your affections, goals, desires, will and ambitions should be nailed to His Cross. In turn, His life, beauty, blessings and glory should resurrect in you. This is what enables one to endure till the end.


Some believers turn away at the place of “a hard saying” They cry; “who can hear it?” (Read John 6:60-66). And who can truly hear it save the Lord’s elects! Christ’s elects are wedded and loyal to Him. His words are their delightful meal and pleasure.


But surface believers can never cross the line of “a hard saying”.  They do not have what it takes to swallow “the spirit and the life” of the WORD. No revelation encounter. There is no place in their hearts of carnal believers for His words and wills. For them, hearing, understanding, believing and continuing in the WORD is too hard a thing. This is one major reason many ‘Christians’ today decamp from one church to another. They wanted self-pleasing, watery messages that glorify mammon and human wisdom. And to get such they wander about searching to buy from those who sell it. The truth they hated is too much a fire for their stony hearts. And to their advantage, blazing truths are rare gold in these our days.


It’s a case of lifeless ‘Christians’ hiring like preachers to tell what they love to hear. Anything outside ‘the meat’ doctrine is unacceptable. They’ve not cease from tempting God in their hearts, insisting for meat: “Saying, can God furnish a table in the wilderness?” [Psm. 78:18-19].


But these vain seekers have forgotten that: “Life is more than meat” [ Lk 12:23].


Friend, delight in eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Jesus. This you must do to have the eternal life in you. Life and abundant life is only in Christ Jesus.


All those who seek for Jesus to eat of the perishable meat are vain seekers. Such false seekers are no seekers at all. Bread and fishes packages are God’s added goodies for all true seekers. Stop being vain seeker. You can be true seeker for Christ. True seekers “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matt. 6:33).


The tragedy of contemporary Christianity is that over 90% of our acclaimed “seekers for Jesus” aren’t true seekers. Many are greedy hunters for ‘bread and fishes’ packages, and not Jesus Christ.


Is it any wonder that kingdom mindedness and holiness are becoming outdated tenets of faith?  He who preaches and practices kingdom gospel are counted for a strangers; sometimes more than the strange itself.


Dearly beloved, if you truly need eternal rest for your gentle soul, I implore you to come out of this endtime mixed-multitude now! This is the time to be separated from them. In this eleven hour, every sincere believer should be distinct and highly distinguished!


“Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separat saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. (2 Cort. 6:17).





Chapter 4



Seekers for healings and miracles are the second group of seekers for Jesus. Miracles are the works of God. They are the things that Jesus did and still do.

“The many… which came…, and had seen the things which Jesus did, believed on Him…And many resorted unto Him, and said, John did no miracle: but all things that John spoke of this man were true. And many believed on Him there”.(Jhn. 11:45; 10:41-42).


Jesus clearly remarked that many will not believe unless they see signs and wonders: “Then said Jesus unto him, except ye see signs and wonders,

 Ye will not believe”. (Jhn. 4:48).


God, therefore, works miracles principally to draw souls to Christ. Each time you see God’s hand performing the miraculous, please believe in and get closer to Him. Jesus works miracle that men might believe in Him:“If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not”. (Jhn. 10:37)


Yet, many are up there that hardened their hearts in spite the workings of God’s miraculous. Hear me, friend. Those who do so are walking in the pathway of eternal woes. Don’t do it. It is dangerous. It’s greatly damning seeing God at work and yet refuses believing in Christ. You may not have another opportunity. God works miracles to save souls. He’s never in a show business. The works of miracle actual bore witness that Jesus came from the Father. (Jhn. 5:33-41).


To the glory of God, many people in the Christian-fold today were caught by God’s miracle working power. And several are still being caught. These men and women have seen or experienced His touch of miracle and, in positive response, have given their hearts to Jesus Christ. God is still using this mighty evangelistic bait to catch men today. The things (miracles) that Jesus did, and does, still make many to believe on Him.


In the days of Christ’s earthly ministry, even His very enemies and persecutors never deny His power and works of miracles. In fact, they finally came to realize how urgent they need to stop Him. Following His raising of Lazarus from the dead, many Jews believed on Jesus. Consequently, the Pharisees, when the saw that “the world is gone after Him”, perceived their own failure and plotted evil against the Christ and Lazarus.


“But the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death; because that by reason of him many of the Jews went away, and believed on Jesus.” (John. 12:10-11).


Miracles are God’s fishing baits. When He worked those great, unusual miracles through the early Apostles, the glorious result was that they “turned the world upside down”.


Miracles make the Lord’s kingdom to be greatly enlarged. Without doubt, we who are the last Army of Christ need the same miracle-working power of God to triumph in the venture of final harvesting.


However, it is quite unfortunate that by the working of miracles, mini-god preachers are busy raising their own kingdoms. Many miracle-recipients of our days worship the man vessel God used for them. The irony of the matter is that many of these worshippers are made to believe and claim to be worshipping God. You yourself can see this trend in our days. What an absurd that ‘miracle workers’ and ‘faith healers’ should play God!


Having been consumed with pride of affluent and seeming glory, some ministers of the gospel now point worshippers to themselves, not to Christ. And this is the reason many that are being brought into the Christendom by miracles often fall-out with Christ. They too, cannot endure the gospel hard sayings.


Perhaps, you too always throng after men for signs and wonders, rather than Christ, our Lord and Saviour!  You so much desire seeing the miraculous demonstration of the supernatural rather than the Word!


Like the children of Israel, many converted people soon “forget His works and His wonders” (Psm 78:11). Why? Their hearts soon become married to lusts, and like the rebellious Israelis that “set not their hearts aright”, they too become “a people whose spirit was not steadfast with God” [Psm. 78:8].


Is your heart right with God? How steadfast is your spirit with Him? You will need to set your heart aright and steadfast, to be fruitful in the Lord. If you make your heart a good soil, the seed of glory will be fruitful in you. But if you fail, you remain unprofitable in the things of the Spirit.  You must set your heart right to win heaven as your eternity.


All who are drawn after Christ by the working of miracles must know this truth: “Miracle is just God’s fishing bait”. And my counsel to all such people is this: The moment you are caught in, yield your life over to Christ and be totally grafted into Him. Be sure you truly know Him more by revelation. Abide in Him!


Jesus demands that all who seek for Him truly come to find Him; that those who find him actually come to know Him; that all who know Him practically grow to abide in Him; and that every one that dwell in Him faithfully follow  to worship and serve Him. Tragedy always occurs when we fail to complete the circle.


I want you to think deeper, dear friend reader. You also might have been brought into your church by the bait of miracle. But have you truly turn over your life to Jesus? Are you genuinely born again or you have been playing religion all along? Are you worshipping Christ or the ‘miracle working’ Vessel He used for you? Please, stop being carried away by those miraculous acts you’ve been seeing through His human vessels. Stop your soul from going farther from your Maker and Lord. Whatever miracles on display should point you to the Lord Almighty.


Therefore, watch your search for miracle. And stop your worship of ‘miracle workers’. Worshippers of human ‘gods’ aren’t true worshippers. Watch how you follow man, and prayerfully follow anyone that worth the salt. You’ve got to prayerfully watch. That famous ‘anointed’ fellow may have gotten his ‘anointing’ outside of the Holy Spirit.


The ways and ministries many contemporary preachers need be watch. There are fake prophetesses and occult prophets in towns. Many herbalists have turned to white dressed riverside priests and priestess, and several cultists are now ‘gospel’ actors. They knew nothing about being born-again, and are not regenerate. Some are simply devil’s agents, sent to deceive and ruin genuine Christianity.


Any serious believers will have no link with those herbalists, Alfas, Star-telling preachers, and fraternity pastors that erecting their ‘gospel’ altars in our land. Like witches, wizards and Emere; they operate to draw men in to strange covenant with Satan and yoke them with more troubles. Even, their so-called ‘deliverance and miracle’ meetings are simple demonic bait. Run, friend, before they bring you into greater captivity.


How do I mean? It is dangerous seeking for their miracle. No sooner you get such ‘miracles’ than you are loaded with heavier problem and afflictions. There is no free gift from the devil. And, the worst of all is this: you may still have to live together with them in the lake of fire. What great reasons for you to flee far from them!


Beloved, the only place of lasting miracle is Jesus Christ. All others perform nothing but magic. Christ is the only solid foundation to lean on. You can’t afford to Stand on any other ground; all others are sinking grounds. They sink men into the dark, chaotic dungeon of life.


Come, friend. Touch the bleeding side of Christ today. Give it a touch of faith and the mighty wind of His Holy Spirit will blow away those problems out of your life.


Seeking for Jesus only to get miracle is also another vanity of the seeker. It is a miserable thing to get miracle and be out of union with Christ, the only true miracle Worker.





Chapter 5



The third kind of seekers for Jesus consists of those drawn by the Father. Of this group, Jesus said: “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him…” (Jhn. 6:44).It is therefore of paramount importance that to come to Jesus, seekers must first learn of the Father. This was the truth Jesus expounded in John 6: 45, when He said:

… Every man therefore that hath heard and hath

learned of the Father, cometh unto me.


Seekers for Christ must learn to submit to the loving Hand of the Father, to find Him: …Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come


unto me except it were given unto him of my Father. (Jhn. 6:65).

We must learn of God’s love, mercy and grace. Hearing with teachable heart is the key to learning of the Father’s love.  Understanding God’s “much love” and His “grace that saves”, through the atoning death of His Son, is foundational to getting save. (Jhn. 3:14-17).


The fact is: without God’s great mercy and grace, none of us will get to heaven. It is thus disastrous to be destitute of God’s mercy and saving grace. No matter our human desire, zeal, efforts, exploits and righteousness, we simply need the Lord’s “great grace” to get save and spend eternity with Him in heaven. Fortunately, we all can be saved; “justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus”. (Rom. 3:24)


It is written in the WORD, that God’s mercy shall be built up ever. His grace has appeared to all men; and all it needs for appropriation is faith from the individual. You must believe to grab God’s saving grace for your personal appropriation.


“Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law” Rom. 3:28.


“For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves. It is the gift of God” (Eph. 2:8).


Dearly beloved, God’s mercy, grace and love are for you. It is a gift given at Calvary; for all who dare to believe. Faith activates divine packages of grace. So, let your heart yield to Christ by faith. To be married to His great, marvelous grace faith must be in force. His mercy is free and eternal. But faith is the power that switches on the light.


Seekers drawn by the Father are the finest of all seekers. Why? Love is their only reason for seeking for Jesus. They’re been won by the Father’s love and are falling in love with the Saviour. Christ great, magnetic love draws them closer to Him every day.


Among all Jesus seekers, these are the greatest of all. Why? First, when others must have reason to return, these, drawn by the Father’s love, would have none. We saw this truth explained in John six. You remember when those multitudes of His disciples got to the point of hard truth, “they all went back… walking no more with Him” (Vs. 66).


Don’t forget that a part of them became seekers for Jesus because of “bread and fishes”, while another thronged after Him for signs and wonders. In the end, out of the over 70 disciples, only 12 remained. In one word, only these twelve were those drawn by the Father.


Listen to me, friend. Every believer in Christ has this great question to ask his or her soul: “O you my soul, how far can you go with Christ?” Lift up your eyes! Look well around. Many who were in Christ before you no longer walk with Him.  They were once strong and zealous disciples of Jesus, but now run the wild world. They, like several before them, have suffered a death-horror of faith. Why? It takes being a Father’s gift to Christ to stand where others fall or fail. And, only these kinds of seeker always have no reason to return, when the journey is hard. But what about Judas, you seem to be asking? Judas Iscariot did not return but rather fell away. None of those drawn by the Father fall away save the son of perdition? In all missions and ministries, sons of perdition must fall away to sell out their masters.


You see, none of us can afford to play game with our Maker. It’s one most dangerous venture to do. All who play religion with their Maker endanger their own soul. And you as a believer must be told that Christianity isn’t religion but a way of Life. Real Christianity is God’s life and power in action. We’re saved to live His life and demonstrate His power. It always saddens my heart that Judas chose to play religion with Jesus.  He ended up being used of the devil to betray the LORD.


I want you to note that Jesus Christ was not moved by the decision of those returnees in Jhn. 6:66. He knew their hearts from the beginning. And the lesson we must learn in this is that the Lord desires that those who’ll walk with Him be of the same mind with Him.


Why did Jesus rather turn to the remaining twelve to query: “Will ye also go away?” (Jhn. 6:67) It was to point out the betrayal.


Will you also go away? Today, He’s asking you and I this same question. Will you also go back from following and serving the Lord Jesus? Will you also return like those your backslidden friends and brethren?


As for the twelve disciples, Peter has this to answer for them: “Then Simon Peter answered Him, LORD, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life. And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God. (Jhn. 6:68-69).


So, you who was drawn by the Father should have no where to go. You ought to be among those who will follow Jesus to the end. That is why you must first count the cost, and go further to lay your all on the altar. The world is at point of grave crisis, and many saints are turning away from the Light they once proclaimed. But you, like the remaining eleven disciples, should have no where to return.


We all must cleave absolutely to Christ Jesus.


Now I want us to didactically examine Peter’s answer in the above quoted verses. His answer teaches us two outstanding traits of those drawn by the Father.


One, he who is drawn by the Father does not only love Jesus, he so much loves His Word. If you are drawn by God the Father, you will be a greedy lover of the words of life. If you are, you eat the WORD daily with great delight. How do you react each time you hear hard gospel truths? If hard sayings aren’t your delightful meal, something is wrong with you being a true seeker. Unless you are drawn to Christ by the Father, you will never be able to endure the gospel truths. As many as are Father’s gifts love the Christ and His words.


Two, Peter also said “And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ…” to teach that all drawn by the Father have real, sometime unique encounter with the Saviour. They are men and women with sound regeneration effects on their lives.  They have experienced solid redemptive encounter with Christ, such that has gloriously transform their lives. I am talking here of revelation encounter with the Spirit of Christ.


It takes revelation to understand God’s Word. It takes revelation to know Jesus as the Christ of God. Revelation is the grand key to spiritual understanding and personal revival.  For this kind of revelation to come, the believer needs definite divine illumination taking hold of his heart.


Now, Jesus called the miracle of redemption the work of God: “This is the work of God, that ye believe on Him whom He (the Father) hath sent”. (Emphasis mine).

Note that “the work” here is in singular form, unlike “the works” used when He was referring to miracles. He deliberately did this to convey a message to His disciples: that salvation of soul is the grand, unique, foremost business of God. We also must accept this truth that regeneration is the Lord’s noblest and greatest work.


Saving the lost is still the heart-beat of our loving God. It was the primary reason the Father sent Jesus, the Messiah into this world. He came and redeemed us by His death on the Cross. He is the Lamb sacrificed for our sin:“…Behold the Lamb of God, which takes away the sin of the world”(Jhn 1:29).


Jesus loves saving souls possibly above and before all others. Until you yield to the urging voice of the Holy Spirit and believe on the Son, this grand miracle may not be wrought in your life. Salvation is the greatest miracle you need. Seek it first and foremost.


To be saved, you must come through faith to Jesus Christ. He is the fountain of the New Life:“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men”.(Jhn. 1:4).


As physical birth made you a member of your physical, earthly family, so does the spiritual (or second birth) makes you a member of God’s glorious family. And with the new life in Jesus comes also the power of sonship: “But as many as received Him, to the He gave the power to become children of God…” (Jhn. 1:12


Becoming a Christian therefore demands second birth experience. You must be genuinely born again to be truly called a Christian. (Jhn. 3:7-8) Are you born again? Yeah, it is your time to open up to the redemption voice of the Spirit of God. The price of redemption had been paid by Christ but it is the Holy Spirit that brings conviction upon men’s hearts. His conviction is a necessary aid we need to receive the eternal life.


We must personally believe on Christ, trusting Him for our salvation from sin and Satan. When the Holy Spirit convicts to lead us unto repentance, we must surrender all and receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour.


“He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already because he has not believed in the name of the begotten Son of God” (Jhn. 3:18).


“He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on Him. (Jhn 3:36).


Friend, Jesus is the Christ of God. He is the original Life; the eternal Bread of Life you must have living in you. He was God the Seeker, who came to seek for all kinds of seekers and save them. He is the Seekers for you. Stop seeking and come into the warmth embrace of His arms.


Rejecting Jesus Christ is the greatest sin anyone can commit. It bears the strokes of eternal tragedy. Have you received Him? Are you indeed born again? Except you are, you will be doom for ever. Don’t reject the Christ.


The Father still draw men to Christ. Tune your faith to the Lord of Calvary and you will be saved.


Eh, don’t harden your heart. It won’t pay off in the end if you do. Yield over your life to Christ now, while He calls. As the Holy Spirit convicts you of your sins, repent of your evil ways and believe the Gospel. He washes believing sinners in His precious blood and redeems their souls from sin and captivities. Will you surrender your life to Him now and be saved? You can be born again now, even right on your knees?


Be on your knees and pray this penitent prayer: “Dear Father, I come to you in the Name of your Son, Jesus Christ, with all my sins and transgressions. I am very sorry for my sin. Please, Lord, forgive me and wash me in your precious blood, shed for me on Calvary. Set me free from the powers of sin and Satan. Accept me into your beloved and enter my name in the book of Life. My trust is in you, Lord Jesus. I believe with my heart and confess with my mouth that you are the Christ, the Son of God. Come into my life now, and mark me internally and externally with your blood. Give me the gift of your Holy Spirit. Now I am a new creation in Christ Jesus. I am born again. I believe, receive and declare it in Jesus Name. Amen”.


If you really meant this prayer from the depth of your heart, you’re now born again.  You are a true child of God now. I congratulate and welcome you into God’s royal family. Congratulation! I look forward to hear from you, the testimony of your changed new life. Welcome on board.








Though the multitudes that returned were called, they were not chosen. Many are always called but few are always chosen. Out of the many disciples that heard Jesus’ hard sayings, only the twelve were chosen.


Being called proceeds being chosen! Yet many who are truly called often got disqualified at the chosen level: “For many are called, but few are chosen” [Matt. 20:16]. But beyond this is the tragedy of devils among the chosen. Let me devote this chapter to telling you more about this.


The twelve that remained represents the class of the chosen. They all have parts in the ministry and glory of Christ. But today, many are there on the pulpits that are not chosen by the Lord, though called. They have no part “in this ministry” yet they have forced their way through. It will be terrible for them on the last day.


The twelve, drawn by the Father, were not only called but chosen. Even Judas, the betrayal was one of the chosen.

“Jesus answered them, Have not I chosen you twelve,

 and one of you is a devil”. (Jhn. 6:70)


So the problem of Judas wasn’t with calling or chosen. He was called and chosen, yet he was the one devil among the chosen. Judas Iscariot, as latter confirmed by Peter, “was numbered with us and had obtained part of this ministry”. (Acts. 1:17).


What then was the problem of Judas? I strongly believe it has to do with not being ordained by the Lord. He wasn’t ordained unto fruitful ministry and glory. And so, he fell “by transgression” from the ministry and apostleship. He took the route of sin to the fall. Sin leads to fall. We still have many Judases in churches and ministries today, claiming their parts in Christ end-time ministry and apostleship. Are they not all devils who must soon betray the LORD?


Hear this: no matter who you are, once you let Satan use you to “lift your heel against Christ”, you’re already a son of perdition. Don’t forget that Judas was first a thief, then a betrayal. What about your own secret sin and hypocritical lifestyles? Have you deal with spiritual let down in your life? You will need to give it a severe blow before it turns to public scandal, shame and destruction. It is quite certain that, like Iscariot, those Judases on the altars will also kiss their own tragic ruins. You only need to watch.


Don’t be a devil among the twelve. Judas called and chosen was a son of perdition. He is the devil in the numbers. There seems to always be one devil among every chosen twelve. What about the remaining eleven? They were Father’s gifts to Christ.


After the fall of Judas, the Master addressed the eleven in this manner: “Ye have not chosen me but I have chosen you and ordained you…”(Jhn. 15:16).


The ordained disciples are Christ’s true elects. Listen very well. Except you set your heart right, this favour may escape you. You don’t just seek for Jesus. Seek for Him with a right heart and right motive, guard your heart against pride and ambition; guard it against the lust for mammon and materialism; guard it against fleshly lusts and pleasures.


Purity of motive will give you clear focus and direct you towards your goal eternal. Thus Jesus admonished: “If your eye is single your whole body shall be full of light”.


There must be purity of motive. Without it, vanity is bound to be the end. Men who will seek for and find Jesus must be pure in their season for seeking Jesus.


Gloriously, within the company of the ordained is a circle of the Elects. The Elects are the blessed favourites of Christ. God has favourites. Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Job, Moses, Joshua, David, Elijah and Elisha are few of His favourites. Peter, James and John were Christ’s favourites among the twelve disciples. Favourites were His inner circle disciples to whom He constantly expounded hidden mysteries.


You and I can also become God’s favourite. But we will need to be wealthy in the virtues of brokenness, meekness, obedience, faith, integrity and holiness to qualify for this inner circle glory.

Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth…seek righteousness, seek meekness … (Zeph. 2:3)


Now, deep inside the circle of the favourite is a nucleus of the Beloved. The ‘beloved is the nucleus of the favourites. And John the revelator was this nucleus. So he was often called john -de-beloved. He was the only one who occupied this nucleus among the Apostles. No wonder, being the bosom friend of the Master, he was given the mysteries he wrote down in the book of Revelation. May our hearts aid us also to go as far as the bosom of the LORD Jesus! Amen.





Chapter 7



Jesus only should be our love and pursuit and not those blessing He gives. Jesus is the Word of God, the Word of life and power. He was the creative Word by whom all things were created. (Jn 1: 1-2). The first apostles preached Him and changed the world “…turning it upside down” as stated in Acts17:6. Thus, Jesus is the Lord whom the Holy Spirit came to reveal. We need the fullness of the Holy Spirit to fully declared Him and make disciples of all nations{Jn. 14: 26, 16: 12 – 15}

In this regard, I want you to take your Bible and do a good personal Bible studies with this manual. It will enlighten your soul on who Jesus is and what you ought to do with Him.


The Christ of God

Knowing Jesus as the Christ of God – {Matt. 16:16, Mark 8:29;  Lk. 9:20; Jhn 11:27.}Jesus only is the Christ of God. What does ‘the Christ of God’ depicts? It simply implies that:


-He is the Messiah: Jesus is the Only Messiah who came from the Father to seek, save and deliver us from sin, Satan and woes. {Dan. 9;25-26, Luke 24;26, Jhn. 4:25, 11:27, Rm. 5:6, Acts 4;12; 1st Tim. 1:15}


-He is the only Savior of the world– If he is the Messiah, then He is the only Savior sent by the Father to save humanity from sin. Jesus Christ is the only Author of Life; the only Giver of the eternal or everlasting life, being the Only Bread of life. {Lk. 24:1- ; Rom. 5:6; Jn 10: 1- Acts 4: 12, Hebr. 12:2}


-He is the Sent One: He is the only One sent by the Father for the redemption of man. He is thus the only sacrificial Lamb for sin. Jesus is the only way to heaven, the only truth to believe, and the only life to receive. {Jhn 6: 29; 1st Jhn 5:1}


-He is the Anointed One: He is the only One Anointed by the Father to put end to all woes, all evils and all oppressions. {Isa. 61: 1—3; Lk. 4:18-19}


Notes: Only Jesus lived the sinless victorious life, and thus qualified to take back man’s lost dominion from the old serpent – Satan. Adam lost his God’ given dominion to Satan when he fell in the Garden, but the Christ came, dispossessed him of the dominion and gave it back to us.


Discussion Tip: How do we live with this consciousness that with Him living in us we can do all things?


The Son of God

Jesus only is the begotten Son of the Father. (Matt. 16: 13-17; 17:1-6, 4:3; Jn. 1:18, 3:16, 8; 36; Rm. 8: 32; 1st Cort. 1; 9} Believing He is the Son of God is fundamental to the Christian faith. And doing this demands that you embrace all the following revelation for living:

was the only one conceived of the Holy Ghost and born of a virgin. {Matt. 1: 18 – 25}.

– Jesus only was the Word of God – Jhn 1:1; 1st Jn. 1:1, 5:7.

– Jesus only was the God incarnate. He is God who came in the flesh – Jhn 1: 14, 5:18, 10; 33, 38, 13:13, Rev. 3; 20

– Jesus only was God-man.  – Phil. 2: 5-8; Matt. 14: 33; Jn 1: 1-14; Acts 8: 37

– Jesus was the only one who ever lived without sinning.

– Jesus only is the soon-coming King – Dan. 2: 44-45; Lk. 1:32 – 33


Notes: He proved all these and more when He died, rose on the 3rd day, and ascended to the Father’s right hand to live forever. Lk. 24:7, 26, 38-44.


Discussion Tip 2: How can people see Jesus only in our lives, homes and ministries?


*Jesus only is the message to proclaim. He is the only gospel message given to us to preach and teach. The Bible is so clear on this: All the prophets who came before Him spoke about Him, He preached Himself, and the apostle preached Him. {Lk. 24:27; Psm. 16: 9-10; Isa. 7:14-16, 9:6-7; Jer. 23:5-6; Ezk. 34: 23; Dan. 9:24; Mal. 3:1; Acts.


-Jesus is the only message that transforms lives and nations. Think of the spiritual power that changes lives when, under the anointing of the Spirit we boldly declare the good news of His glory, His coming, His life of righteousness, and  miraculous works! Think also of the power that flow when we proclaim benefits of His atoning death, resurrection and ascension! It is only when we preach Jesus as the apostles did, that we will turn today’s world upside down as they did. Acts 17: 6


-We are to go forth proclaiming Him. We have been commanded to go, and not to sit. No one is as miserable as a sitting church or believer. The LORD destined the church to be a going church. We are to go to all nations preaching Jesus Christ. Matt. 28: 17 – 20; Mk. 16: 15 – 18


-We should be burdened with the vision of the last days’ revival. We are to be brightly burning lamps, as John Baptist was. We can only change the world when we burn and shine as God’s lamp in this end time. Yes, let us be Christ’s last days’ ambassadors, acting out our restored dominion, just like the Apostles did in the book of Acts.


Notes: Jesus actually came to destroy the works of the devil which include sins, misery, oppression, bondage and poverty. He accomplished the feat when he declared “It is finished” on the Cross. He redeemed us and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.


Discussion Tip: How do we disciple people and nations for Jesus only and exercise Christ’s power and authority as His ambassadors?


The Divine Mandate – Matt. 29:17 – 20; Mk. 16: 15 – 18

The call to soul winning and disciple making is a clarion call. Jesus Christ who came to save and deliver extended this same mandate of salvation and deliverance to all who believe in Him. He said “Go ye therefore and teach all nations … { Matt. 28; 19}. We are all saved to be instrumental in saving others.  How?


-With this transferred mandate also came the power and the authority to accomplish the mission. All we need doing is surrendering to the One who sent us. {John 7:  Acts 1:8, 2:1-4, Lk 10:19}


-The great commission calls us to radical actions of evangelism, church planting and discipleship. {Mk. 16; 15 – 18, Acts 1- 28}


-The ministry of reconciliation Jesus gave to us include soul winning, healing, deliverance and miraculous. {Matt. 10: 5 – 8; Lk. 4: 17-19}


-Preaching the gospel is the primary way to building our lives upon the foundations of the apostles & prophets. {Eph.1: 17 – 20, 4: 7 – 16} It is time to move in the full-flame of God’s Spirit and power to change the world by the WORD. {Acts 2; 1-4, Jn. 7: 37 – 39; Rom 8:16 – 19}


Discussion Tips: How do we positive influence the world around us for Christ?

How do we purge the world of corrupted mindset, traditions, culture, adulterated truths & evil organizations or governments? How do we bring down the revival fire for global liberation?



Christians should employ the benefits of social media and other technological platforms to declare the WORD and change the world.

We should improve on the use of literature, music and movies mediums to ignite revival and disciple the nations.


Your 7-Steps To Victorious Living


  1. ACKNOWLEDGE the truth that you are a sinner. You are lost, condemned sinner in dire need of the Savior came to set you free from sin and eternal death.(Acts 2:38; Rom 3:23-25;5:10-15;6:23)


  1. APPROACH the Lamb of God. With a humble, repentant heart approach Christ Jesus and confess your sins to Him, asking for forgiveness and mercy. His blood cleanses and redeems from all sins.(Heb 9:12-14;Eph 1:7;Rom 5;9-10)


  1. ACCEPT Jesus Christ as your personal LORD and savior. Turn to Him through a saving faith and personal accept Him as Lord. Then begin to live your life as pure, chaste Virgin.


  1. ACCESS the life and power of His Holy Spirit. Surrender to the power of the Holy Spirit. Bear the spirit fruit and get baptized with the Holy Ghost. Develop daily fellowship and communion with God in prayer, fast constantly and study of the WORD (Acts 1:8; 2:1-4)


  1. AFFIX your life, eyes and world to Jesus. He is the Lord of Glory. Fix your eyes on Him both for continuous abiding and transformation experiences. (2Cort. 3:17-18)


  1. AFFECT the world around you positively for Christ. Touch your generation with His flaming power; impacting lives positively for glory. (Haggai 2:79; Acts 8:7; 2Cort.6:16)


  1. ATTAIN unto reputable spiritual state. Separate yourself daily from end time moral vices and spiritual viruses that are killing the world today. Always maintain a high spiritual voltage and be at alert for the rapture and Christ second coming.